Tobii Company Presentation October2011


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Tobii Company Presentation October2011

  1. 1. Tobii Company Presentation October 2011
  2. 2. COMPANY OVERVIEW2/1/2012 Copyright Tobii Technology AB 2
  3. 3. Tobii Technology in brief Founded in 2001 One of Europe’s fastest growing technology companies +300 employees worldwide 60 MUSD turnover estimate 2011 Global market & technology leader of eye tracking Strong patent portfolio protecting core innovations around eye tracking hardware 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011E and eye control software. Tobii group revenue growth2/1/2012 Copyright Tobii Technology AB 3
  4. 4. Market leading eye tracking solutions +1,000 commercial customers use Tobii Eye Trackers +600 Universities use Tobii Eye Trackers +5,000 private persons with special needs use Tobii’s communication devices +50% of all eye-controlled communication devices have a Tobii Eye Tracker +50% of all eye trackers used in People crowding at Tobii’s booth at Cebit, the world’s biggest ICT fair commercial research are Tobii Eye Trackers2/1/2012 Copyright Tobii Technology AB 4
  5. 5. The history of Tobii – 10 years of eye tracking and business innovation Tobii-Lenovo laptop prototype Tobii TX300 Tobii T60, T120, X120 and Tobii1750 Tobii Studio Tobii T60XL Tobii Glasses First Tobii PCEye assistive product, MyTobii Tobii IS-1 D10 Tobii C8, C12, Ceye First product, First eye controlled Tobii S32 and Tobii ET-17 computer, MyTobii P10 Sono Key, Sono Lexis SymbolMate Sono Primo2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011Tobii is founded by John Tobii Inc, Tobii Tobii Japan Tobii China EyeTrackShopElvesjö, Mårten Skogö USA GmbH, Germaand Henrik Eskilsson ny Acquires Viking Acquires Assistive Software, Norway Technology, Inc First sold system First profitable year Raises11 M€ funding Raises16 M€ funding
  6. 6. Recognized for innovation and entrepreneurship Red Dot award 2011 Red Herring Global Finalist 2008,2009, 2010 and 2011 SIME Grand Prize Award 2010 Emerging 101 – Most successful company 2010 Swedish IT company of the Year 2009 SIME Awards 2009 Industripreis 2009 IT renewer of the Year 2008 IT innovation of the Year 2008 Tech Star Winner 2008 Winner of the Grand Design Award 2008 Export Hermes Award 2008 Export Hermes Microsoft Ingenuity Point Ahrens Rapid Growth Award Electronics company of the year 2007 Fastest growing tech company in Sweden 2007 8th fastest growing tech comany in Europe 2007 Microsoft Ingenuity point award for best health product 2007 World class award 2007 – Stockholm Chamber of Commerce Optronic Award 2007 Entrepreneurs of the Year 2005 Deloitte Technology Fast Awards2/1/2012 Copyright Tobii Technology AB 6
  7. 7. Global prescence – 9 companies worldwide in the Tobii group Tobii Technology AB, Sweden Tobii Technology, Norway EyeTrackShop AB, SwedenTobii AssistiveTechnology, Inc., MA, USA Tobii Technology, Germany Tobii Technology, JapanTobii Technology, Inc., VA,USA Tobii Electronics Technology Suzhou, ChinaEyeTrackShop Inc, NY, USA 2/1/2012 Copyright Tobii Technology AB 7
  8. 8. Strong global network – more than 50 resellersand partners worldwideActive Communication Guidosimplex dcl Minusvalido S.L Psychology Software ToolsAcuity ETS Ltd. Harpo Quality Enabling Devices Ltd (QED)Alt 64 - Barcelona Hidrex RDG KompagneAnditec HMC Reforma Takanawa 4FASK ICAP AB RehaMedia GmbH"beit Tapuz“ IDEASIS Ltd. REHAVISTA GmbHBELMO (Faz Elektrik Motor A.S.) Inclusive Solutions Ronamac International Corp.Caretta Ltd. Inclusive Technology Ltd. RSL SteeperCenter of Iceland LTD / Index Assistive Technologies SDS Associates Sdn. BhdCiviam Comercio Importação e Exportação Ltda International Marketing Company Sensory Guru LtdConsort World Kajo Apuvälineet Oy Shanghai PsyTech Electronic Co. LtdDagesh Computers Assistive Technology Ergonomics Kingfar International Inc. SmartboxLtd Lifetool SR LabsDisability Solutions [M] Sdn Bhd. Link-AT TEA - Technologie Ergonomie ApplicationsEdge Group Mechatron ThinkuserEpitech GmbH MK Prosopsis Ltd Todays Instruments Co., Ltd.Eye on Media Objective Technology Usability LabEyetracking Sp. z o.o. Ortosana d.o.o. USECON – The Usability Consultants GmbHFanoe Soft Proteor Öryggismiðstöðin2/1/2012 Copyright Tobii Technology AB 8
  9. 9. EYE TRACKING – THE TECHNOLOGY AND IT’S CHALLENGES2/1/2012 Copyright Tobii Technology AB 9
  10. 10. Eye tracking and eye control – the two sides of thecoin Eye tracking is a technology that makes it possible for computers to know exactly where users are looking. It can be used to control or interact with a computer or to study or monitor what a person is looking at. Eye-controlled communication Eye tracking in usability testing2/1/2012 Copyright Tobii Technology AB 10
