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  1. 1. Mission To serve the community with the Buddhist principles: compassion, morality, concentration and wisdom; through • Professional counselling, family support services and social services • Developing a pool of volunteers that supports the services of the centre • Advocating and networking for services to all sectors of the society Values We serve children, families, youth and the elderly, regardless of race, religion and ability to pay; and are committed to our values to guide our decisions and behaviour. Service Service user satisfaction is paramount Integrity Honesty and fairness in our actions Teamwork Teamwork in meeting the needs of our clients Accountability Strong sense of social responsibility to the community and stakeholders Respect Recognise that our clients are seeking support and must be respected 使命 效法佛教提倡的怜悯心、道德心、专心和智慧 心,并通过 以下的活动来服务社会: • 专业的辅导、家庭支援服务及社会服务 • 对义工的培训及发展,以支援中心的服务 • 向社会各阶层人士介绍并推广我们的服务 信念 我们援助的对象不分种族、宗教和贫富。当中 包括孩童、家庭、青少年及长者。而我们所作 的一切决策与行为,均以我们的信念为指引 服务 我们以客户及受益人的满意为先 诚信 诚实与公正的表现 团队合作 共同合作以达到客户的需求 责任 对社会及利益攸关者有强烈的社会责任感 尊重 认清我们的客户在寻求援助并给与尊重 To be the Buddhist hub for social services and to promote family life and well-being of individuals. 成为佛教社会服务机构 ,并致力于促进家庭生活和个人身心健康 Vision 展望
  2. 2. Shan You Counselling Centre is a not-for-profit organization set up in Singapore to provide counselling and family support services for those in need regardless of race and religion. The Centre was registered as a charity on 28 Dec 1995 and conferred the Institutions of a Public Character (IPCs) status. It has a full membership with the National Council of Social Service. Our Objectives i) To promote mental and physical health of the community. ii) To encourage the development of family life and individual well-being through Intergenerational bonding. iii) To provide opportunities for volunteers to render social services to the community. To provide expertise and resources to train, develop, support and supervise these volunteers. iv) To disseminate information on behavioural, mental and physical health, social policies and community services through professional training, public education, seminars and distribution of brochures and media resources. About Shan You 3
  3. 3. Dear Stakeholders, On behalf of the Management Committee of Shan You Counselling Centre, I am pleased to present our 18th annual report for the financial period ended 31 March 2013 (FY2012/13). Our programmes were well received according to the participation rates. We re-launched our MBM Cancer public talks and workshops, which we intend to continue in the coming year, together with talks on healthy heart and sleep improvement.This outreach programme was an initiative supported by grants from Health Promotion Board. In FY2012/13, we made significant progress in our efforts to promote mindfulness-based approaches to a wider population. From April to December 2012, we conducted a series of mindfulness talks and workshops to create awareness about and experienceof mindfulness. This programme consisted of a Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) workshop, 2 mindfulness public talks, and 3 mindfulness workshops. This programme received support from the Tote Board Community Healthcare Fund. In March 2013, we participated in Health Promotion Board’s Mental Health Education Programme to pilot a programme that combines elements of the Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) 8-week practice with individual training of skills relevant to change negative thoughts into positive ones so that the practitioner’s mental health improves. This pilot programme will consist of 3 runs of 8 mindfulness group sessions over 8 weeks. Clinical Service Clinical service remains as our core service. This service is focused on helping clients to understand the issues faced and find their own best way to respond. Our behavioural health counselling is available to those with stress- related health and mental health issues, as well as those with interpersonal relationship issues. We continue to promote mental health awareness though public talks and seminars. With the support of our clinical supervisors and advisors, our clinical team strengthened their capabilities in the service delivery to our clients. Social Service: Community Outreach The key points in the Singapore Budget 2013 have been to restructure the economy to deliverqualitygrowthandbuildaninclusivesociety starting with thechildren, helping lower-income workers, and providing better lives for the retirees. In the past 18 years, Shan You has been serving this particular group of clients. Our Food Rations Distribution programme has been one of the ways of engaging the community directly. In FY2012/13, we delivered 3,369 food packs. The majority of the recipients are low- income families and elderly who have little or no financial and social support. President’s Message 4
