IPPTS Associates Selection and Use of Solar Outdoor Lighting


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Solar lights are great all year round for gardens and parties, but they can be used to light dark passages and improve the security of your home by adding solar porch and drive lights.

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IPPTS Associates Selection and Use of Solar Outdoor Lighting

  2. 2. Selection and Use of Solar Outdoor Lighting Inside this report, you will learn:An Introduction toSuccessful Selection and Use 1. Article # 1. How Outside Lights Run onof Solar Outdoor Lighting Solar Power: How many people are worried about the declining reserves ofThe invention of small solar lamps has created fossil fuels in creating electricity; as well asa huge potential for home owners everywhere the detrimental consequences of theto delight their family and friends with burning of ordinary fuels regarding theenchanting light displays which are great environment. Reading this article will alsosummer and winter, and can be enjoyed make you aware of the downsides andthrough the window all year round, and in upsides of solar energy from solar panels.summer when partying with friends. 2. Article #2. The Types of Lights Available for Use Outdoors and for GardenThese lamps can also be used to light dark Use: Using solar outside lights for gardenpassages and improve the security of your illumination is a great way to put a stylishhome by adding solar porch lights, and drive stamp on the look of your property.lights. Outdoor lights come as festoon lights, bollard lamps, pendant lamps, hangingRead this eBook and you won’t be left behind lights, step lights, soffit lights, globeby your neighbors as, it is most likely that lanterns and more. We explain to you how,these days, they will be installing solar with a little bit of ingenuity you can findoutdoor lighting, and you will be losing out distinctive outside lights for your garden.unless you understand the basics as describedin this eBook. 3. Article #3. How you can Select Soffit Lights for Use Outdoors In 3 BasicIntroduction 2
  3. 3. Steps: The objective of this article is to the information. make it easy for you to have success at selecting soffit lights for outdoor use. Keep © 2012 by . reading to find out how to do so in just three steps...4. Article # 4. Top 3 Tips for Highly Effective Yard Lighting: Any time you set out to do something worthwhile, be sure that you go about it properly. We discuss how to succeed at effective yard lighting in this article. You will learn how, having developed a plan, this can make a big difference in determining whether you get it right, and will help make you successful.5. Article # 5. Five Good Reasons You Might Like To Use 12v Garden Spotlights in Your Outside Light Display: Learn why you should be using 12v garden spotlights. A great number of people will not try because they dont know where to start, but we think that won’t be you now that you have learnt the techniques discussed in this eBook.DISCLAIMER: This information is provided "as is".The author, publishers and marketers of thisinformation disclaim any loss or liability, eitherdirectly or indirectly as a consequence ofapplying the information presented herein, or inregard to the use and application of saidinformation. No guarantee is given, eitherexpressed or implied, in regard to themerchantability, accuracy, or acceptability of 3
  4. 4. # 1. How Outside Lights Run on When you utilize solar energy the primary elements with respect to solar energy systemsSolar Power are the power generators inside them which are referred to as solar power cells.Many people are worried about the decliningreserves of fossil fuels in creating electricity; as These solar cells are housed in large numberswell as the detrimental consequences of the inside solar panels. In the warmer climates ofburning of ordinary fuels regarding the the world they can harness a surprisingenvironment, are happy to receive the amount of energy in daylight conditions.information that a large amount of researchand technical development is right now going From a scientific perspective, the suns energytowards solar energy. The piece below reviews can reach a section of the orbiting Earth withthe downsides and upsides of solar energy an estimation of energy somewhere in theand provides some systematic as well as area of 1400 watts per square meter. The cellsgeneral info regarding this renewable energy from in a solar panel will trap roughly 20 tosource. fifty-five watts per square meter of this energy. Solar energy is converted from the suns rays by 2 different means. One way is by way of direct solar energy in a solar panel and that is how solar lights work. The way that the direct solar energy conversion works is like this: a. The sun shines on the photovoltaic power cell attached to the solar lamp, and when thisFor example, these days solar energy is occurs the suns light is converted toextensively utilized throughout the U. S. electricity.Considering the survival expectancy of thesun is well over 4 bn. years we are able to As the sun shines on the absorptive area ofmoderately make the assumption this is one what is sometimes known as the thermalenergy source that wont be running out collector. The collector supplies the battery inanytime soon. an outdoor solar light with electrical energy. 4
