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Nanomaterial Imaging by Unified Topological Equations
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Nanomaterial Imaging by Unified Topological Equations


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Symmecon presents The Crystalon Door, a complete manual for mathematical imaging of atoms in picotechnical and smaller dimensions. TCD explains the advanced unified relative quantum topological (RQT) …

Symmecon presents The Crystalon Door, a complete manual for mathematical imaging of atoms in picotechnical and smaller dimensions. TCD explains the advanced unified relative quantum topological (RQT) equations for development of picoycoto technical video atomic models required for the design or analysis tasks of chemical engineering, biosciences, electrical engineering, physics, and chemistry.
The MAVCAM (Molecular or Material Animated Video Computer Assisted Modeling) system generates exact 3D video pymtechnical particle images by mathematical application of the solution to the equation of Schrodinger. This material is U.S. copyrighted as TXu1-266-788, 11/07/05, The Crystalon Door; and an unopposed motion of disclosure in U.S. District (NM) Court of 04/02/01 titled The Solution to the Equation of Schrodinger.

Published in: Education, Technology

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    S SYMME314325172085CON
    █▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄█ █▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄█ Φ █▄▄▄▄▄▄█ ♏ █▄▄▄▄█ ♇ █▄▄█ █▄█ Ω █ ℏ ▋∮ ▎ђ ▏
    The Crystalon Door New Science Symmegraphics Gallery
    MAVCAM Build Commercial Infotools The Crystalon Times
    Clough Essays in Quantum Mechanics Academic Notes Price List
    Coming Features Terms of Use Customer Privacy
    Buy a Copy of The Crystalon Door Now Grand Unified Particle Physics Previews
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    Magnetic Field Waveparticle Images Developed by Symmetopol Point Mapping Symmetopol imaging is an interactive energy field modeling technique achieved by point set symmetry mapping equations. The intricons displayed above are about 36 picoyoctometers in size, 36 x 10 – 36 m. The Atomic Topological Equation
    Now science has a relative quantum topological wavefunction
    network for all particles, fields, and waves. That achievement is the
    big story unfolding at Symmecon, which successfully completed the
    two crucial projects for full development of a comprehensive,
    interactive video unified theory. MAVCAM is the term for Molecular or
    Material Animated Interactive Video Computer Assisted Modeling.
    The efficient atomic waveparticle function Ψ has been
    perfected as a 3D mathematical model by project Nabla3, and
    coupled with the final resolution of project Topofunc provides a
    dazzling new atomic model.
    effective topological function of psi. The concept is
    that of an equation giving the best definitions for the
    atoms of the periodic table with their heat capacities,
    reflecting their true quantized energy dimensions.
    This tantalizing idea had long provoked discussion
    in the form of an undefined wavefunction, and now
    that mathematical goal is realized in the GT function,
    a basic feature of CRQT, Clough Relative Quantum
    Topological science. Nabla3 succeeded beyond all

    C Clough CRQT
    R Relative
    Q Quantum
    T Topological
    Atomic Wavefunction

    The triumph of the Topofunc project file fulfilled a dream long held by science, the
    construction of an animated mathematical point map defining the exact topological change of any atom.
    Those two modernizations heralded the advent of new science, since they led to the ultimate
    achievement of an interactive 3D atomic model. The series of successful projects continued, however,
    through the integration of all of the concepts into one superintensive grand unified theory of matter
    and energy, an exploration of the concise animated topological wavemaps of all of the particles, fields,
    and waves.
    That is the background to the book presenting the grand relative quantum theory, titled
    The Crystalon Door. It opens a new field, the quantum imaging system, to femtotechnical analysis and
    design for academic, institutional, or corporate commercial projects. TCD is a complete guide to
    development of software for MAVCAM. CRQT math routines and graphics make it a full version of the
    quantum mechanics of molecular or material reactions with supermicro pymtechnical (picoyoctotechnical)
    topological mapping functions. This method gives a full visual atomic model image for easier, more
    accurate study.
    New, speedy math and symbols give the CRQT system a realistic proportionate fit to most
    regular calculations done by nonrelativistic mechanics. However, that scene is dramatically enhanced
    and miniaturized to view; pico, femto, atto, zeyto, picoyocto, and zyctotechnical levels for events within
    electrons, energy fields, or wavefronts. TCD’s 375 illustrations reveal the flowing energy and symmetry of
    atomic or material conditions for design, analysis, and production tasks of chemical or electrical work.
    The CRQT atomic model achieves wavefunction calculation of visual, data interactive scenes
    which vividly diagram all of the energy fields near an atom’s surface, in clear graphic displays defining
    energy on the h value scale with images as small as 10 − 45 meter. That leads to the MAVCAM system
    which is the next and essential stage of science and industry, the long sought mathematical modeling
    approach of universal application to research, design, and analysis. It will mold a science office vantage
    point for study of material or energy subjects by picotechnical very large scale techniques. CRQT
    literature and infotools are capable of meeting the challenges of ultramicro scale model design and