  4. 4. Wellness Community – a community wellness centre in Eunos expanded its activitiestoengagetheelderlyandtheyounginthe community. Our goal is to strengthen intergenerational bonds through social activities, events and outings. We also have programmes to promote active ageing and ensure our silver citizens remain mentally and physically active as well as socially engaged. Our volunteers continued giving unconditionally to the community through their participation in our various social service programmes. We expressed our appreciation to the community and our volunteers through our care and sharing activities. Although the spotlight had been on our clinical and social service activities, we ALWAYS put people first in what we do. Service Commitment In FY2012/13, our overall service levels were maintained. In April 2012, NCSS validated the integrity and accuracy of our programme data submitted to NCSS and Service Standards Requirements, through an On-site Assurance (OA) audit. To improve the quality and effectiveness of our clinical service, the Intake procedure was reviewed internally and our standard operating procedures (SOP) was updated. I thank our clinical team who has contributed to both reviews. Future Direction With increased public spending to address social issues, we will continue to introduce new initiatives to meet community-based care services. In 2013, you can expect more services and more depth in our existing services. We will continue to work closely with Oxford Mindfulness Centre (OMC) to consolidate, deepen and extend the core mindfulness skills. Trainers from OMC will be invited to facilitatemoreprofessionalworkshops.Throughour mindfulness programmes, we will continue to create awareness of the benefits of mindfulness and promote the practice of mindfulness to the community. In Closing We are deeply grateful for the generous support we received from Community Chest, NCSS, MSF, community partners,and most of all, you - our stakeholder. You believed in us and supported our social programmes with your time, effort and funds. Thank you for supporting our mission. On behalf of the Management Committee, I wish to express my appreciation and gratitude to our Clinical Advisors for your professional guidance; our service users for having faith in us, and giving us the opportunity to serve; our staff members for your dedication and exceptional teamwork, and for helping us achieve our objectives. To my fellow committee members, I thank you for your support and encouragement. I look forward to your continued participation in the year ahead. Jenny Quek President 5
  5. 5. 致诸善长仁翁: 本人仅代表“善友辅导中心”理事会向各界汇报 第十八届 (2012/2013)年度财政常年报告。 根据中心的参与率调查显示,我们所主办的活动 皆深受好评。在保健促进局的资助下, 我们再度 开办心理治疗和心身医疗癌症讲座与工作坊。同 时,有关心脏健康和改善睡眠的讲座将陆续推 出。 2012/13财政年度期间,中心推广 正念 教育取得 了显著的进展。 2012年4月至12月期间,我们举 办了一系列以正念为主题的讲座及工作坊来加深 大众对正念的认识与体验。 这包括一场正念认知 疗法工作坊,两场正念公众讲座以及三场正念工 作坊。上列的活动也都获新加坡赛马博彩管理局 (Tote Board)的资助。 今年三月,我们与保健促进局合作,推出综合正 念认知疗法为基础概念的试验计划。此计划让参 与者通过为期八星期的练习课程,意在改变负面 思维成正面心态,提升心理健康。试验计划总共 分为三轮进行;每一轮包括了八堂的正念小组练 习。练习则在八个星期内完成。 临床服务 专业心理辅导咨询一直是本中心的主要服 务。这项服务主要是协助个案了解自己所面 对的问题,从中找寻最好的方式来应对。我 们的行为辅导方式是为有压力或有人际关系 困扰的个案所设。我们积极开办公开讲座和 座谈会来提升群众对心理健康的认识。 我们辅导团队得到拥有临床心理背景的督导 和顾问的协助。这得以加强团队的专业能 力,提供个案更广泛的服务与协助。 社会服务:社区推广活动 在今年国家财政报告中主要提到,重点调整 经济体制以达到高质量的经济增长,同时以 小孩为对象、帮助低收入群、提供退休人士 优质生活去建立包容彼此的社会。在过去的 18年里,善友辅导中心一直都在为上列的对 象提供服务。 “粮食分派服务”是我们与社区直接联系的 方法。在2012/2013年, 我们总共分派三千三 百六十九包基本粮食。大部分受惠者来自低 收入家庭和缺乏社会或财务支持的年长者。 坐落在友诺士的社区康乐中心-康乐亭为年长者与 青少年筹办各类活动与服务。我们希望通过举办 节日庆祝会及郊游活动等增进三代互动。此外, 我们也主办活动推广活跃的乐龄生活,确保银发 族不与社会脱节,并拥有健康的生理与心理。 我们的志工团队也一直参与各项社会服务, 不断地给予无私奉献 。中心举办了不同的 关怀分享活动来表达对社会各界和义工的感 激。尽管善友的重点一直设在临床辅导和社 会服务活动中, 我们依然秉持以人为本的精 神。 服务承诺 在2012/2013年,我们维持了整体服务水平 表现。在2012年4月,通过机构认证稽查 来审查我们所提交的活动档案,我们获得 国家福利理事会(National Council of Social Service,NCSS) 承认中心活动的一致性与准确 性。为了提升临床服务的素质与效率,内部 已检阅个案预约程序及改良基本运作模式。 我向给予意见于审视过程的临床团队致上谢 意。 未来愿景 鉴于挪用应对社会课题的公共拨款日益增 多,我们将用心策划更多新的方案于社区服 务。在2013年期间,你可以期待更多的服务 项目及更具深度的现有服务。 我们将继续密切地与牛津正念中心合作,以 便强化,加深及扩展正念技巧的主干。我们 将邀请此中心的训练员来引导更多专业工作 坊。透过正念课程,我们将投入心机让社会 认识与推广正念的益处。 总结 我 们 衷 心 感 谢 公 益 金 、 国 家 福 利 理 事 会 (National Council of Social Service,NCSS)、社 会及家庭发展部 (Ministry Of Social And Family Development, MSF)、社区伙伴和您的慷慨支 持!您所付出的时间、精神和金钱就是对我 们的信任与支持!感谢您支持我们的使命! 藉此机会,本人谨代表董事会衷心地感谢我 们的顾问团给予专业指导;感谢受益者对我 们的信任,让我们有机会为您服务;感谢员 工们的努力和杰出的团队精神,让善友更趋 完善。感谢董事会全体同仁的热忱付出与鼓 励。我在此期待您在未来踊跃参与及护持! 谢谢! 敬祝:身心健康,吉祥如意! Jenny Quek 主席 6
