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Better Backup For All - February 2012
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Better Backup For All - February 2012


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Symantec Corp. (Nasdaq: SYMC) today announced it will deliver a new approach for modernizing backup and recovery, a process that has become unnecessarily complicated and expensive as organizations’ …

Symantec Corp. (Nasdaq: SYMC) today announced it will deliver a new approach for modernizing backup and recovery, a process that has become unnecessarily complicated and expensive as organizations’ data stores grow exponentially. Compared to traditional backup, Symantec’s approach enables 100 times faster backup, eases management and simplifies recovery if a disaster occurs, helping customers realize significant cost savings while better protecting their business information.

Published in: Technology

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  • 1. Symantec Delivers Better Backup for All 2012Symantec Delivers Better Backup – PRESS DECK 1
  • 2. Customers Struggle To Cope 72% would switch backup product if speed doubled More Data 49% of customers can’t Bigger Data meet SLA’s due to too Tighter SLAs much data 50% of SMB’s don’t have a Disaster Recovery planSymantec Delivers Better Backup – PRESS DECK 2
  • 3. How Do You Recover In A World That… • Information is protected in silos • Backup windows are being missed • Sees physical and virtual as different • Disaster recovery is too complex to implementSymantec Delivers Better Backup – PRESS DECK 3
  • 4. Symantec’s Three Keys to Fixing Backup • Control Data Growth • Unify Platforms • Simplify BackupSymantec Delivers Better Backup – PRESS DECK 4
  • 5. Backup Exec 2012 – What’s New Eliminate Unite Virtual and One Product, Any Complexity Physical Recovery Backup can take many Intelligent Backup, V-Ray sees deeper into forms, recovery Intelligent Interface VMware and Hyper V shouldn’t • Simplified user • No-Hardware disaster interface and • New V-Ray Edition for recovery configurability virtual only workloads • Granular recovery – • Flexible delivery • Unified physical and anything, anytime models: software, virtual protection • Powerful cloud-based appliance, or cloud • Differentiated V-Ray disaster recovery • New easy small advantage business offeringsSymantec Delivers Better Backup – PRESS DECK 5
  • 6. Completely Redesigned User Interface New job stages feature Easily expand protection Just click “Add Stage”User experience based aroundserver protection status Transition from job management to server managementSymantec Delivers Better Backup – PRESS DECK 6
  • 7. Two NEW Offerings For ASmall Business or Remote Office Backup Exec 2012 Small Backup Business Edition Small Business, Small Business Remote or Mobile Office • On-site backup and storage • Cloud-based backup and • Data Protection in 3 Simple storage Steps • Easy to setup and manage • Rapid Recovery – What You • Automatic and secure Need When You Need It • Affordable • Trusted Backup, Designed with Your Business in Mind • Backup and Security using a single consoleSymantec Delivers Better Backup – PRESS DECK 7
  • 8. NEW Offering: Backup Exec 2012 V-Ray Edition VMware and Integrated Agent or Agentless Hyper-V Protection Deduplication •Protect and recover • Up to 90% reduction in • Optimize for VM Virtualized Applications backup storage performance by going •Restore entire virtual Agentless • Deduplicate across all machines, or files/folders virtual backups • Optimize for granular •VMware Ready and application recovery by Microsoft Certified using an AgentSymantec Delivers Better Backup – PRESS DECK 8
  • 9. “No Hardware Disaster Recovery” with P2VConvert to Virtual (P2V) Protected Server Backup Exec 2012 Server Hypervisor • Parallel data streams • One stream to media server • Other stream to hypervisor • Result is full VM (not just the Backup Stream virtual disk) Convert Stream Parallel Data Streams Symantec V-RayBackup to Virtual (B2V) Protected Server Backup Exec 2012 Server Hypervisor • Serial data streams • Backup stream to media server • Conversion job runs after or on different schedule Backup Stream Convert Stream • Result is full VM (not just the virtual disk) Serial Data StreamsSymantec Delivers Better Backup – PRESS DECK 9
  • 10. NetBackup 7.5 – What’s New Break the Backup Unite Snapshots Fight Infinite Window and Backup Retention A Snapshot + NBU is Your Backup is Not Your 100X Faster Backup Better Recovery Archive NetBackup Accelerator Replication Director NetBackup Search • Reduce traditional full • Integrates the support of • Integrates search and backups to the speed snapshot and replication. hold capabilities into of incremental backups • Simplifies the backup. management and • Meet the most recovery of storage level • Find, then preserve only demanding SLAs snapshots from a single data relevant to legal console. discovery cases across entire backup system.Symantec Delivers Better Backup – PRESS DECK 10
