Recognizing and Overcoming Panic Attack Symptoms
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Recognizing and Overcoming Panic Attack Symptoms



6 Steps To Diagnosing and Ending Panic Attacks and Anxiety, Without Medication

6 Steps To Diagnosing and Ending Panic Attacks and Anxiety, Without Medication



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Recognizing and Overcoming Panic Attack Symptoms Document Transcript

  • 2. RECOGNIZING AND OVERCOMING PANIC ATTACK SYMPTOMSRecognizing and Overcoming 3. Fighting Anxiety Without Medication: If youre one of the millions whoPanic Attack Symptoms struggle with anxiety, the good news is that you can feel better, even without6 Steps To Diagnosing and Ending Panic medication. No matter how long youveAttacks and Anxiety, Without Medication had anxiety, you can do something about it. When you apply both mentalIntroduction and physical techniques to getting better, youll soon find that you - notInside this report, you will learn: your anxiety - are the one in control! 4. Discovering Your Self-Worth Despite Challenging Circumstances: Does life seem to be a struggle for you? Do you1. How to Recognize the Symptoms of a feel overwhelmed and frustrated Panic Attack: Anyone who has suffered much of the time? Do you wish you the symptoms of anxiety attack knows could experience something better? that the experience is far from Fortunately, you can enjoy the pleasant. If you have any question exciting life you deserve. whether or not you have had an attack 5. Four Tips to Avoid Depression During the it is best that you speak with your Winter Months: When the weather is physician. Following are quick facts cold and the skies are dark and about the symptoms of anxiety attack cloudy, its easier to feel down and that you may want to consider. despondent. If you struggle with2. 5 Strategies for Coping With Anxiety: gloomy feelings during the winter, its Looking for a job - a tough feat in any good to know that theres help and field - can be even harder when the hope available to you without a economy is down. Good marketing can prescription depression drug. set you apart from other candidates if 6. Learning Deep Breathing Strategies to you know how to properly promote Control Anxiety: Do you struggle with yourself. feelings of anxiety? If so, its good to 2
  • 3. know that there are ways to relieve your suffering. You can learn strategies to take charge of your nervousness and experience the serenity you deserve. You can learn to control your anxiety with these simple deep breathing techniques.Disclaimer How to Recognize theWe are not medically qualified. Always consult a Symptoms of a Panicsuitably qualified medical practitioner. AttackThe reader by reading on any further shall be deemedto have read and accepted the following terms. Anyone who has suffered the symptoms of a panic /anxiety attack knows that theTerms of Use: No Liability: This book is supplied “as experience is far from pleasant. If youis” and without liability. All warranties, express orimplied, are hereby disclaimed. The information have any question whether or not youprovided is for general entertainment purposes and have had an attack it is best that youdoes not constitute advice of any kind. speak with your physician. Following are quick facts about the symptoms of© 2012 by IPPTS Associates. anxiety attack that you may want to consider. Im going to start off with a description from someone who has suffered from panic attacks for several years now. This woman works in social services focusing on the elderly population. The stress of her job is compounded by the symptoms of panic attack and she has a very detailed account of her experience that she has shared with me. 3
  • 4. experiences heart palpitations that are so pronounced that she thinks she is having a heart attack. After a few minutes, the waves begin to crest and curl over her. Right before she thinks she is going to drown, the symptoms of panic attack begin to shrink back further and further until she is brought back to her normal state, or as close as she can come to it at the time. Of course, her account of the symptoms of panic attack is unique. People experience the condition a little differently. No matter what, the disorder will interfere with the individuals abilityDuring the onset of her panic attack to function normally on a regular basis.symptoms, she begins to feel warm andflushed. This feeling is often You may wonder if the panic attackaccompanied with perspiration and mild symptoms are harmful after readingshaking. Following the heat and sweat is about her experience but they are not.a wave of emotion that is overwhelming While they dont pose immediate healthand gripping. The symptoms of panic risks, it is still quite important to seekattack may include a feeling of great help from a professional if you feel thatdread and fear. you are suffering from the symptoms of anxiety attack.Sometimes the fear is so looming thatshe is unable to complete the task athand. If she is driving, she has to pull 5 Strategies for Coping Withover to a safe place to park her car. Thefeelings of gloom and doom are mixed Anxietywith fear that is so real and intense that Do you feel anxious when the pressuresit becomes difficult to think about on? Do you struggle to calm your nervesanything else. in the midst of stressful situations? These are very normal feelings.The symptoms of panic attack come in Sometimes, however, these worries canwaves that build on one another in her become overwhelming even in yourestimation. She feels as if she is going day-to-day die and her heart begins to beatuncontrollably. At times, she 4
