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Skds fdm and odi

  1. 1. <Insert Picture Here> FDM & ODI A Fair Comparison Its time to leverage your data®
  2. 2. FDM: Key Points• FDM is a web based financial data tool that is used to load, map and validate source system financial data into a target.• FDM has a pre‐built data load workflow that walks through the different load steps (Import, Validate, Export, Check).• FDM has a user‐friendly interface that allows users to maintain their source system to target system mapping tables and load their data.• FDM can source financial data either by directly connecting to source systems (through FDM source adapters or via Integration scripts) or it can read source system files.• FDM has Hyperion target adapters for Hyperion Enterprise, HFM, Planning / Essbase and Hyperion Strategic Finance.• FDM has a data mart adapter that can be used to map to non‐Hyperion charts of accounts.• FDM can be enhanced through VB script customization.
  3. 3. FDM: Strengths and LimitationsStrengths and Use Case• Pre‐Built interface (workflow, mapping, logging)• Validations are a key component (mapping, data, target system).• Typical use case is for financial data processing that involves mapping in a multi‐user environment.Limitations• FDM cannot perform any Metadata functions (load metadata or managemetadata hierarchies)
  4. 4. FDM: Similarities and LicensingSimilarities to Other Integration Products• ODI and DIM with their ability to load financial data.• No products in terms of preset end user driven data and mapping workflow.Licensing / Other• FDM does require licensing.• FDM was originally UpStream WebLink and acquired by Hyperion in 2006.
  5. 5. ODI: Key Features• ODI is an integration tool that can load financial data and application metadata into different target systems.• ODI has the flexibility to design its workflow through a graphical workflow navigation interface. As a result, the product does not impose a workflow on you in the beginning.• ODI has strong source connection abilities as well as the ability to launch and control jobs or calculations (calling a stored procedure that moves data from one table to another).• ODI has ‘Knowledge Modules’ that have pre‐built workflow for certain systems.• ODI does not have a robust end user driven mapping table. The mapping is typically stored in a relational table and processed through the workflow steps.• Additionally, unless the ‘Knowledge Module’ contains it, logging and validations need to be built.
  6. 6. ODI: Strengths and LimitationsStrengths and Use Case• Ability to load Hyperion metadata and financial data to Essbase, Planning and HFM.• IT driven financial data or metadata load processing.• Situations where limited mapping is needed.Limitations• ODI does not have a pre‐built web based user interface to map, validate or load data or metadata.• Validations and logging items will more than likely need to be custom built (i.e. log data load errors in a text file).
  7. 7. ODI: Similarities and LicensingSimilarities to Other Integration Products• Most similar to DIM, HAL• FDM for financial data, though typically a different use (Finance vs. IT)Licensing / Other• ODI does not require a license if used with HFM, Essbase, Planning.• ODI was originally Sunopsis and acquired by Oracle.
  8. 8. About Syntelli Solutions Inc.• We at Syntelli Solutions are passionate about analytics and extracting value out of data. We constantly learn and use the latest and greatest technologies and tools and constantly collaborate with academia. This has given us deep and unique insight into the analytics market and the developments therein. We are therefore pursued by investment banks and analysts alike who seek our expertise and knowledge.• Our expertise is in bringing business context to data and enhancing decision making, not just the technical aspect of implementing data-warehouse or the analytical product. We are very passionate about answer what-if and what-else questions. So, we bring to bear decades of statistical expertise to do Predictive Analytics/Intelligence work. Syntelli’s legacy is in providing Hyperion based solutions to CFO’s Offices and Business Intelligence solutions since early 2000s. This exposed us to analytical and predictive tools which we formalized as an analytics focused practice in 2011, named RAPID – Risk Analytics & Predictive Intelligence Division. We consider ourselves, first as a business solutions company, then a technology provider. Even tho we are a small business, we employ PhDs and MBA grads from top 10 schools globally.• Our tools of choice are Spotfire*, Tableau Software, Oracle Crystal Ball and Hyperion Essbase for analytics.• We are strategically located in Washington, DC, Texas and in the Carolinas.• *: TIBCO-Spotfire