  • 11. NetBackup 7.5 AcceleratorCustomer Challenge:Increased data growth leads tomissed backup windowsWhat it does: – Speed up your backups by up to 100x or more! – Performs a full backup in the time it takes to do an incremental – Recover with the speed of a full backup – Protects Large file systems because only changed files are backed up – File systems with 10s of millions of files because only changed files are backed up 61GB, ROS – Using NFS or CIFS (vs. remote to Beijing; NDMP) to backup NAS filers 1m33s (500K files)Symantec Delivers Better Backup – PRESS DECK 11
  • 12. NetBackup Replication Director Customer Challenge: Snapshot Snapshot Complexity of managing snapshots Primary Data Replicate Snapshot Replicate being used as backup separately Snapshot from other backups. Application Server Snapshot SnapVault Snapshot (NB Client) Production Data Center What it does: SnapMirror – Integrates NetBackup and snapshot replication Snapshot Snapshot Duplicate Duplicate – Unified snapshot mgt: Snapshot Initiate, replicate, SLP, Snapshot recovery DR Data Center – Searchable, file level recovery from any replicated snapshot – Complete solution for targeted subset (NAS filesystems) Symantec Delivers Better Backup – PRESS DECK 12
  • 13. Symantec + NetApp = Better BackupSymantec + NetApp• Expanded integration by market leaders• Extends data protection and archiving value• Surveys indicate 35%+ customer overlap• Long term partners with a proven record of NetApp ® collaboration to solve customer challengesNetBackup Replication Director NetBackup Customer Survey1: Deployed Replication• Unified management for backup and snapshots• Simplifies “end-to-end” replicated snapshot management, backup, and recovery• Better Recovery SLAs – Faster, searchable, file level recovery from any replicated snapshot• Reduces cost and risk associated with multiple backup and recovery toolsSymantec Delivers Better Backup – PRESS DECK 13
  • 14. NetBackup SearchCustomer Challenge:Time and cost of manual searchacross backup images to find datafor eDiscoveryWhat it does:- Search and hold tool across backup environments- Quickly find and manage relevant files in your backup environment- Save, edit, and export search queries for legal traceability- Image level holds mgt ensures data is preserved- Manages and reports size and duration of legal holds Symantec Delivers Better Backup – PRESS DECK 14
  • 15. NetBackup for Cloud StorageCustomer Challenge:Want to reduce spending on storagefor backup.What it Does:- Enables the cloud with OST- Simplify the way we deliver backup- On premise management combined with cloud storage- Offsite copy for backup, archive, and DR; eliminating tapes and trucks Data Center- NetBackup Accelerator, WAN Optimization and encryption to the cloud Data CenterSymantec Delivers Better Backup – PRESS DECK 15
  • 16. Vision Theme Technology Control Data NetBackup Accelerator delivers up to 100X faster backup. Break the Backup WindowControl data growth Gowth NetBackup Accelerator: The Speed of Incrementals, The Recoverability of Full Backups. Backup is not an archive, stop treating it like one. NetBackup Search ends infinite retention by Fight Infinite Retention helping you identify what to archive and what to delete. Stop Putting Tapes on Modernize your DR strategy – stop shipping tapes by truck and take to the AIR. Trucks AIR eliminates volumes of physical assets/prioritizes file that can be sent over network. A snapshot without NetBackup is a snapshot that is difficult to recover. Unify Unify Snapshots and Backup Replication Director unifies snapshots and backup in one console to simplify recovery. V-Ray : Patent pending technology that lets you see deeper into your VMware and Hyper V Unite! Virtual and Physical machines for better virtual backup. One platform for virtual and physical backup. One Product! Backup can take many forms, your recovery shouldn’t. Any Recovery! One solution – tape, disk, physical virtual, any kind of backup –(NBU/BE/Cloud) Phys to virtual recovery is now included in BE, simplifying disaster recovery by automatically Hardware Free creating a virtual machine. Recover any app or system to a VM whether you have the Disaster Recovery hardware or not. (BE) We’ve simplified everything from the user interface to the policies to the licensing. Eliminate Complexity So you don’t need to be a backup expert to run expert backups. (BE) Simplify Change the Operating Whether you are backing up on premise, in the cloud, or to an appliance, Model of Backup Symantec’s goal is to eliminate 80% of the operating cost of backup. Symantec Delivers Better Backup – PRESS DECK 16
  • 17. Thank you!Copyright © 2011 Symantec Corporation. All rights reserved. Symantec and the Symantec Logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of Symantec Corporation or its affiliates inthe U.S. and other countries. Other names may be trademarks of their respective owners.This document is provided for informational purposes only and is not intended as advertising. All warranties relating to the information in this document, either express or implied,are disclaimed to the maximum extent allowed by law. The information in this document is subject to change without notice. 17