    ███████████████████ So, Symmecon CRQT concepts can supply new generation infotech literature for a wide open
    field of material or molecular science with advanced analytical scope. Try a copy of The Crystalon Door
    to see electromagnetic and heat energy fields come to life by quantum relativistic equations. The book
    will please any scientist or software writer, and give years of study for advanced quantum mechanical
    model developers. It is capable of MAVCAM imaging for all solids, fluids, or gases to assist in the design
    or analysis tasks of chemical or material processes.
    2008, Symmecon Grand Unified Theory Marketing Corporation
    The Crystalon Door

    By Dale Clough, B.A.

    The Symmecon CRQT Concepts books and software studio offers the grand unified theory of
    matter and energy as the book titled The Crystalon Door, a basis for study or project development.
    The Crystalon Door is the relative quantumCrystalon of Tetrasuper Workon Synchrolink ▆MatrixongsMaxix LevelsTopofuncQuanticleEnergonic ▆Symmetopol Function ▆PosiconeQuagneticPlanvarGraphonsCurvonElectrixingHexonQuantalonSpacilesMagnegenicSymalonThermic TintTorquon interactive topological video
    atomic model, the CRQTAM, in nine chapters of 310 pages. It’s table of
    contents with subchapters and a glossary give easy references for searching
    key topics, making it ideal literature for scientists or software developers,
    who will find it a complete guide for molecular or material modeling
    When you open The Crystalon Door a dazzling new atomic model
    appears, displaying the inner workings of picotechnical scenes by the Clough
    function network which builds the 3D data images of all particles, fields, and
    waves. Software developed color screen views of the elements will have
    ultramicro details and leap into authentic CRQT animation when a user tests
    the video model by adding any energy or space value data to it from the
    right19050 ▇▬▬█ 𝛅 █▬▬▆ ▎ 𝛑 ▎ ▆▬▬█ ∮ █▬▬▆

    This interactive modeling system has
    application for thousands of laboratory,
    industrial shop, or educational projects that rely on
    imaging of atoms or molecules by relative quantum
    calculations to accurately predict and vividly portray
    all of the electromagnetic, thermal, and
    gravitational micro features of an atomic
    wavefunction within different user-selected settings.
    CRQTAM MAVCAM software routine templates and graphics make TCD a
    complete version of the quantum mechanics of molecular equilibrium states or
    reactions, in topological mapping functions.

    The book gives a clear system of grand unified math modeling that
    will reward all popular science readers while setting up the basis for advanced
    science projects as well. The calculations with graphic examples make TCD
    ideal for starting up MAVCAM computer science programs dedicated to
    integrated circuit microchip innovation when used with Symmecon commercial
    The workonparticle consistsof five chrononswhich performrelativistic workby spin, emittingtime, probability,space, and symmetry. It isbonded by probablons andmagnesic pentrons, withone thermic intrix of forcein it’s topofunc. These particlesmay be solved topologically bysymmetopol wavefunctions of pymtechnicalaccuracy. Theirexact shapes aresymmetric point maps of maximalextension into their work tasks.

