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Pastiche Group LLC is now CRE8.VE COMPLEX. come inside and see what we do. we've added a few new services to our client solutions.

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Cre8ve complex e brochure

  1. 1. © 2012 cre8ve complex llc
  2. 2. © 2012 cre8ve complex llc
  3. 3. about cre8ve complex is an integrated creative marketing communications and development boutique consulting firm that specializes in working with nonprofit organizations and small businesses by providing strategic direction and implementation of marketing communication and operational development best practices from a creative perspective. from writing and distributing press releases, organizing press conferences, speaking engagements and interviews to sitting with our clients to develop a successful revenue model for their products and services – we are a team of leaders, solo practitioners, idea entrepreneurs and natural bridge building creative professionals. we don’t just talk a good game, we get our hands dirty, so to speak throughout the development and implementation process. We can bootstrap businesses with the best of the best, and still elevate our clients earned media opportunities while making certain we engage stakeholders and decision-makers. our job is to develop, from a creative perspective; the opportunities that our clients believe are their greatest challenges. built ford tough – we endure until the end of the process with our clients. we start it and we finish it, all while putting our clients’ unique challenges first and creating the best opportunities for their growth and sustainability.© 2012 cre8ve complex llc
  4. 4. capabilities because we are creative intellects, we believe that small businesses and nonprofits should be given all of the necessary tools that they need to succeed. we arent like most consulting firms, and that isnt just because we are creative. we are unique because we not only develop and implement the strategy. we train our clients to do the work themselves so that after weve created success - we show you how its done, so that you no longer need us. weve added a development suite of services to help our clients understand the details behind the marketing mix (integration) and help them create an operational plan to meet the growing demands of their products and services. we help them build infrastructures and build operational plans to support their marketing communications. see the way we see it, as a small business or nonprofit organization you want to understand what it takes to reach your goals and hire someone to help you do it. but you dont have the annual revenue to keep a pricey consultant on board for years to achieve your goals. we know and understand fully the position that you are in as a small business and or nonprofit organization. and that is why we not only provide you with the services, but make certain we leave you with a blueprint so that you can design the next strategy on your own. this model has been successful for many of our clients. let us help you get to where you want to be and then train you so you can do it by yourself with your team(s).© 2012 cre8ve complex llc
  5. 5. marketing communicationsmarketing communications is the practice that focuses on products or service(s) of your business ornonprofit organization. marketing communications is primarily concerned with demand generation andproduct and service are probably wondering to yourself, what the heck is that? plain English, please!the best way to describe the practice of marketing communications is that it is a vehicle that uses “touchpoints” to attract, engage and educate your target audience. it is everything from TV andadvertisements, social media, events, sponsorships and partnerships, websites, press releases, mediaplacements and interviews and press conferences; personal selling and product packaging. everyexperiential opportunity that an organization creates for its stakeholders or customers is a brand touchpoint. marketing communications uses each of these elements (and others) and integrates them so thatyou are able to achieve your mission-critical goals and objectives.we combine creativity and marketing communications into an integrated approach uniquely designedfor your business. we provide direction; strategy building and implementation based on our clientsunique challenges. each client has a unique need and we know and understand the services that aremost appropriate for their platforms. let us help you get there.advertising brandinggraphic design packagingpublic relations media relationspublicity promotionsdigital marketing digital mediasales sales promotiondirect marketing event marketingsponsorship and partnership developmentsocial and new media strategy developmentbrand and message content development© 2012 cre8ve complex llc
