IPPTS Report on Home Solar Energy


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Outdoor solar energy sources abound, and are becoming more popular. Find out about solar and how to use solar roof panels etc to reduce your energy bills, permanently.

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IPPTS Report on Home Solar Energy

  1. 1. THE IPPTS REPORT ON HOMESOLAR ENERGY Why Home Solar Energy is a MUST HAVE Money saver STEVE SYMES Principal IPPTS Associates steve@ippts.com http://solar-outdoor.co.uk/
  2. 2. The IPPTS Report on Home Solar EnergyHow You Can Benefit From Green way energy is used in your home, readSolar Energy on to get some information that will assist you in going green.If you have been thinking ofinvesting in solar panels for your Introductionhome, either to save you money onelectricity, to make you secure in the You will benefit from reading this, byknowledge that you energy costs are learning about the followingpegged no matter how much subjects:electricity prices go up. Or, simplybecause you wish not to pollute and #1. What is the Solar Poweremit carbon dioxide and other Opportunity Available to Allpollutants more than necessary in Homeowners? In this article we explainyour own life, you can benefit from the most common uses of solar power,modern solar power collectors. so that you will appreciate the very wide scope that exists these days to useNow I have found that the idea of going solar electricity to your advantage.green in the home may make manypeople scratch their heads. It can be #2. A Deeper Look at Solar Powerrather confusing and maybe a bit and How It Can Help the Averageintimidating; if you are unsure about Homeowner: Before diving further intowhat steps can be taken to improve the the vast number of uses for solar 2
  3. 3. energy, it is important to have a solid find out about low cost DIY solar powerunderstanding of solar energy itself. kits.Solar energy is electricity generated bythe Suns radiation that is absorbed #4. What You Should Know Aboutthrough square material known as Roof-Mounted Solar Cells Before"solar cells", but that is only the start. Buying: Learn how to harness rooftopSo, read this article for yet more solar energy, reduce your electric billessential solar information. and limit the amount of carbon dioxide you add to the atmosphere each day. Become aware how, depending on where you live, your roofs orientation, and the load your roof can bear, mounting photovoltaic cells (PVs) on your roof may or may not be a valuable investment for you, in increasing your households energy independence. #5. Is Solar Power Really as Green as #3. How Solar Power Can be a Real You Think It Is? It seems as thoughBenefit for Ordinary Homes: Learn with every good thing there is also badhow electricity from the standard grid side. Solar energy is not perfect. Wesuppliers comes from fossil fuels which want you to know about the pitfallsare being burned. How to address this and the ways in which the sustainabilityissue is by using solar power for your of solar panels could be jeopardized byhome, and how federal and state the choice of the wrong manufacturers,governments are now encouraging so read this to avoid the environmentalmany homeowners to utilize solar mistakes.power by offering grants and loans. Wemake the case for solar power now Now you know what we have for you inbeing a "must" for most homes. Also, this book. Read on and enjoy your new 3
  4. 4. knowledge!DISCLAIMER: This information is provided #1. What is the Solar Power Opportunity"as is". The author, publishers and Available to All Homeowners?marketers of this information disclaimany loss or liability, either directly or In this article we expla IPPTSindirectly as a consequence of applying Associatesin the most common uses ofthe information presented herein, or in solar power, so that you will apperciateregard to the use and application of said the very wide scope that exists theseinformation. No guarantee is given, either days to use solar electricity to yourexpressed or implied, in regard to the advantage.merchantability, accuracy, oracceptability of the information. If your home has a pool or hot tub, look into a solar water heating system.© 2012 by IPPTS Associates . Installing a solar water heating system costs about the same as a conventional system, but operating costs for the system will be much lower. Repair costs for solar heating systems are often lower as well. Remember that solar panels, whether you install them on your roof or anywhere else on your property, must be angled toward the sun to receive maximum exposure. In the Northern Hemisphere, this means facing them south with an angle of latitude plus fifteen degrees. Otherwise, your investment will not return as much 4