    Workons Compel Electromagnetic Photon Emissions

    The CRQTAM lurks for the secrets of probability in circuits, waveflow,
    or any electricity or chemistry project; and will solve organic chemical physics
    problems by wavefunction calculations of instantaneous visual data scenes
    which vividly diagram all of the energy fields near a carbon molecule’s surface or
    inside it’s electron shells.
    Metallurgical modeling gains a world of in-depth information from CRQTS
    study of energy relations, as do the topologies of all energy fields involved in
    electrodynamic machines, magnets, or microchips. TCD topofuncs draw energy
    and force field particles based on quantum units of rels, one rel being equal to
    ℎ/125. Every particle displays perfect symmetry when the integrals are solved to
    give their topofuncs, while their quantum symmetry numbers fit into those energy
    values to define their precise designs. Their surfaces and shape proportions may
    hold a series of isomeric forms, hence their idealizations’ videographic refinement
    will continue as photon study advances.
    TCD introduces the complete spectrum of relativistic particles which do the
    work of atomic conservation of momentum and symmetry, and gives perfect fit to
    the well known constants: ℎ, ℏ, 𝛍N, 𝛅, 𝛍𝛃, 5/2 k, 3/2 k, Z ≤ 118. These
    intermedons transfer energy by their absorption or emission relative to atoms, molecules or electrons, and
    do so by the correct quantized sizes and equations such as for electron spin, NMR, and infrared absorption
    spectra. The differential equations give smooth, quantized, video energy flow imaging for Stefan-
    Boltzmann thermal photon output events in picoyoctometric scale models, with each rel of energy fitting
    into an animated interactive 3D scene exactly. Hence, when the pymtechnical topofuncs are solved the
    fundamental constants each hold topologies as clearly defined as the portrayed as the Symmecon icon.
    The tetrasuper matrixong is the waveparticle which is emitted by the superworkon while it decesses to the workon ℎ state. These particle reactions portray the quantized relativistic transformation of magnetic and time energy. Now the CRQT function network provides access to pico and femtotechnical 3D animated video models for study of energy emission and absorption events which map all data with precise, flowing symmetry.

    Buy The Crystalon Door
    | Top |

    © 2009, Symmecon Grand Unified Theory Marketing Corporation

    New Science Vol. I., No. 1 June, 2009

    New Science

                                                                            Relative quantum topological wavefunction network analysis redefines
    man’s concept of the physics of matter and energy. The atomism of the ancient
    world led to speculation on the mathematical system which would eventually encompass one
    coherent procedure for modeling and examining the molecular level of materials, and the
    femtotechnical dimension of energy waves or fields. An age of uncertainty befell us all when
    that quest stalled on the difficulties of quantum mechanics and relativistic calculations.
    The twentieth century brought many important contributions advancing the knowledge of
    Chemical physics, but those trains of progress lacked any underlying theme capable of delivering the
    true achievement of a grand unified theory of matter and energy to set science on the path toward an
    enlightened future.
    Now a plain model for the atom as a diffuse quantized waveparticle has put the crow to the
    old system of thought and practice.
    S will follow the progress of the grand unified theory with a series of articles intended to explore
    the topic of new science in all of it’s depths. The journal will have two parts.
    I. The definitions of New Science
    II. New Science as a Revolutionary Feature in Contemporary Society
    © 2009, Symmecon Grand Unified Theory Marketing Corporation


    001 $ 5.00
    002 $ 5.00

    003 $ 5.00
    004 $25.00 Electron Topology with Minon Emissions

    005 $ 5.00 ħ
    | Top || The Crystalon Door |

    2008, Symmecon Grand Unified Theory Marketing Corporation
    Commercial Infotoolss Symmecon markets science books and software. The Commercial Systems
    include copyright agreements which permit vending of the licenses to make books
    or software based on the grand unified theory. The process of software
    development for MAVCAM build projects will apply the grand unified theory to set up commercial,
    industrial, scientific, and academic data processing programs to equip a spectrum of MAVCAM
    project levels. Inkprint and electronic books will also have a line of license deals, and all Symmecon
    products fit into a plan for construction of two digital networks that will standardize and concert the
    growth of new science by CRQT formats.
    First, contractors may participate in discount rate licensing by production of compatible
    modules for assembly into the system shell for administration and management of the
    foreseen software systems and packages. The initial build phase will construct a system of
    CRQT software products that interconnect as a set of interactive shells which Symmecon will test and
    refine as MAVCAM development project software and Symmecon Corporate MAVCAM Systems. ◘

