Digital Creativity


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Creating Solution with the Power of Technology

Digital Creativity

  1. 1. “We’ve progressed from a society offarmers (AGRICULTURAL AGE) to a societyof factory workers (INDUSTRIAL AGE) to asociety of knowledge workers(INFORMATION AGE). And now we’reprogressing yet again – to a society ofcreators and empathizers, of patternrecognizers and meaning makers(CONCEPTUAL AGE).”
  2. 2. What is Creativity?
  3. 3. Creativity is a mental and socialprocess involving the generationof new ideas or concepts, or newassociations of the creative mindbetween existing ideas orconcepts. Source: Wikipedia
  4. 4. Everyone, whateveryour profession is in thecreative industry
  5. 5. Creativity in thiscontext is aboutsolving problems
  6. 6. Digital revolution haspopped the cork oncreativity.
  7. 7. Currently, the internet offersproblem-solving platforms
  8. 8. Every second bringssomething new to theinternet
  9. 9. Technology has madecreating and sharingeasier and faster thanever
  10. 10. Filmmakers /Individuals no longerneed to rely solely on studios torelease their movies when YouTubeand Vimeo reach an audience ofmillions
  11. 11. Writers can choosetraditional publishers,or newer options likeAmazon and eBooks
  12. 12. Musicians can skip six months in a studio for five minutes in the bedroom with a laptop.
  13. 13. We now have moreoutlets for creativitythan ever before
  14. 14. "Technology isn’tdumbing us down."
  15. 15. It empowers ourCREATIVITY.
  17. 17. 1. Observing: All knowledge begins in observation.2. Imaging: Through visualization we create mental images that can be translated into solutions3. Empathizing: See the world through other people’s eyes.4. Dimensional Thinking: Involves thinking beyond space and time as we know them.5. Playing: Learning without constraint, exploring without fear.6. Acting: Creativity does not end in thinking.
  18. 18. Can I be creative inthis Digital Age?
  19. 19. All you need to do isunderstand your potentialand passion – thenunlock it.
  20. 20. With unlimited technologies,more efficiency, fewerobstacles, and broadercollaboration, anyone (You)can be creative in the digitalage.
  21. 21. Examplesgidimos the life utility tool for the mobilegeneration, your personal assistant that sticksclose with every move you make. Socialize,learn and run things with various gidimomodules on your phone, you can chat, makenew friends, send SMS, share images, checkflight and cinema schedules, look up recentscores for major sports and also get lifestylestips all in one place in a fun way.
  22. 22. ExamplesEfiko inspires self-learning by engagingstudents to take charge of their ownlearning and celebrate their successes.This is achieved through randomizedtimed quizzes, scoring and ranking witha leader-board, social integration as wellas geographical mapping.
  23. 23. ExamplesThe unacceptable high rate of unemployment got us totallyperplexed and we decided to "take over the world (JobsWorld)" and do something about it.We set out with a mission to organize, deliver and managethe largest catalogue of jobs in Nigeria.We help employers fill their vacancies quickly and cost-effectively by giving them access to the most relevant poolof qualified job-seekers and professionals.
  24. 24. ExamplesBudgIT is a creative solution driven toretell the Nigerian budget and publicdata in a finer detail across everyliteracy span. We aim to stimulatecitizens interests around public dataand hence trigger discussions towardsbetter governance.
  25. 25. is the premiere and mostvisited online platform that delivers spankinnew Nigerian hip-hop/contemporary music,videos and music content daily to Nigerians byexposing remarkable artists and their materialsfrom the fast growing Nigerian Music industryto Nigerians around the world.
  26. 26. OPPORTUNITIES Education Tourism Virtual Assistance Health
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