  6. 6. operational development our operational development services are designed to help our clients succeed - internally within their operation and externally with their target audience. because we spend time developing marketing communication strategies that integrate with your go-to-market products and services, we also understand everything from your business plan to your human capital operations and from your campaigns and initiatives to the way your organization functions. therefore, we dont just help you develop and implement an effective marketing communication campaign and strategy - we make certain you have everything you need so that your campaign runs smoothly and successfully from the day your strategy is implemented until you achieve your results – this is our inside out approach. our solutions vary based on the clients’ unique challenges. our services include, but not limited to: training and workshops internal operational development business plan prep and development grant solicitation and writing stakeholder relationship building sponsorship development grantee management fundraising development department planning program development organizational development campaign development we offer additional services for clients. for additional information, and or a complimentary one hour consultation please email us directly at© 2012 cre8ve complex llc
  7. 7. client case studiess mall bus ines s clientsmall businessservices provide: marketing communications and operational development client: PHENOM Financial, a tax and accounting firm based in Washington, DC the problem: client was in business, yet wanted to re-brand for the firm, establish an online presence, and expand his small business client base. the solution: within 6-months we:  renamed the firm to PHENOM Financial, Inc.  established the firm’s new business plan  built the firm’s new brand identity – from new colors, logo development, brochure, and letter head to their new business cards.  developed the firm’s messaging and collateral  created the firm’s new website, and  developed and implemented the firm’s marketing and communication strategy from email marketing campaigns to social media channels, managed their speaking engagements, and press releases.© 2012 cre8ve complex llc
  8. 8. Nonprofit Organizationservices provided: marketing communications strategy and implementationwith a focus on social media, PR and event planning client: Outdoor Foundation – Outdoor Nation Youth Summit the problem: client was in need of developing its first youth summit large-scale event convening over 500+ youth from across the United States; managing its partnerships and stakeholder relationships; building volunteer support: raising awareness of the youth summit through social and media strategies; and managing post-event corporate relationships and grant management Video – through the use of videos, we were able to capture the event and create civic engagement opportunities. for upcoming events, from newscasts and media placement across the country. We engaged audiences for future Outdoor Nations. Through partnership with Olympus cameras – we provided each participant with a camera to video their experience at Outdoor Nation, from their perspective. the solution: Social Media Mobilization - through the use of Facebook, updates and daily Please see example of one of the videos and the official Outdoor Nation Video. posts on the subject matter of young environmentalists, opportunities in urban communities to increase environment and sustainability, healthy living  Outdoor Nation from the student perspective - created by Sierra Club intern lifestyle choices and success stories of average people, as well as mobilization missions, updates on the status of applications; we were able to engage over  Participants video from their perspective (inside the tent) – amateur video 5K participants in the outdoor movement in less than 3 months.  Captain Planet video Twitter – through the use of Twitter, we were able to upload pictures and messages in real-time, engaging Email Marketing – through the use of email marketing (Constant Contact), we were able to engage participants around the country, unable to attend the outdoor youth summit, with the creation of hashtag partners, government agencies, press and media, as well as donors and potential sponsors. We #outdoornation. provided individual links to youth-focused reports housed on The Outdoor Foundation (parent company to Outdoor Nation) website, press releases and donor opportunities. We were able to Mobile Text Messaging – through the use of mobile text messaging, we were able to inform over 500+ while on the track the reports denoting the number of engaged audiences, and how to approach them for future ground in New York to rally for activities, to include dinner, meet ups, community engagement activities and donations, sponsorships, media pitching and report engagement. messages to retweet. From these experiences, Outdoor Nation was able to submit its final report to the Obama Website – through the use of internal social networking, users registered to create accounts with profiles and Administration’s Great Outdoors initiative, with an opportunity to receive government support for engage with each other through groups to engage with each other. In