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Aisha Cloning

Aisha Cloning

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  • 1. Reproductive Cloning:Creating a duplicate copy of another organism Aisha Hussein
  • 2. How could cloning be put in use?● There are many ways to put cloning into use – Medical purposes – Reproducing endangered animal species – To help infertile people to have children
  • 3. Medical Purposes● Scientists learn about how human diseases by studying from animals● Cloning will create genetically identical animals so that scientists can study them – That will help make the research more accurate, considering all the animals would be genetically the same
  • 4. Cloning endangered Animals● Many animals are endangered, and if you can clone these animals it can prevent extinction Noah was a cloned Gaur. The Guar was going extinct. Unfortunately, Noah died 2 days after his birth due to a common bacterial infection
  • 5. Helps infertile people have children● Cloning could be used to help couples who cant have children – They could clone a child, so that they can have their own
  • 6. Side Effects/Disadvantages● Builds a superficial society – People may start trying to make their children perfect—make them smarter, stronger, more beautiful – Eliminates differences ● Each person is unique in their own way, if youre cloning people not everyone will be different
  • 7. ● Unreliability – The mutations or complications that could come from cloning cant be undoable . You cant put a humans life in jeopardy
  • 8. How expensive is cloning?● Cloning generally is very expensive. The price varies from what organism you are using, because the cost of the eggs are different.● A human egg donor is paid $3000 to $5000 where as you can get 4000 mouse oocytes for $2000 ● If you did the same with the humans , it would cost approximately 2 million ● It costed about $750,000 dollars to make Dolly the sheep (not including the years of research)
  • 9. Process of Cloning● The most common method is stomatic cell nuclear transfer also known as nuclear transfer● A stomatic cell is a cell that isnt a sperm or egg that has the complete DNA of the organism it came from● To clone, you need a stomatic cell and an egg cell
  • 10. ● First, you have to isolate the stomatic cell and the egg cell from both donors● You then remove and discard the nucleus, because the nucleus contains the egg donors genes● Then you transfer the stomatic cell into the egg cell, and the egg will have the egg cell donors DNA● After that is completed, you have to stimulate cell division – Use stimulating liquids to allow the cell to divide with regular meiosis
  • 11. ● Lastly, you need to implant the embryo into a surrogate mother● link above is a walk through animated process of cloning
  • 12. Cloning Controversies● In 2002, George Bush first tried to ban all human cloning● Many people believe that human cloning is morally wrong, especially when it comes to human cloning● Some people may believe that cloning is exploiting one person for another.Every human being is supposed to be unique and completely copying another would oppose that● Others believe that cloning can help medical advancements
  • 13. Bibliography● /