  • 5. today, youll notice the difference immediately. These ideas are simple, but they have the power to revolutionize your life. These techniques can help you cope with your anxious feelings: 1. Practice deep breathing. One of the most effective ways to cope with anxiety is deep breathing. Deep breaths get much-needed oxygen to your brain and throughout your body, relaxing your muscles. The increased air to your body and mind helps you calm downin times when you would normally become stressed out. When you notice that youre beginning to get nervous, pay attention to your breathing. For a few days, practice deep breathingExtreme anxiety can inhibit your everyday in a relaxed, private, comfortablelife. Anxiety about a particular situation environment where youre notcan cause you to feel worried about rushed. Put your hand on youreverything else. Anxiety can run your life belly, and make your hand rise andif you let it, but you can take control and fall with each breath. Be sure tolearn to thrive in situations that take in a slow, full breath. Exhalechallenge your resolve. slowly. If you practice this deep breathingLearning to deal effectively with anxiety exercise before the moment ofis a powerful skill that will benefit you in truth, youll be equipped to controlmany ways. Your relationships with your breathing when a stressfulothers will be impacted in a positive situation occurs. When theway. Youll go after your dreams instead pressure is on, and you notice yourof giving up easily. And your heartbeat beginning to rise, simplyself-confidence will grow as you develop pay attention to your breating andthe habit of effectively responding to do what youve practiced.situations despite the fears inside of 2. Face your fears. If you worryyou. constantly, you may not be leaving your comfort zone often enough. SeekIf you begin to use these five strategies opportunities to stretch your mental 5
  • 6. boundaries in ways that arent extremely require you to seek counseling to stressful. As your mind and body overcome them. If youve tried many become used to taking on challenges things without success, a mental in dealing with your nerves, give health professional that is trained to yourself greater challenges to increase help you overcome these challenges your ability to handle them. may be your best bet. If youre in the habit of shying away from things that stress you out, Its normal to feel nervous when stressful purposefully put yourself into situations occur. But without strategies situations that you arent sure to overcome those nerves, you can feel about. This will help you build paralyzed and sabotage your chances of confidence. The more steps you experiencing the success you deserve. take outside of your comfort zone, Instead, start using these five strategies the better equipped youll be when today to effectively cope with your the real challenges of life cause feelings of anxiety and emerge you to feel anxious. triumphant over them.3. Eat nutritiously. An often-overlooked way to beat anxiety is to make sure that your body is properly fueled for the challenges it must face. Drink plenty of water. Eat a balanced Fighting Anxiety Without breakfast. Eat small meals, and eat Medication: 10 Tips to Help more often. Keep track of what youre eating in a daily log so that you can You Feel Calm begin to notice patterns that sabotage your health. When anxiety hits you, it can be When your body is fueled properly, terrifying. The panic and frightening the daily anxieties you experience thoughts coupled with physical will be less overwhelming. symptoms may lead you to believe that4. Exercise. Your body is made to move. youre having a heart attack or suffering If you sit at a desk all day, youll likely from a terrible disease, when in reality, face greater challenges with worry and youre perfectly healthy! stress than someone whos always on the move. Exercise provides tremendous stress relief, an outlet for frustration and a boost to your overall self-confidence. All of these contribute to a peaceful feeling and less anxiety on a daily basis.5. Seek professional help. Sometimes, the issues you face with anxiety may 6
  • 7. Physical Ways to Lower Anxiety Try these tips to physically lower your anxiety levels: 1. Breathe. If youre breathing from the top of your chest and not from your abdomen, you might be making yourself more nervous. Breathe from your diaphragm and take full, deep,Anxiety can often cause you to have anexaggerated nervous system reaction tocommon stressors that others are able toignore.If youre one of the millions who strugglewith anxiety, the good news is that youcan feel better, even without medication.You can take positive action on your ownto get a handle on your anxiety and feel 2. Get moving. Use up that extra energymore in control. Of course, especially if and adrenaline that your bodyyour symptoms are debilitating, please produces. If you dont, it can build upconsult your doctor or other health and make you more nervous. Byprofessional for their advice. getting frequent exercise, youll prevent your body from storing excessBoth your mind and body are involved in adrenaline.anxiety. Its a vicious circle: the constant 3. slow breaths. Sit still. Its important to exercise, butworrying and negative thoughts can sometimes its more effective to beproduce physical symptoms, which can still. If you usually run from a paniccause more anxious thoughts. It attack or anxiety episode, forcebecomes a pattern that can be yourself to stay where you are andchallenging to break free of. focus on your relaxation techniques, like deep breathing, to help preventBut when youre able to overcome this your impending anxiety.challenge, its well worth the effort! The anxiety might get worse for aTackle your anxiety on both the physical moment, but youll be calmer afterand mental levels today by practicing a few minutes and youll be morethese 10 strategies. prepared the next time you face 7
