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  • 1. Lobbying & Advocacy On Sex Education
  • 2. 2006 midterm elections and reproductive justice
    • more reproductive rights supporters in Congress
    • friends in top leadership positions in House and the Senate
    • pro-choice members remain a minority
  • 3. Good and Bad
    • Some good things:
    • vote to overturn the Global Gag
    • vote funding for Title X national family planning program
    • vote to repeal abstinence-only restrictions for HIV prevention programs
    • Some bad things:
    • Democrats support ineffective abstinence-only-until-marriage programs
    • Susan Orr appointed to head nation’s family planning program
  • 4. But nothing has really happened
    • Everything tied up in mega bills
    • President threatens vetos: “You’re fixin’ to see what they call a fiscal showdown in Washington:”
  • 5. Campaigns have started!
    • Everyone in election mode
    • Presidential concern for budget
  • 6. In their own words. . .
    • “ [No one] “under 16 should be dating ever ever ever for any reason. You’re brain damaged, it gets better.” (Pam Stenzel)
    • “ One in 5 times condoms will fail for pregnancy.” ( Passion & Principles , Leader's Guide, 10)
    • “ Research confirms that 14 percent of the women who use condoms scrupulously for birth control become pregnant within a year.” Choosing the Best, The Big Talk Book
  • 7. Abstinence Only = Bad Policy
    • Waxman Report
    • Mathematica Report
  • 8. REAL ACT
    • What Does It Do
    • Create the ONLY funding stream for sex education that teaches about the benefits of contraception and abstinence.
  • 9. REAL ACT
    • A Wise Investment
    • Funds programs that research shows can work.
    • Funds programs that young people, teachers, and medical experts support.
    • Funds programs to prepare young people with information and skills they will use the rest of their lives.
  • 10. Lobbying is no mystery
    • Lobbying is: trying to influence those who make policies that affect our lives
    • You can make a difference:
      • Legislators want to be re-elected
      • our opponents have defied reality and turned the world on its head.
      • Speaking from a faith perspective
  • 11. Goals of lobbying
    • To educate and change minds
    • To develop relationships with policymakers and their staffs
    • To become a resource for trusted information
  • 12. Legislator classification
    • Champions: leaders; bill sponsors
    • Allies: legislators on your side but not activists
    • Fence Sitters: the uncommitted
    • Mellow Opponents: against the issue, but not actively so
    • Hard Core Opponents: those lawmakers who are leading your opposition.
  • 13. Your meeting
    • Identify yourself, the organization you represent and the issue you’re interested in
    • Thank him/her for taking the time to see you
    • Explain why you support this legislation
    • Support your views with facts and stories
    • Say what action you’d like taken and why
    • Ask what happens next
    • Send a thank you
  • 14. Things to remember
    • Know about the legislator
    • Keep your message simple: focus on one issue
    • Engage the person in a conversation