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SynapseIndia is a leading web development company with a client base spread wide across the world. Through this ebook, we share our web development strategies and techniques used by us for assured success.

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  • I have visited this site, the company is all about IT solutions like web designing, web development, custom software development, SEO, internet marketing and many more.
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Web Development Ebook by Synapse Communications

  1. 1. 2009 Synapse.co.in EZINE IT OUTSOURCING WEB DESIGN & DEVELOPMENT IPHONE APPLICATION DEVELOPMENT SOFTWARE & PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT [Synapse.co.in is a website of Synapse India Group offering web design & development, software and application development services globally. With more than hundreds of successful and happy clients, Synapse.co.in is sharing some tips for its visitors. ] Synapse.co.in Synapse Communications Pvt. Ltd. 7/16/2009
  2. 2. Tel: (+91) 120 433 0500 Fax: (+91) 120 254 6941 US E-fax: + 18018460378 Email: info@synapse.co.in Website: www.synapse.co.in CONTENTS TIPS FOR WEBSITE DEVELOPMENT ........................................................................ 3 WEB 3.0 - THE ABATEMENT OF WEB 2.0 ................................................................ 4 INTRODUCTION TO AJAX........................................................................................ 5 IPHONE APPLICATION & DEVELOPER ..................................................................... 6 OBJECTIVE C & IPHONE APPLICATIONS .................................................................. 7 UNLOCKING THE APPLE IPHONE 3G USING UNLOCKING TOOLS ............................ 8 WEBSITE FOR SME’S (SMALL & MEDIUM ENTERPRISES) ........................................ 9 HIRING THE PERFECT VENDOR ............................................................................. 10 OFFSHORE WEB DEVELOPMENT - HOW TO PUT THINGS RIGHT .......................... 11 OUTSOURCING OF PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT ...................................................... 13 OFFSHORE SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT IN INDIA ................................................. 14 OUTSOURCING OF APPLICATION DEVELOPMENT ................................................ 15 WEB APPLICATION DEVELOPMENT & OUTSOURCING.......................................... 16 Page | 2 Synapse Communications Pvt. Ltd. F-18, Sector-11, Noida - 201301
  3. 3. Tel: (+91) 120 433 0500 Fax: (+91) 120 254 6941 US E-fax: + 18018460378 Email: info@synapse.co.in Website: www.synapse.co.in TIPS FOR WEBSITE DEV ELOPMENT It is a fact that businesses can gain a lot from solid web presence and for having a rock solid web presence, you can get develop your website by a professional website designer or developer. So, considering looking for a professional website designer can give you the desired results. Make sure your website matches with your professional approaches and aspirations for future growth. Here are few tips that may help you to design a very impressive website. Quick to display A good website must load quickly to display all the desired information. Usually, a web surfer spends less time to load. So, waiting can be a big problem. Better Access A good website should be really accessible to a great extent. It should be designed in such a way to give all the desired information at once. Flexible Navigation Site navigation needs to be simple and easily visible, if you desire to attract visitors from the search engines. Clean and Crisp It is important to design a website which is clean and crisp to assist visitors to gain useful information in just short time. Practical and Spontaneous It is important to make a website that is practical in nature and gives all the relevant information to a great extent. However to make it really attractive, an element of spontaneous and practicality should all be there too. Attractive Content Content plays a vital role in getting success in virtual world. Content refers to anything from graphics to photos and menus or content to videos are considered content. Therefore, one should try to frame content that is useful have says a lot about the website. So, make sure you choose the best source to get a customized website to fulfill your website aspirations. To get the best service, you can outsource website development and see the results. Page | 3 Synapse Communications Pvt. Ltd. F-18, Sector-11, Noida - 201301
  4. 4. Tel: (+91) 120 433 0500 Fax: (+91) 120 254 6941 US E-fax: + 18018460378 Email: info@synapse.co.in Website: www.synapse.co.in WEB 3.0 - THE ABATEMENT OF WEB 2.0 Web 3.0 or Semantic Web is known as web evolution in which web content can be expressed in natural language and in an easy form that can be understood, interpreted and used by software agents in finding, sharing and integrating information more easily and conveniently as never before. John Markoff, a journalist from the New York Times first coined this term in 2006 which later came in practice. As an effective web development and a sequel to web 2.0, web 3.0 is a third generation Internet based service that gives you an added advantage of the internet technology. The advanced features of Semantic Web or Web 3.0 can be easily used in improving and speeding up automated database searches, helping people to bring greater efficiency and flexibility to choose various kinds of data including vacation destinations