  • 8. anxiety. impossible to climb, you need a fresh4. Distract yourself. Its hard to think perspective. about feeling nervous when youre actively engaged in other activities. Help others, play a game, or do something else that requires your total concentration as soon as you start to feel anxious.5. Get in shape. Being physically fit can help you feel better about your health and reduce anxiety. Its not a quick fix, but more of a long-term goal that you can actively pursue. Staying in good physical condition goes a long way in preventing anxiety.Discovering Your Self-WorthDespite ChallengingCircumstances Within you is everything you need to thriveDoes life seem to be a struggle for you? and excel. The more you question theDo you feel overwhelmed and frustrated validity of your limiting beliefs, the moremuch of the time? Do you wish you success youll experience in your life.could experience something better?Fortunately, you can enjoy the exciting Think of a circumstance in your life thatlife you deserve. you believe is preventing you from something you want. Write it down, thenSuccess is available to you despite get ready to challenge that limitingchallenging circumstances. Its belief. If you do, youll begin to moveimportant to remember, also, that your toward the success you deserve.self-worth is not defined by yourcircumstances. Use these strategies to maintain a positive self-worth, regardless of yourWhat holds you back? Take some time circumstances:today to question the beliefs you holdthat limit your potential. If you look at a 1. Find the cause. What is the cause ofchallenging circumstance as a wall thats the circumstance in your life? Sometimes, limiting beliefs can serve 8
  • 9. as warning signs that help you avoid circumstances simply provide danger. What can you learn from this feedback and an opportunity to learn so you avoid triggering a similar and grow situation in the future? 4. Make the most of it. When you If the cause of your situation is recognize that youre valuable despite unclear, ask friends and family for your circumstances, youll begin to their input. Others see your life make the most of every opportunity. from a different perspective, and Stumbling blocks you face can become their input can be valuable in stepping stones to the success you determining the root of your deserve, simply by changing what you difficulty focus on.2. Get past the blame game. You can Instead of feeling helpless, ask often be your own worst critic. yourself: "Whats great about this?" Fortunately, negative self-talk often Every situation provides something has very little basis in reality. Choose to replace the doubts of your inner critic with more productive thinking. Once a negative thought has taught you its intended lesson, it has served its purpose. If you choose to 5. Ask for help. Loved ones and friends hold onto those negative thoughts, often see strengths in you that go they will begin to form a negative without notice. Ask them what they self-image in your mind. This believe your strengths are. This is unbalanced view of your talents where your self-worth is found. and strengths holds you back. Everyone has something of value to Instead of dwelling on negative contribute. thoughts about your circumstances, Once you recognize your unique learn the lesson and resolve to move talents, gifts, and abilities, youll see on. Find out what you can do life in a whole new way. Youll seek differently to avoid a repeat of your opportunities to use your talents to present situation. Then, when bless others. Youll gain confidence negative thoughts enter your mind, that comes from conquering choose to replace your self-talk challenges that once made you with productive thoughts instead. of value if you look for it. cringe.3. Cut yourself some slack. Recognize Instead of allowing your that youre human. Everyone makes circumstances to dictate who you mistakes, but your attitude are, youll make the rules! determines your altitude in life. You 6. Live one day at a time. Despite your are valuable regardless of your present best efforts, some days simply provide predicament. You are worthwhile even one frustration after another. When when you slip up or falter. Your 9
  • 10. this happens, you have a choice. You See the beauty that the winter months can let your circumstances defeat have to offer. If youre really struggling to you, or you can choose a more see any beauty at all in the gloom of positive perspective. winter, all you need are a few simple ideas to jump-start your thinking in aResolve today to find your strengths, positive direction.learn from your difficult circumstances,and experience the joy you were created Consider these tips to help you gain a moreto experience. Instead of tying your positive mindset during winter:self-worth to your circumstances, chooseto see things as they really are. You were 1. Buy a sun lamp. A sun lamp gives youcreated with unique talents and gifts. the light you need even when itsWhen you find those gifts within yourself gloomy outside and works muchand put them to use, youll know how better to help your mood than justvaluable you truly are. turning on all the lights in your house. 