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Sati Shangaar Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Shree Swaminarayan Yuvika Mandal Sydney - Australia 2008 – 2009
  • 2. Presentation on Sati Shangar
  • 3. Sati Naari
    • Who is Sati naari?
    • Sati is also known as Pativrata Stri, who loves her Husband like God. Her husband is more important than her own Soul. She Loves her husband more than Dev and anything else.
    • Also in Shikshapatri Shloka 159 * Lord Swaminarayan said that you should serve your husband like God.
    • * Shloka 159
    • Female followers who are married shall serve their husbands like God, even if the are blind, sick, poor or impotent and shall not speak harsh words to them.
  • 4. Sati Gita
    • This book is a guide for all ladies, whether they are married or not.
    • Most of you should have access to Sati Gita which was among the CDs distributed by Yuvak Mandal on Ankoot Day.
    • If you do not have, you can download it from the Swaminarayan Sydney website in near future as it is going to be uploaded soon.
  • 5. Basics of Sati Naari
    • Do you all Love your own Husband?
    • Sati naari should love her husband like:
    • -the parents who love their only son.
    • -The hungry person loves to eat and the thirsty person likes to drink.
    • A Bhagwan’s Bhagat who Loves God.
  • 6. Sati Shanghar
    • “ Dharma Jaani,ekvar Padi toh Bhavkhandmathi chhuti Jasu”
    • We are taking a small part of Sati Gita for our presentation today “Sati Shanghar”.
    • Sati Shanghar is about how a Sati naari should dressup for her to keep her dharma?
  • 7. Sati Shanghar
    • A married lady in this generation must have all the following chihns:
    • 1)Chandlo – Must be of Kumkum
    • 2)Setho – Sindur
    • 3)Aajan/Kajol
    • 4)Necklace – not just Kanthi
    • 5)Nosering
  • 8. Sati Shanghar
    • 6)Bangals –wear any bangle if not Kakad
    • 7)Ear-rings
    • 8)Anklets – wear two not one only
    • 9)Hair must be tied – At least a clip
    • 10)Nabhi must be covered
  • 9. Benefits of these Shanghars
    • Why should we have all these shanghars?
    • For husband’s long life(Lambi Ayush). For a Bharatiya Naari, her beauty is for her husband. Only vidhwa Naaris do not put on those shanghars. Rest we leave upon you to decide.
    • As already mentioned, it is Bhagwan Swaminarayan’s Agna which is full of benefits, one is that it can lead us to our main mission, Akshardham Prapti
  • 10. Sati Shangar for Everyone
    • Well am not yet married, am still young? Why should I be interested in such things? Am still young?
    • My sisters, one day you will all get married and you will need to know these things. Unless, if you are considering the other option which is to become mandir na fai then we would not be informing you on these but rather we will be learning from you.
  • 11. Sati Shangar for Everyone
    • We are in 21 st Century and even so residing in western country Australia, to survive, we need to be like them. If we wear those chihns, wouldn't we be considered too self centred?
    • My sisters, those chihns should not stop you from socialising with them at work or in universities. Anyways are they not trying to copy us, some whites have nose rings, where did that originate from? As for the Shanghars, the answer is fashion and beauty but we know deeply what it means. Rest is upon you to decide.
  • 12. Conclusion
    • Please its very important for all of us to listen to Satigita Katha to remind us and also to learn what we actually have to do as SATI NAARIS as some of us are already in that category while others are going to join in future.
  • 13. JAY SWAMINARAYAN [email_address]