  5. 5. This charges the battery and is used when it using solar energy to supply a bio-fuel in orderbecomes dark to produce electricity which to generate electricity is called bio-fuelilluminates these lights at night. technology.b. Secondly, solar power can be collected by Solar energy also plays a big role regardingindirect thermal collection. The second hydro-electric energy and wind energy.(thermal collection) solar energy electricgeneration strategy requires a couple ofconversions before electricity may beemployed in the household. This is thanks tothe fact the electricity isnt in a form, at first,whereby it is usable through thermalcollection.Solar energy by both methods is originallygenerated in the shape of direct current and aconverter is employed in order to turn directelectrical current into AC current. This only infers turbines individual of theIn the event you arent conscious of it, AC or natural source of the wind and dams specificalternating electric current is the systems of of using hydro-electric energy produce theelectricity supply in the same manner as it is results of electric generation with the help ofdistributed through the wiring of your house. the sun. When you glance at the advantages of solar energy theyre lots in number.An alternative way to gain useable solarenergy is in the creation of bio-fuels. So as to Solar energy electric generation is free frombetter describe this, let me just say that any kinds of contaminants. The facilitiesthrough bio-fuels energy is gained from providing solar-power are comparativelyplant-life which has used the method of straightforward to operate and not costly tophotosynthesis, so as to turn solar energy into maintain. The source of solar energy ischemical energy. naturally abounding.The chemical component of this process may We are certain that solar energy, including inbe employed later as fuel for electricity outside garden light products, will becomegeneration. The whole process with regard to increasingly recognized as a source of power 5
  6. 6. generation as carbon-based fuel supplies depend upon the location so be sure to checkdiminish and consumer and environmental the suitability of models if your home isdemand grows with respect to cleaner, more particularly exposed to high winds. Swayingcost effective solutions for energy. due to wind can be important in some lamp styles. A chain is often used. The appearance#2. The Types of Lights of the outer layer of the chain and the outside of the lamp can most affect the appearance ofAvailable for Use Outdoors and the fixture in daylight. So, consider the type offor Garden Use finish applied, and whether rain and salt spray will ruin the finish of outside lights for gardenOutside lights for garden illumination for your use, unless special corrosion resistant finisheshome is a great way to put a stylish stamp on are applied.the look of your property. Outdoor lightsmight be of the type known as festoon bollardlamps, pendant lamps, hanging lights, steplights, soffit lights, globe lanterns and more.These days garden lighting is so varied andthat with a little bit of ingenuity you are sureto be able to find distinctive outside lights forgarden use to suit your liking.In each instance outside lights for garden useare suspended from a supporting structure.Also, when you choose them make sure thatthe lights will be attractive both, in the The appearance during the daytime is equallydaytime, and in the night time when the as critical as the lighting effect at night.lamps are in use. An outside light for garden use which isPendant lamps are typically left hanging by a planned to provide illumination along arope or a chain. shadowed route must direct light downward and in an expanding circle so the resident orThe power to hold the weight of the lamp guest does not stumble over coarse surfaces.without pulling loose from either the supportmechanism or the lamp itself is of course At the very same time, the light should beessential. The strength of the wind will placed either above or below eye level so the 6
  7. 7. individual isnt blinded to something or though not too near, since theyre going to besomebody outside of the circle of light thats drawn towards the lights.cast. Most of all sturdiness is a vital feature in yourAnother use for outside lights for garden use out of doors pendant lighting. Look for goodcould be to improve special features. An finishes so they will not be subjected to rust orornamental plant or a trellis structure that corrosion. The outside coating type used onmay be enjoyed by passers-by would be a the electric connections must be high qualitydifferent style than one meant for trail safety. and certified suitable for outdoor use (IPThe facility to enhance a specific feature will protection).rely to a degree on how you intend to supportthe lamps weight. #3. How you can Select Soffit Lights for Outdoor Use In 3 BasicSelecting lighting for summer homes andgazebos can be a fun task. You might want to Stepstake the gazebo style under considerationwhen choosing the right fixture and look for Theres lots of different desired goals that folksmatching styles offered as outside lights for might have. For whatever reasons, somegarden use. people wish to select soffit lights (outdoor). Its really a comparatively frequent choice.Ensure you dont place lamps on a level that Heres one of the several good things relatingmay be knocked during movement within the to choosing this goal... It is not at all difficult togazebo or with vision to the exterior of your attain, if you know what you are doing.grass structure.You may also wish to decide on the choice ofoutside lights for garden use to help with anyflying insect issues around your house.You may use a combination of regular andbug zapper outside lights for garden usearound a deck or terrace to keep thepopulation of insects out of your food andface. Placement of the insect lights should beclose to the out of doors entertainment area, 7
