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Judson ISD X-Series Deployment Savingsand Energy Savings
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Judson ISD X-Series Deployment Savingsand Energy Savings

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  • 1. Turn One Computer into Four and Stretch Y St t h Your Budget with Desktop B d t ith D kt Virtualization Steve Young, Chief Technology Officer Beverly Ahr, Director of Instructional Technology Ahr Judson ISD 6/1/2009
  • 2. Presentation Outline JISD pain points with providing increased computer access Solutions and Possibilities What Judson ISD selected Deployment details Lower acquisition costs q Energy cost comparison and savings Effect on electrical capacity p y Effect on A/C needed Effect on e-waste e- Effect on network ports How are Judson ISD s X Series devices being used? ISD’s Other
  • 3. Judson ISD pain points with providing increased computer access to students Cost Laptops and desktops have high per seat acquisition cost ap ops a d d s ops a g p s a a qu s o os Maintenance Computers have many common parts that fail or need maintenance Increasing computer technician staff not an option Extended warranties can be very costly Network Access Many classrooms have limited network drops Cabling and new switches are very expensive Electrical Capacity Many older schools have trouble supporting more than a p p p couple of computers per classroom Often no easy way to increase electrical capacity A/C is very expensive for schools and adding more full co pute s substantially a ses /C demand computers substa t a y raises A/C de a d
  • 4. Solutions & Possibilities Thin clients Good in practice, but we have no spare server room space and eventually p , p p y would need more network staff (another option we could not choose) Server rooms are VERY costly, need lots of electricity, and A/C Often the cost for thin clients hardware was not significantly less than a low cost desktop l t d kt Laptops Typically a higher acquisition costs when equipped with similar components as a d kt t desktop High total cost of ownership (TCO) Repairs take longer Parts more proprietary More theft prone Load Linux variant on old computers Cheap/free solution – no OS cost We have no Linux management tools and none offer functionality we require at no cost Still require expensive network ports and high electricity (higher than modern CPU) Increase number of service calls and need for repair technicians
  • 5. What Judson ISD selected: The nComputing X Series What it is? Modified thin client It virtualizes the host OS and shares the host’s resources How does it work? Install a PCI card in host machine Connect up to 3 terminals (multi boxes) per PCI card via cat 5 cable Connect monitor, keyboard, and monitor keyboard mouse to each multi box
  • 6. Deployment details What Judson ISD did and where we did it Decided to focus X Series deployments in three areas: Elementary school classrooms Middle school classrooms Each classroom end up with 4 student workstations Library student stations How many have we deployed in year 1? 418 sets – which created an additional 1,254 computer seats How many h have we d l deployed i year 2? d in 343 sets – which created an additional 1,029 computer seats
  • 7. What are the benefits of X Series solution? Lower Acquisition Costs Energy cost savings ( Green computing ) Less electrical capacity needed in facilities Less A/C Needed Less e-waste created 75% less network ports/drops needed Less ports and drops can equate to at least $1200 savings per X Series set.
