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  • Point of the slide: What are the big trends affecting the data protection space.Everybody’s doing it, it’s complicated, and we can help
  • Point of the slide:
  • With a combined 40% market share, Symantec is the leader, with more market share than the next three largest suppliers combined. We dominate both Fortune 500 enterprises and as well as global 2000 industries and are strong across telco, healthcare and financial services where all of the top 10 businesses are Symantec customers.
  • One Size Does Not Fit AllSymantec’s comprehensive tailored solutions address the needs of the smallest businesses to the largest enterprisesNorton Online BackupBackup ExecNow with software, cloud, & appliances for SMBsNet BackupLive replication for SAN replication, Linux/Unix system recovery, 100s of terabyes of data or moreEnterprise VaultMore good stuff!
  • VMware Agent Example Configuration 1This basic example of a VMware environment with a single ESX server being protected by Backup Exec is meant to illustrate the following points: Backup Exec can discover ESX hosts and their VM resources by either hostname or IP address in the Backup Exec console VMware discovery events occur over the LAN Backup data captured through Backup Exec’s VMware Agent and the vStorage API does not necessarily travel over the LAN, but more commonly travels from the datastore directly to Backup Exec-managed storage over the SANAgent SummaryvStorage API for Data Protection IntegrationOptimized Virtual Machine DeduplicationvSphere Block Level Differential/Incremental BackupApplication Granular Recovery (Exchange, SQL, AD) from a Single-Pass VM BackupSymantec Backup Exec™ Management Plug-in for VMware® vCenter and vSphere clientDynamic Inclusion of Newly Found or Created Virtual Machines
  • Some of the implications of poor visibility include:Seeing half the picture with two separate solutions for physical and virtual backups adds to complexity.Recovering files is a shot in the dark because you don’t know where they are. With virtual machine aware deduplication, backup storage requirements are greater than they should be.When you can’t see new or moved machines, you can’t protect them. This in turn can low rollout of virtual machines with lots of labor intensive backup administration.
  • V-Ray is the name for a group of Symantec technologies that give customers additional visibility and insight into their virtual environments as well as transparent backup and recovery across physical and virtual environments. V-Ray provides visibility into virtual systems that enables customers to more confidently secure, protect, run, and recover business-critical systems as well as reduced complexity and costs.In a few minutes, I’ll cover how V-Ray improves unified protection, single file and application recovery, deduplication and automated protection.
  • Backups can affect performance and availability of the virtual environment if a traditional backup application agent is installed on each and every virtual machine. With multiple virtual machines on the same physical host, network bandwidth is much more limited than in physical environments. Thus, moving backup data across the network can quickly exceed available bandwidth. In addition, backup agents on virtual machines consume virtual machine memory and processing resources and require administrative overhead to maintain. NetBackup’s off-host image backups accomplished through virtual machine API integration virtually eliminate the overhead of backup processing on virtual machines and network bandwidth requirements. This translates into greater backup performance while removing the need to install, maintain and upgrade agents on every virtual machine. NetBackup supports full and incremental backups of virtual machines and works with any backup storage. In addition to VMware, we also support Microsoft’s Hyper-V.
  • Deduplication designed specifically for VMwareEnhanced virtual machine “vmdk aware” deduplication*NetBackupdeduplicates VM data based on what is inside the vmdkGlobally deduplicate data between virtual systems and physicalSo, why is this better?Competitors have no idea what is inside virtual machineThey deduplicatevmdk files like any big file – less efficientGlobal deduplication from virtual to physical, virtual to virtual
  • Netbackup supports stage-less file level recovering , meaning that only one backup pass is required – data is written to backup storage just once. Competitors often imply that they provide instant single file restore. This is not possible with most competitors as they only index the backup of the entire VM (vmdk file). They do not index what is *inside* the VM. This is a significant competitive advantage that NBU provides.NetBackup supports single file recovery directly from a VM backup or backup storage. All files are cataloged so that you can locate them in minutes as opposed to hours or even days.Our capabilities are available for Linux and Windows.
