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TestersTestified Session 1 - The Software Testing Exercises

TestersTestified Session 1 - The Software Testing Exercises



A Session held on 17th August 2013 at T2F Karachi. With an emphasis on Testing and Context Driven Testing Awareness.

A Session held on 17th August 2013 at T2F Karachi. With an emphasis on Testing and Context Driven Testing Awareness.



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    TestersTestified Session 1 - The Software Testing Exercises TestersTestified Session 1 - The Software Testing Exercises Presentation Transcript

    • Are you ready for the challenge? "A good testing exercise, reveals a hole in your education“ - James Bach
    • 2 I am Arslan Ali Sr. Consultant – IS @ Sidat Hyder Before that; ICAP, College of Digital Sciences, Textile, Pharma and got certified from Pakistan Institute of Quality (PIQC) as Quality Professional Connect with me on: LinkedIn pk.linkedin.com/in/thegoodchanges/(The Good Changes) Twitter @arslan0644 Gmail arslan0644@gmail.com
    • 3 I am Faiza Yousuf Working as a PM at Tectutive Before that; Grad / Post Grad from NED, CSQP from PIQC; Worked at LN Technologies, FSD Solutions, Ovrlod, V-Tech Solutions, oDESK, and ran my own tech venture, Frontal Labs. Connect with me on: LinkedIn http://www.linkedin.com/in/faizayousuf Twitter @FaizaYousuf Gmail faiza.yousuf@live.com
    • We Encourage you to Tweet about this event #TesterTestified
    • In a “Nargasi Kofta” a Chicken is Involved by providing the Egg and the Cow is committed by providing the meat! Hey You! Are you committed or involved?
    • 6
    • Testing is questioning a product in order to evaluate it. James Bach (www.satisfice.com) Testing is about asking and answering the question “Is there a problem here?” Michael Bolton (www.developsense.com) 7
    • the infinite process of comparing the invisible to the ambiguous so as to avoid the unthinkable happening to the anonymous PerfectTesting is…. 8From “Becoming a software testing expert!” – by James Bach
    • Film The Blair Witch Project Released on July 30, 1999 Running time 86 min. Country United States Language English Budget $500,000 Revenue $248,639,099 Which in Rs. Multiply this with current $ rate and add 10% inflation! Use logic but hit the emotions!
    • 10 The Heuristic Test Strategy Model is a set of patterns for designing a test strategy. Project Environment Perceived Quality Testing Techniques
    • What are the Possibilitiesto carry out the tests? What Assumptions and questions we need to ask? What Conditions shall effect our testing strategy? Scenario What shall be the right testing Model for this Scenario? Identify Heuristics and Oracles! 11
    • How do you test a pencil that they say can write for a distance of 100 Km! 12
    • A man fires a bullet from his gun, aiming at a car window glass.The glass remains undamaged. List the possibilities for the glass remaining undamaged. http://testertested.blogspot.com/2007/01/testi ng-exercises-found-everywhere.html 13
    • 1. Glass is bullet proof 2. It was a toy gun with a plastic/rubber bullet. 3. Aim was not proper. 4. Misfiring. 5. Car moved. 6. The object did look like a glass but it wasn't. 7. Someone inside the car, opened the door/window. 8. The man shot at the reflection of the car/glass window. 9. It was a mirage. 10. The barrel was bent in an angle. 11. Someone/object/bird/animal, came in between. 12. Car was protected by an invisible shield ( As shown in the movie "Independence Day") 13. The man shot from a distance more than the range of the gun. 14. The man shot the bullet from underwater, the bullet lost its potential or momentum to break the glass. 15. The car was in a paper advertisement and the person reading the paper changed the page by the time the man fired a bullet. 16. In some Indian movies, the hero catches a fast moving bullet with his bare hands.There is a possibilitythat an Indian hero caught the bullet before it hit the glass. :) 17. The bullet was deviated due a strong wind/storm. 18. The time the man was pulling the trigger, someone shot him. 19. The barrel was blocked. 20. The glass we are talking is not the same car window glass. 21. The man always missed his aim by a couple of meters. 22. The car was inside a showroom protected by transparent bullet proof doors/windows. http://testertested.blogspot.com/2007/01/testing- exercises-found-everywhere.html 14
    • Lets Free your mind first! On a calculator you pressed “2+2=” What is the expected result? 15
    • As a Developer /Tester what questions, assumptions and conditions pops up in your mind, when you see a blank paper? 16
    • Test the Interaction between two potentially overlapping events What are theTest Cases? Event A Event B Time 17
    • 18 Find more than 20 defects
    • 19 Google has its own fav icon which is missing hereNews alignment it not correctThe more should be sorted in ascending order on defaultThere’s no Search Setting as such extra pipelineShould be Google Search not Gooogle SearchKeyboard button is missing in the search text boxDone Done at the status barLanguageTools should be Language toolsI’m feeling Unlucky should be LuckyThere’s no iGoogleHopping should be ShoppingThe search text box is missing initial horizontal barAdvanced Search should beAdvanced search Small sSign In should be Sign inMap should be Maps The next tab name should be (Untitled) one parenthesis missing There is no underline underAdvanced search Language Tools should be prior to help I’m Feeling Unlucky button should not be the default keystroke button Double vertical scroll barThe others are which i find them as defectThe close button not in complete CrossThe minimum maximum option button is incorrect
