Weeks of December 9th & December 16th, 2009                                Please Post Prominently and Distribute Widely  ...
Weekly News, weeks of December 9th & 16th, 2009 Page 2Street Station, a train worker put out a fire on a train car and eva...
Weekly News, weeks of December 9th & 16th, 2009 Page 3Nostalgia Trains                                                    ...
Weekly News, weeks of December 9th & 16th, 2009 Page 4Citizenship Celebration                                 When Winter ...
Weekly News, weeks of December 9th & 16th, 2009 Page 5medical plan deductions. It all depends on your            CAAT, COM...
Weekly News, weeks of December 9th & 16th, 2009 Page 6Staff Analyst I (TA)                                                ...
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MTA Heroes


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MTA Heroes

  1. 1. Weeks of December 9th & December 16th, 2009 Please Post Prominently and Distribute Widely INSIDE “You are the greatest symbol of the public sector rebuilding itself. Be proud, but do me a favor — don’t be satisfied,” Jay Walder, MTA CEO, Chair at Medals Awards ceremony. Medals of Excellence Ceremony Celebrating NYCT’s Heroes, Distinguished Employees By Sylvia Isabel, Corporate Communications How was work today? Transit workers probably have the most interesting Nostalgia Train, responses to this perennial question. We have wonderful lost-and-found tourist Page 3 stories, of course. But then, there are the real stories—births, near disasters, people on the tracks, fires, choking and belligerent customers. You name it, Citizenship we got it. Besides several Heimlich maneuvers to save choking co-workers and putting out fires, this year’s heroes, distinguished service and Celebration, Page 4 commendation honorees performed far above the call of duty. Winter Weather You may recall Transit’s special deliveries—the Subway worker who Service, Page 4 delivered a baby on the R line (Whitehall Street Station) this past summer; and the bus operator who delivered a baby on a Brooklyn bus the next day. Both Health Plan stories were featured in the media. Well, there’s more. One train operator Changes, Page 5 stopped her train inches from a man laying on the tracks in Harlem. Yes, we save lots of people who end up on our tracks! A disturbed and distraught man Job Vacancy found on the tracks at Hewes Street Station on the M line was also rescued and Notices, Page 5-6 calmed by Subway personnel. At Woodlawn Terminal, a team of workers cleaned, sanitized and fumigated, in record time (11 minutes!), a 10-car train with two cars in really bad shape after some unsightly, messy episodes took Back Issues: click place on the floors, walls, seats and ceiling. here for Weekly News back issues. Another team of workers helped an unruly and belligerent customer on the 1 at Times Square despite the man spitting in their faces. At 2 am at Pacific
  2. 2. Weekly News, weeks of December 9th & 16th, 2009 Page 2Street Station, a train worker put out a fire on a train car and evacuated customers. With organizedspontaneity, a team of bus workers put out a Casey Stengel Depot fire, saving lives, equipment anduninterrupted service. And to top it off, we had an ‘Auditing hero’ who was astute enough to challenge autility bill and eventually recover $385K in Con Ed overcharges! Take that to the bank!“Today we recognize ordinary people who did extraordinary things,” said Tom Webb, VP WorkforceDevelopment, in his welcoming remarks at the recent Medals of Excellence Ceremony held at 2Broadway. “This is a heritage unique only to us. We (New York City Transit) built this city relying onlyon the workers. So many of our people are everyday heroes,” he said. Twenty-six out of nearly 47,000employees were honored: 4 Heroism (Buses), 20 Commendations (19 Subways; 1 Buses) and 2Distinguished Service Awards (CPM). “These 26 individuals add up to 335 years of service!” Webbadded.The occasion provided the first opportunity for the agency’s two new leaders—MTA Chairman and CEO,Jay H.Walder and NYCT President Thomas F. Prendergast— to visit and mix freely with employeesand their families at the same event.