Jane Hackett.2 :: participation :: Symposium Arts Education 11.05.2013


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Jane Hackett.2 :: participation :: Symposium Arts Education 11.05.2013

  1. 1. Connect Main Stage Programme 2011‘London’s heartbeat has changed.Within that heartbeat lies a feeling, a collective consciousness,the uniting hum of disparate voices waiting to be heard’Nitin Sawhney
  2. 2. • 200 participants• 135 performers• Ages 9 to 90• Six Sadler’s Wells AssociateCompanies• Writer, Animator, Costumedesigner, Lighting designer.• Five month developmenttime• Professional productionvalues
  3. 3. Connect Objectives• Working with Older People• Engaging the community• Performing in thecommunity• Challenging assumptions of who candance and where dance can happen• Youth Dance Initiatives & Activities• Developing opportunities in formaleducation, from Primary through toHigher Education
  4. 4. Connect Objectives• Access – leading the wayfor access and accessibilityin theatre and dance• Continuing professionaldevelopment• Interpretation and enrichment• Measuring and evaluating forbest practice• Scope and reach
  5. 5. Sum of Parts: Artists & ParticipantsStrand of work Participants AssociatesOver 60s Co. of Elders Hofesh ShechterSchools Hugh Myddelton PrimaryYouth London Youth Wayne McGregor l Random DanceYouth Dance EnglandEstates Project ZooNationIntegrated CoraliCommunity Sadler’s Wells Local New AdventuresBig DanceEmerging Artists Laban Russell Maliphant CompanyThe Place (CATS)Central School of Ballet Jasmin Vardimon CompanyLondon Contemp. DSLondon Studio Centre
  6. 6. Participant feedback“It would be great if everyone at least once in their lives were exposed to anexperience like Sum of Parts”.I don’t often get the opportunity to be creative as an older person, but thisproject opened up realms of possibilities, not just for aspiring dancers, but fornon-professionals discovering new skills and talents. For example, I discoveredI was good at writing and have since joined a creative writing group.”
  7. 7. ResearchFramework: Five Ways to Wellbeing (New Economics Foundation)Connect: With people around: building connections supports andenriches people’s livesBe Active: Exercising lowers anxiety and reduces depressionTake Notice: Be curious and remarking on the unusual followed byreflection helps people to appreciatewhat matters to themKeep Learning: Being set a challenge, learning something newencourages confidence in people as well asbeing funGive: Neuroscience shows that social cooperation is intrinsicallyrewarding and increases a sense ofpurpose in community
  8. 8. Participant feedback“I have worked withpeople of differentbackgrounds andages before, butnever on anythinglike this! Itsparticularlycomplex, and on abig scale, and veryphysical, whichemphasises ourdiversity I think.”
  9. 9. Outcomes for Sadler’s WellsStrategic partnership with Associates:•Developing relationships with associate artists. Providing a vehicle for themto develop new ways of working, develop the skills and practice of theirchoreographers and giving them a stage to present their work.Unique opportunity for performers:•Nurture and support a new generation of dance professionals, providingprofessional development at a stage where ordinarily they may not havegained experience in the real world.
  10. 10. Outcomes for Sadler’s WellsProject design and strategy:•The development of an in-house model of practice that can be applied tofuture projects (Compass – 23 April 1012)•Identifying and working with new artistic talent for cross-disciplinarycollaborations / productions. For example, working with emerging artists andwriters to produce new, artistically challenging work.•Reinforce and develop the skills of the Connect Team - refine and challengetheir working practice.Engaging the community/audience development:•Develop new audiences for contemporary dance through the participants,their friends and family and wider network.
  11. 11. Outcomes for Sadler’s WellsImpact and profile raising:• Beneficial to the brand of Sadler’s Wells & the confidence to show apiece of community dance as part of the main programme on themain stage.• Mainstream press recognition of the work of the Creative LearningProgramme.• Raised the profile of the Creative Learning Programme: internally andexternally.• Evaluation report been vital for evidencing our work. Useful forLearning dept and Development/Fundraising dept.