or pick relevant information through the complicated financial data better than ever. Web 3.0 – The Future Web Evolution As stated earlier, Web 3.0 is an advanced version of Web 1.0 and Web 2.0, considered as the milestones of internet technologies. Web 1.0 refers to the first generation of the commercial Internet, understated by content that was only marginally interactive. Web 2.0, an updated version of Web 1.0 came into effect after that. Characterized by features including tagging, social networks, and user-¬created taxonomies of content gave better interactivity and opened a new door of internet development for users. Bring the latest and really powerful, Web 3.0 is the abatement of web 2.0 and gives access to greater interactivity to users. Web 3.0 might be defined as a third-generation of the Web enabled by the convergence of several key emerging technology trends including better broadband adoption, mobile internet access, web services interoperability, distributed computing, open technologies like open data formats, open APTs and protocols, open-source software platforms, Semantic web technologies like RDF, OWL, Semantic application platforms etc. Page | 4 Synapse Communications Pvt. Ltd. F-18, Sector-11, Noida - 201301
  5. 5. Tel: (+91) 120 433 0500 Fax: (+91) 120 254 6941 US E-fax: + 18018460378 Email: info@synapse.co.in Website: www.synapse.co.in INTRODUCTION TO AJAX Stands for Asynchronous JavaScript And XML, Ajax is a type of web development method popularized in 2005 by Google. Though it is not a new programming language, Ajax has given a new means to create user friendly web applications. It has revolutionized the usage of existing standards of programming and brings efficiency in the system. The main advantage of using Ajax technology is to display quick responses and increase interactivity with the end users. AJAX is based on JavaScript and HTTP requests. With this new technology, your JavaScript can communicate directly with the server, using JavaScript XMLHttpRequest object. Through the help of this object, your JavaScript can collect data from a web server without reloading the page. This technology uses asynchronous data transfer (HTTP requests) conducted between the browser and the web server, allowing web pages to request little information from the server instead of whole pages. The AJAX technique makes Internet applications simplified, quick and better responsive for user's demands than ever before. This browser technology performs independently of web server software. Normally, Ajax technology is based on web standards including JavaScript, XML, HTML, and CSS. The main feature of Ajax is that all web standards used in this technology are well defined and equally supported by all major browsers. So, it can better understand as the new way to revolutionize the working of internet applications. With AJAX, Internet applications can be made richer and more user-friendly. Advantage of Ajax  Bandwidth Usage By applying Ajax applications, you can easily load relative information or data as the payload reduced to a small size as compared to layout does not required to be redrawn on every updates.  Separation of data, format, style and function Ajax techniques help programmers to clearly separate the methods and formats used in different aspects of information given through the means of web. The technology provides freedom to programmers to adept and adopts different languages and techniques whenever they are required to provide the best result. Disadvantages of Ajax Ajax has some negative side effects also which mainly includes browser integration, search engine optimization, reliance on JavaScript, and web analytical. Page | 5 Synapse Communications Pvt. Ltd. F-18, Sector-11, Noida - 201301
  6. 6. Tel: (+91) 120 433 0500 Fax: (+91) 120 254 6941 US E-fax: + 18018460378 Email: info@synapse.co.in Website: www.synapse.co.in IPHONE APPLICATION & DEVELOPER The buzz of the town is smart and hi-tech iphone and what makes it so different from numerous other gadgets is its long list of never ending applications. The numerous iphone applications allow its user to surf the internet, email, play games, multimedia and so on and no wonder, it has come as a complete package for gadget geeks. It is the immense popularity of such applications that has further accelerated the demand and requirement for more customized applications for iphone among the gadget lovers. These demands have encouraged many a companies to develop and introduce distinct iphone applications and iphone website development. An iphone user can easily add iphone applications or the third party programs to his user guide as per his own choice and requirements and this is what makes these applications so flexible. Moreover, as a matter of fact, competition as well as the everlasting thirst for new developments has forced many companies to outsource iphone application development teams to introduce and design newer iphone applications. Now, numerous web and other applications when combined with the internet and an iphone application developer generate newer applications which benefit the user in a desired manner. How does an iphone application developer work? To begin with, an iphone application developer initiates the application development process by downloading SDK (software development kit) program, the read me file and the agreement file. One can also access easy tips on programming from the official site and avail the sample codes and reference library to make the application process even easier. The progress of application development begins with the formulation of an idea followed by a code. This code is then tested, emulated and finally sent for approval to the website. Now this application development program can cost different for a small group of developers and companies. The cost depends on the application features included. A recent survey shows that after the launch of iphone in the year 2007, more than 25,000 different iphone applications have been downloaded and developed. Page | 6 Synapse Communications Pvt. Ltd. F-18, Sector-11, Noida - 201301
