An Unexpected Turn


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Story written by Edison when he was 10 year old.

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An Unexpected Turn

  1. 1. An Unexpected TurnI scanned the face of the boy beside me. He looked relaxed. Nonchalant that he would soon receive hisexamination marks. Moments later, two names were shouted from the teacher’s table, and both meand the boy stood up and walked to the table. My heart was pumping, my senses became sharper and Imumbled a quick “Thank You” before unfolding the paper. When I opened it my heart sank. “94” it read,3 marks less than last year’s. Every moment of looking brought another surge of disappointment. Ilooked at the paper beside me. It read “75”. I observed the boy’s face once again, he still looked relaxedand even wearing a smile. A smile? He should be frowning, I thought. I knew what I called these types ofpeople, failures. I looked upon his face again, he was still smiling. “Never mind” I thought,” he wouldregret it in the future”5 years later, I was in the park, studying for the ‘O’ level examinations. I liked the park, it was a sanctuary,a place where I could get away from my brothers, a place where I could study in peace. Suddenly, asound disrupted the silence, and I was surprised to see a dozen bicycles zooming past me, usually theonly people were elderly folk. After closer examination, I was shocked to discover that it was some ofmy classmates. They broke their promise to include me! I shook the thought away; I had better things toworry about. They were all relaxed and laughing, and it was two weeks to the examination. “Never mind”I thought,” they would regret it in the future”15 years later, I stood in my gigantic office, waiting for the new staff to report. There was a sudden rapon the door and they came in, one by one. I studied them carefully, and I had a huge shock. One of themwas my classmate, there was no mistaking the hairstyle and the relaxed expression he always had.It was a few hours later as I sat in my brand-new car. I scanned the road for other drivers, and I saw twocars, one of which was a second-hand car. As I looked closer, I saw a figure of a couple together, one ofwhich with a familiar hairstyle and hugging a child. Suddenly, I had a feeling of which I had never feltbefore: jealousy. I envied my former classmate of having such an easy life. He was a worker withreasonable pay, and by the looks of it he was married. I had everything I ever wanted, a successfulbusiness; I was rich and single. Is this what I really wanted?50 years later, I was sitting on a chair, my last few days slipping out, in lonesome gloom. I asked myself”If I had turned back time and relived my life, would it be any different?”In the end, I died in that chair,still a lonely man.