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http://www.synapse.co.in/ - Magento, Shopify and Woocommerce are the three self sufficient e-commerce platforms that offer different advantages to businesses. However, Magento is the preferred one due to its SEO friendly nature.

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Hire PHP Developer - Synapse India

  1. 1. What is the Best ecommerce platform for Your Small Business? Introduction of the Topic Let’s start with a harsh statement. ‘There is nothing called best, it’s all about perspective’. Something that is important to you might not be to others. Usefulness or the term ‘best’ also lies in same context. Based on individual need tailor-made solutions are offered in any industry similar to Ecommerce. Certain factors like business size, responding time speed requirement, budget, business strategy, technical expertise of monitoring team and time in hand for developing the store. Often in most of the write-ups such discussion starts with technical points and ends with technical notes. But, the real fact is ecommerce is all about business, so the decision has to be taken from businesses context. Ask the store owner, what does he need from his store? How does he want it to perform? What does his buyer expect? With the answer from all let’s find out the best with the help of stats that never lie. In the effort of picking the most buzzing option we need to keep in mind that trend keeps on changing. What was popular in 2013 might not stay in top this 2014. Thus, keeping the eyes are always mandatory if you are a businessman and not just any programmer with the idea of structure of platforms and not its ROI generation capacity and business compliance meter. The Power of Three Taking the right decision at the right juncture makes a business scale the heights of success. Trying too many things often makes the final decision blunt, so you need to filter your approaches initially only. Save time and only consider among three ecommerce platforms for three very specific reasons. 1. These are the most popular ones, and we all love spotlight Google Trends gave me an idea and over there from almost the beginning of industry I picked the three best considered options and run the interest trend. Startling facts came out, Magento the developers favorite and the leader of last year seems to be dying slowly. Shopify being the legend killer and Woocommerce going towards top spot in 2014. A clear picture is present in front of us with filtered options.
  2. 2. When you pick a popular name you are certain about getting strong developer base which also comes with cost-effective customization services. But one thing must be added that nothing is permanent and based on the user behavior pattern you might have to opt for some other options later on, but as of now be in the safe boat. 2. Free sounds great Most of the options of platforms discussed above are free and this saves quite an investment at the beginning for you. When you are getting all the features and support for free of cost it does not make sense parting off with monthly or annual fees.
  3. 3. 3. These three platforms are self-sufficient A small hint for every business owner in this regards, always opt for an established platform as that keeps the hassles of costly customization service owing to lesser number of developer in the industry. Also, something that has been prevalent for quite some time has now reached to a considerable height. For instance take the example of Photoshop, no matter what substitute comes in the market they would require quite a deal of time to even reach the present level of their standard. All prime there i.e. Woocomerce, Magento and Shopify has all the corners covered. To offer a sigh of relief I would suggest to go for the option which has all that a shopping portal needs to have and additional perks can be loaded anytime. So, who is the best for 2014? As it is said in the very beginning nothing is best and nothing is worth, it’s just picking what you are seeking. Lets thus line up all that we have in hand and their USPs. ➢ Woocommerce Woocommerce is an ecommerce solution built on WordPress platform. It’s quite userfriendly, fast and lots of development options are added advantage. It’s for all those people who are conversant with Wordpress. As a business owner we all look for simple platform that we even can understand Woocommerce falls under that category. If you are the store owner of a small or mid size business then this is just for you. ➢ Shopify You want a store in just few minutes try Shopify. It’s the easiest of all three and for sure the least time consuming while setting up. The reason for such a less time of setup is because this one is hosted solution. Its only hosts your business online portal and keeps you dependent on other solution for integral parts like merchant processing. But, do keep in mind one very important fact it’s coded in Rails. Thus for customization you need to seek the help of a professional PHP Developer which is a little more costlier than Magento and WooCommerce, nevertheless start business first in minutes then think about customization. ➢ Magento With over 200,000 installations globally, Magneto is much ahead of all in the game. 30.3% of ecommerce industry market share is in their name. It has in-built support for more than 60 kinds of payment gateways. It’s most popular among developers globally
  4. 4. due to higher scope of customization and presence of extensions. Magneto is most SEO friendly platform making it prime choice among many business owners who consider Google presence as the highest priority in online business. One thing that must be added here is that owing to such complex structure a business owner must have a technical person standby for operation in the store as the structure is not meant for any non-technical person. Thus, before opting for it keep in mind the investment and dependency part over developer. Everything has been detailed, now it’s your turn to do some crunching. Think, and decide what is your pick this 2014. Or you can simply give us a call! CONTACT: SynapseIndia http://www.synapse.co.in/ Tel: (+91) 120 433 0500 Fax: (+91) 120 254 6941 (If you are dialing from the USA, please dial 011 first before 91) Email: info@synapse.co.in Skype: synapse_india