  8. 8. The objective of this article is to make it easy lights outdoor. Make sure you stay away fromfor you to have success and triumph at select the mistake of soffit lights which are too dimsoffit lights (outdoor). Do you want to select to be impressive at night architecturallysoffit lights (outdoor) ? Keep reading to find speaking, or when intended to illuminateout how to do so in just three steps... driveways they direct the light where it is needed.The 1st step is decide on whether you wantsolar powered soffit lights, or mains powered Be sure to properly follow these 3 steps. Inlights (240 volt or low voltage). Why this is doing so you can expect to, in all probability,very important will be in ensuring that you be able to select soffit lights (outdoor) withoutlook for the right ranges for each type of soffit difficulties. Just stick to the steps, doing whatlighting. Make sure you very carefully keep you should do at the same time gettingaway from buying a mains powered unit if a around the issues described. The rewards andlow voltage type is required by local electrical fruits of your successful efforts to select soffitsafety regulations while carrying out this step. lights (outdoor) will then be yours to savor!You must accomplish this first step completelyand properly, if not then it is highly likely that #4. Top 3 Tips for Highlyyou will purchase the incorrect product. Effective Yard LightingThe 2nd step is to decide on the intensity and Any time you set out to do somethingarea of illumination required for each lamp. worthwhile, be sure that you go about itHere you should avoid shadowy areas if the properly. Succeeding at effective yard lightinglamps are spaced too far apart and in addition is a case that illustrates this point. Havingyour requirements will vary if the soffit developed a plan, a guideline, a "road tolighting outside is primarily for illuminating operate on", can make a big difference inthe building or for the use by people to allow determining whether you have it right andthem see where they are treading. therefore are successful or get it wrong and get left behind.The 3rd step is to check that the ingressprotection (IP rating) of the chosen soffit lights If you dont do it right, the outcomes areis suitable for the external application for usually disastrous. You might wind up thatwhich you intend to use these lamps. This can someone trips and injures themselves due tobe important because soffit lights outdoors inadequate or shadowy lighting, and/or quitewill normally require a higher IP rating, and possibly if your are running a businessindoor models are not usually suitable as soffit 8
  9. 9. receiving an injury claim from their insurance quotation.company. This is worth doing since that will help avoid costly mistakes if inappropriate lamps or lights are not placed in suitable positions, or are not ordered for the duty required of them. To not get this done correctly could result in some form of an accident. And, in the case of a business owner a claim for compensation for injury caused due to inadequate/ unsafe illumination design/ excessive shadows and unlit areas, may result. So dont make the error of ignoring this crucial step! The second is, choice of solar powered or mains powered. Again, professional advice can assist greatly here. Solar is a great choiceListed below are 3 of the most effective for domestic yards (gardens) and where onlysuggestions you could discover to help you to intermittent PIR sensor activated lighting isavoid failure and succeed. required, say when returning home and putting a car away into a garage. Mains powerFirst and foremost, yard lighting whether for a is more appropriate for lighting which isbusiness yard/working area, or in a domestic required to be lit for long periods duringgarden will need to deliver a good minimum which the light intensity provided is at alevel of illumination (Lumens/square metre) known brightness, such as for a workshopand to provide that illumination evenly. yardYou are going to need to provide a level ofillumination suitable to the task to beundertaken in the space you are lighting. Todo this you should approach a specialist inlighting design, and this may vary from thesupplier (garden centre/DIY store) or forbusiness premises sending details of therequirements to a lighting company for a 9
