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Symantec Appliances Strategy Launch
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Symantec Appliances Strategy Launch


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Symantec's appliance strategy provides customers with a flexible and easy to deploy delivery model for its data protection, storage management and security solutions. This new approach empowers …

Symantec's appliance strategy provides customers with a flexible and easy to deploy delivery model for its data protection, storage management and security solutions. This new approach empowers organizations to choose between appliances, software or cloud solutions according to what best suits their IT requirements, needs and environment. With the release of the NetBackup 5020 deduplication appliance, NetBackup 5200 series and FileStore N8300 appliances, Symantec delivers on the company’s strategy.

Published in: Technology

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  • 1. Symantec Appliances Launch January 2011Symantec Appliances Launch 1
  • 2. What are we announcing on Jan. 17? Appliance Strategy: •Deliver choice1 •Meet customer needs •Reduce complexity •Drive down total cost of ownership NEW FileStore N8300 Appliance: •Scale-out NAS with industry leading performance2 •Saves storage cost with integrated archiving (Enterprise Vault) •Enables scalable storage for cloud and on-premise environments NEW NetBackup 5200 Appliance: •Backup, storage and deduplication appliance3 •Seamless integration with existing NetBackup environment •Rapid deploymentSymantec Appliances Launch 2
  • 3. Why Appliances? • Deliver end users with choice of software, cloud and appliances for leading solutionsDeliver Choice • The innovation continues to be in the software – the appliance is just another delivery model to give our customers flexibility in deployment • Customers seek complete solutions: hardware + software + supportMeet Customer Needs • Customers are looking for easy to use, turnkey solution • Streamline test and buying processReduce Complexity • Faster set-up and installation • Easily expand/scale up with additional appliances or raw hardware • Integrated software and hardware reduces installation and management costsDrive Down Total Cost • Front end TB licensing model for deduplication allows customers to save costs as there is no additional charge for replicating dataof Ownership • Symantec provides end to end technical support, reducing operational overhead on IT teams Symantec Appliances Launch 3
  • 4. Symantec FileStore N8300 Yogesh Agrawal VP of Symantec’s FileStore Product GroupSymantec Appliances Launch 4
  • 5. FileStore N8300• Scale-out NAS from Symantec for cloud and on-premise storage• NAS appliance combines high-performance and enterprise- class features for new workloads• End-to-end archiving solution with Symantec’s Enterprise Vault• Built on Symantec’s industry leadership in cluster file systemSymantec Appliances Launch 5
  • 6. Data Center in Transition Unstructured Data Virtualization Cloud Computing Growth ???“Unstructured data ……will make up “…server virtualization solutions “In 2009, storage spending for thethe bulk of data growth in the data and projects often reduced cloud was $2.9B….cloud servicecenter in 2010, driving IT to take a storage visibility, management, providers must address …long hard look at unified storage utilization and subsequently scalability, efficient storage,platforms, scale-out NAS….” increased storage costs.” leverage of metadata”- Terri McClure: ESG Briefs: Unstructured Data - Villars, Dubois, Nisbet: IDC 20092010: Trends to Watch - Filks, Passamore: Gartner, 2009 Symantec Appliances Launch 6
  • 7. Promise and Shortcomings of Traditional NAS Network Attached Storage The Promise Servers Clients • Simple to deploy • Lower storage cost • Manageability Ethernet The Shortcomings LAN Ethernet Switch • 2 head architecture doesn’t scale! • Data fragmentation across filers • Slow backup and AV services NAS Device NAS DeviceSymantec Appliances Launch 7
  • 8. Introducing FileStore N8300 Performance & Scale Data Management• Built on the industry’s highest • Integrated data management performance file system capabilities including archiving,• Independently scale performance backup, storage tiering and anti- and capacity virus• Scale storage resources in the cloud • Supports NFS and CIFS with 1.4PB per systemSymantec Appliances Launch 8
  • 9. Exceptional Performance Scaling• Adapt to the demands of Top SPECsfs Rankings your workloads #1 – HP (VxFS) – 334K ops/sec #3 – FileStore (VxFS) – 177K• Linear performance scaling Linear Scaling – Up to 6 nodes serving a common set of data – Excellent small and large file performance• Availability – Active-Active – Fast failoverSymantec Appliances Launch 9
  • 10. FileStore - Integrated Solution for Data Management Archiving Storage Tiering Intelligently move files to lower cost Simplify archiving with disk and back Enterprise Vault on FileStore Backup Anti-Virus Improve performance with reduced Secure storage with backup window Symantec Anti-VirusSymantec Appliances Launch 10
  • 11. FileStore N8300 Key Takeaways• Scale out NAS to manage data growth and build cloud storage• Scalability and high performance at the right price• An integrated solution – Archiving – Data protection – Storage tiering – Security• Available in United States, United Kingdom, Middle East and ItalySymantec Appliances Launch 11
  • 12. NetBackup 5200 Appliance Simplifying Backup OperationsSymantec Appliances Launch 12
  • 13. Symantec Information Management Protect Dedupe Delete Discover Completely Everywhere Confidently Efficiently Backup, archive and Eliminate redundancy Delete by default Proactive archive, prevent data loss close to the source index and searchSymantec Appliances Launch 13
