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  • How can we increase the number of our customers?

    How can we increase loyal customers?
    How can we create a 10% draw from Events and Promotions?
  • I think we all can agree that competitive analysis is an important piece when you’re in the process of creating any strategy.

    I’m going to talk to you today about what that process looks like in respect to building your social media strategy and then, of course, what it looked like for us.

    First what does the bar industry look like in boston? Who is our competition?
  • Yup, this is only a portion of what it looks like. We couldn’t find a “total number of bars in boston” and I was not about to try and count. What we chose to do was pick 5 bars that had similar patron profiles. Beer enthusiasts that also enjoyed good food and that pub feel.

  • When analyzing your competition’s social media strategy you need to ask yourself the following questions:
    Do they actively use social media to market their business?
    Do they distribute online video?
    Do these companies blog and who is doing their blogging?
    How often do they post?
    How many subscribers do they have?
    This information will assist you in constructing your social media strategy.
    Does anyone know of or frequent a bar that has a facebook page? Do you “like” that page? Do you post comments to their page? How does that make you feel? (ie. Like part of a community?)

    Does anyone know of a bar that has a blog? I was unable to find one…
    Read more:

  • Bukowskis – Facebook page focuses on event announcements, contests, and announcements of new beers on tap. 556 followers. ****comments to wall allowed, every once in awhile they poll which creates interaction. NO WEBSITE
    The Abbey - Newer, Facebook page focuses on menu updates/announcements. 274 followers.
    Cityside – Facebook page but the link is on the bottom of the website homepage and you need to scroll to see it. Easy to miss. Focuses on announcements on specials etc. 1349 followers. Great website.
    Washington Square Tavern – Facebook business page but no link on website
    White Horse Tavern - Website and Foursquare
    Summary – our competition knows how to set up a facebook page but don’t know how to really use it to draw their customers in and form a community.
  • Publick House Social Media Plan

    1. 1. James Carney Cannon Mascarenhas Sarah Mudholkar Pam Sahota Sean Zinsmeister
    2. 2.  Local Brookline “Beer Bar and Kitchen”
    3. 3. How can we increase the number of our customers?  How can we increase loyal customers?  How can we create a 10% draw from Events and Promotions?
    4. 4.  Where are they:  Twitter  Review Sites  Local Blogs  Facebook  Consumers say: A’s all around!  Pros: Great Beer selection  Cons: A bit packed (bad for consumers, great for restaurant)
    5. 5. Competitor Facebook Twitter Blog Foursquare Other Bukowski’s MySpace The Abbey Cityside Washington Square Tavern Business page White Horse Tavern
    6. 6.  Common Best Practices for Social Media:  Listen First: Have the ears of an elephant and eyes of a Hawk  Commit time: No Pain no Gain  Be transparent: Be true  Give to get: Share! Share Share!  Engage/R’ships: Engagement isn’t just about a ring
    7. 7.  Common Best Practices for Social Media & Restaurants  Time Commitment  Pick your home court  Advertise on platforms  Offer follow options to consumers  Post regularly  To App or not to App  Yelp  Run fun promos  Integrate on and offline efforts  Humanize the Brand and KISS
    8. 8. Goal: Open New Windows of Opportunity Awareness (Communicating with Current and Future Customers)  Participation (Driving Customers to Publick House)  Engagement (Understanding Needs and Preferences)  Loyalty (Building Lasting Relationships)
    9. 9.  Population of Brookline: 57,536  Residents in the Age Group 21 – 34 years: 18,458  Colleges/Universities closest to Brookline:  Boston University (2 miles)  Berklee College of Music (2 miles)  Boston College (3 miles)  Northeastern University (3 miles)  MIT (3 miles)
    10. 10.  Websites Customers Use for Restaurant Reviews:  Yelp  Zagat  Urbanspoon  Twitter  Facebook
    11. 11. Publick House Reviews
    12. 12.  Publick House: Current Social Media Efforts  Website (
    13. 13.  Twitter Account (
    14. 14. Our Social Media Plans for Publick House  Blog -> Customer Testimonials -> Food & Drink Recipes -> Employee Bios  YouTube Channel -> Visual Tour -> Restaurant Events -> Showcase Kitchen Talent
    15. 15.  Flickr Account -> Menu Items -> Guests and Employees -> Signature Drinks  Facebook Page -> Connect with Customers -> Promote Special Offers -> Post Regular Updates
    16. 16.  Posterous  Web Publishing Platform  Post anything (photos, videos) online via email  Autopost  Facebook  Twitter  Flickr  Blogs
    17. 17. Event Tickets (Belgian Beer Festival)  Evenbrite  Event Management Service  Manages Registration and Selling Tickets  Spreads virally through social networks  Measures Effectiveness  Hardware Required:  Bar Code Reader ($30 / piece)
    18. 18.  Virtual Coupons (Promotions)  Website  Facebook  Mobile  Resources  People (Owner or Employee)  Time (Interact with Customers)
    19. 19.  BVIa = Blog Value Index  adh = average daily hits  aay= average advertising yield  abt = average number of hours spent a day blogging  ehw = employee hourly wage of the blogger  BVI < 1 costing the company money  BVI> 1 generating a profit adh (aay/1,000) BVIa = Abt * ehw
    20. 20.  Google Feedburner 2 Metrics  Track Subscribers  Calculate “Reach”  Total Number of People who Have Taken Action  Viewed or Clicked
    21. 21.  Conversion Rate = Outcomes/Unique Vistors  Outcomes = Redemptions  Unique Visitors = 1st Time Session
    22. 22. Loyal Customers  Subscribers  Brand Amabassadors  WOM  Multiple Redemptions  “Repeaters”  Success Factors  Drive x-amount of customers  Brand Awareness  Which events are more successful?  Business Strategy
    23. 23.  Scheduling a proactive facebook page that actively pitches beer news, special bar events, and promotions at the Publick House will increase the bottom line of conversion rate of one time customers to brand loyalists. While also managing reviews of social review sites.  This would therefore increase a spill over affect within the network of Publick House Brand Loyalists and in turn increase new foot traffic and trial users.
    24. 24. Teasing  What: Send introductory Tweets to editors and beer enthusiast “Twitteratti” and convincing them of the Publick House offering wide array of beers  Result: Build awareness of Publick House among local beer blog writers, begin to release selected Twitter and Facebook content. Contests  What: Using Twitter and Facebook design product contests based on users spreading the word about Publick House  Result: Build awareness of Publick House among potential users, build fan base and motivate action to trial use.
    25. 25. E-Zine and Micro Blogger Outreach  What: Identify and contact local foodie writers for coverage of Publick House products.  Result: Third party coverage will build awareness of Publick House products. Timed Content Release Tweets  What: Write a series of Tweets to run for one week following product launch, sent at peak usage times. Content will be based on facts about Beer and new beers in relation to the selection offered at the Publick House. Offer Tweets and status updates of value for users to always be engaged with Publick House as the center for information as to avoid being seen as nuisance  Result: With useful, interesting information people will be more interested in your Twitter stream, a key quality for building a fan base and thereby building awareness.
    26. 26. Social Media Plan