“It feels good to be back.The Transit system is what makes New York special,” said Walder. ”We think ofthe steel and MetroCards that identify the system. But, it is not about steel and MetroCards. It is aboutthe people. I remember 1983, it was an extreme eye-opener of fires, scary rides, grafitti and uncertainty.Look at us today. NYCT is the heart and soul of the City’s resurgence. I want everyone here to be proud.You are the greatest symbol of the public sector rebuilding itself. Be proud, but do me a favor—don’t besatisfied. As we age, what we want is to be better. Go on this journey with me to hit higher levels ofcustomer satisfaction and new technologies. We can replace the parts but not the people. It is my deepestbelief that our greatest asset is our people.”President Thomas Prendergast added: “I’m glad and honored to be here and standing with you. It’s truethat in those prior years we may have failed to realize that our most important asset is our people. Asmentiond earlier, you realize that your real destiny is in the hands of the employees. In a military-typeorganization where each job is clearly defined, today’s honorees found ways to stretch the limits andmake decisive moves that made a difference. On my tour, we had two accidents. In those days, we trulysuffered. There may have been thousands of near misses that didn’t happen because of what you did—youmade all the difference. It is with a great deal of humility that I thank you for the quality of your service.”This program is considered the most important event to honor employees who were deemed the ‘best ofthe best.’ It followed a traditional format. Chaplain Brenda Roberston sang the National Anthem.Father Lucas filled in for Chaplain Harry Berkowitz and gave the Invocation. Tributes from the unionscame from Andreeva Pinder, TWU, Local 100 and Joseph Helm, Subway Surface SupervisorsAssociation. A catered breakfast was served. Each honoree was photographed with the chief executives.Congratulations to the following honorees: Distinguished Service (CPM)—Zhi-Wei Lin and DelsieRojas; Commendations (Subways)—John Biscaino, Denise Clarke, Tyrone Cloud, Dale Cook,Robert Donnelly, Miguel Figueroa, Joseph Grech, Yovanny Hernandez, Cecil Kingston, IgorLabinsky, Burim Marke, Sheila Mosley, Kenneth Natal, Jose Pena (Buses), Scott Prendergast,Anthony Santana, Robert Schmit, Lawrence Singh, Bretta Sykes, Anthony Webb; and Heroism(Buses)—Kevin Cusack, Milton Hilario, Michael Napodano, John Watts.A big ‘Thank you’ goes to Workforce Development Managers: Joseph Loperfido, Larry Sampson, andJessica Kavoulakis; and Thalia Panton, AVP, for producing a wonderful program. Page 2 of 6
  3. 3. Weekly News, weeks of December 9th & 16th, 2009 Page 3Nostalgia Trains Riding the Nostalgia Shoppers Special, you can expect to see a variety of subway cars in service from the 1930s to the 1970s, that ran along theRolling on Sundays lettered lines from the Grand Concourse to Coney Island. Ceiling fans, padded seats and incandescent light bulbs were state-of-the-art forVintage Trains Return for Holidays these cars.Only on December SundaysBy Sylvia Isabel, Corporate CommunicationsWhat could be more memorable than a chance torelive that classic New York City Subway ride?Here’s your opportunity—only on a Sunday, inDecember, that is. The vintage train features theclassic dark olive green exterior. The memorableinterior is a neutral palette of grey tones, whitemetal poles, red/maroon plastic covered seats;the wicker seats are there this year too! All ofthe iconic elements are there— from ceilingfans, incandescent light bulbs, leather The cars were removed from service 30 yearsstraphangers, porcelain handholds and vintage ago and replaced by the stainless steel, climate-graphics on posters including Miss Subways, controlled trains that our customers haveChicklets and Lucky Strikes. And the best thing become accustomed to. Many subway ridersof all is the view—front of the train track view! have never experienced the charm of wicker seats and ceiling fans, but they are back for theThe Nostalgia train ride kicked off in festive remaining Sundays between the hours of 10 a.m.style wth the Radio City Music Hall Rockettes, and 5 p.m., on December 20 and 27.including a MetroCard deal to see their show.For details, go to http://bit.ly/Rckttes Hop on More Vintage Trains…board and re-live those days with this year’s1930s-era Nostalgia Shoppers Special, which If you can’t make the December Sundaywill run along the V Line between Long Island ‘Nostalgia’ rides, you can still indulge yourCity, Queens and Lower Manhattan. But you passions for these and other vintages trains.must have patience and vigilance to catch this Many are usually housed at the New Yorktrain. Remember, do your shopping near the V Transit Museum in Brooklyn Heights wheresubway line! To see the photo shoot of the they have honored positions along with originalRockettes kick-off with Transit staff, go to token turnstiles and other memorabilia, as statichttp://www.flickr.com/photos/nyctransit/tags/mt displays. For the miniature train enthusiast, aa/ must see is the Annual Holiday Train Show at the Museums Gallery Annex at Grand Central"With a little bit of luck and good timing, riders Terminal featuring a working layout and awill be able to catch a ride on this classic selection of vintage model trains dating from thesubway train at stations along the V line 1800s.The layout, which this year featuresbetween Queens Plaza and Second Avenue." Lionels brand new MTA LIRRs M7 cars, willsaid Steven Feil, MTA New York City Transits be on view now through January 18, 2010.Senior Vice President of the Department ofSubways. For hours and directions, please call 212-878- 0106 or go to MTA.info/transit museum. Page 3 of 6
