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Storage Management and High Availability 6.0 Launch
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Storage Management and High Availability 6.0 Launch


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Symantec announced version 6.0 of the company’s storage management and high availability products. With this release, Symantec enables IT organizations to build resilient private clouds by …

Symantec announced version 6.0 of the company’s storage management and high availability products. With this release, Symantec enables IT organizations to build resilient private clouds by transforming their existing infrastructure. Organizations can manage entire business services end-to-end with built in resiliency, even if the business service is run across multiple virtualization technologies, operating systems, and storage platforms. This release spans multiple products in Symantec’s portfolio including its flagship Veritas Storage Foundation 6.0, Veritas Cluster Server 6.0, and Veritas Operations Manager 4.1, all tightly integrated to help IT organizations move confidently to a private cloud architecture.

Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. Storage Management and High Availability6.0 Launch 1
  • 2. The 6.0 Launch Covers All of the Major Storage andAvailability ProductsRelease 6.0 of the Storage and Get the Private CloudAvailability Management Group You Want from theproducts Infrastructure You’ve Got.– Veritas Storage Foundation 6.0– Veritas Cluster Server 6.0– Veritas Cluster File System 6.0– Veritas Dynamic Multi-Pathing 6.0– Veritas Operations Manager 4.1– Symantec ApplicationHA 6.0– Symantec VirtualStore 6.0 2
  • 3. How Do I Cut Through the Noise? Public Cloud 3
  • 4. What About Our Existing Data Center Investment? Public Cloud 4
  • 5. Enabling Resilient Private Clouds“Get the private cloud you want from the infrastructure you’ve got” Cloud characteristics Symantec’s unique value • Any storage hardware, any OS, • Pooled Resources any virtualization technology • Market leading high availability • Elastic and disaster recovery capabilities • Deep insight into storage usage and the tools to do something • Resilient about it • Agile • Metered 5
  • 6. Get the Private Cloud You Want From theInfrastructure You’ve Got Resilient Resilient Information to Action Business Services Elastic Storage 6
  • 7. Resilient Business Services • Delivers holistic business service HA/DR, not just component HA/DR • Orchestrates recovery of multi- tiered applications on different operating systems and/or virtualization technologies • Recovers business critical applications and databases faster than traditional clustering 7
  • 8. How Symantec Can Help Keep Your Cloud Up andRunning: Virtual Business Service AvailabilityBilling Web Server Service Service Group Web Group Web Veritas Operations Manager Billing Virtual VM VM Business Service Service Application Group App Web Service Group app app app IP Application Service Group Database Service Group DB Database IP FS Service Group VVR 8
  • 9. How Virtual Business Service EnablesYou to Meet Your Cloud SLAs Billing Web Server Service Service Group Group Web Web Service Start VM VM Service Stop Service Application Group App app app app High Availability IP Database Service Group Disaster Recovery DB IP FS Planned Downtime VVR 9
  • 10. Virtual Business Services Provides aHolistic View of HA/DR For the Cloud Data Center Billing Service Finance Service HR Service Line of Business View Line of Business View Line of Business View ApplicationHA ApplicationHA ApplicationHA ApplicationHA KVM KVM KVM VCS VCS VCSVeritas Operations Manager CFS HA SF HA 10
  • 11. Resilient, Elastic Storage • Delivers elastic resilient storage by enabling storage growth or contraction without disruption to the application • Reduces the storage footprint with built-in deduplication and compression • Automates administrator tasks and reduces impact to end-users with priority-based scheduling of storage operations • Builds accountability with storage chargebacks for business services across multi-vendor storage 11
  • 12. Reducing Storage Footprint with Compression Without Compression Feature Overview • Choose what to compress: files, directories, or the whole file system • Transparent to applications • Reduces replication and snapshot times Use Case With File Compression • Archival storage, File Server - ideal for long term storage and read-mostly workloads Example • 80,000 files, a mix of text and pictures from • Compression reduced storage needs by 70% 12