  11. 11. Eye tracking technology – how it works The Tobii Eye Tracker estimates the point of gaze with extreme accuracy using image sensor technology to find the user’s eyes and calculates the point of gaze.  One or several near-infrared illuminators, invisible to the human eye, create reflection patterns on the cornea of the eyes.  At high sampling rates, one or multiple image sensors register the image of the user’s eyes.  Image processing is used to find the eyes, detect the exact position of the pupil and/or iris, and identify the correct reflections from the illuminators and their exact positions.  A mathematical model of the eye is used to calculate the eyes’ position in space and the point of gaze.2/1/2012 Copyright Tobii Technology AB 11
  12. 12. The advantage of Tobii’s eye tracking technology Core values that meet the highest demands  Accurate and precise – the eye tracker can tell exactly where you are looking.  Unrestrained and unobtrusive – the user can move freely in front of the eye tracker and is not distracted by it.  Capable of robust tracking – regardless of eye color, with glasses, contact lenses, ambient light etc.  Easy to use and automatic – anyone can use eye tracking quickly and easily.2/1/2012 Copyright Tobii Technology AB 12
  13. 13. Eye tracking brings unique benefits to a multitudeof fields of use and will become a future standardConsumer computers – eye control Research – Tobii’s eye trackers Augmented communication – Tobii’swill fundamentally revolutionize user provide deep, objective insight into eye-controlled communication devicesinterfaces to standard computers, and consumer responses, UX and human give a voice and language to peoplemake interaction faster, more fun and behavior with communication impairmentsmore relaxingGaming – Eye control and gaze Driver safety – eye tracking in cars Hospitals and sterile environmentsinteraction takes immersion and game will improve safety by detecting – eye control enable surgeons tointensity to a new level drowsiness and distraction, and maintain sterility and improve the enable hands-free interaction conditions in collaborative surgery13
  14. 14. Three strong business units with leadingsolutions and ambitious business plansEye Tracking Integration Analysis Solutions Assistive TechnologyBrings eye tracking features to Offers eye tracking tools and Offers comprehensivecomputers, cars, medical services for market research, user communication solutions thatdevices, games and more. experience testing and scientific meets the individual needs of research. people with speech impairments.2/1/2012 Copyright Tobii Technology AB 14
  15. 15. New innovations and markets EYE TRACKING INTEGRATION2/1/2012 Copyright Tobii Technology AB 15
  16. 16. Tobii’s vision – eye tracking in our everyday lives A standard feature adding unique and strong benefits  In consumer computers  In driver safety systems  In a multitude of other applications2/1/2012 Copyright Tobii Technology AB 16
  17. 17. Eye tracking in every computer will revolutionizethe way we interact with computers Gaze interaction will fundamentally revolutionize the user interface to standard computers Eye control provide unique and powerful aspects to Natural User Interfaces that are not possible in any other way  Adaptive user interfaces – through gaze interaction, the computer automatically and invisibly detect the user’s attention. Thus, the computer can respond much more effectively and intuitively to serve the user in an almost magical way.  A super-effective position modality – “Gaze” allows the user to point in a super effective and intuitive way. The combination of “gaze” for pointing and other modalities for issuing commands is extremely powerful.2/1/2012 Copyright Tobii Technology AB 17
  18. 18. Eye tracking in every car will have a huge impacton driver safety Car safety will take a leap forward with “The continued development of eye-tracking sensors that monitor the driver, and detect systems is big news in the auto industry. if the driver is falling asleep, not paying Moving beyond the detection of simple head movement, actually following the driver’s eye attention to the road or fails to see objects gaze is a key piece of the inattentive driving in front of the car. jigsaw.” The same sensors can be used to identify Vision Zero Magazine, June 2011 the driver and add intuitive and exciting interfaces to the car information system.2/1/2012 Copyright Tobii Technology AB 18
  19. 19. Eye tracking will be standard in a multitude offields Market research and consumer behavior research Assistive Technology – enabling people with speech impairments to communicate Psychology and vision research Wearable display systems Improve safety in control rooms and other high-end systems Hands-free computer interaction in surgery and other sterile environments Gaming; using eye tracking as a game accelerator, adding eye control and eye contact. Medical diagnostics (glaucoma, schizophrenia, Alzheimers, heari ng, cognitive abilities, vision testing and several more) Security, i.e. lie detection and information protection2/1/2012 Copyright Tobii Technology AB 19