  7. 7. Tel: (+91) 120 433 0500 Fax: (+91) 120 254 6941 US E-fax: + 18018460378 Email: info@synapse.co.in Website: www.synapse.co.in OBJECTIVE C & IPHONE APPLICATIONS The introduction of the Apple iPhone has spread its wings for real time data sharing via wireless solutions. This has given a new feel to the mobile application development platform. With the help of the iPhone SDK, Cocoa Touch framework and the Objective-C programming language, an iPhone application developer can create high level iPhone web apps for this touch phone genius. Using the Cocoa Touch framework and Objective-C programming language, the developer can create interactive applications for the iPhone with ease. Objective-C is the most important iPhone programming language in developing applications. iPhone applications created using Objective C are very dynamic in nature and do not require any recompilation on execution. Let us understand Objective-C and its importance in iPhone application development in detail: The fact that Objective-C is a very old programming language makes it quite a unique aspect in its contribution in a modern iPhone application development. It was designed and developed in 1980 by Brad Cox and his company StepStone Corporation. Its object oriented programming capabilities makes it a powerful language in developing applications for the Mac system and the iPhone OS. Objective-C provides a host of components including object library, development tools and OOP support. It is easy-to-learn language allows developers to create full- fledged iPhone web application. Features of Objective C:  It is simple and easy to learn, yet a powerful object oriented programming language  It is a powerful extension of the C language  It provides dynamic binding  Since object-oriented techniques have to be made available for the Cocoa framework to be functional, this language provides the building blocks for it.  Its open dynamic binding creates a simple architecture, thus facilitating interactive user interface.  It is very dynamic compared to other languages based on C. Objective C is a very intuitive iPhone programming language that makes developers create sophisticated applications for iPhone. The developer can access to objective c resources and tutorials in the iPhone SDK of the website. Page | 7 Synapse Communications Pvt. Ltd. F-18, Sector-11, Noida - 201301
  8. 8. Tel: (+91) 120 433 0500 Fax: (+91) 120 254 6941 US E-fax: + 18018460378 Email: info@synapse.co.in Website: www.synapse.co.in UNLOCKING THE APPLE IPHONE 3G USING UNLOCKING TOOLS Apple iPhone 3G, the wonder gadget from the house of Apple Inc. has been highly acclaimed worldwide for its functions as well as looks. It’s a device that no one can remove his/her eyes off without having a look on it, its features. Its features are equally smart as its built. That’s the reason it created such a sensation when it was first brought into the market for sale. The sensation is still on! Millions of people are still considering it over other communication gadgets developed by other leading brands in the market. The Apple iPhone 3G is a locked phone, i.e., it’s available with a specific network connection. The device has been locked with various network service providers region wise. However, recently it has been noticed that a number of iPhone web application developers have developed a few unlocking tools for the iPhone.With these tools, software to be more precise, one can easily unlock his/her iPhone 3G without spending a big amount. These software are easily available on the web for download for a nominal amount. Guaranteed unlocking in a few simple steps can offer you the advantage of using the device under any platform. Isn’t it amazing? Custom built one click downloadable applications for Windows XP and Vista as well as Apple Mac has been developed by an iPhone application developer working for the software development companies. These applications will not void your iPhone warranty, so there is nothing to worry about while availing their service. Lifetime updates and support, all sim support, all country support, installer ready and reliability are some of the striking features of these unlocking software developed by iPhone programming professionals. Whether your iPhone is of version 1, 2.0, 2.0.1, 2.0.2, 2.1, 2.2, 2.2.1 or the latest 3G, unlocking for all can easily be done in minutes. For unlocking of your device with unlocking software, you need not have to know any technical knowledge. You can do it in all your own, that too, with fun! Page | 8 Synapse Communications Pvt. Ltd. F-18, Sector-11, Noida - 201301
