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Idea 1

  1. 1. IDEA 1
  2. 2. Bedroom is very cluttered, storage space is notemphasize in the bedroom. The bedroom requires more storage space.
  3. 3. criteria• The storage space must not take up most of the space in the room• The bedroom is to fit 2 teenagers• Modernize look to give a fresh look to the bedroom• The room must be spacious at the end of the placing of furniture• Using mostly vertical space (minimizing the usage of vertical space)
  4. 4. constraints• Ceiling height• The miscellaneous items on the walls• The floor area, measurements• Amount of furniture to be placed shall not exceed ¾ of the space• Availability of materials• The room must get sunlight• Ensure there is flow
  5. 5. possible solutions• Combining furniture• Hidden storage• Double decker bed• More cupboard• Cabinets• Drawers• Closet• Bed storage• Use smaller and less bulkier furniture• Boxes of storage• Throw away furniture
  6. 6. interview“less storage space” Interview*for daily usersMale, 15 & 19 years oldObjective : To find any problems and needs of the users using the bedroom.
  7. 7. Questions & Responses1. What do you dislike about the current bedroom you are sleeping at now?Response: I don’t like the how plain the bedroom like. Everything like anyhow mix and match like that.Response: To boring, no proper system, cluttered, outdated2. What are the things you are not satisfied in the room? (e.g. space usage, furniture, storage…)Response: Everything, my bed, my place to put my bicycle spare parts, cupboard that is placed in thebedroom that we cannot use want, cannot even put my things inside. The bed also the frame like goingto break sooner or later. Every time your (mine) bed always collapse what.Response: My bed of course, the bed frame will loosen the joints and it will collapse, and the mess mybro always make, with his school books, clothes , wires everywhere on the floor. There is no space forme to use my laptop on, always use on the bed, study table used to put printer on.3. How do you spend your time in the bedroom? (study, rest, chill)Response: Sleeping, study yes but chill there is nothing to chill.Response: Sleep, study not always, chill using my laptop to watch movies and stuff.4. Do you think this bedroom is too crammed? (space)Response: A bit crammed but then right too much furniture in the room, so messy .Response: To me yes, sometimes I have trouble walking around, coz sometime bro does his hw at thebedroom and I have to walk across him the room only have a narrow walkway. Too much things goingon.5. What would you like your bedroom to look like?Response: Can the room I design? But I want like workshop like that.Response: Simple greyish and black, I like my room to be less bright.
  8. 8. observationsObserving my younger brother.• Throwing his dirty clothes into his storage box• Don’t bother to push his clothes drawer back• Under his bed is all his school worksheets and random items being put• Guitars, skateboard and bicycle spare parts are left lying on the ground .• Drawer tops filled with tools• Doesn’t use the clothes hanger.Observing my surrounding area:• No proper place to put dirty laundry• Clean clothes left unfolded on the bed• Bookshelf use for putting CD albums• Books not sorted out carefully in the bookshelf• Hidden storage under the study table covered by a cloth
  9. 9. summarizeInterview: Bedroom doesn’t have any theme. Need more organising , Furniture is old, needreplacement. Room lacks in storage space. Room unorganized. Unwanted furniture. Spend plentyof time in bedroom and also relax and chill. Crammed. Furniture are bulky looking and also takespace. Both wants their own theme. Need more storage.Observations: Can be seen both user does not have proper storage area, storage area arebasically some dumping ground for the unwanted. Things in the bedroom are basically not inorder. No system.
  10. 10. analysis• By analysing the interview results I can see that the standards of the bedroom as a whole are not as what the users expected to be like. Responses shows that both interviewee do not like how the theme of the room, “theme-less”. Design of the furniture used in the bedroom was not the consideration before purchase, since everything in the room is pretty much mix & match. What I can say is they consider functionality of the object more.• Also that from the interview conducted the interviewee says the furniture adds bulk in the bedroom and reduces the space in the room. Storage was lacking. Some of the responses say they do spend time in the bedroom not just for resting but also as a place to study and chill. This shows they do really use their bedroom. Sharing room tends to use space. Each party wants a piece of their own space and also the narrow space told by them shows that they do not have a place to chill other then their own bed.
  11. 11. generating ideasGenerating ideas from the solutions
  12. 12. some inspirations
  13. 13. pros & cons• Design are bulky (cons)• Less light to travel under the double story bed (cons)• Storage space is hidden (pros)• Usage of vertical space (pros)• More room space is left empty (pros)• Cater to both teenagers (pros)• Extras space for other furniture (room)• Extra space to relax (pros)
  14. 14. final solutionFinal solution: With the pros and cons, design sketches and inspirations, the solution to this problem is to use furniture that helps to increase floor area for people to walk and use. Combining furniture is not a new idea but it helps in making the room spacious. By using the cupboards and beds, combining them all to for a single furniture. This way they is room still have room for other furniture. Less clutters would be seen. The room would be organized. Simple themed is used.
  15. 15. layout of the bedroom (before)
  16. 16. layout of the bedroom (after)Sketch of it Gym bike Bed area Drawers
  17. 17. design of the bed
  18. 18. drawers
  19. 19. study table. mini bookshelf
  20. 20. clothing cupboard
  21. 21. double story bed
  22. 22. the new bedroom. the old bedroom As you can see the new layout have more space area compared to the old. Less cluttered furniture. More organized
  23. 23. refinedAdditional cupboard added. With more storage spaces.
  24. 24. overall refined look capitalfiq