addition to the groups created across the outdoor youth engagement. Outdoor Nation is intrinsically involved with the Let’s Move campaign country, members were able to increase points by participating in online surveys used to provide monthly reports and the Great Outdoors Initiative being run by The Department of Interiors. There are a number of to Department of Interiors, National Park Service and other coalition partners to learn ways and how-to successful opportunities that derived from digital integrated marketing and communication opportunities information on ways to engage youth audiences – from youth by youth platform. Youth members activities and platforms. would increase points with each survey completion, providing both multiple choice and written correspondence, in order to attain points for outdoor gear (book bags, compasses, outdoor shoes, outdoor coats, jackets and more). Post-Event Grant Management – managed the organization’s $200K THE North Face grant recipients (10 Outdoor gear sponsors included, The North Face, Camelbak, Grand Trunk, etc. recipients), followed by a grant guide to assist grantees.© 2012 cre8ve complex llc
  9. 9. client media placementsfrom securing media placements with CNN’s Soledad O’Brien to the New York Times, wework hard so our clients don’t have to. our clients’ story is their story, not ours and we workbehind the scenes to make certain they have everything they need to achieve their goals.NewspapersThe Washington Post The Washington Post ExpressThe Washington Times The Washington Business JournalDC Examiner The Associated PressAtlanta Journal Constitution New York TimesThe Wall Street Journal MSHALE NewspapersThe Huffington Post PoliticoDaily TaxiMagazinesBlack Enterprise Magazine FADER Magazine (International Edition)City Magazine UPTOWN MagazineDC Modern Luxury Black Woman Today MagazineCapital File Magazine Essence MagazineINC MagazineBroadcast TelevisionCNN Black Entertainment TelevisionFox 5News (Washington) News Channel 9 (Washington)News Channel 8 (Washington) NBC4 News (Washington)Radio StationsRadio One, Incorporated CBS Radio, Inc. CNN’s Soledad O’Brien Interview with client, Mildred Muhammad.Howard University Radio NPR (National Public Radio)WBLS (New York) Charleston Radio, Inc.© 2012 cre8ve complex llc
  10. 10. no client is cre8’d equal we provide solutions, but we, also, get involved in your business operation, review your business plan and create opportunities for your business. we spend time getting to know your business from your perspective, not ours. we listen and then we advise on the services that are well-suited for your business model - because we believe that no client is created equal. each client has a unique challenge, and we see it as a huge opportunity for growth. it isn’t about just your logo, your design and the colors on your letterhead. it is about selling your business, service and or cause at every step in the process. it is about developing core relationships with your stakeholders, your audience, your partners and your supporters. it is about increasing sustainable revenue that grows each time you invite someone to support your cause, shop with you or use your services. see our client list enclosed See our client list enclosed© 2012 cre8ve complex llc
  11. 11. Authors Omekongo Dibinga Aaron Anwar Smith Charles D. Ellisonour client list Design Firms JCM Entertainment Distinguished Daughters Catering Lasgiddie Design Group Bronze Interiorsour clients may not have the biggest names, but we make them stand out as leaders Restaurants and Loungeswithin their respective industries. our job is to build their relationships, build their RLJ Companies Rosh Restaurant and Supper Club Anzu Restaurant and Loungereputations and build their brand awareness. when their namesaren’t big enough Mahogany Restaurant and Lounge @ Bohemian Caverns Capitol Hill Premium Cigars &Tobacco– it’s up to us to make it happen! Political/Congressional Members Senator Peter Groff (D-Denver) State Governments Maryland Department of Aging Congress Heights Main Street (DC) Events and Productions Inauguration 2009 | Inner Caucus and WHUR 96.3 FM Inauguration 2009 | Where to Go and What to Do Inauguration 2009 | The Peoples Inaugural Vagina Monologues | V-DAY RUNWAY AFRICA Apprentice Africa – Lagos, Nigeria Corporations POUNDS Properties POUNDS Construction Legacy Consulting, Ltd. PHENOM Financial Beenos Ventures, Ltd., The Yankari Boutique Hotels Clancy Seminar Services Conteggo MJS Collection – The ARTISAN Café Nonprofits/Advocacy Organizations Society for Women’s Health Research (SWHR) After the Trauma, NPO Education Advantage Foundation, Inc. Inspiration Africa The Center for African American Policy @the University of Denver The Louisiana Network, Hurricane Katrina Survivors and Victims William Penn House | 2009 National HIV/AIDS Testing Day Vagina Monologues, Domestic Violence The Outdoor Foundation North American Association for Environment Educators© 2012 cre8ve complex llc
  12. 12. wanna know more about us? ring us: 202-352-2842 OR chat with us:© 2012 cre8ve complex llc