Technology for Transparency


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Transparency Projects in Europe

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Technology for Transparency

  1. 1. Challenges for Transparency Projects in Europe Sylwia Presley
  2. 2. Sylwia Presley Social media strategist and word of mouth marketer with experience at Nokia (2003), Tata SAP consultancy (2004-2005). Since 2006 based in the UK. Worked at 1000heads for Nokia, Toshiba, Castrol, Sky, V&A, FEVE, 3. Since 2008 specialising in word of mouth marketing ethics. Activist writer for Global Voices and Future Challenges. Activist speaker and event organiser specialising in ethics and transparency (Barcamp Transparency UK, Technology for Transparency network), women in technology (Girl Geek Dinners), on- line fundraising and social media for 3rd sector (Twestival, Barcamp Nonprofits).
  3. 3. Voice We are Voice. We are Oxford based social media consultancy servicing mainly non for profit sector: • We educate organisations on power and mechanisms of social media. • We apply social media marketing and fundraising practices to help them achieve their goals through personal relationships with supporters and donors. • We help them to take the lead in discussions around their brand. • We help organisations to discover the practical value of social media. Vanessa Blake David Dixon Euan Semple Chris Denton Howard Lake Sylwia Presley Adrian Phillips
  4. 4. Agenda 1.  What is governmental transparency? 2.  Technology for Transparency Network 3.  Personal Democracy Forum Europe 4.  MySociety.Org 5.  Discussion about UK
  5. 5. Government - transparency
  6. 6. Technology for Transparency
  7. 7. Technology for Transparency
  8. 8. Technology for Transparency
  9. 9. Technology for Transparency
  10. 10. Technology for Transparency
  11. 11. Technology for Transparency
  12. 12. Technology for Transparency
  13. 13. Technology for Transparency
  14. 14. Personal Democracy Forum Europe
  15. 15. Personal Democracy Forum Europe
  16. 16. Personal Democracy Forum Europe
  17. 17. Personal Democracy Forum Europe
  18. 18.
  19. 19.
  20. 20.
  21. 21.
  22. 22.
  23. 23. Open Knowledge Foundation
  24. 24. Ushahidi
  25. 25. Final Points Government in social media vs. free public data? Who owns the public data and how do we understand it? Privacy vs. transparency Are we ready to be open governments? Are we ready to be open citizens? Is open government threat to state security? Are activist safe when using on-line tools? Is social media platform for dialogue with local MP’s? Do we know and understand the work of our parliaments? Are we involved? Are we educated to be involved? Do we have the right tools and technology? Do we have global approach to legislation? Do we have leading personalities of change? Do we have enough of forums to connect?
  26. 26. Final Points
  27. 27. Contact If you have any comments please contact: Sylwia Presley E-mail: Mobile: 07850 138 178 Twitter: presleysylwia Skype: sylwia.presley