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Letter writing

  1. 1. LETTER WRITING is a veryuseful art for it is, indeed,impossible to conceive ofa human being who doesnot at all Feel thenecessity of writingletters to friends,relatives, officers,strangers or businessmen.
  2. 2. KINDS OFKINDS OFLETTERLETTERPrivate lettersBusiness lettersOfficial letters
  3. 3. PRIVATEPRIVATELETTERS:LETTERS:These letters are written tofriends,relatives,acquaintances andstrangers. The language ofsuch letters is simple,direct, natural andconversational. A humoroustouch here and there adds tothe interest of the letter……
  4. 4. BUSINESSBUSINESSLETTERS:LETTERS:These letters are written to shopkeepers,merchants, commercial firms, customer,dealers, manufacturers and commissionagents. These are also written to certainofficials, who have to deal with the public.
  5. 5. As every officer is too much busy tospend a lot of time in lengthycorrespondence. Letter to and fromthese people therefore are verybrief and exact.
  6. 6. OFFICIALOFFICIALLETTERS:LETTERS:These lettersconsist ofapplications toofficers, andcorrespondencebetween two officerson official matters.These letters are
  7. 7. whatever the kind of aletter, it may generally bedivided into six parts:-1)The heading2)The salutation3)The communication4)The subscription5)The signature6)The superscription
  8. 8. THE HEADING:THE HEADING:It consist of the writer’s completepostal address and the date. It is writtenat the top right hand corner of thepaper. The address is written above, intwo or three lines; and the date, justbelow that; as:1, jahangir street,islamia park, Lahore.January 25, 2013.
  9. 9. THETHESALUTATION:SALUTATION:It is a form ofgreeting and itdepends upon therelation or the degreeof intimacy betweenthe writer and theperson to whom theletter is written. Ittherefore, differ fromdifferent person’s; as:FATHERMOTHERDEARFATHER, DEARMOTHER,UNCLEAUNTDEARUNCLE,DEARAUNT,
  10. 10. THETHECOMMUNICATION:COMMUNICATION:It Is the main part of the letter. It beginsat a lower level than the salutation; as:Dear Farhat,Thank you for your kindletter of……..It is decidedly the most important ofall the parts and is rightly called thebody of the letter. It must thereforereceive the greatest amount ofattention and care. The followingpoints in this connection may be keptin mind:-
  11. 11. Unless the letter is very short, divide itinto paragraphs, each dealing with aseparate fact or item.Arrange the paragraphs in their logicalorder with a view to presenting the factsin the best possible way. This shouldparticularly be the case with business aswell as official letters.Let a private letter be without anyformality, but it should not be formless.Write neatly and mind your punctuationas well as spelling.
  12. 12. THETHESUBSCRIPTION:SUBSCRIPTION:It is rude to end the letterabruptly. Certain forms ofpolite leave-taking aretherefore prescribed toshow respect (in officialletters), regards (inbusiness letters) andaffection (in privateletters). It differs with
  13. 13. RELATION SUBSCRIPTIONPARENTS YoursAffectionately,Your loving son,BROTHER ANDSISTERYour lovingBrother,INTIMATEFRIENDSYours sincerely,Your own, yoursEver,Acquaintances Yours truly,Businessmen Yours faithfully,Officers Yours
  14. 14. THETHESIGNATURE:SIGNATURE:It should be writtenclearly, just below thesubscription, so that thereader may know whomto address in reply; as:yoursaffectionately,HASSANRAZA.
  15. 15. THETHESUPERSCRIPTION:SUPERSCRIPTION:It is written on the envelope or at the backof the letter. The first line contains thename etc. of the addressee; the next, hisoccupation, business or designation (if any);the third, the name (or the number) ; of hishouse as well as the name of the street;and the last, the name of the town. If,however, the addressee lives in somevillage, the last line contains the name ofthe district or the post-office.
  16. 16. Syed Arsalan Raza
  17. 17. EXSERCISE:EXSERCISE:How many kindsletter has?How many parts arethere of a letter?On which side of thepage we useheading?For intimate friendwhat type ofsubscription we use?(3)(6)(Top righthandcorner)Yourssincerely,
  18. 18. EXAMPLEEXAMPLEWRITTING:WRITTING:316,shah raza manzil,Toghi Road, Quetta.January 05, 2013.My dear Father,My result has just been announced. Iam glad to inform you that I have been declaredsuccessful. I stand first in English. I shall get a prizefor showing the best result in this subject. It is alldue to your prayers granted by Allah.With love and best wishesyour loving son,HASSAN.