  5. 5. energy as you hope. Use portable solar panels. Small solar panels are now available for the home, and some of them are very affordable. By putting the power of the sun to work in your home, you will not use as much electricity to power your devices, which can save you a good deal of money. Consider opting for a solar hot water heating system. If you must use hot water to run your dishwasher or do your laundry, a solar hot water system can benefit you. If you live in an area where freezing is not a concern, a direct circulation system will be perfect for you. To reduce your energy consumptionIf you are in the process of, or planning and live a greener lifestyle, considerto, design your own home, you can purchasing a home which already hasbuild some green energy sources right green amenities. For example, aninto your home from the beginning. increasing number of real estateStart by looking for land that has a properties offer windmills, solar panelswater source such as a creek or room or other energy saving or green optionsfor wind turbines. Another good idea is for the socially conscious individual.to choose a roof with solar panels built Get a jump start on greening yourin. You can even position them to get home by purchasing one which isthe most out of sunlight. already green! 5
  6. 6. Green technology is a growing trend generated by the Suns radiation that isamongst a lot of people in first world absorbed through square materialcountries. A lot of people are realizing known as "solar cells".at just how much we as humans areeffecting the environment, yet they arealso realizing at just how much we cancontribute and help. There are manyways you can aid the environment fromdoing things like buying an electric car,changing the light bulbs in your house,or investing in solar panels for yourhome. To put it simply: the Suns rays heat upYou should now be more aware of what solar cells, and the heats energy isit takes to make your home a green converted into electricity to powerone. Use the provided information to anything from small devices such asreduce the amount of resources that it laptop bags to entire buildings.takes to run your home. You are sure toappreciate the changes that you have Four Classes of Solar Energymade for your lifetime and yourchildrens. There are four major styles of solar energy: direct, indirect, active and#2. A Deeper Look at Solar Power and passive.How It Can Help the AverageHomeowner Direct solar energy systems convert the thermal energy once, while indirectBefore diving into the vast number of systems convert the energy multipleuses for solar energy, it is important to times. Active solar means there arehave a solid understanding of solar mechanical and electrical parts. Passiveenergy itself. Solar energy is electricity 6
  7. 7. systems do not use any mechanical biggest problem with the energyparts to convert the energy to technique has been the initial cost.electricity. However, while silicon is expensive, people have been recently turning to"So how does solar energy actually powering their entire house with solarwork?" cells!There are many methods for capturing Yes, there is a large initial investment,the power of the Suns energy, but the but by eliminating your electric bill formost common devices are the rest of your life, there is a good"Photovoltaic cells". These are chance youll recoup the loss. Manycommonly known as solar cell people use solar energy to heat theirsemiconductors that produce electricity water (tap, showers, swimming pools,whenever the external material is etc.) without powering their entireexposed to heat. The cells also naturally home. This is much cheaper, but it canstore thermal (heat) energy so the still have a positive impact on utilitydevice the cells are powering can work bills and the environment.when it is dark as well.Heat from the Sun is absorbed by thesilicon cells and the energy is storedand converted for use by thesemiconductor inside the cells."How can solar energy help me?"When solar energy cells were first There have been many other smallerintroduced in 1941 by Russell Ohl, uses, too. In 2006, a small electronicspeople hardly realized how this simple company invented a solar cell laptopinvention could change the World. The 7
  8. 8. bag that could not only carry your issue is by using solar power for homes.laptop, but constantly charge it on the Even the federal and statego! governments are now encouraging many homeowners to utilize solarThere practically an infinite number of power by offering grants and loans.possibilities for small devices being Solar power is a must for homes and itcharged with solar energy and is not just for the rich people.eliminating the need for charging everynight for hours just to get a few hours Are you familiar with DIY solar powerof use. kits? The DIY kits are widely available in online stores and perhaps in localAs solar cell production costs decrease, stores. All you need to do is shopmore companies will be able to around and find a suitable system thatproduce solar-powered devices and can work for your home.accessories the public can afford. Eitherway, solar energy is a reliable, natural Why is the solar power system a mustsource of energy that can be used to for homes?power practically anything, and it wontrun out until the Sun does! As mentioned earlier, the government is also supporting green energy#3. How Solar Power Can be a Real through grants and loans. Aside fromBenefit for Ordinary Homes that, there are also incentives. For instance, if you spend around $20,000‘Going green’ is the trend these days on system installation, the statesince the world is facing a lot of government will give you a 30% credit.environmental problems specifically This means that your next tax bill willglobal warming. Electricity comes from decrease by 30% of $20,000 which isfossil fuels which are being burned. The $6,000. The credit can also be extendedemissions contribute a lot to global to the following year as long as thewarming and one way to address this amount is covered fully. 8