  • Siloed data protection solutions for physical and virtual infrastructure only show you half the picture, adding to complexity, unnecessary backup storage growth, backup problems and slower recovery. Point solutions are dead. They no longer serve a market need and represent a risky investment.
  • Earlier we heard VIC discuss the realities of running both physical and virtual servers for the foreseeable future. Vic realized that two separate systems for backup and recovery simply wouldn’t cut it. NetBackup Data Protection is designed to work across both Physical and Virtual environments. So the benefits to customers include More standardization and consistent policies and SLAs Backup and VM guys are no longer Duplicating work Eliminates Redundant storage pools Lowers licensing, training, and operational costs Now you’re in keeping with the drivers and benefits of a consolidation strategy
  • Slide 9 - Granular Recovery of Virtualized Application Servers (Animations)The release of Backup Exec 2010 truly helps your customers virtualize with confidence by providing first to market granular recovery for virtual applications including Exchange, Active Directory and SQL.When customer VMware environments are protected with the Backup Exec 2010 Agent for VMware Virtual Infrastructure, an administrator can easily restore an entire application/database or granular SQL, Exchange or AD application objects. Other vendors on the market today can do thisonly through a second application backup – lengthening backup windows and utilizing more storage space for redundant data.
  • Virtual machines by design are easy to clone and deploy which explains why virtual machine sprawl is a growing management challenge within IT organizations today. Many IT managers would be hard pressed to give an accurate count as to how many virtual machines they’re running or whether or not they’re all being protected. And as the number of servers being virtualized grows, management of backup and recovery becomes more problematic. With Virtual Machine Intelligent Policy – backup admins can automatically discover new, cloned or moved Virtual Machiness and easily protect them without having to edit backup policies. Customers have been asking for this feature! It basically let’s you put virtual machine protection on “auto-pilot”Virtual machine Intelligent Policy automatically adjusts for any other changes that VMware technologies such as VMotion, Storage Vmotion, Distributed Resource Scheduling (DRS) etc. have made to every virtual machine. Virtual Machine Intelligent Policy is currently only available for VMware in the NetBackup 7.1 release….but support Microsoft Hyper-V is planned for future release.Another exciting feature within VM Intelligent policy is how you apply resource limits for load balancing and efficient throttling for better backup performance. Let’s look at that more closely (NEXT SLIDE)
  • So why should a customer be interested in VIP? Traditional backups can create unbalanced overhead on ESX servers if the host name of each Client is used in the Policy. For example, basic backups would have a number of hostnames in the Policy and while the number of Clients that can be performing backups at any time can be limited in the Policy, if all those clients reside on the same ESX <click> that system will be overloaded while the other systems are not being used. It is difficult to prevent this using traditional backup methods. This is where VMware Intelligent Policy comes in<click>
  • The basic backup Policy is recreated and it communicates with vCenter. Basically, NetBackup gets a list of Clients from vCenter and it doesn’t matter which system they are on, then, using filters, NetBackup can instruct vCenter to send data based on any number of criteria. Some of the filters that can be use are things such as: Backup all the machines in Power On stateBackup all the machines where OS type is Windows 2008Backup all the virtual machines for which display name starts with VMprodOr, we can get even more granularBackup all the virtual machines that are on Power State On in data store Storage 1 if the OS type is RedHat LinuxBackup all the virtual machines in folder Dev if they belong to cluster Cluster03In addition, this filtering can allow vCenter to balance the backup load across the various ESX servers thus improving performance while reducing impact.
  • Symantec NetBackup™, Cisco® Unified Computing System, and VMware® vSphere™Joint Backup Performance BenchmarkStarts with VMware Consolidated Backup (VCB).
