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Better Backup for Big Data: Symantec NetBackup™ for SAP HANA
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Better Backup for Big Data: Symantec NetBackup™ for SAP HANA


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What is Big Data? How much of it do you need to protect? Can you even back it up? This Google+ Hangout will feature a panel of experts who will show you how the NetBackup platform can help you protect …

What is Big Data? How much of it do you need to protect? Can you even back it up? This Google+ Hangout will feature a panel of experts who will show you how the NetBackup platform can help you protect your big data. A special focus will be given to protecting In-Memory Databases, the newest addition to the NetBackup portfolio. NetBackup is the first and only backup vendor certified by SAP to protect HANA database. Fully integrated through the SAP backint interface, it provides a quick and easy setup for DBAs to protect HANA databases through familiar tools while seamlessly plugged into the corporate NetBackup environment.

View the recording of the Google+ Hangout:

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  • 1. Better Backup for Big Data:Symantec NetBackup™ for SAP HANAKyle DrakeNetBackup Sr. Principal Product Marketing Specialist
  • 2. AgendaNetBackup for SAP HANA 2What is SAP HANA?1Why is Backup for SAP HANA Important2What Are the Advantages of Using NetBackup?3Easy to Use, Easy to License4Questions and Answers5
  • 3. What is SAP HANA?NetBackup for SAP HANA 3
  • 4. What is Big Data?NetBackup for SAP HANA 4DefinedData sets whose size isbeyond the ability ofcommonly used softwaretools to capture, manage,and process the datawithin a tolerable elapsedtime.
  • 5. What Is In-Memory Computing?NetBackup for SAP HANA 5The In-Memory Database (IMDB)In-memory computing moves data and information sources fromremote databases into local memory so that results of analyses andtransaction are available immediately• Answer any question immediately– Factor x100.000 faster analytics• Access current and complete information– Real-time access to transactional data• Discover deeper insights– Eliminate aggregation to interrogate granular data• Manage large data volumes cost effectively– Groundbreaking in memory hardware (HW) innovationsSpeedScaleFlexibleGraphic courtesy of IBM
  • 6. In Memory ComputingNetBackup for SAP HANA 6Why? Reduce applications running costs Improve transactional applications latency, performance, andscalability Boost analytical applications response times Dramatically shorten batch process execution times Enable real-time, self-service analytics
  • 7. Traditional vs. SAP In-MemoryNetBackup for SAP HANA 7Simple comparisonApplicationDatabaseTraditional SAP In-MemoryMass data Mass dataGraphic courtesy of IBM
  • 8. SAP HANA• An in-memory database• Runs on an appliance• Is a platformNetBackup for SAP HANA 8What is it made up of?Graphic courtesy of IBM
  • 9. Why is Backup for SAP HANA Important?NetBackup for SAP HANA 9
  • 10. Backup for Big DataNetBackup for SAP HANA 10Is it possible?Maybe for some,But not for NetBackup…
  • 11. Backup for SAP HANA• IMDB is sensitive to outages. Data persistence in form ofbackup, high availability (HA) and disaster recovery (DR) is keyto adoption• NetBackup is the only SAP HANA certified backup and recoverysolution• SAP HANA can stream data directly to NetBackup using thebackint process• This integration allows NetBackup to bypass file system backups• Competitors will claim they support SAP HANA backups• SAP “supported” is not the same as SAP certifiedNetBackup for SAP HANA 11Protection for in-memory databases is key
  • 12. Backup for SAP HANA• NetBackup utilizes our modified SAP database agent• The agent resides on the SAP HANA appliance• The SAP HANA management console (HANA Studio) is wherebackups are initiated• NetBackup SAP policy is configured• SAP HANA streams the data to NetBackup based on theconfigured policy• NetBackup manages HANA backup sets to disk, tape, or off-siteNetBackup for SAP HANA 12Where NetBackup meets SAP HANA
  • 13. Backup for SAP HANA• DR solutions and backup solutions address different problems• Over half of IT departments back up all IMDB data, unnecessarily• All backed-up data falls under retention compliancy requirements• Expensive DR is not the answer for every company or every situation• DR replication only addresses certain types of “failures”For complete data protection, you needdisaster recovery + backup,delivered by NetBackupNetBackup for SAP HANA 13Backup and disaster recovery are complementary capabilities
  • 14. What Are the Advantages of Using NetBackup?NetBackup for SAP HANA 14
  • 15. Why NetBackup is an Advantage for HANA backups?NetBackup for SAP HANA 15What value do you lose with non-certified solutions?• SAP customers want SAP certified solutions– Filesystem based backups are not as optimal as a stream based backups• SAP HANA’s catalog is not aware of a filesystem based backup, only streambased backups will be in the SAP HANA catalog (NetBackup is a stream basedbackup)• Recovery to a specific point in time using a filesystem based backup will requiresignificantly more manual effort than a stream based backup that uses backint(NetBackup uses backint)• SAP supported, but not SAP certified (NetBackup is SAP certified)• SAP HANA replication– “Deletions” and “Corruptions” get replicated too; therefore replicationalone does not fully “protect” the SAP HANA data. Complete dataprotection requires a backup
  • 16. Title Native tools NetBackup backup Yes YesBackup of configuration files No YesPoint in time recovery Yes YesBackup media and capacity management No YesAbility to encrypt data No YesMulti-copy No YesRetention management No YesAdvantages Over Native Tools AloneNetBackup for SAP HANA 16
  • 17. Summary of Advantages• Faster backups through live streaming• Because of the integration, the SAP HANA Studio catalog isalways aware of the backup sets with NetBackup• Non-certified solutions create multi-step processes andcomplexity for recovery• The NetBackup agent for SAP HANA is easy to use and configure• Nothing new for the SAP Admin or Backup Admin to learn• NetBackup offers the benefits of deduplication, encryption,media management, retention management, and off sitereplication with Auto Image Replication (AIR)NetBackup for SAP HANA 17Key takeaways for why NetBackup adds value over competition
  • 18. How Is It Licensed?NetBackup for SAP HANA 18
  • 19. Licensing• Easy licensing, choice of :– Traditional: pay per agent (application database pack)– By front end terabyte (capacity)The agent is simple, the integration and operation is simple,and so is the licensing.NetBackup for SAP HANA 19How do you license NetBackup for SAP HANA
  • 20. NetBackup for SAP HANA 20Steve Jobs, Worldwide Developer’s Conference, Microsoft (August 2006),‘’Steve Jobs
  • 21. NetBackup for SAP HANA 21• Backint certification process released by SAPBackup/recovery API for the SAP HANA database (Backint for SAP HANA (HANA-BRINT 1.1))• SAP blog mentioning Symantec NetBackup as certified tool:• Symantec Connect blog announcements:symantecs-netbackup-platform-certified-sap-integration-sap-hanaprovides-big-data-backup-and-recoverysymantec-cooperates-sap-simplify-big-data-backupsMore information on NetBackup’s integration with SAP HANA
  • 22. Questions and AnswersNetBackup for SAP HANA 22
  • 23. Thank you!Copyright © 2013 Symantec Corporation. All rights reserved. Symantec and the Symantec Logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of Symantec Corporation or its affiliates inthe U.S. and other countries. Other names may be trademarks of their respective owners.This document is provided for informational purposes only and is not intended as advertising. All warranties relating to the information in this document, either express or implied,are disclaimed to the maximum extent allowed by law. The information in this document is subject to change without notice.NetBackup for SAP HANA 23Kyle