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Work Smarter Not Harder With Storage Foundation HA
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Work Smarter Not Harder With Storage Foundation HA


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Symantec's new releases of Veritas Operations Manager and its Veritas Storage Foundation High Availability (SFHA) product family help customers work smarter by taking control of storage management and …

Symantec's new releases of Veritas Operations Manager and its Veritas Storage Foundation High Availability (SFHA) product family help customers work smarter by taking control of storage management and eliminating manual processes. New functionality in Veritas Operations Manager, the next generation management platform for Storage Foundation HA, bridges the gap between server, database and storage administrators to increase storage utilization, scale operations, maintain compliance and help ensure uptime and availability across Unix, Linux, Windows and VMware.

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  • 1. Work Smarter Not Harder with Storage Foundation HA October 2010 Work Smarter Not Harder 1 1
  • 2. What we’re announcing… • New release and upgrade for Veritas Operations Manager and Storage Foundation HA – Help customers work smarter, not harder – Simplified day-to-day management of storage and server operations – Managed through Storage Foundation HA management console, Veritas Operations Manager • This helps customers – Eliminate manual processes – Improve storage utilization – Reduce risk Work Smarter Not Harder 2 2
  • 3. Data Center Complexity Leads to Wasted Resources and Reduced Availability ERP Transactions Web Email Inefficient resource silos Inability to track utilization  Manual processes to “keep things going” Ever more stringent SLAs Out of control storage costs  Storage used as a “buffer” to reduce application risk Limited visibility Limited skilled staff  Increased risk of downtime Costly human errors Burdensome change management Work Smarter Not Harder 3
  • 4. Work Smarter, Not Harder with Symantec I consider this ‘actionable This makes failover operations intelligence’ to prevent problems much simpler and reliable, before they occur. something that doesn’t take a Ph.D. to execute. Streamline Operations Optimize Storage Storage Foundation High Availability Veritas Operations Manager Prevent Downtime Work Smarter Not Harder 4
  • 5. Streamline Operations by reducing Storage Complexity • Multi-tier Server environment • Multiple tiers of storage – Replicated or not – Thin or not – Various RAID level – Diverse media types RAID 10 RAID 5 RAID 6 • Multiple storage vendors SSD FC SATA Work Smarter Not Harder 5
  • 6. Focus on the Service Level Matter, Not RAID Levels • You define the set of Storage Services available to your applications – Gold: EMC VMAX, Replicated, Thick RAID 10 on SSD – Silver: EMC VMAX, Replicated, Thin RAID 1 on FC – Bronze: HDS AMS, Thin RAID 6 on SATA GOLD SILVER BRONZE • Automatic identification of devices matching the Storage Services • Create and manage file systems and host volumes based on Storage Services • Automatic handling of the underlying SAN complexity Work Smarter Not Harder 6
  • 7. Optimize Storage by identifying and reclaiming underutilized storage Sample Reports  Storage Utilization. View storage waste and reallocate based on application needs License Deployment. Deployment reports based on your environment ensures compliance  Patches. Ensure that the most recent patches are in deployment Work Smarter Not Harder 7
  • 8. Prevent downtime and instantly detect failures • Detect failures, recover faster and use less resources. – Storage Foundation HA relies on OS based events to immediately react to resource failures. – Removes the need to poll resources and reduces system resource need by up to 95 percent. • Prevent downtime. – Non-disruptive testing of HA/DR configurations across physical and virtual – Coordinated start/stop of application resources simplifying maintenance and recovery in the event of an outage • Patch and maintain with confidence. – Simplified patching for existing installations and preparation for new installs Work Smarter Not Harder 8 8
  • 9. Work Smarter, Not Harder Key-Takeaways • Addressing complexity in the data center through automation • Improved storage utilization with increased visibility and ability to drive up disk usage • Reduced risk through coordinated start/stop and simplified patching & maintenance Work Smarter Not Harder 9 9
  • 10. Thank you! SYMANTEC PROPRIETARY/CONFIDENTIAL – INTERNAL USE ONLY Copyright © 2010 Symantec Corporation. All rights reserved. Work Smarter Not Harder Symantec Confidential 10