  • Supports mixed environments – With NetBackup 7.0 engineering now extends this functionality by supporting the same functionality for media server deduplication pools (MSDP) within the same NetBackup domain. Now optimized duplication is supported between media server deduplication pools (MSDP) and even supported from an MSDP to a PureDisk deduplication pool, providing more flexibility. In case of the PureDisk pool or the MSDP, the optimized duplication process is performed by NetBackup’s built-in replication technology, and as such independent from the underlying storage or hardware infrastructure, making cross platform duplication finally possible.  Follows the most efficient path – Storage life cycle policies have always leveraged the most efficient path when duplication is configured between two similar deduplication pools or OST devices. For the first duplication run the underlying replication technology of the OST device or deduplication pool was leveraged. NetBackup 7.0 now extends this for the automated job retries as well. Originally the default behavior for optimized duplication was set to failover to a regular deduplication when the first attempt failed. In NetBackup 7.0 every automated retry will now continue to retry over the same optimized duplication path, reducing the impact on the network.
  • Be Ready for the Next Wave - Business Critical Virtualisation

    1. 1. Stephen Azzam TSO Americas Data Protection StrategyModernizing Backup for Virtual Environments
    2. 2. Modernizing Backup for Virtual EnvironmentsModernizing Backup for Virtual Environments
    3. 3. Overview 1 Symantec Data Protection & Virtualization 2 V-Ray and vStorage APIs 3 Symantec NetBackup 7 & Backup Exec 2010 4 Just Announced... 5 Questions & AnswersModernizing Backup for Virtual Environments
    4. 4. Data ProtectionKey trends affecting data protection• Virtualization – Starting, In the Middle, Completed – Everyone’s doing it... – Different Animal requires Different Strategies – HW is on faster refresh cycles b/c of utilization rates• The Information Explosion – Deduplication is Mainstream – Data Protection requires “Modernization” – HW refresh is acceleratingModernizing Backup for Virtual Environments 4
    5. 5. Data ProtectionVirtualization: Starting, In the Middle, Completed• Everybody’s doing it – Project Based • Decisions made out of backup team in many cases• Example Deployments – Data Center Economy – Remote Office Consolidation – Preparation for the Cloud – Disaster Recovery Site The Result: VMware consolidation accelerates the information explosion – On VMware So Deduplication is necessary to protect VMware environmentsModernizing Backup for Virtual Environments 5
    6. 6. Symantec - Industry leading Backup and Recovery Largest Global Data Protection Footprint Fortune 500 Global 2000 Enterprise Distributed System Backup/Recovery 99% 90% Revenue Market Share, 2009 Leading Telecom Leading Healthcare 10 of 10 10 of 10 Leading Financial Savvy Businesses Services 10 of 10 • 35K Enterprise • 1.5 Million SMB Combined 40% Market Share • NetBackup – Delivers 1st in Storage, VMware, Copy Management, and Scale for the Enterprise • Backup Exec – Delivers 1st in Microsoft Application Protection, and Simplicity for SMB • Underlying Technologies Shared Between Both Solutions – Dedupe, VMware, FlashBackup, etc. May 2010 #1 Backup/Recovery Market ShareModernizing Backup for Virtual Environments
    7. 7. Symantec’s Unparalleled Data Protection Portfolio Hybrid Cloud Enterprise 500+ employees >$150m revenue Mid Size Business 50 -1000s of servers Small Business Specialized backup team 100-999 employees Data center focus 10-99 employees $50-$150m revenueConsumer <$50m revenue 11-50 servers Updated 1-10 servers Windows server focus NetBackup 7.11-9 desktops Windows desktop & serverNo servers Updated NetBackup 5000 andWindows desktop & server NEW Backup Backup Exec 2010 R3 5200 Series Appliances Built on Symantec NBU 5000 Series Updated Appliances Appliances &NEW Norton Online Backup Enterprise Vault 10 Backup Exec Appliances80+ PB Cloud – Largest Backup Exec for Private Cloud in Windows Small Business System Recovery 2011 Bare Metal Recovery Production ServersModernizing Backup for Virtual Environments