    ▆▬▬▬█▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▆▆ ▆▆▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬█▬▬▬▆
    with brief intros and instructions.
    These discussions set up the basis which will be used for builds.
    Numbers refer to the flowchart below.
    1.0 Paid Entry $ 5.00 2.0 Paid Entry $ 10.00 3.0 Paid Entry $ 20.00

    GC Entry $ 30.00 G4 Entry $ 50.00 Build Project Entry $ 150.00 Build Project Entry $ 75.00

    ▋▋▄▄ ▋▋█▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬█ ▀▄▀ █▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬█ ▋▋█▬█ ▀▀ ▋ ▎▎▎
    Nine software build projects are for sale as leases to copyrights for MAVCAM. The five retail
    software products of Softicon + Silicon Workshop 1-3 are synergistic infotools with applications for
    a wide range of science projects. Each build project and it’s product will hold a license granting
    discounts on the permissions to S MAVCAM programs.
    To begin exploration of the build modules click their Instant Startup product catalog
    | add to cart | keys.
    The quick start section displayed above this flowchart lists infotools that give basic outlines for
    each Silicon Workshop 1-3 package along with discussions to guide work. The essential feature of a
    solid working arrangement for builds here is the license lease granting discounts on copyright
    permissions for all subsidiary products. The build enterprises will gain remuneration right away by
    acceptance of their pay in cutouts of licenses for future retail software products; that means a producer
    of software modules should proportion his or her work by the number of products which they earn
    by quality performance. Now the S build contractors may step up gains by combinations which succeed
    in fulfillment of the marketing goals of retail MAVCAM synergy, designing any project to maximize
    it’s science office ease of use for picotechnical projects that will lead to worthwhile profits.
    Since Symmecon leases the licenses out piecemeal, an artistically planned production system can
    in fact capitalize well through consistent output of timely products. One way to do that is to rely on
    a stack of leases which accrue copyright discounts and remuneration in trade of a progressive sort.
    G4 Build Project Commercial Corporate MAVCAM System
    Your holdings of leases develop value here in proportion to your product’s vitality in the market. You can own various forms of rights to retail item sales money, and sell them to customers as well. The maximum of 75 %contractor’s ownershipof retail price happensat the G4 level by salesperformance achievements.
    S leasesto build. A build shop for S software makes a set of contracts with S which gives them time to hold licenses and rights to distribute a number of products or allow S to sell those for them. They can sell included rights to customers. Your shop’s wares will be advertised in the which contractors design, as well as in S ad sites. S will agree to sell some products, and make agreements that allow you to sell diverse S products.
    Construct yourarray of lease rights for your products. Their value in hitech trade should accelerate in league with their relevance and modeling exactitude for integrated circuit digital components, surface plasmons, bioscience, chemicals, communications, electric power, or the full list of modern applications.
    Products in ecommerce or other markets. These return cash flow by hitech innovations which carry your shares of ownershipas leased rights.
    The planned Softicon Volumes with Silicon Workshop 1-3 holdpotential for construction of a hitech pymtechnical science environment for semiconductor IC design which will grow to meet the demands of the next generation of digital processors. Symmecon infotools for build projects spell out the emerging MAVCAM art for routing and linking CRQT MAVCAM Workshop to the intended Softicon Commercial Volumes, eventually arranging an integrated science network with archives of 3D animated interactive video atomic modeling for all science office design or analysis tasks.

