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  2. 2. T"bl" o{ eontent T LO$OS................................. Colot Th" ory.,,.................. B Typ o$taphy....................... L4 Sah"Jatl"........................... 1B Itr{ormatioml Pamphlet. . I11sutrations....................... 23 Co11"ge............................... 26 Ftthion Designs............... 27 V"bsite Vir"{rt-es......... . 28 Photography .................... . 34
  3. 3. MeZix Ideos
  4. 4. LtTll-St. Ccorg'r Intcrcrnpus Studcnt Shuttlr Scruicc Regular Schedule, Winter 2008 info Line (905) B2B 3933 / Web:www.utoronto.calshuttle Email: shuttle.utm@utoronto.ca Students whose home college is n0t UTM (e.g,lMikes Collage), but are taking classes at UTIM are not eligible to use Shuttle Bus at no charge,These students must a ticket to board the bus, : ,r,,;i. :. -' i f i 'i1 r,: No charge for students registered at UTIM,0nly show Student card, Drivers do not sell tickets, collect cash, or provide change, < n For further information visit .> &t E U
  5. 5. ln an airplane, most econonry class passengers have table trays. These table trays are at the back of each seat in the economy class.The person opens the tray that is in front of him and put food tray on that food table. Food table is required on the plane because not only it can be used to put the food but also can be used for laptops, books; hence anything that we use a normaltable at honre,food table is its good alternative on the plane. However, one may encounter several problems while using food table on the plane.The hole for putting the cup is very shallow, spilling of the food when pessanger in front of the food table user, reclines their seat, or in other words cant open the tray if the front passenger is sleeping. Further, one suppose to lean in front if they are using it to read the book or working on the laptop, which is very uncomfortable and one may face the hrack prohrlems. Hence food tray should be available any time so it could be used any time while traveling. ln order to redesign, first of all want to take a general overview that what difficulties and problems people are facing using the food table.Another reason I wanted to conduct the survey was to figure out the expressions that what things really bug them.l did that to find out the aesthetic value that normal passenger pertains while using them. Considering all the prob- lems, I still want to have some thing simple. lt could be made like desk/chair (that we use in class rooms, where desk is attached to the chair, like in CCIT 1080), second it could be attached similar in the front, but may have the another sliding drawer kind of idea (similar to computer table), or it could be attached and the vertical and horizontal placement of it could be adjust- able via button. For water holder, straw concept could be placed. For the food service,there should be a menu Ana v & Evalua on given to the passenger way ahead with all the nutri- tious facts and figure, or they must be permit to bring their own. EO o o ooo o o@O o o o o o o o@Oo@o
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  10. 10. ,t Hrrnr I PropLrsal I Poltr.ol:ir I Corrtact ffi Email Address: rqoLiehokwellveF.Eon [-#=-l ffi[l I r.IEl Na me: l;*lFl I Plrone: 905- L2l 4557 lr 1'H' ffil ffi ffi I Crear 1^,ork 9otrial Corn ments: lEls#-l ffil lffi;Frl p! Subscrbe to tund Emaill FREE online nerrsletter? -fhre se a ll are paper t)ased il lustratiDns -F 1.- -t- -
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