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Creating a Digital Collection: The experience of the Wien Museum
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Creating a Digital Collection: The experience of the Wien Museum

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Frauke Kreutler, (Wien Museum, Ausztria) előadása, Múltunk jövője 2010, MNM

Frauke Kreutler, (Wien Museum, Ausztria) előadása, Múltunk jövője 2010, MNM

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  • 1. 14 January 2010 Creating a Digital Collection The experience of the Wien Museum Frauke Kreutler Curator of the Wien Museum International Congress “Future of the Past“ 14 - 15 January 2010
  • 2. The Wien Museum The Wien Museum is a general- purpose metropolitan museum with a wide range of collections and exhibitions: From the history of the city to art, fashion and modern culture, from the earliest settlements to the present day.
  • 3. Inventory of the collections During the past years the Wien Museum has organized a complete inventory of all objects of the different collections: The Archaeological Collection, the Biographic Collection, the Topographical Collection, the History and City Life Collection and the Art Collection.
  • 4. Taking the Museums Inventory During the last four years the “Inventory-Team” has sighted, counted and classified more than 750.000 objects of the Wien Museum.
  • 5. Recording the old collection catalogues, card index and inventory register 730.000 object entries were transferred into the database “Artefact”.
  • 6. Inventory of the Archaeological Collection Today the scientific documentation of the Archaeological Collection is completed to 90% with about 195.000 data entries.
  • 7. Database Migration We ended up with records in five different databases: The collection management system “Artefact” with 730,000 data The database of the Fashion Collection with 56.000 data The Photo Archive with 18.500 data sets The database of the Archaeological Collection with 195.000 data and finally the database of the inventory project with about 750.000 data. The main task was how to bring together these five different data bases.
  • 8. MuseumPlus MuseumPlus is a complete collection management system designed for multifaceted tasks museums and its collections.
  • 9. Mapping and developing of the database specifications Which data field has to be arranged new and with which content?
  • 10. Outlook: 1. Correction of wrong data Eliminating of redundant or obsolete information Adding off additional information
  • 11. Outlook: 2. Integration of the outcome of the scientic analysis of the Urban Archaeology Vienna into MuseumPlus To organize the data transfer we will install a tool to import data directly from excel files, which will be extracted from the data base of the Urban Archaeology Vienna.
  • 12. Outlook: 3. Photographic documentation of objects of the Wien Museum A never ending story ...
  • 13. Thank you! Contact: Frauke.Kreutler@Wienmuseum.at www.WienMuseum.at