  6. 6. Table 1(b) Summary of Service Users FY2012/13 This section of the report provides a snapshot of the past year’s programmes service accomplishments. Our dedicated team of counsellors, programme executives, social work associate and coordinators and adminstrative and supporting staff are responsible for achieving these outcomes. Our volunteers also contributed to our outcomes through the delivery of community service programmes. Table 1(a) Year in Review 2012/13 7
  7. 7. Table 1(c) Community Outreach Programme in FY 2012/13 8
  8. 8. Table 1(c) Community Outreach Programme in FY 2012/2013 (Continue) 9
  9. 9. Sources of Funds and Allocation of funds for the period April 2012 to March 2013 Below are the snapshot of the sources and allocation of funds for the period of 1 April 2012 to 31 March 2013. We received financial resource primary in two different ways. We continue to rely on the generousity of our many public donors who provided close to 52 percent of our funds needed to deliver programmes. The second source of fund is those that are provided annually by National Council for Social Service (NCSS) for our counselling & Casework programme. Diagram 1(d) Our Sources Of Funds The allocation of fund is primarily on programmes delivered by the Centre Counselling & Casework and continued to account for 39 percent of our total expenditure. Diagram 1(e) Our Allocation Of Funds 3% Our Donation from Organisations 9% 36% 52% Projects and Events Funding from NCSS/Grants Donations from General Public 2% Professional Training & Counsultancy Services 4% Youth Development Services 6% Family Enrichment Services Wellness Community 15% 17% Fund Raising 17% Community Services 39% Counselling Services 10
  10. 10. Report for the year ended 31 March 2013 Shan You Counselling Centre (“Shan You”) is committed to conduct its activities in accordance with the Code of Governance for Charities and IPCs as provided by National of Council of Social Services (NCSS) and with Shan You’s Governance Code of Conduct. Board Governance Shan You has a governing body with clearly defined functions and responsibilities, to oversee and manage its activities. The Management Committee comprises of ten members elected in a formal and transparent process. All Management Committee members are independent and non-executive. The chair is elected among the elected members. The Management Committee meets every month except in the month of December, with a quorum of at least half of the Management Committee members present. The Management Committee members are supplied with information in a timely manner and in a form and quality appropriate to enable members to satisfactorily discharge their duties. The Management Committee ensures that Shan You complies with statutory financial and other policies and applicable legislation. The Executive Director is the head of the management team and directs the operations of the organization to align with the strategic directions of the Management Committee. The Executive Director is assisted by commit- tees’ in particlar fundraising, human resource, servicesandpublicrelations.Thecommitteesreport directly to the Management Committee. The responsibilities of the audit committee are carried out by the members of the Management Committee. Conflict of Interest Shan You has a written Code of Conduct for their Management Committee members and staff. The Code sets out procedure to declare any real or perceived conflict of interest or a potential conflict of interest in undertaking their obligations. The Code is clear that Management Committee member do not vote or participate in decision- making on matters where they have a conflict of interest. Strategic Planning The Management Commitee reviews and approves the vision and mission of Shan You. The Management Committee is the governing body responsible for setting broad policies and strategic directions and management of the organisation in a manner consistent with the mandate and guides the management team. These are communicated to all stakeholders through a number of channels. Human Resource policies and procedures are documented and approved by the Management Committee. There are procedures for regular staff performance review exercise and staff development plans. The review meeting forms part of the normal supervisory process of continuous monitoring of staff to meet objectives. Financial Management and Controls Finance policies are documented in the Financial Policies and Procedures file. The Management Committee reviews the internal