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  • 1. Manage your IT budget Optimize your infrastructure Improve your productivity Secure your data An IBM advanced business partner
  • 2. SMBBOX ? Your enterprise server installed and ready in one hour! SMBBOX is an informatics solution based on IBM Lotus Foundations: • Multi-platform collaborative email messaging (Windows, MAC OS, Linux) • Shared agenda with meetings management • Interoperable instant messaging, with remote access, choice of the messaging client (Lotus Notes, Microsoft outlook, Yahoo mail, etc.) • Document management, with document sharing, access rights management (application configurable according to the structure, with grouping by jobs, functions, departments, types etc.) • Office automation suite compatible with Microsoft Office (text processor – Word type, spreadsheet processir – Excel type, PowerPoint type presentation etc.) • Print server accessible over your network • Daily and every hour data saving • Enterprise shared directory • Firewall, anti-virus, anti-spam filters and other essential tools for a VSE / SME (network, security, file servers).
  • 3. SMBBOX ? IBM SERVER X SERIES IBM Lotus Foundations Open source solution DM – CRM – ERP - HR Indicators – Client portal - Mobility
  • 4. Manage you IT budget ! CRONOS Technologies vous permet de mieux maitriser votre budget informatique grâce à SMBBOX - solution basée sur la technologie IBM Lotus Foundations. To this end, CRONOS Technologies offers a unique fixed fee allowing your Company to assess its IT budget on a period of time (short or long term) Monthly and easy to calculate fee : 100 euros + 7 euros / user. Example : 50 employees : 200 euros + 7x50 = 550 euros / month. With SMBBOX, you’ll reduce the costs of software licences (MS Office, Windows, business applications).
  • 5. Optimize Your Infrastructure CRONOS Technologies offers you a free audit for your network infrastructure and optimizes your network. Furthermore, CRONOS Technologies proposes you an efficient management of your informatics perimeter, using Linux deployment and other free open source applications.
  • 6. Improve Your Productivity Improve your productivity with CRONOS means: • Centralizing information • Using a collaborative environment for the users • Benefiting from a centralized document version management, allowing everyone permanent access to the right information • Following-up the information history • Making easier the exchange between users. Therefore, SMBBOX allows you to win time, to be more efficient in searching for information (results pertinence) and to have access to updated documents (no redundancy or risk of obsolete versions).
  • 7. Secure Your Data SMBBOX : • Regular and automatic saving (more times per day) • All data recovery (mails, documents etc.) • Access to applications and to encrypted and secured documents • IBM Security level – benchmark for this area.
  • 8. Fixed-Price Maintenance 1. Daily accounts management (user acces, quotas, recovery of lost or accidentally deleted mails). 2. Savings management and restoration of any type of information (mails, documents, scans, images, audio, video etc.); 3. Immediate assistance if server intervention occurred; 4. Access management optimization (server, groups, applications) for data security; 5. Server management and material recommendations; 6. Document management application, configurable, containing up to 6000 Go data; 7. R&D dedicated team to the conception of specific applications for every profession (juridical, accounting, engineering etc.); 8. Mail support and incident reporting management for a better follow-up of the interventions.
  • 9. Server Technical Specifications IBM Server System x 3400 sau Foundations Procesor: Intel Xeon Quad-Core RAM: 2 GB HDD: 3 x 250 Gb (Hotplug) Redundant power & cooling
  • 10. SMBBOX Technical Side Windows / MAC / UNIX file server Windows NT Directory / Active Directory Print server Firewall / Router Mail server / Agenda (internal and external) Choice of the messaging client, Notes, Outlook, POP, IMAP Saving on hard disk / incremental / restoration Web Server (Apache / Domino) Anti-spam, Anti-virus Rights and groups management FTP server DNS DHCP Secured Web Administration System state Distance access (VPN) DB : MySQL
  • 11. Operationnal Planning Worked day D+10 D+35 D+15 D+60 D+80 Kick-off position standardization Formation de deux heures IBM Lotus Foundations Work positions and Positions configuration Probation phase and incidents statistics Kick-off IBM Lotus Foundations End of probation phase Global Maintenance Plan network infrastructure audit and standardization Installation server A day training Network cartographie Positions environment Configuration server Positions standardization statistics Phase 1 Phase 2 Phase 3 IBM Lotus Foundations Maintenance (Messaging, restoration, data, collaborative) Fixed-price IBM Lotus Foundations maintenance Network and positions audit Positions standardization
  • 12. Why IBM Lotus Foundations ? 1/3  Messaging Service / Shared agenda  Notes and Outlook clients  Distance access  Office automation suite  File management  Directories services  Firewall  Saving / restoration system  Anti-virus and anti-spam
  • 13. Why IBM Lotus Foundations ? 2/3 Complete Solution 1. Choosing your user software 2. Informatics managed from a distance 3. Choosing the server •IBM System x
  • 14. Why IBM Lotus Foundations ? 3/3 1. Take advantage of a complete collaborative environment and improve your productivity thanks to a unique document benchmark. 2. Decrease noticeably your informatics costs thanks to a regular fixed-price with commitment to results and to incident response time. 3. Benefit from a dedicated team, specialized in network and server configuration problematics, already working with big enterprises (RENAULT, THALES, VEOLIA). 4. Benefit from IBM regular advancements. 5. Acquiring IBM Lotus Foundations, you enter the IBM collaborative univers, which will allow you to develop and to capitalize on high value added solutions. 6. Benefit from a professional applications list that will be regularly enriched, allowing you to elaborate new processes.
  • 15. Rich and Web Client Interface Access
  • 16. Take Advantage of IBM Lotus Advancements
  • 17. For More Information IBM Lotus Foundations general presentation (English) : IBM Lotus Foundations detailed presentation (French) :
  • 18. Contact France, CRONOS Technologies SARL 120, avenue Charles de Gaulle 92200 NEUILLY-SUR-SEINE Tél. :+33 (0) 6 76 43 82 00 Fax :+33 (0) 1 41 28 04 01 Romania, CRONOS Technologies SRL Bd. Iuliu Maniu 8A, GEMA Center, et.2 BUCHAREST Tél. : +40 (0) 2 14 10 25 66 Fax : +40 (0) 2 14 10 25 66