Social Media Action Plan


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Social Media Action Plan

  1. 1. Social MediaDisclaimer: Everything in this PPT isbased on my research, best followed methods & My Own ideas.
  2. 2. Promoting thru Bodybuilders page.• Being our lead Formulator we can request ******to Promote our page on his fan page and Informing the Users that he is Part of Experts Brand Name.• Liking ******Fanpage and Linking it (@******) if there is activity related to him.• Once we tag the user, same post will also appear on his page.• They have disabled tagging in their privacy settings. (K11 Fitness )
  3. 3. Creating a facebook ads campaign• Facebook AD Campaign will based on Keywords related to industry. – With the Demographic of INDIA – Age Group about 18 Years• Test Running the Campaign for 15 Days avg spend of 1000 Rs a day to determine how much the click cost & Conversion rate would be.• Ads will be visual and Promoted story.• Visual of ****, and other trainers & Experts to use to promote among their fan following.
  4. 4. Promotion of Know your Sport Info graphic campaign• Creating blog post for the infographic and support promotion through the blog’s social channels (Facebook, Twitter, Email, social news & bookmarking sites)• Submitting the infographic to aggregators and directories. Here is a short list:•••••••• Promoting the infographic with an article/news release that includes a link to the full infographic and distribute through a news distribution services
  5. 5. Continue• Highlighting the infographic in an email promotion.• Pitching to the relevant industry bloggers and media on the story behind the data included in the infographic. Focussing on relevant, personalized emails and offer previews or pre-release opportunities for more influential sources.• Sharing the infographic with influential users of social news & bookmarking sites: StumbleUpon, Delicious, Reddit, or Digg. Or enlist a connected social media marketing service to do it for you.• Creating a screencast video version of the infographic and promote through YouTube and other video hosting services.• PowerPoint and PDF document and share on Slideshare, Scribd, Docstoc and other document hosting services.
  6. 6. Promotion of Youtube Channel• SEO Optimize the Youtube channel to appear in the Organic search Results.• It includes proper tags, Keywords, and SEO Optimized description of all the videos.• Paid Campaign & Promoted vides on the Health & Fitness sections.• Commenting on High Traffic Blog• Leaving video “in response” comment while uploading Videos on Youtube.• Incentive to the People to follow us, Running Promotional Campaign.• Concept- Taking one Guy, Fat, or Unfit and Video made and Promoted on youtube like Reality show recorded everyweek. This activity could be carried out under the guidence of our experts & Sponsered by Product Name Itself.• First of its Kind I Suppose.
  7. 7. Promotion of Twitter Channel• Following industry best Professionals & Experts• Follow people with autofollow• Look into Twitter Enhancement Services that focus on increasing your Follower Count. (PAID)• Sharing industry related news & # tag with the relevant terms, so that it appears in Twitter search.• Use Twitterholic, Twitdec, Hootsuite to monitor fans & following.• Tweet well and tweet often. Selective followers will also glance at your most recent tweets to see if youre worth following. Sharing intresting, transparent and provocative Content. Share intimate news about your life. If we can spin a good story.
  8. 8. • Asking people to retweet Product Name. Being retweeted pushes exposure to the edges of the Twitter network. Simply adding "Please retweet“.• Search for tweets with keywords related to your topics of interest.• Using hashtags. It’s a way to connect to people with similar interests. Adding hashtags to the tweets and also create tweets based on hashtags that are popular on Twitter at the time• Put up "Follow me on Twitter" links.
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