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Worksheet Listening

  1. 1. S3 English Language Appendix II Listening WorksheetName: _________________ Class: _______________ Date: ________________Listening for Keywords and InformationBefore the recording begins, look at the questions first to find out what specific informationyou have to listen for. Focus on listening for the keywords that will help you answer thequestions.For example, if you are listening for location, the words located in/at and seated on arekeywords to listen for.Can you think of any more examples?1.2.3.Listening for NumbersNumbers can be read as separate numbers or as whole number.For example, 123 can be read as ‘one-two-three’ or ‘one hundred and twenty-three’.Let us do more practice.1.2.3.Adapted from Oxford English 3A 1
  2. 2. S3 English Language Listening WorksheetName: _________________ Class: _______________ Date: ________________Online travel guidesRead the following travel guides for brief information about two local tourist attractions.1. Hong Kong Museum of HistoryThis museum covering a total of 17,500 sq m showcases Hong Kongs broad and dynamichistory.Great efforts have been made in collecting, conserving, processing,studying and displaying cultural objects which are related to thearchaeology, history, ethnography and natural history of HongKong and South China.The permanent exhibition showcases 400 million years of HongKongs history. It occupies an area of 7,000 sq m. Thematicexhibitions are also held from time to time.Opening hours:Monday, Wednesday to Saturday : 10am - 6pm,Sunday and Public Holiday : 10am - 7pmClosed on Tuesdays (except Public Holidays) and the first two days of the Chinese New Year.Closed at 5pm on Christmas Eve and Chinese New Years Eve.Adapted from 2
  3. 3. S3 English Language Listening WorksheetName: _________________ Class: _______________ Date: ________________2. Giant BuddhaNo trip to Hong Kong would be complete without a visit to the Giant Buddha which sits serenelyatop Ngong Ping plateau amid the spectacular mountain scenery of Lantau Island.The eyes, lips, incline of the head and even the right hand (raised todeliver a blessing to all), combine to lend great depth of character anddignity to this extraordinary statue.The majestic figure of the seated Buddha was cast in China and took12 years to complete. It was unveiled in December 1993 amid deeplyreligious ceremonies.Visitors can climb more than 200 steps to reach the platform where the Buddha is seated.Besides attracting Buddhists from all over Asia, the magnificent figure with its compelling presencealmost instantly transformed the remote Po Lin Monastery with its devout monks into a must-visiton tourist schedules.The Po Lin Monastery is set amid spectacular mountain scenery on the Ngong Ping plateau.Besides admiring the massive statue there is also much to see and do at the monastery itself with itsvarious figures of gods and other colourful manifestations of aspects of the Buddhist religion.You can even enjoy a vegetarian lunch.Adapted from 3
  4. 4. S3 English Language Listening WorksheetName: _________________ Class: _______________ Date: ________________Information SheetListen to the recording and complete the two information sheets. Also use the travel guideson P.2-3 to help you. INFROMATION SHEET 1Hong Kong Museum of History(1) Opening Hours: Monday, Wednesday to Saturday: ___________ to ___________ Sunday and Public Holiday: 10am – 7pm Closed on Tuesdays (except Public Holidays)(2) Address: 100 _________________________, Tsim Sha Tsui East, Kowloon, Hong Kong(3) Types of exhibition: Permanent and ___________________(4) Showcases history of Hong Kong: from a small fishing village to dynamic centre of ________________________________ Permanent exhibition “Hong Kong Story”(5) Total area: ________________ [(6) ______ galleries]History in chronological order:  Story of Hong Kong starts from the Devonian period (7) ______________________________  Hong Kong was a (8) _____________ 6000 years ago  Chinese imperialism  The Opium War  Cession of Hong Kong  Japanese Occupation during (9) ________________________  Present day of city  (10) ___________________ of Hong Kong with China in 1997Other displays include:  heritage and (11) ______________________  (12) ______________________ and traditions of (13) __________________, worship and leisure(14) Duration of a typical tour: ________________(15) FREE __________________________________ available on public holidays,Saturdays, and SundaysAdapted from Oxford English 3A 4
  5. 5. S3 English Language Listening WorksheetName: _________________ Class: _______________ Date: ________________ INFROMATION SHEET 2Giant BuddhaLocation: Lantau Mountain Peak(1) Opening year: ___________(2) The tallest _____________________________________________ in the world(3) Duration of construction: ________ yearsOfficial name: Tian Tan Big BuddhaStructural details of the statue: its base is a model of Earthly mount of Tian Tan, the temple of Heaven in (4) ______________ People have to climb (5) ___________ steps to reach the base of the statue Made of (6) ___________ bronze pieces Weight: (7) _____________; Height: (8) ______________ Can be seen from Macau and Zhuhai on clear daysBuddha statue meanings: right hand is raised to deliever a blessing to all and to (9) _____________________________ left hand (with palm upwards) rests on its thigh (10) _________________ point slightly downwards to signify its compassionate vow of granting (11) _________________ to all men3-storey exhibition hall: Features a relic of Gautama Buddha, consisting some of his alleged (12) ___________________________ (which is brought back to Hong Kong in 1992) Colour change of the relic: white  (13)_____________  _____________Po Lin Monastery Built in (14) ____________ Contains library of religious text and treasure scripture, white jade Buddha statue People pray and enjoy (15)_____________________________ thereAdapted from Oxford English 3A 5
  6. 6. S3 English Language Listening WorksheetName: _________________ Class: _______________ Date: ________________Answer KeyHong Kong Museum of History(1) 10am; 6pm (2) Chatham (3) Thematic (4) world (5) 7000 sq. m Road South commerce and finance(6) 8 (7) 400 million (8) jungle (9) World War (10) Reunification years age II(11) folk (12) local (13) celebrations (14) 2 hours (15) guided tours culture customs in EnglishGiant Buddha(1) 1993 (2) outdoor (3) 10 (4) Beijing (5) 268 bronze seated Buddha statue(6) 202 (7) 250 tons (8) 34 metres (9) remove (10) fingers suffering(11) happiness (12) cremated (13) yellow; red (14) 1924 (15) vegetarian remains meal 6