Want to make your hotel spa profitable?


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Profit from our experience; wellness in luxury hotels.

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Want to make your hotel spa profitable?

  1. 1. Profit from our Experience WELLNESS in Luxury Hotels
  2. 2. MOVE ON UP The market is in constant evolution, either you move or you expire: “MOVE ON”. The direction must be vertical and positive: “UP”. Our Mission We all seek to improve our business results: • Sales • Customer Service • Operations • Profitability …
  3. 3. What de we do? Make your wellness area profitable. Our Purpose HOW? Perfectly adapting your wellness offer to your customers’ needs. Each hotel is totally unique and requires a personalized solution.
  4. 4. In today's world, a luxury hotel must have a wellness area, however : • What size should it be(m2)? • How many treatment rooms? • What should be the Staff requirements? • What services should you offer? • What brand of Beauty products to use? • What should be the pricing policy? Our Purpose Many variables affect directly the profitability of your wellness center. Same as “Food & Beverage” , the wellness area is another profit center and requires a serious project and professional advice.
  5. 5. • In the last three years, the number of Spas has nearly doubled in Spain, going from 350 to 670. • The amount of space dedicated to wellness in hotels is increasing at an annual rate of 20%. Economic data from the sector • The sector generates sales in Spain of 2,500 millions Euros annually. •The demand for health tourism and natural therapies in wellness centers is ever increasing in our country.
  6. 6. Personalized projects for wellness centers of new creation Our Expertise Tailor made solutions for wellness centers already operating
  7. 7. NEEDS’ ANALYSIS We study all the variables that can affect your wellness business. This way we can establish what are your real needs, a profitability PERSONALIZED study and ways to optimize the resources on hand. PROJECTS MADE TO MEASURE TECHNICAL PROJECT We elaborate a technical project based on the space you dispose of and your needs, always seeking to achieve maximum profitability. We supervise the construction, as well as the decoration Wellness Centers of New Creation SELECTION OF SUPPLIERS We select the suppliers that best fit your needs as well as your budget. We support you in the choice of the fitness equipment, beauty products, decoration… HUMAN RESOURCES We handle the interviews and the selection process of the whole team, as well as their training and motivation.
  8. 8. EXPERTISE IN THE FITNESS AREA How to optimize and make this area profitable? What services to offer, personnel, scheduling, fitness equipment, physiotherapy, Pilates, Kinesis, new techniques… PERSONALIZED PROJECTS EXPERTISE IN THE BEAUTY AREA AND SPA What should be your ideal beauty area? Based on the type of hotel, number of rooms, client type….we establish the ideal dimension (m2), number of treatment rooms, staff, menu of treatments, beauty products, configuration of the Spa area… Wellness Centers of New Creation MARKETING We elaborate an annual marketing plan, with the hotel management, to communicate your wellness center to the hotel’s guests, as well as residents of the surrounding area. We design promotions, treatment of the month, packages with the room, beauty packages, etc… We establish the most adequate media and supports for the communication of the wellness center and the services offered.
  9. 9. ANALYSIS OF THE CURRENT SITUATION We first analyze all the variables that can affect your business. We detect the most relevant deficiencies and draft a proposal of TAILOR MADE recommendations to optimize profitability. SOLUTIONS RECOMMENDATIONS Our recommendations only affect the areas that are deficient. Sales, productivity, costs, staffing issues, optimization of the space, results per m2, pricing policy, menu of beauty treatments, communication strategy, etc… Wellness Centers already Operating COSTS ANALYSIS; SUPPLIERS We review all suppliers’ agreements. We would recommend suppliers that best fit your needs and economy. We are totally independent consultants; we recommend what is best for YOU. HUMAN RESOURCES We would interview all the current team, analyze each position, as well as their productivity. If necessary, we would propose a restructure of the staff, as well as their training and implement new motivational schemes.
  10. 10. Our Testimonial Implementation in Spain of the exclusive wellness concept by Angelo Caroli (Italian). Personalized wellness based on the harmony between mind and body. Opening of 5 health clubs from concept to market; technical project, construction, selection and training of the team, operations manuals, fitness and medical services, beauty treatments, nutrition, corporate image, marketing plan…
  11. 11. Westin Valencia 5* GL Opening: January 2007 Wellness center: 1.100 m2 Fitness, Kinesis, Pilates, Physiotherapy, Group classes, Nutrition, Beauty (8 rooms), Spa area… Sheraton La Caleta – Tenerife 5* Resort Opening: July 2008 Wellness center: 1.800 m2 Fitness, Pilates, Physiotherapy, Group classes, Nutrition, Beauty (9 rooms), Spa area… Our testimonial Hotel Wellington – Madrid 5* Opening: October 2009 Wellness center: 700 m2 Hotel Valdepalacios – Oropesa – Toledo 5* GL Relais – Chateux Opening: June 2008 Wellness center: 300 m2
  12. 12. We are committed to improve your business. INTEGRITY We propose only what you really need. Honesty is the key word in everything we do. We are senior professionals, and we know our business. INDEPENDANT We are not linked to any supplier of any type. PROFESSIONALS We are totally independent consultants Our Core Values We get involved in your business as if it was our COMMITMENT own. We commit ourselves to results. It’s a habit. We are passionate. PASSION It’s our driving force.
  13. 13. 1. FULL RANGE OF SERVICES From initial concept to market. 2. INDEPENDENCE We are independent consultants; not linked to any supplier. 3. EXPERIENCE Backed by more than 25 years and a variety of luxury wellness centers. 4. CREATIVITY We look for innovative solutions; no “cut and paste”. Lo ejecutamos ylaws of success The seven gestionamos directamente nosotros. 5. FLEXIBILITY We can act on a specific aspect or the project in its totality. 6. FOLLOW-UP We give full service of follow-up and updates. We work with Mystery Shopper when measuring quality of service. 7. CORE VALUES They guide us in everything we do.
  14. 14. Sylvain Grisé Canadian. Economist. 25 years experience in international companies. Vast experience in General and key Management positions. More than 5 years experience in wellness and hotels. Mayte Serrano Spanish. Degree in Marketing and Public Relations. More than 15 years experience in Marketing and Communication. The last 7 years involved in the luxury sector. The Team Paolo Setti Italian. PhD in Architecture, University of Florence. More than 20 years experience in project architecture and interior design. Vast experience in wellness centers and luxury hotels. Denis Amsellem French. Degree from Cornell University (USA). Coaching and training specialist in the hotel and tourism industry. Vast experience as General Manager and Director of Training at Club Med. Winner of Axa Santé 2008 award.
  15. 15. Susana González Spanish. Degree in Natural Therapies and Bioenergetics massages from the Hand on Healing Institute of Los Angeles. Ayurveda, reflexology, aromatherapy and new therapies. Implementation of new therapies in wellness centers of luxury hotels. Vast experience in Management positions and Customer Service. The Team Alain Sola Spanish. Degree in Physical Activity and Sports from INEF. Degree in Physiotherapy with specialty in Balnotherapy. More than 10 years experience. Physical preparation and physiotherapist with Real Madrid football Club.
  16. 16. CONTACT DETAILS Sylvain Grisé Tel. 34 600 934 939 sgrise@verticalconsulting.es Mayte Serrano Tel. 34 600 934 927 mserrano@verticalconsulting.es Vertical International Consulting, S.L C/ Gran Vía de Hortaleza, 5. Portal E. 6º A 28033 - Madrid. Tel.: 34 91 000 21 13. www.verticalconsulting.es