  • 14. Deduplication Evaluation and Purchase Criteria for Adopters and Planned Adopters Which of the following considerations would you say were most important in your organization’s evaluation and selection of data deduplication technology? (Percent of respondents, five responses accepted) Planned Adopters (N=145) Current Adopters (N=140) Cost of solution 64% 45% Ease of implementation/use 46% 37% Impact on backup/recovery performance 35% 33% Integration with existing backup processes 33% 28% Scalability of solution 31% 25% Vendor service and support 24% 24% Ability to replicate deduplicated data off-site 21% 23% Existing relationship with vendor 17% 18% Deduplication ratio 12% 17% Ability to deduplicate across systems/data sets as opposed to just… 23% 17% Experience of vendor in backup implementation 10% 16% Where deduplication occurs 17% 16% Granularity of deduplication 14% 11% When deduplication occurs 9% 9%Source: Enterprise Strategy Group, 2010 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% Symantec Appliances Launch 14
  • 15. NEW: NetBackup 5200NetBackup 5200 provides the market leading data protectionsolution, NetBackup, in an easy to use appliance form factor Comprehensive Easy Flexible Reliable• Complete backup • Symantec provides • Use in primary, • Highest in class solution with built-in software, hardware, secondary and throughput of up to dedupe service and support remote sites as a 10.5 TB/hr• 32 TB usable dedupe • Easy buying and backup and dedupe • Disk based solution, capacity with the implementation with solution Raid 6 configuration option to dedupe at pre-installed software • DR options: • Hardware monitoring source or target and replication or tape inline or post-process • Redundant fans, • Expand existing power supply dedupe NetBackup environment with • System availability > easy drop-in 99.95% Symantec Appliances Launch 15
  • 16. NetBackup 5200 Overview 1. Remote office backups Integrated tape out Integrated2. Data Center backups replication NBU 5200 NBU 5200 ESX 3. VM backups NetBackup 5200 Capabilities • Integrated backup appliance • Built in source and media server deduplication • Award-winning virtual machine protection • 32 TB of deduplicated capacity per node • Tape out capability • Hardware monitoring Dedupe engine Symantec Appliances Launch 16
  • 17. NetBackup 5200 Offers Choice of Deduplication“Closer to the Source” Recovers More ResourcesExample: Moving 1TB of Data w/ 90% Dedupe Potential Approach NetBackup Target Target Deduplication Media Server Deduplication Appliance Storage used by Transfer 1TB Transfer 1TB Transfer 0.1TB Appliance most 126 Minutes 126 Minutes 12 Minutes dedupe OST vendors Media Transfer 1TB Server 126 Minutes Deduplication Engine Dedupe 100% Data in Motion 10% Dedupe Data in Motion BEST Transfer 0.1TB 12 Minutes NBU Client Lower Resource Dedupe ConsumptionSymantec Appliances Launch 17
  • 18. Catalog Aware WAN Efficient ReplicationReplicate only dedupe data, reduce DR costs, improve DR Up to 99% Bandwidth Reduction Primary Site DR Site WAN Dedupe engine Dedupe dataSymantec Appliances Launch 18
  • 19. Eliminate Traditional Full Backups Without SacrificeOptimized Virtual Synthetics Problem: Traditional cycle of full backups Server requires backup server cycles (I/O) and bandwidth Incremental backups Solution: Optimized Virtual Synthetics • Leverage appliance CPU power • No data movement requires less infrastructure • Reduce the number of full backups • Improve disaster recovery Optimized Synthetic Full Incr. Incr. Optimized Backup Backup Backup Synthetic Lightening fast backups!Symantec Appliances Launch 19
  • 20. Build Next Generation Data Centers More Quickly With NetBackup Appliances ►Integrate new/additional media servers, Save Time storage and deduplication without juggling or + Minimize Costs multiple vendors ►Rapid deployment with minimal effortHW Refresh/Expand ►Seamless integration with existing Simplify NetBackup environment - one appliance Operations for both media server and storage Remote Offices ►Built-in replication and deduplication A A Minimize D D D ►Deduplication directly on the virtual D D D ESX Server ESX Server D A D D Resource machine minimizes impact to VM ESX Server Consumption resources to maximize performanceVirtual Infrastructure Symantec Appliances Launch 20
  • 21. NetBackup 5200 Key Takeaways  Creates a new value curve  Brings deduplication differentiation with choice  Retains core strength  Demonstrates commitment by SymantecSymantec Appliances Launch 21
  • 22. Thank you! Copyright © 2010 Symantec Corporation. All rights reserved. Symantec and the Symantec Logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of Symantec Corporation or its affiliates in the U.S. and other countries. Other names may be trademarks of their respective owners. This document is provided for informational purposes only and is not intended as advertising. All warranties relating to the information in this document, either express or implied, are disclaimed to the maximum extent allowed by law. The information in this document is subject to change without notice.Symantec Appliances Launch 22
  • 23. NetBackup Appliances at a Glance NetBackup 5000 NetBackup 5200 NetBackup 5020Product Description NetBackup deduplication based NetBackup 7 based media server NetBackup deduplication appliance, includes replication solution with 32TB of deduplication based appliance, includes data pool replicationCapacity Per Node: 16 TB Per Node: 32 TB Per Node: 32 TB Max Per Setup: 96 TB (with global Per Setup: N/A ( single node only) Per Setup: 192 TB dedupe) (With global dedupe)Target Market Enterprise Enterprise Large EnterprisePrimary Use Cases Dedupe disk target for NetBackup, Existing NetBackup environments Dedupe disk target for also suitable for secondary/DR going through hardware refresh, NetBackup, also suitable for sites, larger ROBO and VM backup upgrade to NetBackup 7. Standalone secondary/DR sites, larger environments NetBackup configuration with ROBO and VM backup combined master/media server environmentsForm Factor 4U 4U 4UPricing Per Node: $39,995 Per Node: $59,995 Per Node: $57,995Availability Available Now Available Now Available now in USCountries US, UK, France, Germany, Spain, US, UK, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, US (by February - UK, Italy, Switzerland, Singapore, Switzerland, Singapore and Australia France, Germany, Spain, Australia Italy, Switzerland, Singapore and Australia)Symantec Appliances Launch 23