Albert0 R i v e r a 's testament
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Albert0 R i v e r a 's testament



Tämä sivu suomen kielellä, kts. ...

Tämä sivu suomen kielellä, kts.

Biography of Albèrt0 Rìvèra, the fmr jèsuìt prìèst from Vatìcan. Comics? This ossyary will freeze your guts; You Have been warned! Now click to see sm real life...



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Albert0 R i v e r a 's testament Document Transcript

  • 1. 26.02.2014
  • 2. ...god walks down the street, Mariaworshipperi cries The Telegraph; Spain 05-Apr-2012. Mena-Brothers: "...they crucify to themselves the Son of God afresh, and put him to an open shame..." Hebr.6
  • 3. "Let the deacons be the husbands of one wife" ...1Tim3:12
  • 4. Apr-2012, Spain
  • 5. US senate altar: Constantinus Cross & mas0nic symbols...
  • 6. G, parenthesis, D ... means GAD. Pagan gad of lottery - but not the GOD of the Bible. This is why kabbalists write their G_D like that - ashamed to tell they are pagan worshippers... Isaiah 65:11. "But ye are they that forsake the LORD, that forget my holy mountain, that prepare a table for gad..."
  • 7. Britain - part of the Pyramid - osiris empire House of M a l t e s e Lords
  • 8. Sweden; Centuries old M a l t e s e lodges, 2006 Thai Land 2012: Culinary Parasites
  • 9. Some nice Roses, eh!?
  • 10. "We've been riding every weekend since 1180, but Easter is so rosy and special" 4/2012.
  • 11. Piece Brothers - marching (!?) into the cellar... 4/2012
  • 12. Peace comes piece by piece: "when all infidels are dead, thats the real piece" Auditor the hi priest marks down all effects and how long he lasted... statistics are cru-cia-l ... before hurrying up to the next sermon.
  • 13. Here comes the head piecemaker...
  • 14. Islam was conceived in Portuguese Fatima Roman Cath0lic monastery, 600AD... Luxor temple for osiris - roots are the same.
  • 15. Fatima - Full of kids lies err 'miracles' WORK- for the temple - or else... This grotto marygod creates so much revenue, that even the god himself comes to say hello...
  • 16. Osiris, warped witch cross, rotten corpse...
  • 17. Pagan Obelisk: Controllers Sign pic 1/2
  • 18. Pagan Obelisk: Controllers Sign pic 2/2
  • 19. "We have succesfully infiltrated"... This is how it was done in Northern Europe - via secret 'agreements'. Finland: Porvoo Agreement 1995 All Anglican and Lutheran Churches were secretly betrayed into the bosom of the Cat Holic MotherChurch Excerpts of the 'special agreement': B.7. We each understand our own church to be part of the One, Holy, Catholic Church ... 34. ...participation in the life of the One, Holy, Catholic ... 43. Bishops serve the catholicity of the Church's teaching 48. the laying on of Bishop's hands signifies their and their churches' acceptance of the catholicity of the churches 58.a.i. we acknowledge one another's churches as churches belonging to the One, Holy, Catholic ... 58.b.iii. We commit ourselves: to regard catholic members as members of our own; to welcome persons episcopally ordained in any of our churches to the office of bishop, priest or deacon to serve... See
  • 20. The Structure of Freemasonry SCOTTISH RITE 33 Sovereign grand Inspector General 32 Sublime Prince of the Royal Secret Master of the Royal Secret - Order of Knights templar 31 Grand Inspector Inquisitor, Commander Inspector Inquisitor 30 Grand Elect Knight K-II, Knight Kadosh 29 Knight os St. Andrew, Scottish Knight of St. Andrew 28 Knight of the Sun, Knight of the Sun or Prince Adept 27 Commander of the Temple, Knight Commander of the Temple 26 Prince of Mercy 25 Knight of the Brazen Serpent 24 Prince of the Tabernacle 23 Chief of the tabernacle 22 Prince of the Libanus, Knight of the Royal Axe 21 Patriarch Noachite, Noachite or Prussian Knight 20 Maste Ad Vitaen, Master of the Symbolic Lodge 19 Grand Pontiff, Pontiff 18 Knight of the Rose Croix of H.R.D.M. Knight Rose Croix 17 Knight of the East and West 16 Prince of Jerusalem 15 Knight of the East or Sword Knight of the East 14 Grand Elect Mason, Perfect Elu 13 Master of the Ninth Arch, Royal Arch of Solomon
  • 21. 12 Grand Master Architect, Master Architect 11 Sublime Master Elected, Elu of the Twelve 10 Elect of fifteen, Elu of the Fifteen 9 Master Elect of Nine, Elu of the Nine 8 Intendent of the Building 7 Provost and Judge 6 Intimate Secretary 5 Perfect Master 4 Secret Master YOURK RITE (right.) 11 Order of the Knights Templar 10 Order of the Knights of Malta 9 Order of the Red Cross 8 Super excellent Master Select Master Royal Master 7 Royal Arch Mason 6 Most Excellent Master 5 Past Master (virtual) 4 Mark Master ALLIED ORGANIZATIONS Tall Cedars of Lebanon Order of the Eastern Star Grotto (MOVPER) Job's Daughters Rainbow Girls Order of DeMolay 3 Master Mason 2 Fellowcraft 1 Entered Apprentice Note: Get Larger Pic at wordpress page
  • 22. Russian Tsar sat also on the papal Throne
  • 23. The papal Masonic Beast, ready to serve satan...
  • 24. Britain has at least 10.000 Lodges. In 1907 US had some 1 million members in various thousands of lodges; now 5-10 million. Total worldwide membership can easily be over 30million. All those are blind serfs under jesuits and Vatican. ... and all are controlled via the jessuit hierarchy:
  • 25. The mas0nic apron of George Washington depicts the Vat i can Throne, very detailly. See
  • 26. Holy Ram -l0dge apron
  • 27. Satanists - Illuminati Lodge is now on top:
  • 28. Note: Get Larger Pic at wordpress page
  • 29. Note: Find original at Note 2: suddenly started to charge readers from my free documents. This without any notice, all revenue to Censorship ... GET THIS document FREE AT:
  • 30. English documents available - Check out at right hand list of contents - 'More': PyrΔmid PlΔgue (type this linky into your browser) Sky Sky Sky – Cry Cry Cry Weather Satellite pics; collection of anomalies over Scandinavia. …Satellite Weather Radar Anomalies over Scandinavia; collection of clips. Chemtrails etc . Man-Made Nuclear Holocaust Nuclear Holocaust is ongoing: Humankind has gone through hundreds Nuclear Wars already. At left, the guinea pigs are being tested with secret nuclear bomb fallout in 1955: Total ‘tests’ now over 12.000 – and contiunuing. (2700 atmospheric nuclear blasts)
  • 31. NRC Meeting 512 – Power Uprate via Plutonium NRC 512th Meeting – Public discussion archive revealed with illustrations. Read how Catastrophic failures due to uprating (adding Plutonium) cause only mild discussion. From NRC archives. NRC Nuclear Regulatory Commission Vatican: Pill Grimace of Petros Pilgrimage to the st Peters Basilica. The true cat-holy cult nature, IHS = Isis Horus Seth revealed – See this stolen from Egypt Obelisk Osiris-heretic view. Repulsive Vatican Occultism revealed. . Albert0 R i v e r a ‘s testament Biography of Albèrt0 Rìvèra, the fmr jèsuìt prìèst from Vatìcan. Comics? This ossyary will freeze your guts; You Have been warned! Now click to see sm real life… .