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If you are grappling with any issues in software development then I can assist you retaining and hiring skilled professionals at low cost

If you are grappling with any issues in software development then I can assist you retaining and hiring skilled professionals at low cost

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  • 1. SOFTWARE   DEVELOPMENT   SERVICES     The Offshore Development Center ODC – A closer look at the trends and benefits CAT Technologies Ltd®  “ Committed to Human Excellence through IT “  “ We have a plan, to cut your company's expenses and make it more profitable. Our India - Head Quarters # 5-4-736, Nampally Stn. Road, prices just can't be ignored when you run a Hyd - 500 001, Andhra Pradesh, India. business “ 1 US - NJ 377, Route 17 South Suite # 208, Hasbrouck Heights, NJ 07604,
  • 2. Table of Content  2
  • 3. Introduction  Work Flow Diagram 3
  • 4. Value Proposition  4
  • 5. Business Model Diagram:  Assumed Organization Org Arrangement for Arrangement Development Center in India Management Management Non - Billable Non - Billable Marketing Support Support Staff Staff Staff Billable Billable IT Professionals IT Professionals Reserves (Offshore) (Offshore) (20 -30%)     Benefits derived due to offshore development center:  5
  • 6. Flexible Business Models  Methodologies  Development Business Platforms / Tools Integration Mobile Integration Integration Tools App Support, / Middleware Banking Maintenance Custom Apps Finance  Development eBusiness ETL & OLAP Insurance  Solutions Manufacturing  Reengineering & Porting Database Healthcare  BI & Data Warehousing Helpdesk Software Apps Multimedia Testing     Frameworks        Quality Credentials:      6
  • 7. Benefits with Us  7
  • 8. Security Diagram  Our Security Systems  8
  • 9. Staff Details    We have staff working on various platforms. You can find some of their details as mentioned  below:  .Net Technology with Third party tools  9
  • 10. Hiring Procedure  10
  • 11. Employee Retention  Our company enjoys higher employee retention rate. We take following measures to keep our employee retention rates higher:  About Our Center  Why Outsourcing to India  11
  • 12.     12
  • 13. Offshore Destination Attractiveness:  Australia Ireland Singapor UK India China Philippines Mexico   Attractiveness Index for Offshore Location:  13
  • 14. 14
  • 15. India Core Strength  Large Human Resource:  At current rates, there will approximately be 17 million people available to the IT industry by 2008:  Quality Manpower:  Cost:  Productivity:  Environment:  Quality:  15
  • 16. Why Outsourcing to Hyderabad  Following are the factors that attracting various companies to start offshore development centers in  Hyderabad:  High CHALLENGERS LEADERS Chandigarh, Kolkata, Bangalore, Chennai, Thriuvanathapuram, Hyderabad, Pune Mysore Attractiveness LAGGARDS UNKNOWNS Lunkow, Shimla, Delhi Jaipur, Ahmadabad Low Low High Revenue 2003   16
  • 17. In Favor of Hyderabad:  17
  • 18. Testimonials  18
  • 19. Contact Us  India ‐ Head Quarters:            US ‐ Wisconsin    US – NJ                Canada  19