  • 8. Lower Acquisition Costs ( 3,044 computing seats ) , p g Acquisition for a PC only deployment q y p y $ 2,374,320 , , Possible additional network growth $ 776,220 Acquisition cost f X Series Deployment for l Shared PC's $ 593,580 Access Terminals (X Series) $ 152,200 Extra Monitors $ 285,375 Keyboards & Mice $ 45,660 MS OS Licensing $ 108,594 Total X Series Acquisition Cost $ 1,185,409 Savings of 50%
  • 9. Energy Cost Comparison Judson ISD s School Year Energy Cost Comparison ISD's $30.00 $25.00 $20.00 $15.00 $10.00 $5.00 $- Annual Energy Cost Annual Energy Cost Annual Energy Cost JISD's Annual Energy of P3 and CRT of a "green" Dual of Dual Core w/ 3 Cost Per Seat using Monitor Core PC w/LCD terminals nComputing X-Series
  • 10. Energy Cost Savings (Green Computing) O One Y Year E Energy C t & S i Cost Savings f J d for Judson ISD f 3044 for Total Computing Seats $90,000 $84,014 $80,000 $70,000 $61,354 $60,000 $50,000 $40,000 $35,852 $30,000 $22,661 $20,000 $13,191 $10,000 $- Yearly operating Y l ti Yearly operating Y l ti Yearly operating Y l ti Energy savings by E i b Energy savings E i cost for 3044 P3 cost for 3044 green cost - Using Core using X Series with using X Series PC's Core Duo Duo's hosting X Core Duo (instead of instead of all an Series P3) Core Duo fleet
  • 11. Auto Shutdown Savings Judson ISD started automated shutdown of school computers in 2007 Numbers based on 25% of 4000 machines left on Over time savings are less as PC base becomes more green $160,000 $140,000 $120,000 $100,000 $80,000 $60,000 $155,111 $40,000 $ , $54,000 $20,000 $43,649 $- $33,907 $23,556 Year 1 Savings Year 2 Savings Year 3 Savings Year 4 Savings Total Savings
  • 12. Less Electrical Capacity Needed Many schools lack electrical infrastructure to support large numbers of computers Often impractical or cost prohibitive to bring in increased electrical service One X Series set with 1 green dual core and 3 terminals use about the same electricity as a single Pentium 3 system with y g y a CRT monitor. This allows a schools to double number of computer seats in classrooms, while reducing electrical needs by 50% This means a 4 computer classroom can replace outdated systems with modern ones: h d And cut acquisition costs 50% Cut energy usage 73%
  • 13. Less A/C Needed Less power consumption equates to less heat generated per computing seat Heat output is cut the same percentage as energy usage This means heat output compared to traditional PC’s can reduce heat output by 73% or higher. p y g This translates into large savings on A/C bills or on retrofit of A/C systems to service hot rooms Less $$ is spent on building A/C per computing seat
  • 14. Less e-waste Created e- Long term, there is much less e-waste for disposal, i.e. there are 3 less CPU’s Less to dispose of means: Less pollution Lower disposal costs
  • 15. Less Network Ports Needed Less ports and drops can equate to at least $1200 savings per X Series set, if drops needed for increased computer access. How is this money saved? Network switches can be very costly at more than $150 per port Copper prices have been rapidly rising (a key component of network cables) Labor to install cabling is expensive (from $75 to $200 per drop) Switches are not always very “green” – and can green consume a lot of electricity, as well as generate a lot of heat, so reducing numbers of switch ports can help schools become greener
  • 16. Judson ISD Configuration Options Side to Side Back to Back
  • 17. How Are The X300’s Being Used? Research Used as learning center using Judson ISD developed activities Used to augment TechKnowledge (computer literacy curriculum) Used U d as center f i t t for integration projects ti j t Use to reinforce keyboarding skills X300 Systems used as incentive for teacher S t d i ti f t h proficiency (computer literacy)s
  • 18. X Series Learning in Action
  • 19. Other Technical Issues We learned we needed an audio solution per seat Put in inexpensive amplified speakers and headphones There is not enough output on multi box audio port Students should be logged in under different user gg accounts when using web applications Test all software you want to use prior to deployment to avoid unexpected surprises Licensing Issues Check with operating system vendor and software vendors for their requirements Using Linux can save substantial licensing costs
  • 20. Summary Funding adequate technology is difficult in good years, but finding lower cost computing solutions is even more important now. i t t Deploying X Series sets can cut your deployment costs for computing seats by 50% or more X Series are not as green as trees, but they are much more efficient in energy usage e-waste and air conditioning than usage, e-waste, traditional computers. By replacing older PC s with X Series, you can cut energy PC’s Series usage by 70% or more. You or someone in your organization will increasingly need ou o o o you o ga a o a gy d to demonstrate how you are savings $$ and being greener in IT. X Series fit into this strategy. Make sure X Series fit your needs and test, test, test prior to deployment.
  • 21. Information More Information on Judson ISD Technology Services available at: http://www.judsonisd.org/district/technology/ nComputing green computing and savings calculator at: http://tinyurl.com/btrupa http://tinyurl com/btrupa Steve Young syoung@judsonisd.org Beverly Ahr bahr@judsonisd.org