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  • If you are concerned with the Citrix EOL/EOM schedule, you might consider switching to Ericom's PowerTerm WebConnect. With a three-tier architecture, PowerTerm WebConnect can support mixed farms containing Windows Server 2003, 2008, 2008 R2 and future versions of Windows as well. So it can actually be easier and more cost-effective to not only choose this solution over Citrix’s in the first place, but even to upgrade an existing XenApp farm to PowerTerm WebConnect than to XenApp 6 or 6.5!

    Ericom also has attractive pricing for Citrix replacement customers.

    You can read more and download a free evaluation at:

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Eol presentation1

  1. 1. Product Lifecycles and Support Options forMicrosoft Server Operating Systems And Citrix XenApp (formerly Presentation Server) February 7, 2012
  2. 2. Microsoft Windows Server 2000 And Citrix Presentation Server 4.0 ARE BOTH DEAD!
  3. 3. http://support.microsoft.com/lifecycle/?p1=10394
  4. 4. 3. What is the difference between Mainstream Support, Extended Support, and online self-help support? Support provided Mainstream Support phase Extended Support phase Paid support (per-incident, per X X hour, and others) Security update support X X Requires extended hotfix agreement, purchased within 90 Non-security hotfix support X days of mainstream support ending. No-charge incident support X Warranty claims X Design changes and feature X requests Product-specific information that is available by using the X X online Microsoft Knowledge Base Product-specific information that is available by using the Support site at Microsoft Help X X and Support to find answers to technical questionsNote A hotfix is a modification to the commercially available Microsoft product software code to address specific critical problems.Microsoft Support Lifecycle Policy FAQhttp://support.microsoft.com/gp/lifepolicy
  5. 5. XenApp Lifecycles – Current as of Feb. 6, 2012Product/Component Version/Model Language NSC* EOS* EOM* EOL*NamePresentation Server for 4.0 EN TBA N/A TBA TBAUnixPresentation Server for 28-Aug-09 4.5 EN, DE, FR, ES, JA N/A 30-Sep-12 31-Mar-13Windows Server 2003 CTX122442Presentation Server for 28-Aug-09 4.5 FP1 EN, DE, FR, ES, JA N/A 30-Sep-12 31-Mar-13Windows Server 2003 CTX122442XenAppfor Windows 28-Aug-09 5 and FP EN, DE, FR, ES, JA N/A 30-Sep-12 31-Mar-13Server 2003 CTX122442XenApp for Windows 28-Aug-09 5 and FP EN, DE, FR, ES, JA N/A 15-Jan-13 15-Jul-13Server 2008 CTX122442XenApp for Windows 24-Oct-11 6.0 EN, DE, FR, ES, JA N/A 15-Jan-13 15-Jul-13Server 2008R2 CTX122442XenApp for Windows 24-Oct-11 6.5 EN, DE, FR, ES, JA N/A 23-Jan-15 24-Jul-15Server 2008R2 CTX122442 *Lifecycle Phases: NSC (Notice of Status Change), EOS (End of Sales), EOM (End of Maintenance), EOL (End of Life).
  6. 6. Citrix Support Options for Various Lifecycles MainStream ExtendedSupport Option End of Life Maintenance MaintenanceNon-critical hotfix maintenance (bug fixes)Critical hotfix maintenance (bug fixes)Feature enhancementsNew hardware supportProduct specific information that is available in the online CitrixKnowledge CenterSecurity-related hotfix maintenancePaid technical support (per incident, per support plan and others)Self-help resources