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Symantec executes on its promise to offer innovative and comprehensive solutions to meet the many increasing security and performance needs for connected businesses. The company announces new offerings to its Website Security Solutions portfolio, featuring the first available multi-algorithm SSL certificates with additional ECC and DSA options. These offerings will help organizations build and protect their web ecosystems and strengthen the foundation of trust online. The WSS strategy focuses on protecting companies, meeting compliance requirements, improving performance and reducing infrastructure costs. The end result is to deliver trusted shopping, trusted advertising and trusted applications for businesses and their consumer customers.

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  • Symantec is the first CA to offer 3 crypto algorithmsRSA 2048, DSA 2028 and ECC 256Included as options, free of chargeDSA included in standard MPKI SSL CertificatesECC and DSA offered in Premium MPKI SSL CertificatesWhy are we launching new algorithms?Offer choice to customersDSA 2048 for US Government preferencesECC 256 for high connection speeds at loadRSA 2048 for safe business as usualIt’s about the futureMore secure connections to your serversImproved performance on your serversPricing for SSL Cert with ECC and DSA – Premium Certificates and ServicesSymantec™ Secure Site Pro - $995Symantec Secure Site Pro EV SSL Certificates with ECC - $1495 (as of 2/13/13)
  • The yellow bubble shows that ECC is already years ahead of the current industry standard of 2048-bit encryption, and we haven’t even began to test the limits of ECC’s capabilities to encrypt and protect data.ECC performs better in comparison to RSA as requests per second increaseThis translates into faster page loads for PCThese numbers are preliminary and are expected to greatly improveSource: Symantec Internal Research and TestingComputations 384-256-256 RSA 2048-2048-2048Desktop Page sizes: 200KSpecifications8 cores 7 GiB of memory
clock frequency: 2.33 ghznetwork: 1 GbpsWeb server: Apache 2.4.3.openssl: 1.0.1cWorst case scenario as session reuse = 0%
  • In terms of server performance, ECCUses less server powerHandles more requestsScales well to handle:Traffic spikesBusiness growthEnterprise-wide network security ECC:TLS_ECDHE_ECDSA_WITH_AES_256_CBC_SHARSA:TLS_ECDHE_RSA_WITH_AES_256_CBC_SHAECC 384-256-256 RSA 2048-2048-2048Desktop Page sizes: 0K, 90K, 200KServer specifications8 cores 7 GiB of memory
clock frequency: 2.33 ghznetwork: 1 GbpsWeb server: Apache 2.4.3.openssl: 1.0.1cServer time: includes SSL Handshake time (key derivations: ECDHE) + data encryption + file transfer timeWorst case scenario as session reuse = 0%
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