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Official release

  1. 1. The TOEFL(R) Test Center V.2 : “Final Edition”Version: 2.OPrivate Build: FLD, UESAuthor: Tech. & TC. SamPublisher: ELT WebsiteWeb: Release Date: October 2010Format: DVD-ROMApplication developed by S & A Professional Systems.Inc.Made with Autoplay Media Studio 9, a trademark of Indigo Rose
  2. 2. The TOEFL(R) Test Center V.2: Final EditionThis DVD-ROM is intended to prepare students for the TOEFL® (Test of English as aForeign Language) test in both its paper and computer formats. It is based on the paperformat first introduced in July 1995 and the computer format first introduced in July 1998.The TOEFL(R) Test Center V.2: Preparation for the Computer and Paper Test can be usedin a variety of ways, depending on the needs of the user:• It can be used as the primary classroom material in a course emphasizing TOEFL testpreparation.• It can be used as a supplementary resource in a more general English language course.• It can be used as a tool for individualized study by students preparing for the TOEFL testoutside of the ESL classroomWHAT IS IN THE DVD-ROM  Diagnostic Pre-Tests for each section, in both paper and computer formats measure students level of performance on each section of the TOEFL test and allow students to determine specific areas of weakness.  Skills and Strategies for each of the sections of the TOEFL test provide students with clearly defined steps to improve performance on the test.  TOEFL Exercises provide practice of one or more skills in a non-TOEFL format.  Complete Tests, in both paper and computer formats, allow the students to simulate the experience of taking actual TOEFL tests with all of the sections together in one complete test.  Recording Scripts allow the students to see the text of all the listening exercises and test included on the audio /CDs.
  3. 3. The TOEFL(R) Test Center V.2: Final EditionThe Final Edition of The TOEFL Test Center V.2 © DVD–ROM provides practice in all ofthe language skills tested in the TOEFL ITP, or Institutional Testing Program. It can beused to simulate the actual TOEFL test or to provide feedback as a study tool.Key features of the 2nd Edition include:  18 Real TOEFL Paper Practice Tests (Answers included).  1995 – 2000 Reading Full Tests (Answers included).  Kaplan Paper & Pencil, 3rd Edition.  Cambridge Preparation for the TOEFL IBT, 4th Edition.  Barron’s TOEFL IBT, 12th Edition.  More than 400 TOEFL Essays that cover 100 % of 185 ETS Official Topics.  Oxford Practice Grammar Advanced CD-ROM  Eye Q CD-ROM, the best software for improving your Reading Speed.