  9. 9. Tel: (+91) 120 433 0500 Fax: (+91) 120 254 6941 US E-fax: + 18018460378 Email: info@synapse.co.in Website: www.synapse.co.in WEBSITE FOR SME’S (S MALL & MEDIUM ENTERP RISES) With the expansion of internet, organizations have realized the importance of making their firm stand in the virtual world to give a new shape to your business aspirations. A customized website is not only essential for large and big organizations but small businesses and medium businesses are gaining a lot from their internet presence. These organizations have made a quick progress by way of using internet technology and become equally competent in the market. Internet has provided the most effective way to implement selling and marketing strategies, targeted to the ultimate consumers to choose one product over another. As a result, there is a sudden demand of creating a user-friendly and approachable web design. Things to be kept in mind while website designing: As the desire to hit the virtual market is becoming stronger everywhere, it is necessary to customized website design according to the needs and requirements. If you have decided to design your website, you need to consider certain points that may help you. First of all, you should decide about your preferences and vision which you need to communicate to your ultimate consumers. Pick out all the information which you want to give to your users. Adding relevant and accurate information gives authenticity to your website and people will believe what you reveal. Secondly, you can pick up from logo to have a long lasting impression for your website. Thirdly, you can adopt such a system that gives you instant information and services so that users' do not have to wait for long. Try to add a judicious combination of creativity and accessibility to empower your users. So, you need to hire an expert who understand your desires and convert them into reality. It is also important to look after the expenses point of view too. Check thoroughly and clear your mind on your specifications and talk freely with your web designer to get your money's worth. Page | 9 Synapse Communications Pvt. Ltd. F-18, Sector-11, Noida - 201301
  10. 10. Tel: (+91) 120 433 0500 Fax: (+91) 120 254 6941 US E-fax: + 18018460378 Email: info@synapse.co.in Website: www.synapse.co.in HIRING THE PERFECT VENDOR Software or web development has become the latest buzz in the world, providing efficiency and effectiveness in different activities in every arena of development to generate the user-friendly results. This new technology has set up a new development in almost every department of organizations to perform better and better with greater satisfaction and achievements of results. With the development of information technology, new aspects of technology have given birth to newer services to make you really global. This emerging situation has provided a lot many methods to stay connected with each other and get advantages financially also. By way of internet marketing, a company can trade with come of the popular competitors of the world market. You get a chance to attract customers beyond your geographical boundaries. You can also avail many other services depending including product development, web development and others to bring competence in your day-to-day life. If you want to avail all the customized software development needs, you definitely need a good vendor company to provide you the best. With the growing time, numerous companies are offering their services. You as a service receiver need to choose the most appropriate company to partner you in your endeavors. Here are few points which may help you to choose the best service provider for your needs: Do Your Homework First of all, you need to do a bit research to know about the current market trends. For knowing all the relevant information, you need to go through your competitor's website and pick put its strong points. You can see where they are scoring and where you can score. Make your own strategy and find a good partner accordingly who will help you to realize your dreams. Do Identify Your Individual Business Needs Secondly, you need to analyze your business needs by considering your target user, your operation area, product usability and others. Pick out points that may give your business a real boast and growth. Do Research Thoroughly After knowing your business needs and research work on competitor's development, you can research on the current market development, companies offering software development and others services, price quotation and other important things. After going through all the above mentioned details, you can find a good partner to realize your dreams very soon. Page | 10 Synapse Communications Pvt. Ltd. F-18, Sector-11, Noida - 201301
  11. 11. Tel: (+91) 120 433 0500 Fax: (+91) 120 254 6941 US E-fax: + 18018460378 Email: info@synapse.co.in Website: www.synapse.co.in OFFSHORE WEB DEVELOP MENT - HOW TO PUT THINGS RIGHT The web is one of the prospective platforms to reach out to the world. Today, almost all organizations, irrespective of their services or products, either already have an online presence or are seriously thinking of having one. Offshore web development Offshore web development means employing a web development specialist to develop a website. This is the most common scenario in the current market as more and more organizations across the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, and other countries are outsourcing their web development needs to countries like India. Offshore web development in India India is one of the very few countries having the ability to offer high quality work at low price. India has an abundance of highly qualified web development professionals and the prevailing price structure in the country is such that high quality work can be developed at fraction of the price as compared to any developed country in the west. Moreover, India has an open and free market, which helps in creating a conducive scenario for offshore web development. Combining all these factors, there is no other country more suitable other than India. The best approach towards offshore web development  Accuracy in communication: Provide instructions to the web designers in a language that is simple, easily understandable, and that takes care of your requirements. Always insist for a proposal and emphasize on documentation. This helps in the later stages of any project where the deliverables are accounted.  