    8. 8. The Value of Partnership & the Results A NINE year strong partnership yielding collaborative solutions: Backup Exec 2010 + NetBackup 7 Extended customer value!Modernizing Backup for Virtual Environments
    9. 9. VMware vStorage APIs for Data ProtectionStorage layer access for Data protection Media ServerBackup ESXStorage Discovery (LAN) VM 1 VM 2 VM 3 APP APP APP OS OS OS DATA DATA DATA Data Path (SAN) DatastoreNetBackup 5000 Series DedupeStorage ApplianceModernizing Backup for Virtual Environments
    10. 10. VMware vStorage APIs for Data ProtectionSnapshot Protection Offloads VM Resources Backup • Last evolution of VMware Application Data Protection vStorage APIs for Data Protection • Available with vSphere 4.x • Tighter integration with Tape/Disk Symantec products 3 • Supports Windows and Linux Backup • Improved Functionalities Proxy Server • Support all storage (Physical/ VM) architectures for backup and restore (LAN/SAN) • Windows/Linux guests Mount 2 1 Snapshots • Full, incremental and differential image backup • File level backup and restore LAN/SAN StorageModernizing Backup for Virtual Environments
    11. 11. The VM Snapshot Protection ChallengeBad Things Happen in the Dark• You can’t: Backing Up Blind • manage • recover • dedupe • protectwhat you can’t see.Modernizing Backup for Virtual Environments
    12. 12. Don’t Let Poor Visibility and Silos Slow You Downand Cost you more Time, Resources, and Storage• Symantec V-Ray • Patented visibility into virtual file systems and applications • Transparent backup and recovery across physical and virtual silos • Symantec’s 3th Generation Granular Recovery Technology (GRT) Unified Protection, File & Application Recovery, Deduplication, & Automated ProtectionModernizing Backup for Virtual Environments
    13. 13. NetBackup 7 & Backup Exec 2010 R3Modernizing Backup for Virtual Environments
    14. 14. Integration with VMware vStorage APIsEveryone does it... Symantec Does it Right! VM2 VM1 • No agent in VM x86 for backup OS or recovery VMware Host • Full & incremental VM backup • Works with any backup storage • Supports any virtual machineModernizing Backup for Virtual Environments
    15. 15. V-Ray Visibility for Global Deduplication NetBackup Data stream Data stream ?What We See -• Complete layout of the file What Others See -• System represented inside • One big file• VMDK/VHD file including: • No Q-tree Intelligence - File boundaries • Deleted Data remains - Fragments - Block status (Deleted) What Happens -What We Can Do - • No file information• “Single-Pass” Store the VMDK file • Extra steps to collect file info• “Single-Step” recovery at file level • Multi-Step processes required - 2x storage• Fantastic Deduplication - Or, multi-step file recovery• Deduplication Platform for enhancements • Harder to optimize deduplicationModernizing Backup for Virtual Environments
    16. 16. V-Ray Intelligent SegmentationVMDK Snapshot - Backup Data Stream Tags, metadata, indexesNBU Opens VM Snapshot FILE 3 FILE 1 FILE 1 FILE 2 FILE 3 FILE 3 FILE 3 FILE 2 C A B B B D A AReads File Order FidelityIndexes individual files for incremental backups (for VCB and vStorage)Aligns deduplication to achieve global deduplication File 1 File 2 A D D D VMDK image format File 3 ESX Server GLOBAL DEDUPE up to 99% • Across VMguests D A D D • Across ESX servers ESX Server • Across virtual and physical sever Media server • Across NDMP data sets Modernizing Backup for Virtual Environments
    17. 17. V-Ray Visibility Into Virtual Backup Images for Single File Restore VM2 VM1 • Stage-less file-level recovery • Direct from VM backup • Direct from any backup storage • All files are cataloged • File-level recovery for Linux and WindowsModernizing Backup for Virtual Environments
