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  • 1. ESTONIAPärnu countyAudru School Mrs Sirje Aija, Teacher Mr Peep Eenraid, Head of School Ms Karin Sikkal, Project Coordinator
  • 2. Location of Estonia• Estonia is a state in the Baltic region of Northern Europe.• It is bordered to the north by the Gulf of Finland, to the west by the Baltic Sea.• Neighboring countries are Finland in the north Latvia in the south Russia in the east
  • 3. Facts about Estonia • The area of Estonia is 45 227 km2. • The capital of Estonia is Tallinn. • The offical language is Estonian. • The population of Estonia ~1,3 million. • President of Estonia is Mr. Toomas Hendrik Ilves. • Currency - Euro
  • 4. The town of PÄRNU is a popular holiday resort for Estonians andincreasingly for non-Estonians.
  • 5. Famous sights in Pärnu city1. Ammende Villa, 1.2. Elisabeth Church,3. J.V.Jannsen sculpture, 2.4. Jekateriina Church 4. 3.
  • 6. Famous sights in Pärnu county1. White Beach Golf 6.2. Kihnu Island3. Adventure park in Audru4. Kurgja farm museum5. Soomaa National Park6. Villa Andropoff 2. 1.
  • 7. Audru Parish• Audru is a municipality located in Pärnu County.• Area – 379 km²• There are Audru School and Audru Kindergarten and another three smaller schools• In Valgerand is popular swimming place.
  • 8. Audru School• Beginning of the education started in 1687.• Headmaster Mr Peep Eenraid• Study director Mrs Kersti Põllu.• Number of the students 244 and 31 teachers.
  • 9. 1st September – traditionalbeginning of the schoolyear• Schoolyear lasts for 175 schooldays.• Lessons are 45 minutes long, breaks are 10-15 minutes.• Holidays: • One week in October • Two weeks at Christmas • One week in March • Summer holiday in June, July and August
  • 10. Extra curriculum activities
  • 11. Thank you for your attention!