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Published in: Business, Technology
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  • 1. Industrial Automation Solutions
  • 2. What we do  ScadaProject is a team of automation experts providing system design, implementation and deployment services. We are committed to deliver world- class yet cost-effective automated control solutions.  In the past 7 years our engineers implemented tens of projects ranging from SCADA programming to large turn-key control projects in food and beverage, metallurgy, mining and manufacturing industries.  We have experience working with the world leading equipment and technology vendors such as SIEMENS, OMRON, Schneider Electric, Rockwell Automation.  Our company currently employs 12 specialists, including SCADA programmers and RIO/MCC builders, and provides a full range of services to create a vertically integrated production control system.
  • 3. Who we are  Yevgeniy Burda Sales and project manager, 12+ years of experience in large multi- national organizations, including 5 years in Siemens (industry automation and drive technology department).  Igor Kurilets Technical director, 10+ years of experience in industry automation projects, a certified process control software developer.  Technical Team Our technical team has more than 100 years of combined experience in process control engineering and SCADA programming.
  • 4. How we can help  Consulting  System Design  Project Management  SCADA Programming  Control Cabinet Assembly  Installation and Commissioning  Field Service and Remote Support  Documentation  Stuff Training
  • 5.  Controllers and HMI:  Siemens: SIMATIC S7-300, S7-400, S7-1200, S7- 1500;  OMRON: CP1, CJ1, CS1;  Schneider-Electric: M340, Premium, Quantum;  Allen-Bradley: CompactLogix, SoftLogix 5800;  ICP-DAS: I-7000, I-8000, WinCon, WinPac.  SCADA Systems:  Siemens WinCC;  Adastra TraceMode;  InTouch Wonderware. Our experience
  • 6. Success stories
  • 7. Oilseed processing plant automation  An international food company set the goal to develop and implement a system of automatic control of sunflower oilseed processing plant which involved about 150 units (bucket elevators, conveyors, screw conveyors, presses, valves, separators, as piration machines, etc).  Process control system not only allowed the customer to control and monitor the line of manufacture, but also reduced fuel and electricity consumption, thus providing more ROI than it was expected.  Production steps:  Sunflower seeds bunkering;  First step of oil extraction with hot screw presses;  Second step of oil extraction using high temperature presses;  Separation;  Filtration;  Transportation;  Storage.
  • 8. Oilseed processing plant automation  Automation control system includes:  Control and management of technological process in an automatic mode, by means PLC (S7-400) and SCADA software (WinCC 7.0);  Technological process monitoring and control by operator;  Emergency alarm systems;  Security system;  Data collecting and storage, archiving, transmission to plant`s MES (Manufacturing Execution System);  Also used frequency convertors, sensors, RIO (Remote Input/Output) and MCC (Motor Control Cabinet) equipment.  Controlled (on-line) parameters:  Input volume of raw materials;  Output volume of the received products: oil, oilcake, pod;  Resources: electricity, water, steam;  I/O of different technological equipment.  Number of controlled I/O signals:  Digital Input – 1536 / Output – 768  Analogue Input – 64 / Output – 32
  • 9. Stainless steel hot-rolled mill  Our client (a large metallurgical plant, manufacturer of stainless sheets and low-carbon steel) faced problems with quality of their rolling mill workshop’s products. The main problem was related to maintaining the thickness of metal sheets during production stage. Client contracted us to create a new control system and implement it without interruption of the production processes.  During implementation not only the problem of sheet thickness have been solved, improving the product quality and financial results, but also enabled the client to control many other important product characteristics (such us weight and length of output metal sheets).
  • 10. Stainless steel hot-rolled mill  Industrial control system includes:  Automatic mode process control using PLC and SCADA;  Operator`s control;  Emergency alarm system;  Project was based on OMRON Japan control system (PLC CS1 and CJ1).  Number of I/O signals:  Digital Input - 248  Digital Output - 192  Analogue Input - 32  Analogue Output - 32  High speed impulse counters - 8
  • 11. Vehicle welding workshop  This project is an example of the integration of a workshop’s SCADA software into an existing enterprise control system.  Our client, a national car manufacturer, required to implement control system in a welding workshop in order to receive on-line data about manufacturing process and have ability to respond immediately to different situations.  The solution covered all technical requirements of the client and also helped to simplify enterprise content management (many manual processes were replaced with automatic routines).  Customer’s objectives:  Ensure uninterrupted production;  Implement output quality control at all stages of a vehicle welding;  Minimize downtime in case of fault detection;  Implement data management and archiving.
  • 12. Vehicle welding workshop  The system is based on PLC Simatic (SIEMENS) and using WinCC (SIEMENS) for visualization. This allowed integration of operator`s interface into the existing welding line management system.  This solution enabled enterprise staff to control many processes:  Operators can control all the required technological parameters;  Technologists can keep records about speed and quality of assembly;  Logistics department can control raw materials consumption during production stages and also control stock quantity of finished products;  Purchase department can monitor any raw materials transactions.  SCADA system collects data about processes through PLC and then exchanges this data with both production (MES) and financial (ERP) management systems.  The system is receiving VIN-code data from SAP and then using MOBY-sensors to monitor vehicle’s location in the workshop.  This information is then sent to the factory control system and displayed in graphic and table format.  SCADA software is operating with thousands of tags.
  • 13. Solid fuel boiler  Our client is an owner of a new solid fuel boiler (a plant that burns fuel, performs heat exchange and vaporization to produce steam).  The main goal of the project was to create an automated control system for the boiler that could control process of steam production and as a result generate vapor with specified pressure and temperature.
  • 14. Solid fuel boiler  System consists of all levels of automation – field, automation, management. It was created using Siemens equipment (sensors, valves, PLC, HMI, SCADA).  Number of I/O signals  Digital Input / Output - 150  Analogue Input / Output – 52  During the project we created a high quality control system, minimized the human intervention and additionally achieved substantial fuel economy, thus exceeding the customer’s expectations.
  • 15. Contact us  E-mail:  Skype: evgen_dnepr  Sales and Customer Care: Yermolovoy Street 35, office 25, Dnepropetrovsk 49033 Ukraine Telephone +380 56 791 6614  Technical Lab: Zvenigorodskaya str. 8, office 41, Zaporizhzhia 69093 Ukraine Telephone +380 67 588 3823