controls, processes, programmes and events regularly. Financial reports are prepared monthly and reviewed and confirmed at the Management Committee meetings. The annual Income and Expenditure Statement is submitted for approval to the Management Committee. All reserves are placed in Fixed deposit account with a in singapore incorporated bank. Fund-Raising Practices Shan You is committed to ethical fund-raising practices for Voluntary Welfare Organisation (VWO) and Code of Governance of the National Council of Social Service (NCSS). Disclosure and Transparency The Management Committee provides good governance by being open and accountable. This includes making available to its shareholders information on its programmes, activities, audited financial reports and it accomplishments through a number of channels, such as Shan You’s website, publications and an annual report. Members of the Management Committee do not receive any compensation for their services. Staff salary recommendations are submitted for approval by the Management Committee. Code of Governance 11
  11. 11. Annual Remuneration Band 2013 2012 $100,001 and above Nil Nil $80,001 to $100,000 Nil Nil $60,001 to $80,000 2 1 $40,001 to $60,000 5 2 $20,001 to $40,000 9 9 $20,000 and below 1 6 Table 2 Renumeration Paid to Staff Communication with Stakeholders Shan You engages in regular, effective and fair communication with its stakeholders through a number of channels, such as regular publications and on the corporate website at 12
  12. 12. In Shan You Counselling Centre, Information and Referral is not a funded programme. The nature of telephone enquiries included calls about the Centre’s (i) counselling service, and (ii) general and programme enquiries including (a) public education programmes including talks, seminars and workshops, (b) professional training, (c) media enquiries, and (d) the social services delivered by the agency, including, the befriending programme, and offer of food rations. The I&R service provides free information and confidentialassitance. Only enquiries for counselling services were recorded in the Enhanced case management system (eCMS) and reported. Tables 3(a) and 3(b) present statistics on How our Clients Hear About our Services and Service Enquiry by Source Type and Gender respectively. Table 3(a) How Our Clients Hear About Us Table 3(b) Service Enquiry By Gender Information and Referral 13
  13. 13. The clinical service centre continued to provide counselling for children, youths, families and the elderly, regardless of race and religion. Using counseling skills, our counsellors help the clients to understand the issues faced and find their own best ways to respond. Behavioural health counselling are available to those with stress-related health problems and mental health problems, as well as counselling for people with relationship problems where the added focus is on coping strategies. Our counsellors provided counselling to clients who were self-referred, referred by friends and past clients, the social service sector, medical doctors, from health-related institutions, other government istitutions, and recently legal profession, through word-of-mouth, outreach programmes, and also our corporate website. The agency’s exposure to media also contributed to the number of clients requesting for the counselling service. The clinical service department continued to serve more people with chronic physical health problems, mild to moderate mental health problems. 34 percent of the clients seen presented with mental and stress-related health problems. This included people with autoimmune disorders, insomnia, pain, cancer, cardiac problems, diabetes and clients with anxiety, mood-related problems, depression, and psychosis. This was in keeping with the strategy to promote the behavioural healthcare counselling service through public talks and workshops on cancer and sleeping difficulties. This counseling approach however involved the engagement of clients over more sessions to achieve treatment success. Table 4 (a) Top 4 Presenting Problems Counselling and Casework 14