  20. 20. Eye tracking integration and businessdevelopment Tobii IS-1 Eye Tracker – the world’s first embedded eye tracking platform  OEM component designed for mass market applications  Autonomous embedded eye tracking Tobii laptop prototype  Eye tracking component from Tobii  Built by Lenovo  Launched in March 20112/1/2012 Copyright Tobii Technology AB 20
  21. 21. Eye tracking solutions for research TOBII ANALYSIS SOLUTIONS2/1/2012 Copyright Tobii Technology AB 21
  22. 22. Analysis Solutions - markets and applicationsMarket research User experience testing Psychology & vision research Print ads  Websites TV commercials  Software  Cognitive psychology Web advertising  Computer games  Developmental psychology Package design  Mobile devices  Psycholinguistics  Other physical products  Media psychology & HCI Shelf placement  Neuroscience Shopper research  Nonhuman primate research  Ophthalmology2/1/2012 Copyright Tobii Technology AB 22
  23. 23. Complete eye tracking solutionsHardware eye tracking Eye tracking software Training and consultancysystems solutions services2/1/2012 Copyright Tobii Technology AB 23
  24. 24. Hardware eye tracking systemsIntegrated eye tracking systems for any on-screen studyModular eye tracking systems with flexible configurationsHead mounted eye tracking systems for mobile studies 24
  25. 25. Eye tracking software solutionsTobii Studio  Comprehensive eye tracking softwareSDK development kit  For customized software developmentSoftware extensions  Enable eye tracking data to be used in 3rd party programs 25
  26. 26. Training and consultancy services Tobii Insight  An eye tracking study execution consultancy designed to lower the barriers for market research companies to include eye tracking in their service offering Tobii Academy  Comprehensive training services – courses, customized and online.2/1/2012 Copyright Tobii Technology AB 26
  27. 27. Researchers worldwide use Tobii’s eye trackers 2/3 of all companies that use eye tracking  More academic articles are published on use a Tobii Eye Tracker research made using Tobii’s solutions than on any other eye tracker Today Tobii has over 1000 commercial  Today Tobii has over 600 academic customers, including several Fortune 500 customers, including a large percentage of companies the world’s leading universities and research institutions Microsoft, Google, Apple, Yahoo, Amazon, IBM, Procter & Gamble, Unilever, GfK, Ipsos, TNS, Nestlé, Kraft, E- Bay, KantarOperations, Johnson, Synovate, InVivoBVA, S Stanford University, University of California San Diego, San martRevenue, Time Diego State University, John Hopkins, University of Warner, Philips, Intel, Sprint, Oracle, Symantec, Infosys, Fr Rochester, Yale, Brown University, Bejing Normal ance Telecom, AOL, Wells Fargo, HSBC University, Huadong Normal University, Tianjin Normal Bank, Travelers, Progressive, USAA, ING, Credit University, Oxford University, Cambridge University, Suisse, Electronic Fraunhofer Institute, Tokyo University, MIT, Imperial Arts, AT&T, Sony, LG, Lenovo, Baidu, Tencent, Taobao, Ali College, Université Pierre et Marie Curie, Université Paris baba, 360buy, CBS Descartes, Université de Toulouse Le Mirail, Universität St. Corporation,, MercadoLibre, NTT, Ogilvy, SKY Gallen, Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz, Universität Broadcasting, China Augsburg (IMB), Universität des Saarlandes Telecom, Facebook, YouTube, Honeywell, Nielsen, Nokia, Panasonic, Paypal, Telefonica, Telstra, Strategir, Institut CSA, Pixmania, Isobar, OVH and BMW2/1/2012 Copyright Tobii Technology AB 27
  28. 28. Valsplat for KLM Royal Dutch Airlines – user experiencetesting in the redesign of their electronic booking tool  Using a Tobii T120 to test functional prototype of re-designed electronic booking tool, Retrospective Think Aloud (RTA)  Many findings, eye tracking highlighting problems otherwise undetected  Saccades between price and schedule, eye tracking illustrated the inefficiency  Online reservations increased dramatically after eye tracking tests. 30% more users proceeded from searching to actually booking flights in the new version. “Analysis of eye tracking data proves valuable in finding very specific and detailed design issues, which would very likely have gone unnoticed in a study without the support of eye tracking. These issues, albeit small, can make the difference between a sale or a disappointed customer.” Joris Leker, Usability Specialist,Valsplat2/1/2012 Copyright Tobii Technology AB 28