2. Take a vacation. Travel to somewhere sunny and warmer each winter, evenFour Tips to Avoid if only for a couple of days. LookingDepression During the forward to your annual getaway will lift your spirits during the time beforeWinter MonthsWhen the weather is cold and the skiesare dark and cloudy, its easier to feeldown and despondent. If you strugglewith gloomy feelings during the winter,its good to know that theres help andhope available to you without aprescription depression drug. Of course,youll want to check with your physicianbefore making any changes to yourhealth regimen. 3. Get outside. When the sun does comeSpring is Around the Corner out, even if its otherwise cold, take advantage of it. When your body isSome people start feeling down just as deprived of sunlight, it has a hardersoon as the first cold, cloudy day rolls in. time making vitamin D. If you can getDont let this happen to you! To stay some sun, though, youll feel betterhappy and peaceful during the winter, and youll be better able to make itfocus your time and energy on things that through until spring arrives with itsbring you joy. you go, sunnier days. longer, too. 10
  • 11. 4. Find activities that bring you joy. Read Learning Deep Breathing that book youve always wanted to read or engross yourself in a new TV Strategies to Control Anxiety sitcom that comes on in winter. Perhaps learning to ski or snowboard Do you struggle with feelings of anxiety? can bring you the mental and physical If so, its good to know that there are benefits of exercising while also ways to relieve your suffering. You can finding a way to enjoy the winter learn strategies to take charge of your weather. nervousness and experience the serenity you deserve. You can learn to control yourDepression is Treatable - Even if its Only anxiety with simple deep breathingOccasional techniques.Its important to treat depression. If your When you breathe deeply and fully, yourfeelings of depression run deep, you may body stays calm. You may still be a bitwant to talk to your doctor about the tense, but your relaxed breathing cankinds of treatment options that would be protect you from an anxiety attack. In anbest for you. If youre only getting anxiety attack, you may have a tendencybummed out and unhappy during the to hyperventilate, which increases thewinter, though, focusing on strategies that level of panic you experience. However,work during the winter is the best way to deep breathing keeps you in control.shake those winter blues. When you hyperventilate, you take short,You can choose to be joyful. Focus on the quick breaths in the top part of yourthings that matter to you and make you lungs. Your chest expands, but youhappy. Winter is only a season, and arent getting the full amount of air thatyoull have spring, summer, and fall to you need to remain calm. The quickdo all kinds of great things outside in overload of oxygen you receive fromthe sunshine. Remember, anything you shallow breathing makes yourcan do when its dark outside, you can apprehension and panic even worse. Itdo on a gloomy winter day. becomes a cycle that can be hard to break without practiceIf you have hobbies that lend themselvesto indoor activity, youll have more to The Most Beneficial Way To Breathekeep your mind occupied as you movethrough the winter. The cold days will Any time you can concentrate onpass more quickly if you have something breathing fully - all the way down to yourto do to occupy your time, and spring abdomen - youll improve your relaxationwill arrive before you know it. response to stressful situations. If your chest is rising with each breath, youre not expanding your lungs to full 11
  • 12. capacity. Your body lacks the oxygen it How Breathing Affects Anxietyneeds to thrive under the pressure of themoment. Anxiety may be caused by a chemical imbalance in the brain. It may simply be the product of over-active nerves that react too strongly to stimuli. However, regardless of what causes you to feel anxious, the most important thing is to alleviate it and reduce the degree to which it affects your life. Anxiety doesnt have to stop you from living the life you deserve. By lowering your anxiety, you may be able to: Change careers or get promoted Speak in front of others without fear Travel to places youve always wanted to see Place a hand just above your belly button Embark on a new relationship orand breathe. If youre breathing deeply, business ventureyour hand will rise and fall with each Reduce your dependency onbreath. medication or therapyPractice breathing slowly by taking full,deep breaths. You might feel a bit If youre contemplating reducing anystrange at first because youre not used medication or therapy youre currentlyto it. You may even feel a bit giddy, but using, consult your physician beforethats normal. Itll pass with practice. making any changes to your established regimen. But you can still start deepYoure getting plenty of air, even if you breathing right away. There are no sidedont feel like you are. Your lungs can effects, as this type of breathing isexpand without your upper chest rising. natural and healthy. And its somethingOnly your upper belly needs to rise and that everyone can learn and benefitfall. At first, you probably wont breathe from.this way unless youre thinking about itbecause youre so conditioned to breathe If you struggle with worry, you can feelfrom your chest. Keep practicing often, more relaxed and in control by simplyand youll soon be breathing properly all controlling your breathing. Beginthe time. practicing deep breathing strategies today and experience peace in the midst 12