Show Examples/References: It is easier to explain your point visually. Using images and examples of other web sites that you like or has relevancy, can help get the point across faster.  Communicate well: Email is a fastest way to communicate across different time zones. However, you should be restricted only to emails. Indulge in chat or telephonic conversations to show you seriousness about the project.  Feedback: Constructive feedback can make a project casual feedback has the potentiality to break it. Web design is not something that is attainable on the first go. One the contrary, if Page | 11 Synapse Communications Pvt. Ltd. F-18, Sector-11, Noida - 201301
  12. 12. Tel: (+91) 120 433 0500 Fax: (+91) 120 254 6941 US E-fax: + 18018460378 Email: info@synapse.co.in Website: www.synapse.co.in you are working with web designing firms in India; you need to be a little patient to get the best of results. Working with an offshore designer can produce good results provided the designer and you are on the same page, for which you need to explain your business, your target audience, other things that you would like to take care of through your website. Communication in English is not a problem in India; it is only the cultural differences that you need to overcome. For this, it is better that you have some basic designing ideas so that you can relate to your offshore partner effectively. Page | 12 Synapse Communications Pvt. Ltd. F-18, Sector-11, Noida - 201301
  13. 13. Tel: (+91) 120 433 0500 Fax: (+91) 120 254 6941 US E-fax: + 18018460378 Email: info@synapse.co.in Website: www.synapse.co.in OUTSOURCING OF PRODU CT DEVELOPMENT Outsourced product development provides you the complete software solutions to give your greater satisfaction level. Services may include software solutions, network outsourcing services, application services in areas including finance, retail, real estate through diversified value for customers. Product development may also include process enhancement, organizational intranet projects, and document management. In this competitive business market, outsourced product development has emerged as one of the promising market of the development. Therefore, sharpening of business skill and developing better satisfaction methodologies are important. If you want to outsource software solutions, make sure you choose the best one which fulfills your business requirements in most effective manner. Normally, outsource product development services includes software, web solutions, testing, and application development. Nowadays, companies are competing with each other to provide you the upper hand in your field. Taking an account for the customer’s goals, requirements and demand of the project, outsourcing work is done normally. Normally the software outsourcing development services include Web and Client Server Technology, Simple to Complex Database Management, Systems Integration, Software Consultancy, Data porting, Data mining and Migration, Application Maintenance, Software Testing, Inventory Management Tools, Programming in .NET, JAVA and J2EE. Outsourcing of software development work has emerged as the business of today. There are certain things which need to be taken care of while availing services. Hiring an outsourcing software or product development company is beneficial for many reasons. One can get expertise service, cost effectiveness within a demanding time frame. You can also minimize your risk associated with software development. For country that is providing outsourced software development has also major advantage of getting outsourced product development. These countries can get good job opportunities to show their skills and capabilities. Economy of the provider country can also take boom too. Importantly, you can get a leading edge in ongoing business wave in the world. Page | 13 Synapse Communications Pvt. Ltd. F-18, Sector-11, Noida - 201301
  14. 14. Tel: (+91) 120 433 0500 Fax: (+91) 120 254 6941 US E-fax: + 18018460378 Email: info@synapse.co.in Website: www.synapse.co.in OFFSHORE SOFTWARE DE VELOPMENT IN INDIA This 60 billion dollar industry has grown exponentially in last few years. Various countries have proved its worth by developing its well skilled workforce with a large English speaking population. As a result, few of them have become the main attraction for many multinationals corporations to outsource their work and get a reliable service. One of the greatest advantages of India is the language hold. However, English is not the prime language here but it is spoken, written and understood by a major portion of population. The command of the language is superb and gives a leading edge to provide services to far away clients. Software development in India has been focusing on offshore software development to offer their best services and create a place in this area of technological development. Before discussing the development of software market in India, it is better to understand the meaning of software development. Basically, software development includes all activities, which transfers a user’s