Free presentation tips by presentation expert Sylvie Verleye


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Discover my 'golden' presentation tips that might give you some fresh ideas for your next crystal clear presentation.

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Free presentation tips by presentation expert Sylvie Verleye

  1. 1. FREE PRESENTATION TIPSBy presentation coach and speaker Sylvie Verleye
  2. 2. You are about to discover my golden presentationrules to make your next presentation an unforgettableexperience for you and your audience…
  3. 3. Connect with your audience
  4. 4. TALK WITH THEM… NOT TO THEMThe distance between you and the audience is of utmost importance
  5. 5. To really connect with the audience you need to stand close to them because it feels like you bond with them.
  6. 6. YOU have the lead, not the slidesYOU are in controle, not the slideshow
  7. 7. So MEMORIZE the order of your slides!
  8. 8. OBSERVE the MASTER He introduces the slide and clicks instead of clicking and then commenting the slide.
  9. 9. BIGYou have a big screen, make it
  10. 10. A picture works best when it covers most of the slide
  11. 11. Put a message ON the picture in a minimum font 20
  12. 12.  Most slides that I see are ‘decorated’ slides With the ever so (not) important bullet points Where text is the basis of the slide And the picture works as nice extra Sometimes it is not even a nice picture but clipart Please don’t do that When you have slides like these your audience is reading And chances are that your font will become smaller And smaller And smaller As you cannot get everything on the slide Please don’t do that
  13. 13. The bigger the audience, the bigger the font
  14. 14. Never ever send your slides, only show them during a presentation
  15. 15. Slide during presentation Send the notes afterwards
  16. 16. Make this document when the slides are ready.Press ‘file’ ‘save and send’ ‘create handouts inword’ choose ‘notes below slides’ and yourPowerPoint will be transferred to a worddocument looking like this. All you have to do istype your text which is meant for the audience.
  17. 17. Come to think of it….do you really needslides
  18. 18. ‘‘ We do not get our great ideas from the laptop - JOHN CLEESE
  19. 19. Before you start designing slides
  20. 20. BCheck this out…press B (or Z) twice on your keyboard when youare in a slideshow and see what happens. You may just decide touse that black screen throughout your presentation…
  21. 21. Don’t freak out, just step out of your comfort zone and give it a try!
  22. 22. This slideshare was made by presentation expert Sylvie Verleye of presentation academy Simply Talking! Surf to for more…