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Making Money Online - Critical Success Factors
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Making Money Online - Critical Success Factors


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Learn about the 7 Critical Success Factors to Making Money Online

Learn about the 7 Critical Success Factors to Making Money Online

Published in: Business, Technology
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  • 1. Making Money Online 7 Critical Success Factors to a Successful Online Business Sylvia L. Marks Management Consultant
  • 2. 1. Keep an OPEN Mind
    • More and more people are buying from the Internet
    • There are over 1 billion internet users
    • They can all be your customers
    Ask Yourself: Why are you not earning an INCOME from them?
  • 3. 2. Know Your PASSION
    • It is 100% possible to have a business you like on the internet
    • You will be more motivated to work hard
    • You can succeed more easily
    Ask Yourself: Do you want to earn $$$ from a business you love?
  • 4. 3. Take ACTION
    • Go to ClickBank ( ), click on “Marketplace” at the top Now
    • Search for a product (e.g. by keying in “internet”) and look at the commission
    Ask Yourself: Why are you not earning that commission?
  • 5. 4. PLAN for Your Business
    • Once you decided to earn from the internet, PLAN how you are going to earn
    • Do you know what to do?
    • Remember: “ Fail to Plan; Plan to Fail ”
    Ask Yourself: What can I do to attract buyers on the internet?
  • 6. 5. Manage Your FINANCE Wisely
    • It is very cheap to start an online business
    • A Starbucks coffee = More than 1 domain name (equivalent to your “shop name”)
    • Dinners at restaurant = hosting package (equivalent to your “shop space”)
    Ask Yourself: Is your money helping you to make more $$$?
  • 7. 6. LEARN New Things
    • The internet is developing everyday
    • You have to learn in order to catch up
    • You do not need to know programming skills
    • But you MUST Know at least 10 Basic Skills
    Ask Yourself: Do you know enough to earn $$$ online?
  • 8. 7. BELIEVE In Yourself
    • Spend time on your online business daily
    • Stay focused and start with 1 product first
    • The internet is here to stay
    • Don’t give up!
    Ask Yourself: If others can make a million $$$ from the internet, why not me?
  • 9.
    • Take Action NOW!
    • You have Access to Ready Buyers all over the World
    • The internet market is Open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
    • My secret to earning my first $
    • online is coming up next……
    Earning $$$ Online  Your Solution to a Continuous Stream of Passive Income
  • 10.
    • You Do Not Need to:
    • OWN a Product
    • Know Technical Skills (e.g. Programming, html, etc)
    • All You Need are:
    • The Will to LEARN
    • The Will to TAKE ACTION
    • The Will to CARRY ON
    Your Financial Freedom is In Your Hands!
  • 11. The Techniques and Secrets of earning $$$ online are actually NOT Complicated at all ! I started making my FIRST sale online 2 days after learning from 2 of the World’s Millionaire Internet Marketers in Singapore. You are luckier. You do not have to come all the way to Singapore to learn. You can get FULL Access to the 2 Internet Millionaires’ Home Course now at: Remember: No ACTION = No RESULT!
  • 12. Don’t Wait! Your First $ Online Income is on the Way………. Earn it NOW! To Your Success, Sylvia