    • 20
    • List the defects/enhancements in the room you are in right now. [For example: there are dirty marks on the wall; the lighting could be better] 21
    • 22 An alien meets you and it asks you to teach it how to brush its teeth. Assume that the alien has teeth exactly like yours and is as smart as you but it needs a clear step-by-step instruction. List the steps. Be as detailed as you can.
    • 23 Hold a pen. Identify the types of testing you would perform on it to make sure that it is of the highest quality.
    • 24 ATesting Exercise: FromGlenford Myers (TheArt of Software Testing) A program reads three integer values from a card.The three values are interpreted as representing the lengths of the sides of a triangle. The program prints a message that states whether the triangle is scalene, isosceles, or equilateral. On a sheet of paper, write a set of test cases (i.e., specific sets of data) that you feel would adequately test this program.
    • 25
    • “You are carrying a calculator.You drop it. Perhaps it is damaged.” What might you do to test it? (Fired up by James Bach) 26
    • Possibilities Assumptions Conditions 27
    • 1. What is the difference between "Cancel" and "Close"? 2. How would you test "Cancel" and "Close" functions? 3. If "Cancel" and "Close" produce the same result to end user, can one of them be removed? 4. Why would a user prefer to have both? 5. If you were to design this window; what would be your design considerations? 6. What evidence would you give or look for to differentiate "Cancel" and "Close" as two different operations? http://testertested.blogspot.com/2007/01/testing-exercises-found-everywhere.html 7. On finding an evidence that "Cancel" and "Close" are two different operations, would you log a bug for a situation where you are testing a different application that has "Cancel" and "Close", as same operations? 28
    • What can be the possible Test Cases for this flow chart Input A If A > 1.25 End Start Print A + 10Yes No End 29
    • Functions Features Changes Enhancement Modules Bugs Suggestions 30
    • 31 Performance is all about: Load, Stress and Security
    • Can you Compare the two? 32 Is it even possible?
    • 33 It (Max Payne) blows people’s brains out…sometimes I want to do that with MS Word ;-) From a UI perspective, there are menus and other forms of cause-and-effect type of interaction—that is, when I do X, I expectY When I start a new game, save a game, reopen a game I have expectations about the state the game should be in I may also expect certain behavior with pausing or crashing the game in terms of recovery that could be compared to MSWord.
    • Approaching the Boundary (almost too big, almost too small), and At the Boundary 34 Test Heuristics Cheat Sheet – Elizabeth Hendrickson
    • The Phase Space Consider the Circles as independent functions, modules and system features Consider a bug existing within the circle The Bigger the circle more context it provide to find that bug – and – Smaller the circle more hard it gets! Ref: Galumphing
    • For DataValues beingToo big, too small, or Just Right! Apply this everywhere 36 Test Heuristics Cheat Sheet – Elizabeth Hendrickson
    • Create, Read, Update, Delete then add “Search” 37 Test Heuristics Cheat Sheet – Elizabeth Hendrickson
    • AWebsite which sells tickets to any number of cricketing event happening around the city. Customers can either buy the tickets from their own Home PCs internet or can go to any KIOSK and buy it from there Keep in mind the number of users, the transactions, the security checks and the locations. 38Testers Testified!
    • 39Testers Testified!
    • 40
    • 41
    • Error message texts should be short and precise, yet non- technical and understandable. Error notification should propose a solution to the error and should be in user understandable language. 42
    • 43
    • Use the real time scenarios to make your application more appealing for end users. 44
    • 45
    • Field Requirement / Description Item Code Unique / Alpha Numeric / XXX-9999999 Date MM / DD/ YYYY Supplier Selection Remarks Text Box 500 Characters Quantity Numeric / 99999.999 PO # Alpha Numeric / Auto Populated / View Only What can be the possibleTests toVerify andValidate the above fields in contrast to their requirements 46
    • Add Edit Delete Save Print Verify Exit What is the behavior of the buttons when: 1. The Form is viewed only 2. The Form have no records and is blank 3. When the user pressed the ADD button 4. When the user pressed the Edit Button 5. When the user Pressed the Delete Button 6. When should be Save Button is in Disabled Form 7. What happens if VERIFY is pressed 8. Should Print button prints the record immediately? 47
    • 48
    • Financial Accounting Inventory Management Purchasing Sales Production Plans Planning Sales Forecast MRP Manufacturing Job Orders CostingConsumption Promotions & Deals Commercial Works QA Local Sales ExportsLocal Purchase Imports Quotation Analysis 49
    • Parameter Screen in an ERP! 50
    • 51