    SofticonCommercialSystems Overview $ 30.00

    | Top | | The Crystalon Door | | Symmegraphics Gallery|
    2008, Symmecon Grand Unified Theory Marketing Corporation

    A curriculum with chemistry, physics, or software design andproduction will fit in with The Crystalon Door, the grand unified theory of matter and energy. All high school or university students/staff have a 20 %discount upon proof of attendance. MAVCAM is the grand unified relative quantum topological supervideointerpreter wavefunction based mathematical modeling system for molecules or nanomaterials. It’s range for study of common samplesmagnifies to the zyctometric scale, zeyto yoctometers of 10 – 45 meters. The honors programs and graduate schools are primary topics wherequantum wavefunction calculations are the basis for a complete system of chemical or nanoelectronic study for pure science applications. The field of pymtechnical energy modeling is wide open for growth as modern science challenges the frontiers of unknown photon mechanics, molecular kinetics, quantum relative thermal transport, positron physics, and electron modeling.
    PREVIEWS of S Products, Features 2008, Symmecon Grand Unified Theory Marketing Corporation
    Welcome to Symmecon. A look at future events and products allows a glimpse of the new science displays starting up, with notes on ultronics, MAVCAM applications, and the S While TCD is an expandable, updatable book it’s companion which will include articles and illustrations for all science topics is scheduled to be Clough Quantum Encyclod. That will be available in starter editions in 2011, and should include some basic computer programs for CRQT flowcharting and calculations. It should have ~ 500 pages in it’s basic form, at $450.00.
    The arrival of the as a channel for subscribers’ advanced science affairs by the build projects found in commercial infotools will bring one simple format for all Symmecon product updates or new items. It should grow to include offers for package deals for CRQT software modules for build systems as well as The Crystalon Times, New Science, Clough Essays in Quantum Mechanics, and Commercial Infotools with news on the progress and plans of the MAVCAM tasks. Eventually Symmecon will hold science data archives, with specialized MAVCAM libraries for well-used areas of study, that will be accessible through
    Price List for S Products
    Item ID No. Price Quantity Total The Crystalon Door, plastic comb bound. P--301 $ 250.00 Symmegraphics Gallery, copies. P--302 $ 5.00 ↑ Clough Essays in Quantum Mechanics P—303.n $ 50.00 ↑ Softicon Commercial Systems Info P—306.1 $ 30.00 Workshop 1.0 Workslate Build Infotools P—306.2 $ 5.00 Workshop 2.0 Workslate Build Infotools P—306.3 $ 10.00 Workshop 3.0 CRQT Studio Build Infotools P—306.4 $ 20.00 GC Build Infotools P—306.5 $ 30.00 G4 Build Infotools P—306.6 $ 50.00 Build Task Infotools P—306.7 $ 75.00 Build Task Infotools P—306.8 $150.00 Manual for MAVCAM Marketing E – 307 [ Coming feature ] Symmecon: the GUT with MAVCAM E - 308 [ Coming feature ] Wavectronic Microchip Design E - 309 [ Coming feature ]
    Click here to view the PayPal shopping cart for online purchasing.
    The Crystalon Door, the grand unified topological wavefunction theory of matter and energy explains quantum nanostructures and electron topology. Top

    TERMS OF USE 2008, Symmecon Grand Unified Theory Marketing Corporation

    Customers and readers are guests obliged to observe U.S. copyright laws, 1989, as well
    as the Berne Convention and all existing national or state laws.

    Symmecon markets the grand unified theory, U.S. copyright TXu1-266-788 of 11/07/05
    as exclusively allowed by that owner, and no commercial inkprint, electronic, or other fixed media copies, transcripts, notes, excerpts, derivatives, subsidiaries, or other representations of the grand unified theory may be made, used, or sold without printed permission from the owner. The Crystalon Door is in conformance with the unopposed motion of disclosure in U.S District (NM) Court of 04/02/01 titled The Solution to the Equation of Schrodinger.
    Permission for uses of material from The Crystalon Door, or this Internet website,
    is requested at Symmecon’s address. For preset discounts buy a Softicon or Silicon Workshop license as listed in Softicon Commercial Systems Info. Those future software packs are available with only licenses
    in them at this time, and the license will have a software update included for the MAVCAM software planned for 2011-2012.
    S Privacy
    Symmecon does not use customers’ names as a database for any use not specified
    by them. The topics in privacy are defined in the 1974 Privacy Act.
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