  • 13. of the storms of your life! According to Barry McDonagh, a medical doctor and mental healthWrapping up... expert, and owner of the popular Panic Away! website, the answer is yes!In this report, weve shown you: "I know when you are in the middle of a panic attack it feels like this terrifying1. How to Cope With Panic Attacks experience is so intense, it might just2. 5 Strategies for Coping With Anxiety kill you! You feel an array of unusual3. Fighting Anxiety Without Medication: 10 bodily sensation from dizziness, rapid Tips to Help You Feel Calm heartbeat to tingles (paresthesias) right4. Discovering Your Self-Worth Despite through your body. You fear you may have Challenging Circumstances a heart attack or that the anxiety will5. Four Tips to Avoid Depression During the push you over the edge mentally," Barry Winter Months tells us.6. Learning Deep Breathing Strategies to Control Anxiety Why most people struggleHowever, if youd like a more specific According to Barry, theres a reason whysolution, with advanced techniques for so many people struggle with panic andeliminating anxiety, then you may be anxiety despite so much help beinginterested in this special news report offered to them today...below... "There is one key factor that makes theSPECIAL REPORT: difference between those who fully eliminate panic attacks from their lives and those who do not. The keyIs It Really Possible To Stop ingredient is not medication, lifestylePanic Attacks and Anxiety, changes, or relaxation exercises. It is when the individual no longer fears theWithout The Use Of thought of having a panic attack."Medication? How Barry conquered his panic and anxiety attacks with a unique approach "I tried all the exercises I did the relaxation and breathing techniques but nothing was shifting this deep fear of my next dreaded panic attack. It was very frustrating for quite some time. 13
  • 14. I have extensive experience working instant panic elimination and furtherthrough my own anxiety and then that of research confirmed that the technique Icountless others through private taught was not only instantly effectivecoaching. While going through my own but also a permanent solution to panicanxiety episode I studied the best and anxiety disorders," Barry tells us.psychologists working in the field. Barry focuses on the unique approach ofI learned a huge amount from them but the 21-7 Technique™ to help thousandsnot enough to get me panic free. Almost of people, in over 30 countries, toby accident I stumbled on a technique eliminate panic and anxiety from theirthat brought it all together and got me lives, for good, without medication.immediately anxiety free. Over the yearsworking with people I developed the Was it worth it?technique, honed it down, and made itmore understandable so that everyone,regardless of their situation, could applyit. This is years of experience I want toshare with you.I was in my second year of debilitatingpanic attacks when I discovered thispowerful technique that stopped panicattacks in their tracks. I had beenstudying the cognitive behavior approachfor dealing with panic attacks from someof the top psychologists when Idiscovered this technique.The real breakthrough came when Imade some startling observations abouthow a panic attack fuels and generates "Cutting the fuel of the panic attacksitself. I developed the technique on the had some great knock on bonuses; theprinciple that if you extinguish the fuel obsessive worries and unwanted thoughtsthat powers the panic attack, you disappeared as well. It was like a denseeliminate its reoccurrence. fog lifted. Once I had moved clear of this fog of anxiety it became clear whatI began teaching small groups of people mistakes I was making and how a simplemy discovery and started getting change in thinking was all that wasimmediate results. This surprised me as needed to advance my recovery. "I was initially unsure if I could replicatethe same results. People were reporting And Barry is not alone. There are many 14
  • 15. success stories that you can read on his compassionate, jargon-free program" –website, Panic Away! that should, at Dr. Glenn Livingstonthe very least, inspire you to give it a trytoo. – Click here to read to the full reviewTo learn more about Barrys solution, and Special Bonushis story, along with dozens of otherstories from people who have also tried If you buy through my link – that is bythis solution, visit: Panic Away!. clicking on one of the links on this page - I will send you a FREE copy of theWhat others are saying… ebook below:"Panic-Away is a useful, innovative andinsightful technique to take charge andeliminate panic. Its clever andempowering shorthanded phrases enablea person to detach from their anxietyand challenge it full force. Indeed–thiscan be the “First-Aid” kit for anxiety. Iwould definitely recommend it to mypatients”. – Dr Dahlia Keen– Click here to read to the full review"You express a lot of the current ideasvery clearly and I like your approach tofinding what works for individuals. I alsolike your style of writing, which I thinkhas the potential to encourage andempower clients to tackle the situationsfor themselves.” – Dr. AlasdairMacDonald– Click here to read to the full review Emergency Panic Attack remedies has“Finally, a clear and concise explanation further methods for stopping thoseof panic in it’s many forms, with attacks in their tracks!practical advise and exercises forsymptom reduction and elimination. If All you need to do once you have boughtyou suffer with panic of any type, it’s Panic Away! , is to send me yourwell worth the investment to get this clickbank receipt number to the email 15
  • 16. address on the cover of this ebook. I will then send you a link to this amazing bonus by return. 16Powered by TCPDF (