  29. 29. Video Game UXValsplat for Guerrilla Games – user experiencetesting on video game “Killzone 3”  Tobii T60 XL tracking six participants during eight-hour game playing sessions  Fine tuning at a later stage of development as a part of a larger user experience development process.  Developers realized the full potential of eye tracking analysis, especially when applied early in the development process  Proved highly relevant for improving Path Finding, Theatre of War, menu navigation, Heads Up Display (HUD) and visual storytelling2/1/2012 Copyright Tobii Technology AB 29
  30. 30. Primate ResearchPrimate Research Institute for Kyoto University –Studies on human and chimpanzee face scanning  Tobii X120 with 72 color photos were shown to six chimpanzees and 18 humans  Analyzed using an application created using Tobii Software Development Kit  Providing great insights on the differences in face perception between humans and chimpanzees  Face is central in both groups, with a focus on the mouth instead off the eyes for the chimpanzees participants2/1/2012 Copyright Tobii Technology AB 30
  31. 31. Market Research TOBII CUSTOMER CASEIpsos & MRC International for Carlsberg –on-trade POS promotion unveiled  250 respondents using Tobii Glasses in 2 bars and 1 restaurant  Interviews with respondents and bar tenders  High correlation between visible promotion and order-choice, customer can be influenced at point of sale  Carlsberg can pin-point their on-trade promotion, improving budget efficiency2/1/2012 Copyright Tobii Technology AB 31
  32. 32. Communication solutions for people with special needs TOBII ASSISTIVE TECHNOLOGY2/1/2012 Copyright Tobii Technology AB 32
  33. 33. Assistive Technology – enabling people tocommunicate Our Alternative and Augmentative Communication solutions enables people to speak, interact with their environment, control and access computers, as well as lead independent and fulfilling lives – regardless of their disability Eye control provides people with disabilities the ability to speak and interact. It’s life changing for people with CP, brain injuries, spinal injuries, stroke and autism. +5,000 users around the world rely on Tobii’s solutions in their everyday communication.2/1/2012 Copyright Tobii Technology AB 33
  34. 34. Complete communication solutions Communication devices  Language and software2/1/2012 Copyright Tobii Technology AB 34
  35. 35. Communication devices Tobii C-Series  dedicated communication devices optimized to suit individual needs concerning portability, movements and vision, available in 8-12-15”, for touch & eye-control. Tobii PCEye  stand-alone eye control with the ability to control any PC using only your eyes for users with higher cognitive abilities wanting access to regular computer programs. Tobii S32  “Talking Paper” device. Use of symbols printed on normal paper to generate speech.2/1/2012 Copyright Tobii Technology AB 35
  36. 36. Language and software content Tobii Communicator  a platform for personal solutions to develop communication, a basic language tool to optimize access to communication aids through individual skills. Sono Suite  a comprehensive research-based content package with vocabularies for different skill-sets, development levels and communicative intentions.  Sono Flex – multi-platform software, available on iPhone and iPad SymbolMate  an ideal tool for creating paper-based “Awesome, awesome, awesome! I wonder why it hasn’t page sets, communication been developed before. It is great to have the situational modules at hand so easily. This is just perfect for us to pages/boards and educational material prepare sessions with clients with a minimum of time with symbols, text and words. consumption. It is really nice that you have chosen very interactive and playful contexts that are age independent.” Alycia Berg, MS, CCC-SLP, Boston Children’s Hospital2/1/2012 Copyright Tobii Technology AB 36
  37. 37. User testimonial: Ulrich Schnabler“Ulrich has many sentences that he canchoose from and he really enjoysexpressing himself. In general, Ulrich hasimproved his body language and controlsince using his C12 and now says whathe wants with more purpose due to anincreased vocabulary. Ulrich has nowreached a new stage in hiscommunication development.“Margit Schnablermother to Ulrich, 10 yrs, Cerebral Palsy2/1/2012 Copyright Tobii Technology AB 37
  38. 38. User testimonial: Tony QuanFor those with paralysis who are unableto communicate, the PCEye allows you toparticipate in the world again. It has madean incredible difference in my life.”Tony QuanWell-known Los Angeles-based graffitiartist/activist with ALS2/1/2012 Copyright Tobii Technology AB 38
  39. 39. Step by step, Tobii is striving to fulfill the vision ofeye tracking in our everyday lives2/1/2012 Copyright Tobii Technology AB 39
  40. 40. Tobii Technology LOOKING FORWARD2/1/2012 Copyright Tobii Technology AB 40