  9. 9. Once you install the system, it requiresminimum maintenance. Make sure thatyou also clean and clear it properly. Youcan consult a professional who knows agreat deal about solar power systemsand have yours checked annually. Mosthomeowners do little work on theirsystems and this is a great advantage.Sunlight is available for all and since Solar panels are one of the mostfossil fuels are depleting, it is an popular solar power systems usedexcellent option. If you install a system today. If blackouts are quite common infor your home, you will simply need to your area, it would really help a lot ifinvest once and after that, you can now you install solar power. That way, evenbenefit as long as the system is working if other homes don’t have electricity,properly. Your electricity bills will surely your home can still have electricity.be reduced and so you will have Solar panels are reliable as well as thesmaller bills every month. You can use other systems available today. Mostthe solar power system for your manufacturers also provide warrantyoutdoor lights, garden lights and and so you can expect the solar panelsfeatures, and even for indoor use as to be durable. You won’t hear any noiselong as the inverter is big enough. since the panels are working quietly while producing the needed energy. Electrocution cases are rare since the photovoltaic cells have low amperage and are very safe. Power is produced without emissions or fuel combustions. Most of all, with solar power systems, 9
  10. 10. you can help in saving the What are PVs and how do they work?environment. You can help indecreasing pollution and the Certain materials like gallium arsenide,degradation of the environment. The crystalline and amorphous silicon, andpower systems can last for decades copper indium diselenide producewith proper maintenance and care. If electricity when they absorb light. Thisyou’re interested to go green, don’t is called the photoelectric effect. Solarhesitate to install a solar power system cells are typically made of a thin layer offor your home. This is the best time to such photosensitive material. Lightmake a choice – a choice that can have hitting the solar cell raises the energya significant impact to the world. After level of the electrons within. At aninstallation of the system, you can now elevated energy state, the electrons areenjoy a continuous supply of green able to escape from their moleculeselectricity. and create an electric current.#4. What You Should Know About How can you tell if your roof is aRoof-Mounted Solar Cells Before Buying good candidate for solar cell installation?Whenever the sun is out, your homesroof is exposed to solar energy. Why Solar cells work best when exposed tonot harness that energy, reduce your direct sunlight. Ideally, you could put aelectric bill and limit the amount of panel of cells on a motorized mountcarbon dioxide you add to the that follows the suns path through theatmosphere each day? Depending on sky, but thats usually not practical for awhere you live, your roofs orientation, roof. The next best thing is a roofand the load your roof can bear, mounting where the pitch has anmounting photovoltaic cells (PVs) on unobstructed southern exposure.your roof could be a valuable Depending on your latitude and theinvestment in increasing your angle of your roofs pitch, your PVhouseholds energy independence. system installer may suggest 10
  11. 11. optimizing the angle of your PV What components make up amodules with an elevated mounting roof-mounted PV system?rack so that they can catch more light.You also need to be cognizant of howmuch weight your roof can bear. If yourroof already has two layers of shingles,you probably shouldnt add solarpanels to the load.An alternative to solar panels is arelatively new product, "solar shingles". PV cells output direct current, and canThese are shingles into which PV cells be connected in series to increase thehave been incorporated. If your roof output voltage. Though there areneeds to be replaced anyhow, solar specialized appliances available thatshingles offer the opportunity to kill run on DC, most PV systems have thetwo birds with one stone. cells send electricity through an inverter. This converts the solar cellsFinally, PV cells lose efficiency as the DC to standard household alternatingtemperature rises. In warm climates, current. The output from the inverter isyou may be better off exploring then integrated into the housesalternatives like wind-power. In places electric system. Smaller systems mostlylike Florida and California, public just supplement power from theutilities are bringing solar thermal electric company, reducing your overallelectric power plants online. Such bill.systems, though primarily feasible onlyfor installations much larger than the If you install a larger system and makesingle-family home, actually turn out to your home very energy efficient, yoube more efficient and cheaper than PV may have often had a surplus ofsystems when its hot. 11