    18. 18. V-RAY Optimized Synthetic ProtectionYou can’t Protect everything with a Snapshot Problem:Traditional cycle of full backups requires backup server cycles (I/O) and bandwidthClient • Traditional Synthetic Backups still move data at the media server Solution: Optimized Virtual Synthetics • Leverages appliance CPU power & V-RAY Intelligence Incremental backups • No Data Movement requires less infrastructure • Eliminates “heavy lifting” full backups • Frees Media Servers for other wokload Full Incr. Incr. Optimized Backup Backup Backup Synthetic Optimized Synthetic Lightening fast backups!Modernizing Backup for Virtual Environments 18
    19. 19. V-Ray VMware Changed Block Snapshot ProtectionIn NetBackup 7.1 • Changed Block Tracking - AKA Block Level Incremental – Keeps track of blocks that have changed since last backup – Much more efficient incremental technology – Snapshot exists for shorter time – less impact – Makes non-SAN (DAS or NAS) backups viable – NBU will uniquely restore at either block or file level • Every CBT backup is a full recovery point in NetBackup – Restore the Entire VMDK from CBT incremental backup • Not by restoring the vmdk then adding file restores • Not by restoring the vmdk then adding CBT Overlays • V-RAY Synthetic Protection provides a single DR (full) recovery point from CBT backups – Combines Optimized Synthetic Protection with BLIB Protection • Individual File Recovery from CBT backups DirectlyModernizing Backup for Virtual Environments
    20. 20. No Man Is an Island:Multiple Backup Tools are Costly and Complex The Backup Team The VMware Team Physical Infrastructure Virtualized InfrastructureModernizing Backup for Virtual Environments
    21. 21. V-Ray Visibility Enables Unified Backup Management NetBackup Backup Exec Physical Infrastructure Virtualized Infrastructure Unified Data ProtectionModernizing Backup for Virtual Environments
    22. 22. V-Ray Enables Granular Recovery of Virtualized App Serversin Backup Exec 2010 R3 V-Ray Granular Recovery for Virtual Applications Backup Exec Media Server with Virtual AgentVMware Server Single-pass Backup of Running 1 Virtual Guest Systems 2 Application Restore granular Servers Exchange, SQL and Active Directory Data in Seconds: • Individual Mailboxes • Emails • Private or Public Folders • Calendar Items • Tasks • User Accounts or Attributes • SQL Databases Modernizing Backup for Virtual Environments
    23. 23. New VMware Proxy-less Backupin Backup Exec 2010R3 VMware vSphere Server [Host] Backup Exec 2010 Media Server Linux Linux Protects • Entire Guest VM’s (Windows and Linux) with Full, Incremental, or Windows Windows Windows WindowsExchange Differential backups • Virtualized Microsoft VSS-capable applications • VMware Template Files • Single-pass backup, Granular Recovery of file and application data VMware Virtual Servers [Guests]Modernizing Backup for Virtual Environments
    24. 24. VMware Intelligent Policy With V-RayIn NetBackup 7.1Key Features Challenge• Manage auto discovery and VMs change constantly, creating administration and performance issues protection of virtual machines as they move, change or come online Key Benefits • Automatically discover new, cloned, or migrated virtual machines • vMotion, Storage vMotion, and DRS aware • Protect VMs on-the-fly VMs VMs • No editing of backup policy • Enhanced load balancing/throttling • Faster backupsModernizing Backup for Virtual Environments
    25. 25. Traditional Backups 17 Active ESX 1 • Without planning, # of active jobs Backup Server per ESX server NetBackup 7 for VMware will be random 0 Active ESX 2 • Load on each ESX data store will SANlopsided be 2 Active • Overall performance not optimal ESX 3 Backup Target • Backups less reliable – snapshot 1 errors caused by I/O imbalance Active ESX 4 UCSModernizing Backup for Virtual Environments