interest into a software product. Seeing the rising cost of local cost of service production, companies generally transfer their research & development and others services to another country or a remote location known as offshore software development. Due to India’s language support and technical background, India has earned a name for offshore software development market. Offshore software development India has become the major source of jobs provider in the country. Almost all the cities of the country have software development centers also known as BPO or ITO where processing and development works are carried away. The major advantage of availing offshore software development services in India is the quality of work and cost-effectiveness. India has a trained population of information technology professionals who provide better results with their specialized skills and knowledge base. Corporations have realized the cost- effectiveness of the Indian software market and equally amazed by the quality of service provided. The success story of Indian software development market is also contributing towards increasing the living standards and economy of the country. Page | 14 Synapse Communications Pvt. Ltd. F-18, Sector-11, Noida - 201301
  15. 15. Tel: (+91) 120 433 0500 Fax: (+91) 120 254 6941 US E-fax: + 18018460378 Email: info@synapse.co.in Website: www.synapse.co.in OUTSOURCING OF APPLICATION DEVELOPMENT With the advancement of technical world, outsourcing of application development has given a way to bring a drastic change in your lifestyles usually faster than ever before. Built on application technology, you can actually enjoy many customized activities which simplify your work or entertainment, communication or medical treatment, technological solutions. Introduction of application software brings a remarkable speed in the life, making people depend like never before. Just being online, a user can do multiple tasks in a short period of time giving enormous room to perform other tasks too. With application software, it has really become easier to prepare documents, doing calculations, images, sounds and other communication tools. Application development plays an important role in transferring power into the hands of the end user. Things required for formulating proper application development Efficiency and effectiveness of application development entirely depends on the true worth of the techniques and strategies to be followed while deciding about the planning. Normally applications are made keeping in mind the smoothness of business needs and other functionality. For making effective application, it is necessary to have knowledge of customized software and the latest updations to create something really useful and true worth for user, who is going to use it. Indian market The Indian market has not only won the trusts and faith of global clients but also has created a niche for itself. Being economical, timeliness and of best quality, Indian web application market has been effective in every sense. Whether you are a small company or a large company, Indian web application market has a lot to offer for global companies who expect something different and just suitable to arising needs. Page | 15 Synapse Communications Pvt. Ltd. F-18, Sector-11, Noida - 201301
  16. 16. Tel: (+91) 120 433 0500 Fax: (+91) 120 254 6941 US E-fax: + 18018460378 Email: info@synapse.co.in Website: www.synapse.co.in WEB APPLICATION DEVE LOPMENT & OUTSOURCING Web application development business is glowing like anything. It has provided good working opportunities and enough money generation for many business generators. The main requirements while outsourcing a web application are – understanding and command over English language (both writing & speaking), skilled manpower, cost effectiveness and sharing of risks and responsibilities. Availability of all of the above factors would make any country an attractive web solution destination to provide greater satisfaction and results. What are Web Applications? Web applications are defined as the processes and practices of developing web applications. They are accessed by users through various methods including the web browser. However, many web applications can be accessed through mobile phones, and users with impaired vision can use screen-readers which interpret text as sounds. Web applications are normally a three way process to get the complete result. In first step, a user service allows users to access the application, second is business service, where users are allowed to carry out complex activities and thirdly data, generated by the result. A kind of web programs, web applications are designed to be used through a web browser. There are many web applications commonly used by us including e-commerce web sites, web banking, stock exchange activities on web, web games and many others. Demand for Web Application Web applications have become the need for hour. To smoothen the normal working of our day-to- day life, web applications has proved really worthy. It is a kind of instant system to give your desired results that too in no time. Due to flexibility and usability of web applications, the demand for creating web applications has become really important these days. Being economical and skilled, Indian web application market has become a favorite hub for all kinds of web solution activities. This forward-looking market possesses a great potential to meet the end demand, giving greater satisfaction. Page | 16 Synapse Communications Pvt. Ltd. F-18, Sector-11, Noida - 201301