  12. 12. electricity. You can either store this for utilities charge.later in on-site batteries, or feed it backto the electric grid. If you feed your Thats the bad news.surplus back to the grid, the electriccompany may actually pay you. This iscalled "net metering", and is the law inmore than thirty-five states. Its a gooddeal for you, and its a good deal for theelectric company because your PVsystem is most likely to produce surpluselectricity exactly when peak demandoccurs. Your surplus-producing PVsystem could actually help avert poweroutages. The good news is that there are many state-sponsored incentive programs forHow much does a PV system cost? solar energy. Take advantage of them, and you could break even. ForThe initial cost of a roof-mounted solar information about these programs, youarray can range from $6,000 for a small should consult the National Databasesupplementary system to $30,000 or of State Incentives for Renewablemore for a large "off-the-grid" system. Energy (DSIRE), prepared by the NorthThe capital cost of such a home-based Carolina Solar Center. The databasePV system is rather abstract, though. It covers incentive programs meant towould be better to compare what you promote the development ofare currently paying per kilowatt-hour renewable energy.to an amortized per kilowatt-hour costfor a PV system. According to the U. S. In addition, the cost of the electricityDepartment of Energy, that cost is your PV system produces is insulatedabout $0.25 per kilowatt-hour. In most from deregulation, rate-hikes, andplaces, this is more than what the inflation, that amortized twenty-five 12
  13. 13. cents per kilowatt-hour cost will still be solar energy. The manufacturingtwenty-five cents thirty years from now. process of solar panels uses a largeWho knows what your local electric rate amount of fossil fuels and the cells inwill be? solar panels contain toxic materials which are not readily recycled.And theres more good news. By goingsolar, you are reducing the amount of Environmentalists are concerned thatcoal and natural gas burned at power this new technology will pourplants, you are reducing the amount of hazardous wastes into or landfills whencarbon dioxide we pump into the these panels start to wear out.atmosphere, and you are asserting yourenergy independence. Standards need to be set today that deal with the end of life of these solarPutting solar cells on your roof is an panels. We certainly do not want aidea whose time has come. whole new industry that continues toHome-produced solar electricity is pollute our planet.feasible, makes sense, and is within thereach of most homeowners. It is critical that this new technology, which has so much promise for the#5. Is Solar Power Really as Green as future, be completely green from startYou Think It Is? to finish. We cannot afford to make the same mistakes that we made with theIt seems as though with every good electronics industry. e-Waste is a majorthing there is a bad side. Such is the the problem around the world. Impropercase with solar energy. Solar energy is disposal of cell phones, computers,destined to be the next super star in the printers and other electronic waste isquest for renewable energy. On the filling the landfills with hazardous andsurface solar energy appears to be the toxic materials in a big way. Solarsolution to our worlds energy crisis, but energy technology should not take thatwhat is not obvious is the dark side to same route. 13
  14. 14. and suffering from all sorts of diseases due to the manufacturing practices used today. It is critical that as technology progresses, materials must be used that do not harm the environment. It is important to have a disposal plan in place when these units wear out or areThe solar industry is only in its infancy replaced with new technology.and accounts for only a minute amountof the power needed to run this planet. Many manufacturing companies wantThis is set to change. The newly elected to "do the right thing", and are workingPresident of the United States, together to develop ideas on how topromises to get the country on the recycle solar panels before theyright track to ends its dependency, on become an environmental hazard.not only foreign oil, but oil all together. These companies do not want to deal with rules and regulations that may beThe problem with pushing this passed in the future, and are willing totechnology is that countries such as take responsibility for the entire life andChina are using horrific manufacturing death of their products.practices to supply components forsolar power products. Story after story Some companies have gone so far as tois being reported about the set up private trust funds to cover thecontamination of the soil, water and air cost of the collection efforts. This willin China, all from the improper ensure that the panels will be recycleddumping of toxic chemicals. even if the company goes out of business.Low paid workers, many of whom arechildren, are dying, developing cancers So make sure that you only buy your 14
