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Ms office History

  1. 1. Presenting by:Syed M. ZeeshanCreative Head.Ingrope Consulting CompanyDate: May 25, 2013Praising the Skills, Character & Approach to Work
  2. 2. MS Office 2013 launched in 2013, lets go back in time to look atthe Microsoft Office story so far.When launched in 1985 for Mac System & in 1990 for Windows, itwas called "The Microsoft Office".Which version was your favourite? Do you prefer an old faithful?The history of Microsoft Office & its versionsThe history of Microsoft Office & its versions
  3. 3. November 19, 1990:Microsoft Office for Windows is released otherwiseknown as "Office 1.0". Office 1.0 contains Word 1.1,Excel 2.0 and Powerpoint 2.0.In the same year as this release, Microsoft becomesthe first company to exceed $1billion in sales in oneyear.
  4. 4. August 30, 1992:Microsoft Office 3.0 is released on CD-ROM,including Word 2.0c, Excel 4.0a, Powerpoint 3.0and Microsfoft Mail.This hugely popular version of Microsoft Officewould later be rebranded from The MicrosoftOffice 3.0 to Office 92.
  5. 5. June 02, 1994:Microsoft Office 4.3 is released featuring Word6.0, Excel 5.0, Powerpoint 4.0 and Mail 3.2, plusAccess 2.0 in the Pro version.4.3 is the last 16 bit version and the last tosupport Windows 3.x, Windows NT 3.1 andWindows NT 3.5.
  6. 6. August 30, 1995:Office 95 is released, coinciding with the releaseof Windows 95 operating system. Works only onWindows 95, NT 3.51 or higher.This is the first Office version to have the sameversion number for all major componentproducts (Word, Excel, Powerpoint etc.)
  7. 7. December 30, 1997:Office 97 released, featuring Word 97, Excel97, Powerpoint 97 & Mail 97. Office 97 waspublished on a CD-ROM as well as on a set ofthree and a half inch floppy disks. It becameY2K safe with the service release 2.
  8. 8. January 27, 1999:Office 2000 is released, featuring Word, Powerpointand Excel 2000. This was the latest version tosupport Windows 95, and the last Office versionthat didnt include Product Activation and was notcovered by Office Genuine Advantage.
  9. 9. May 31, 2001:Office XP is released, featuring Word, Excel andPowerpoint 2002. This is the last version tosupportWindows 98, Windows Me andWindows NT 4.0. It also features improvedsupport for working in restricted accounts inWindows 2000 / XP.
  10. 10. November 17, 2003:Office 2003 is released featuring Word, Excel &Powerpoint 2003. This is the last version tosupport Windows 2000 and the first MicrosoftOffice to introduce Windows XP style icons,which would be common in future editions ofOffice.
  11. 11. January 30, 2007:Office 2007 is released featuring 2007 versionsof Word, Excel and Powerpoint. Office 2007 isbroadly released alongside Windows Vista andcontains an entirely new graphical userinterface, referred to as the Fluent UserInterface.
  12. 12. June 15, 2010:Office 2010 is released, featuring userinterface updates, extended file formatsupport and a changed user experience. Itsthe first version to ship in both 32 & 64 bitsand is the debut of free online versions ofWord, Excel and Powerpoint.
  13. 13. June 28, 2011:Microsoft Office 365 offers secure, anywhereaccess to email and calendars, Office Web Apps,instant messaging, conference and file sharing.Office 365 is a cloud based application, making iteasy to communicate, create and share in thecloud.
  14. 14. January 29, 2013:A new, cleaned up interface, a radical pricingmodel and seamless Office SkyDrive integrationare the key features in Office 2013.
  15. 15. Home & Business Standard Professional Professional PlusWord Word Word WordExcel Excel Excel ExcelPowerPoint PowerPoint PowerPoint PowerPointOneNote OneNote OneNote OneNoteOutlook Outlook Outlook OutlookPublisher Publisher PublisherAccess AccessInfoPathLyncWhat do you get in the different versions of Office 2013?Project and Visio are available as separate applications
  16. 16. For the latest news and reviews of MicrosoftOffice. Head over to our blog.Alternatively, if you’re looking for the bestMicrosoft Office training, find us @’t forget to write your comments & Suggestions @zeeshan@ingrope.comThank You