  14. 14. 17 per cent of the people sought our help for their marital issues. The 10 per cent of clients with relationship problems included relationship issues with siblings, relatives, boy-girl relationships, and ex-spouse. 7 per cent of the people saw our counsellors for help with parenting difficulties including parenting issues and child management issues. In addition, our clients presented themselves with other problems including financial assistance support and work-related problems. The Top 4 presenting problems for which our counsellors provide therapy is shown in Table 4(a). Table 4(b) Number of Clients Served Table 4(c) Average Outcomes of Counselling The clinical service department provided 716 clients with 1,477 face-to-face counselling sessions for the period of April 2012 to March 2013. The number of cases counselled and the number of sessions exceeded the corresponding period last year by 11.2 per cent and 4.8 per cent respectively. The department exceeded the projected targets for new clients by 5.4 percent and compared against last year the number of new clients for the year was flat. The number of sessions per client was 2.06 in the current period as compared to 2.19 in the same period last year. 391 information and referrals were made resulting in 369 new cases. During the period of April 2012 to March 2013, of the 716 clients served, 43.9 percent reported on the Client Feedback Form having achieved 1of their goals. In addition, 42 percent of respondents reported having achieved 2 objectives from the counselling service and 18.9 per cent reported being able to cope or manage their issue. Please refer to Tables 4(b) and 4(c) which present to the Statistics of Counselling Service and outcomes of out counselling service respectively. Our counsellors also take part in a number of funded and non-funded programmes activities such as Marriage Preparation Programme (MPP), Enhanced Step-Up (ESU), Mindfulness workshops, etc. Outcome Indicators No. of respondents As a per cent of Clients served Client achieve 1 objective. Client Feedback Form Q2 or Q3 or Q4 314 43.9% Client achieve 2 objectives. Client Feedback Form Q2 or Q3 or Q4 301 42.0% Client continues to be able to cope/ manage the relationship issue on his/her own after 4-6 weeks after the last counselling session 135 18.9% 15
  15. 15. This is an update on our progress in Mindfulness in Singapore project in the period under review. The Mindfulness in Singapore project was initiated in 2010 during Professor Mark Williams’s visit to Singa- pore to deliver a Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) workshop followed by a public talk on The Mindful Way. Since then our vision is to become a ‘hub’ for mindfulness with the objectives to generate interest in mindfulness-based approaches in schools and to the general public on its social benefits potential. In FY2012/13, we made significant progress in our efforts to promote mindfulness-based approaches to a wider population. From April to December 2012, we conducted a series of mindfulness talks and workshops to create awareness about and experience of mindfulness. This programme consisted of 1) a Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) workshop, 2) 2 mindfulness public talks , and 3) 3 mindfulness workshops including one Mindful Seeing workshop. This programme received support from the Tote Board Community Healthcare Fund (TBCHF). We are delivering mindfulness to the residents of Eunos Crescent under HPB’s Mind Journey programme. In March 2013, we participated in Health Promotion Board’s Mental Health Education Programme to pilot a programme that combines elements of the Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) 8-week practice with individual training of skills relevant to change negative thoughts into positive ones so that the practitioner’s mental health improves. This pilot programme consists of 3 runs of 8 mindfulness group sessions over 8 weeks is expected to be completed at the end of 2013. The 1st run of this pilot started in April 2013. As to our collaboration with Oxford Mindfulness Centre (OMC), our activities are focused to build a Body of Practitioners in MBCT. From January to March 2013, our counsellors completed the Revisit 8-week MBCT course with reflective diary on experience of practice. The course, spread over 8 weeks at SYCC was “an opportunity for our counsellors to develop a personal daily practice and explore the teaching of MBCT to each other” with supervision provided by OMC. Under our plans, a team consisting of dedicated MBCT-trained staff working closely with Khoo Teck Puat Hospital (KTPH) and NUS, Department of Psychology to develop and deliver our mindfulness activities and programmes. Mindfulness in Singapore 16