  15. 15. solar panels from companies that Really as Green as You Think It Is, andprovide solutions to the energy you know about the pitfalls. Youproblem and not create environmental understand the ways in which thehazards. Providing we all ask those sustainability of solar panels could bequestions in our quest for genuinely jeopardized by the choice of the wrongsustainable renewable energy, we will manufacturers, and this knowledge willnot go far wrong. enable you to avoid the possible environmental mistakes which othersSumming Up... Lets round this report will possibly make.off, and remember what we havelearnt... We hope that you really did find that useful, but it is really only scratchingYou now know: the surface of the detailed steps for energy savings which you could beWhat the Solar Power Opportunity tapping into. We suggest that youAvailable to All Homeowners is read-on if you want to benefit yet more from energy saving cash...You have taken a Deeper Look at SolarPower and How It Can Help the This report was sponsored by .Average Homeowner SPECIAL REPORT:You have read how Solar Power Can bea Real Benefit for Ordinary Homes Is It Possible To Stop Paying For Electricity By Using Solar And WindYou now know What You Should Know Power That Is Available For FREE?,About Roof-Mounted Solar Cells Before Without Anyone Else Tricking You IntoBuying Thinking That A Home Energy Generator Is Expensive... The fact is that you Could Go "Off Grid", Or Even HaveAnd, youve become knowledgeable The Electric Company Pay YOU...?about to what extent Solar Power 15
  16. 16. According to David Knight, a reader of all sorts of magazines thatself-employed home energy expert show people the tech details behindfor the last 8 years, who has made a renewable energy systems. Using tonslarge number of renewable systems of books, magazines and instructions Ifor clients that wanted to get energy was able to build my own systems andfor free and save a lot of money, and even my home."owner of the popular :DIYPowerSystem website the answeris yes!"When I started people said that aHome Energy Generator was tooexpensive... they said that I wouldnot be able to go "Off Grid" but I didit David Knight, and I continue to doit for very many clients, he tells us.Why most people struggle with payingfor energy..According to David Knight, theres a "Then, and for the last 8 years, I havereason why so many people struggle been making tons of renewablewith saving on their energy bills systems for clients that wanted to getdespite so much help being offered energy for free and save a lot of money.to them today... And this was very successful. Clients were very happy that they kept sending"There are so many interested in more clients. Eventually, I got to a pointkeeping the energy industry as it is that people were flooding my doors intoday, that they will never give out the order to build systems for them. But, Ihelp you need on a plate. I am a fanatic 16
  17. 17. realized that if I wanted to help more this to my students in my classes aspeople I would need to write down the homework" - Ionadi Chim, Sydney, AUinstructions on how I do it. That washow this product was born" And Ionadi Chim is not alone. There are many success stories that you can readHow David Knight conquered his on his: DIYPowerSystem website thatenergy bill problem with a unique should, at the very least, inspire you toapproach, and says he can solve your give it a try too.too."Discover How To Build Your Own WindOr Solar Energy Generator For As LittleAs $100! And This Is *Only* TheBeginning...", David Knight tells us.David Knight focuses on the uniqueapproach he has developed throughyears od study, trial and error, to solvehis own and other peoples need forenergy cost savings. To learn more about David Knight solution, and his/her story, along withWe asked ourselves was it worth it? We dozens of other stories from peoplethink that the following testimonials who have also tried this solution, visitspeak for themselves... the website : DIYPowerSystem website."So Easy To Build By Virtually Anyone. What others are saying…I’ve never encountered a renewableenergy generator that is so clearly "I’m so glad that I tried your system. Idescribed and so easy to build by thought it would be way harder tovirtually anyone. I’ll probably introduce build it. It was much easier than 17
  18. 18. expected." – Brian Hyatt Click here to read the full review "With your guides, I found that you under promise and over deliver. It’s a great way of doing business! Yours truly" - Sean Griffiths, Manchester, UK Click here to read the full review "I had some concerns whether this will work for Europe or not since the A/C standards are a bit different. However everything works flawlessly." – Lucas Bohm, Berlin, German Click here to read the full review 18Powered by TCPDF (www.tcpdf.org)