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Why Cloud App Model is helping Sharepoint to grow?


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Recently, SharePoint conference was held in Las Vegas. Jared Spataro GM of Microsoft Office talked over the rising fondness of Cloud at the conference.

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Why Cloud App Model is helping Sharepoint to grow?

  1. 1. Why Cloud App Model is helping SharePoint to grow? Introducing Cloud fondness Recently, SharePoint conference was held in Las Vegas. Jared Spataro GM of Microsoft Office talked over the rising fondness of Cloud at the conference. It was also highlighted by Microsoft that 60% of top Fortune 500 companies made Office 365 their first choice. It has been quite a long journey from the perspective of Microsoft with this flagship product and with the eye on future they have loaded the Cloud version with all the perks. A fact-sheet has been shared by, according to which almost 250K requests/second are recorded in Office 365. Another market analysis report presented by Radicati Group on usage of Microsoft SharePoint shows that one-fourth of the users who have been associated with SharePoint deployment in 2013 are fan of Cloud based version. Cloud App Model Tale Adding any unique feature in the SharePoint was a hectic task which called for installing the code in server up to 2010. It was much dependent on trust factor and the IT departments used to rely on the fact that nothing bad would happen to the server environment. The sandbox solution was there with the 2010 version of SharePoint, but the inserted code has its limitation. The restriction was laid upon by SharePoint to keep the server away from any harm. Most of the binding were really tough and hence people didn’t ever try something apart from the trusted list.
  2. 2. Much alteration has been witnessed in SharePoint 2013 in which the Cloud App Model is visible. In this newer version, the applications are not limited to in-house sever environment only but can be based in any server and that too anywhere. Will all these modifications in the list, SharePoint offers a way to give sole authority to app while accessing the SharePoint remotely and getting the flexibility of implementing level which their owner has assigned. Companies & agencies associated with SharePoint development in India have already been making the most of these features and using the SharePoint 2013 for wide implementation length. Just make sure that the company you have selected has experienced Cloud app model professionals in its team. Reason for Present Popularity Quite a few might advocate that there is not much need of digging deep into the past of SharePoint history, but without the right understanding, evaluation of the modification can't be properly made. In the 2010 version, the customization part of applications was done through solution files (.wsp). This saw a change in the shape of sandbox solutions. Let’s now focus on some of the vital features that make the 2013 version stand out from the crowd and once again proved that Microsoft is the game changer. 1. The freshness of Cloud App Model: The whole perspective of user experience has seen a change. Microsoft has made it a point to change the path of experience delivery to users from any origination taking the help from the new Cloud app model. What is this all about? It’s just that all the apps in SharePoint are stand-alone and can be accessed, monitored and used independently. Any data updating has now become really easy with the apps present for performing the task. 2. Follows Web Standards Stringently: All web standards are covered up with the 2013 version. HTML, PHP, ASP.NET; all support the Cloud based app model. Much support has been shown towards the developer’s community with this feature. 3. Remote Apps with full safety: Security is of highest importance in this new app model keeping the app separate from the domain itself.
  3. 3. Conclusion As always, Microsoft has offered once again a gem of solution in the form of SharePoint 2013. As this is the age of app & platforms like mobile and tablets, something befitting was most needed. Above all, the independence of app from the home-server will push it to new heights. CONTACT: SynapseIndia Tel: (+91) 120 433 0500 Fax: (+91) 120 254 6941 (If you are dialing from the USA, please dial 011 first before 91) Skype: synapse_india URL:-