  10. 10. allowing barbeques to be given by the owners at night. It can also attract additional business, when used by companies by looking inviting to potential passing trade, when in use by some businesses And finally, when working with yard lighting, be sure that you comply with all electrical regulations, and that means in the UK that all mains powered installations are carried out by suitably qualified electricians. It will help with ensuring that your yard lighting is a highImage: Tim Snell – Creative Commons Licence quality installation, and thats a major element of ensuring value. Failing to do this couldNearly as vital as delivering a good minimum mean that you could waste money, andlevel of illumination (lumens/square metre) possibly fall foul of the regulations for safetyand to provide that illumination evenly for in electrical design and installation works --safety reasons whenever dealing with yard and we can likely concur that this would be alighting is choice of solar powered or mains bad thing!powered. I am letting you know, this isntsomething to miss. Its very helpful to choose As stated earlier, should you wish to succeedsolar powered lighting to save on energy at yard lighting, you will want to steer clear ofcosts. Solar yard lights can be cheap to buy the types of problems which may make youand have a fairly short payback time, or even end up that someone trips and injuresno payback time! This can occur when the themselves due to inadequate or shadowysaving in electrician’s costs for installing long lighting, or even if your are running a businesscable runs is allowed for. So, yard lighting, receiving an injury claim from their insurancewhich can be something that everyone who company. The thing you eagerly want is a wellwants to succeed with can often be lit yard, which makes use of the yard attractivesuccessfully achieved without adding on to everyone in the hours after dark, which youelectricity usage, which is something may achieve by carefully sticking to the aboveeverybody wants. mentioned steps.Thirdly, yard lighting, when done well, canbring huge additional use to a garden #5. Five Good Reasons You 10
  11. 11. Might Like To Use 12v GardenSpotlights in Your Outside Light Image: Krossbow Creative Commons Liecence.Display That should really be reconsidered. Lets justHave you thought that maybe you should use have a look at 5 good reasons in favour of12v garden spotlights ? Lots of people have making plans to use 12v garden spotlightsgone further than just answering yes, and and reevaluate them.have now actually begun to do this. Relativelyfew people ever take time to think it through To start, 12v garden spotlights are easy to wireseriously. A great number of people will not as there are minimal electric shock risks, plustry because they dont know where to start. compact in size and bright, so they can easilyOthers believe it would require lots of work, be set up to look great in intimate gardenwhich makes them lose interest. Others are displays. Good point. You point out that duetoo lazy to try, or without sufficient to that fact that at twelve volts only, anyonemotivation. can fit these lights, and no electrical qualifications are needed. That is mostNow just hold on here a minute! Are those certainly a good observation. However,reasons actually sufficiently good to base a consider this, as these 12v garden spotlightssignificant decision on? Did the reasons in are so easy to install, are you saying that evenfavor receive a fair hearing? Were both sides in my grandmother could do it? Yes. I am, asthe question thought about? The downsides long as she reads the instructions and fitsgot covered, but did the good things get them exactly as instructed. Whats more thereequal time? is the fact that this means that these 12v garden spotlights can be set out for a season or for a special occasion, for example, and then packed away until next needed.. Second, most models can be installed in the open where they will get wet. Thats really the way it is because they have good plastic shrouding and seals which prevent the penetration of dampness. That is really the reason that, as so many have noted, these little 12v garden spotlights are really like little 11
  12. 12. gems and make for really fantastic lighting for In this report, weve shown you:a host of garden events from night timebarbeques to attractive party time spill-overareas for the delight of your guests. How Outside Lights Run on Solar PowerThird, they can be bought in a full range ofcolors. And they are remarkably inexpensive The Types of Lights Available for Useto buy and run! Outdoors and for Garden UseFourth, they will never dim-out after dull days How you can Select Soffit Lights for Usewhen there is little light to re-charge them Outdoors In 3 Basic Stepsduring daylight hours, and in wintry The Top 3 Tips for Highly Effective Yardconditions (when maybe you need their Lightingcheery brightness the most). Five Good Reasons You Might Like ToAnd fifth, they wont need eventual Use 12v Garden Spotlights in Yourreplacement of their rechargeable batteries. Outside Light Display, and now you should have a good knowledge of solarConsider all those reasons in turn, think about lighting for gardens and general use.how they have an impact on you. All fivereasons are persuasive points as to why its For more information about outdoor solarbest to use 12v garden spotlights in your lights we recommend a visit to:outside light display for many applications. http://solar-outdoor.co.uk .Stop for one moment and consider all of that.Those good reasons were enough to convince However, this is just the beginning. If youdmany persons before you. Will they not also like to know more about [problem] and wayspersuade you to use 12v garden spotlights in to [solve problem] then you may find theyour outside light display? following article useful: SPECIAL REPORT:Wrapping up... Is It Possible To Burn Fat, Get 12
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