  • 13. Reducing Storage Footprint with Deduplication Without Deduplication Feature Overview • Enable deduplication per file system • Transparent to applications • Variable deduplication block size • No performance impact on writes Use Case With Deduplication • Virtual Machines storage Example • ~100 virtual server images, a mix between Windows and Linux • Deduplication reduced the storage footprint between 50-80% per VM 13
  • 14. Information to Action • Improve operations with a single pane of glass for reporting and remediation – Run a storage utilization report and reclaim storage with 1-click – Receive a thin pool shortage alert and automatically provision new storage without disruption – Meet SLAs with business service dependency mapping, incident alerts, and automatic recovery • Deploys services faster with automated provisioning of storage by tier of business service 14
  • 15. From Report to RemediationVeritas Operations Veritas Operations Storage FoundationManager Advanced Manager 15
  • 16. Virtualized and Cloud IT Models Require a New Cloud-Driven Pricing Model• With 6.0, we are introducing a new pricing model based on actual core usage: – Pay for the software you are using – Utilize a flexible model that meets your changing needs - growth or contraction – Simpler transfer process when virtualizing workloads on newer, faster, multi-core processors – Easier license management and inventory tracking 16
  • 17. Get the Private Cloud You Want From theInfrastructure You’ve Got Resilient Resilient Information to Action Business Services Elastic Storage 17
  • 18. Storage and High Availability 6.0 LaunchKey Messages• Don’t rip and replace. Transform your existing infrastructure to get the benefits of the private cloud you want.• Prevent outages with the only high availability solution that automates and coordinates recovery across physical and virtual platforms.• Get the most out of your storage assets and manage it more like a cloud to obtain faster provisioning, multi-vendor storage chargebacks, and the ability to scale and contract storage assets without disruption. 18
  • 19. Thank you!Copyright © 2010 Symantec Corporation. All rights reserved. Symantec and the Symantec Logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of Symantec Corporation or its affiliates inthe U.S. and other countries. Other names may be trademarks of their respective owners.This document is provided for informational purposes only and is not intended as advertising. All warranties relating to the information in this document, either express or implied,are disclaimed to the maximum extent allowed by law. The information in this document is subject to change without notice. 19
  • 20. 6.0 Product OverviewResilient Business Services • Virtual Business Services - Multi- tiered application HA/DRVeritas Cluster Server • Business service visibility & control • Improved protection against data corruption • Application awareness across VMware and, now Linux and Unix virtualization (KVM, LDOMs, andSymantec ApplicationHA LPARs) • vSphere 5.0 support • Integration with Virtual Business Services 20
  • 21. 6.0 Product OverviewResilient Business Services • Faster failover times (down to a minute) for business critical Windows applications • Automated application recovery for Hyper-V virtual machinesVeritas Storage Foundation across wide area distances &HA for Windows clusters • Hyper-V storage migration without user disruption • Integration with Virtual Business Services • Volume and file-based replication across multi-vendor storageVeritas Replicator • Improved performance and reduced CPU overhead 21
  • 22. 6.0 Products and FeaturesResilient, Optimized Storage • De-duplicationVeritas Storage Foundation • Compression • Predictive visibility into storage reclamation on thin provisioned storage • Improved checkpoint visibility • Automatic file system self-Veritas Cluster File System tuning for defrag and FSCK • Increase application availability with improved detach policies in CFS 22
  • 23. 6.0 Products and FeaturesResilient, Optimized Storage • Clone virtual machines with space efficient FileSnap & Deduplication • File level Replication of vmdk filesVeritas VirtualStore across sites • Clustered iSCSI support for scalable performance for block storage over IP • Improved support for ALUA arrays • Faster performance and pathVeritas Dynamic failoverMulti-Pathing • Expanded platform support (AIX VIO Server & KVM Guest / Control Domain) 23
  • 24. 6.0 Products and FeaturesIntelligent to Action • App to storage mapping visibility • Templates for provisioning storage by workload tier • Visibility and management ofVeritas Operations Manager business services • Thin pool storage alerts • Reclaim from hundreds of VxFS file systems with a single operation • Set FS policies to auto-grow 24