  4. 4. Weekly News, weeks of December 9th & 16th, 2009 Page 4Citizenship Celebration When Winter Weather HitsCongratulations to Santhosh Alex of HPEM Look for Posted Service ChangesMetroCard Operations (High ProductionEncoding Machines) for becoming a US citizen It happens every year. Sooner or later winterrecently. He was sworn in at a Central Islip, weather gets especially messy, and when it doesLong Island court. Alex said his ‘American your subway line may not operate normally, orDream’ began according to the printed schedule. To keepas a child customers informed, Corporategrowing up in Communications/Marketing has created aMavelikara, colorful and informative poster designed to alertIndia’s state riders to what to expect.of Kerala.There he Periods of heavy snow, ice and freezing raincommenced his require that out-of-service trains be stored instudies at the subway tunnels overnight rather than be leftUniversity of sitting in outside yards. While this insures thatKerala. He then moved on to the University of trains are ready for their next assignment to rushPune, near Mumbai, where he earned a Master’s hour service and that car interiors maintain aDegree in Computer Management. Alex comfortable temperature, the idle trains must beexplained that his wife Mary became a citizen in stored on tracks that would normally be used for1999 and their daughter, Emily, was a born express service.citizen. So, he said it was his turn to step up. Of course, we try to maintain as much trainTo celebrate the wonderful occasion, coworker service as possible, but during instances ofLanette Smith-White (the famed ‘Transit Cake severe winter weather, service on the A, E, D, F,Queen’-see her profile next edition!) baked aspecial cake designed with India’s and US’ flag, N, Q, 2, 3, 4, and 5 Lines may run local forUS Constitution and Declaration of segments of their routes. Service on someIndependence representing his personal journey. weekday lines including the B, V, and W may“God Bless America. I have great co-workers also end earlier than regularly scheduled. Theseand a great country to live, study and progress and other service adjustments are explained onin life,” said Alex. (Thank you to Diana Leavy NYC Transits Cold Weather service posters,for this heads up. Send announcements to which are currently being posted in subwayweeklynewsmailbox@nyct.com) – Sylvia Isabel stations and cars throughout the system. The information is also included online on the NYCEmployee Citizenship Transit Service Advisory page.Many American state and local government When the forecast calls for severe winteragencies employ non-citizens. Only the Federal weather, subway and bus customers shouldgovernment agencies require US citizenship for allow for additional travel time and, remember,all of its employees, according to US Labor service alerts are posted on the MTA home pageDepartment. NYCT employee citizenship data at www.mta.info. To download a PDF version ofcollection began in November 2003. Since then, the poster, click here.NYCT has hired 13,800 employees indicatingUS citizenship (this includes naturalized 2010 Health Plan Changescitizens) and 2,100 employees indicating Everyone should have received the mailers byPermanent Resident status. Prior to 2003, there now explaining health plan changes. This is awere no means of tracking this information, reminder that you may change your plan now.according to HR officials. You may or may not see rate changes in your Page 4 of 6
  5. 5. Weekly News, weeks of December 9th & 16th, 2009 Page 5medical plan deductions. It all depends on your CAAT, COMTO Holiday Eventstitle: Manager Employee Contribution Memo; Everyone is welcome to attend these excitingNon-Rep Career and Salary, Non-Rep Oper, holiday events:OSA, and TSO SSII Employee Contribution CAAT (Committee for African Americans inMemo; or SSSA and TSO Oper and Queens Transit) is offering discount tickets on severalDivision Employee Contribution Memo. The dates to see Fela!, the award-winning newNYSHIP Choices Guide 2010 is available on musical based on the life of Afro-beat legendTENS. For more information contact NYSHIP Fela Anikulapo-Kuti. It’s all set for Decemberdirectly by: Logging onto www.cs.state.ny.us ; 21, 27, 28, 2009 and January 3, 2010. ProceedsCalling 1-877-769-7447 .Visit TENS/Human will benefit the CAAT Scholarship fund. TicketsResource Home Page: Benefits/NYSHIP/Active range from $42-$87. Call 212-947-8844, useEmployees – Health Benefits – code#FECHR1127. Call Solenia @646-252-Medical/hospital/ Prescription Drugs. Contact 3770 or Karen @ 646-252-3165.Employee Benefits by: Calling 1-347-643-8550(from 8:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., Monday through COMTO (Conference of MinorityFriday) E-mailing: employeebenefits@nyct.com Transportation Officials) is hosting a Toy DriveLogging onto http://myaccess.nyct.com and Holiday party, December 18 @ VuDu Lounge, 1487 1st Avenue, between 77th & 78th Streets, 6-9pm. Donation is $10 or a new,Health Club Membership Deadline unwrapped toy. Proceeds benefit TransitReminder to managers, and non-represented Workers for Children. Call Dwayne @ 347-employees, members of the Civil Bar Assn., 694-1670.Civil Service Technical Guild-Ch. 2 (DC 37, (Send your listings toLocal 375, the organization of Staff weeklynewsmailbox@nyct.com)Analysts, SSSA, TWU Local 106 (TSO),and UFLEO—Open enrollment for theNYCT Health Club membership payrolldeduction program will be held from Q uote of the Week: "The most exciting happiness is the happiness generated by forces beyond your control.” -December 7, 2009-January 4, 2010. CheckTENS for specific club details or call Ogden NashCarrol Cargill @ 347-643-8335.Job Vacancy NoticesDecember 11, 2009 - January 4, 2010Asst. Electrical Engr. Rep Subways Division/Unit: Car $53,216 - $69,435 $46,275Job Vacancy # 005267 EquipmentElectrical Engineer II Subways Division/Unit: Car $75,105 - $90,734 $65,309Electrical Engineer III Equipment $84,016 - $99,045 $73,057Job Vacancy # 005273Mechanical Engineer II Subways Division/Unit: Car $75,105 - $90,734 $65,309Mechanical Engineer III Equipment $84,016 - $99,045 $73,057Job Vacancy # 005281Manager, Classification and Administration Division/Unit: $67,000 -$105,900 (F)Examination Human ResourcesJob Vacancy # 005291Assoc. Staff Analyst (TA) Administration Division/Unit: $64,778 - $83,872 $56,329Assoc. Staff Analyst (OA) Human Resources $67,314 - $87,159 Page 5 of 6
  6. 6. Weekly News, weeks of December 9th & 16th, 2009 Page 6Staff Analyst I (TA) $49,351 - $58,427 $42,914Staff Analyst I (OA) $51,287 - $60,716Staff Analyst II (TA) $57,305 - $63,822 $49,830Staff Analyst II (OA) $59,549 - $66,322Staff Analyst Trainee SS 1 (TA) $38,665 - $40,982 $33,622Staff Analyst Trainee SS 1 (OA) $40,179 - $42,588Staff Analyst Trainee SS 2 (TA) $41,757 - $46,397 $36,310Staff Analyst Trainee SS 2 (OA) $43,395 - $48,215Job Vacancy # 005292Staff Analyst I (TA) Administration Division/Unit: $49,351 - $58,427 $42,914Staff Analyst I (OA) Human Resources $51,287 - $60,716Staff Analyst II (TA) $57,305 - $63,822 $49,830Staff Analyst II (OA) $59,549 - $66,322Job Vacancy # 005293Director, Maintenance of Way Workforce Development $71,500 -$113,000 (E)Training Division/Unit: WorkforceJob Vacancy # 005316 DevelopmentDirector, Operations Training Workforce Development $71,500 -$113,000 (E) Division/Unit: WorkforceJob Vacancy # 005317 DevelopmentMtce. Supv. (Car Equip) II Workforce Development $79,400 - $83,360Job Vacancy # 005318 Division/Unit: Workforce DevelopmentMtce. Supv. (Signals) II Workforce Development $79,400 - $83,360Job Vacancy # 005319 Division/Unit: Workforce DevelopmentManager, Applications Executive V.P. Division/Unit: $71,500 -$113,000 (E)Job Vacancy # 005321 Technology & Info ServicesConfidential Secretary I Regional Bus Company $47,182 - $64,464Job Vacancy # 005322 Division/Unit: Central Maintenance FacilityComputer Spc. (SW) 1 DC37 Ben Subways Division/Unit: Electronics $78,184 - $84,736 $67,986Computer Spc. (SW) 2 DC37 Ben Maintenance $81,451 - $91,245 $70,827Computer Spc. (SW) 3 DC37 Ben $87,959 - $99,232 $76,486Computer Spc. (SW) 4 DC37 Ben $94,358 - $113,618 $82,050Job Vacancy # 005325Superintendent, AFC Maintenance Subways Division/Unit: Electronics $75,600 -$119,400 (D)Operation - Buses MaintenanceJob Vacancy # 005327Manager, Fire Protection and Safety System Safety Division/Unit: $80,900 -$127,800 (C) System SafetyJob Vacancy # 005330For more jobs information call Michelle Weakly at 347-643-8450NYCT & MaBSTOA ExaminationHotline: (212) 712-5627.Positions Open to Public: www.mta.info MTA NEW YORK CITY TRANSIT ISAN EQUAL OPPORTUNITY EMPLOYER. Weekly News is available on TENS under Transit/MTACCNews and from home online on MyAccess and the NYCT retiree network: http://retiree.nyct.com, clickRetiree Online Home and Newsstand. DO YOU HAVE NEWS FOR THE WEEKLY NEWS? Call 646-252-6886; fax 646-252-6857 OR weeklynewsmailbox@nyct.com. Page 6 of 6