    26. 26. VMware Intelligent Policies (VIP) 5 Automated Load Balancing In NetBackup 7.1 Active ESX 1 • Create 1 NetBackup Policy Backup Server • Provides complete control VMware NetBackup 7 for over 5 backup load Active ESX 2 • Improve backup performance SAN backup impact on VM’s • Reduce • Significantly improve overall backup 5 reliability Active ESX 3 Backup Target 5 Active ESX 4 UCSModernizing Backup for Virtual Environments
    27. 27. NetBackup 7 Performance BenchmarkTotal Number of VMs Protected – Full Backups Single VMware Backup HostBefore vStorage APIs Weekend B/U = 60 hours Avg. VM size = 40GBTest 1: 340 VMs Data Change = 5%63 MB/sec 2430 VMsWith vStorage APIs to regular diskTest 2:450 MB/sec 3240 VMsWith vStorage APIs to Deduplicated diskTest 3:600 MB/sec 500 1000 1500 2000 2500 3000 Backup for Virtual Environments
    28. 28. Unlike Other Vendors, Symantec Offers Choice 1 Client Servers 2 Media Server 3 Target Device Places to Dedupe Choice of Built-In Dedupe Built-In Dedupe Dedupe to a target at the client at the media server backend storage target More Choices on a Single Platform Choice Form Factor Choice ofModernizing Backup for Virtual Environments 28
    29. 29. Breaking News – Announced May 3rd Backup for You Backup Exec Backup Exec Backup 2010 R3 Hybrid Cloud Software Appliance Cloud Protecting Your Virtual and Physical SystemsModernizing Backup for Virtual Environments
    30. 30. The NetBackup Appliance Portfolio Dedupe Appliances Backup Appliances NBU 5000 Series NBU 5200 Series NBU 5000 NBU 5200 NBU 5020 NBU 5220 NBU 5000 Series Dedupe Appliances for both NetBackup Appliances NetBackup and Backup Exec w/ Dedupe Built in NBU 5000 NBU 5020 NBU 5200 NBU 5220Speed 4.3 TB/ hr 13.4 TB/hr 10.5 TB/hrRaw Capacity 24 TB 48 TB 48 TB Coming SoonUsable Capacity (pernode/per deployment) 16 TB/ 96 TB 32 TB/ 192 TB 32 TBBuilt-in Replication    Source and Target Dedupe    Exclusive SymantecFeatures     NetBackup Appliances Overview 30
    31. 31. VM Protection + Optimized Duplication for Multisite DR for VMware using can leverage your topology (IP and Now Fiber Channel) IP/FC Transport Flexibility NetBackup Appliance Design Production Disaster Recovery NetBackup 5200 Media Server Appliance(s) w/ 32TB Embedded Dedupe Pools NetBackup NetBackup Deduplication Deduplication Appliances AppliancesUp to 192TB/Pool Up to 192TB/Pool Dedupe processing Optimized Standard Data Transfer over IP Duplication Standard or Optimized Transfer over IP Standard Data Transfer over FC Transport Standard or Optimized Transfer over FC Transport* Optimized Deduplication 31
    32. 32. NetBackup 7 & Backup Exec Powered By V-RayIndustry 1st “End-to-End” VMware & Deduplication Solutions NetBackup Backup Exec Physical Infrastructure Virtualized Infrastructure Unified Data Protection NBU 5200 Series 16TB – 192TB NBU 5000 Series VMs BE Appliance Series VMs VMs VMsBuilt-InClient Dedupe Built-InMedia Server Dedupe Scalable Global Dedupe Across Virtual/Physical On your equipment or Symantec Appliances Symantec Dedupe Appliance “End-to-End” Scalable Global DeduplicationModernizing Backup for Virtual Environments
    33. 33. Questions & AnswersModernizing Backup for Virtual Environments
    34. 34. Thank you! For more information, download: Whitepaper: IDG whitepaper - Shedding Light on Backup and Availability Challenges in Virtual Environments Copyright © 2011 Symantec Corporation. All rights reserved. Symantec and the Symantec Logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of Symantec Corporation or its affiliates in the U.S. and other countries. Other names may be trademarks of their respective owners. This document is provided for informational purposes only and is not intended as advertising. All warranties relating to the information in this document, either express or implied, are disclaimed to the maximum extent allowed by law. The information in this document is subject to change without notice.Modernizing Backup for Virtual Environments