  16. 16. Public education through talks, workshops, and seminars served a preventive role for promoting self- awareness, personal growth and to broaden the available range of options for self-care to increase quality of life. These activities were defined as our 4th objective – to improve mental well-being through public awareness programmes and activities. These activities also provided a purposeful platform to outreach to the community for our clinical service. Shan You Counselling Centre received funding support for the delivery of public education programmes. The sources of funding included the Mental Health Education (HME) Programme funding from Health Promotion Board (HPB) and Singapore Totalisation Board (ToteBoard) through Agency for Integrated Care (AIC) under Tote Board Community Healthcare Fund. The former provided funding for the delivery of evidence-based mind-body medicine (MBM) Cancer and Healthy Heart public talks and workshops whilst the latter awarded a grant for the project titled ‘Mindfulness Programme’. During April 2012 – March 2013, the Centre served a total of 639 participants which was a 144 percent increase in the number of participants over the previous corresponding period and a 17 percent in- crease in the number of public talks and workshops delivered over the same period. Table 5(a) present the list of Public Education Programmes delivered by Shan You Counselling Centre during April 2012 – March 2013. As to our collaboration with Oxford Mindfulness Centre (OMC), our activities are focused to build a Body of Practitioners in MBCT. From January to March 2013, our counsellors completed the Revisit 8-week MBCT course with reflective diary on experience of practice. The course, spread over 8 weeks at SYCC was “an opportunity for our counsellors to develop a personal daily practice and explore the teaching of MBCT to each other” with supervision provided by OMC. Under the Mindfulness in Schools project, we have developed a curriculum for Mindful Parenting workshop. We also intend to work on the .b [‘stop & breathe’] curriculum to the schools here. We will be attending the .b Certification course for Teachers in October 2013. Public Education and Professional Training 17
  17. 17. Table 5 (a): Public Education Programmes No. Name of Event Date Venue Pax 1 Parenting Forum: How to communicate with your children 22 Apr 2012 CDAC Centre @ Tanjong Katong Road 26 2 Mindfulness Talk: Search Inside Yourself 8 Jul 2012 Tai Pei Buddhist Centre 350 3 Mindfulness Programme: Mindful Seeing through Photography 15 Jul 2012 Poh Ern Shih/Kent Ridge Park 11 4 Mindfulness Programme: Mindful Seeing Workshop (Capture the moment in image) 17 Jul 2012 Shan You Counselling Centre 11 5 4 Aug 2012 MDIS Dhoby Ghaut 25 6 5 Aug 2012 Shan You Counselling Centre 33 7 Introduction to Mindfulness Talk for Seniors’ Camp 24 Aug 2012 NTUC Income Tampines Junction 26 8 Mind-Body Medicine: Cancer Talk 3 Nov 2012 Toa Payoh Central Community Club 14 9 Mind-Body Medicine: Becoming Heart Smart Talk 1 Mar 2013 Toa Payoh Central Community Club 45 10 Mind-Body Medicine: Becoming Heart Smart Workshop 2 Mar 2013 Shan You Counselling Centre 19 11 9 Mar 2013 CDAC @ Redhill 18 12 10 Mar 2013 CDAC @ Toa Payoh 14 13 Mind-Body Medicine: How to Get Better Quality Sleep Talk 23 Mar 2013 Toa Payoh Central Community Club 27 14 Mind-Body Medicine: How to Get Better Quality Sleep Workshop 23 Mar 2013 Toa Payoh Central Community Club 25 Total number of Participants served 644 18
  18. 18. Table 5 (b): Public Education Programmes The centre served a total of 154 participants during April 2012 – March 2013 through the Professional Training Programme workshops organised and presented by Shan You Counselling Centre. By comparison, this was a 73 percent improvement over the same period in the last financial period. This can be attributed to staff movement and changes in the management direction. Table 5(b) present the list of Professional Training Programme delivered during April 2012 – March 2013. No. Name of Event Date Sponsors/ Co-Organised Venue Pax 1 Motivational Interviewing: Basic and Intermediate Level 14-16 May 2012 - Shan You Counselling Centre 28 2 Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) Workshop 24-28 Sep 2012 Khoo Teck Puat Hospital Goodman Arts Centre 36 3 Motivational Interviewing: Basic and Intermediate Level 5-7 Nov 2012 - Shan You Counselling Centre 31 4 Motivational Interviewing: Advanced Level 8-9 Nov 2012 - Shan You Counselling Centre 15 5 Motivational Interviewing: Basic and Intermediate Level 4 – 5 Mar 2013 - Semei Care Centre 22 6 Motivational Interviewing: Advanced Level 6 - 7 Mar 2013 - Semei Care Centre 22 Total number of Participants served 154 19
  19. 19. School - Based Programmes School Family Education (SFE) SFE equips parents with effective parenting skills to improve parent-child relationship leading to better academic achievements. Shan You Counselling Centre has been the service provider for Maha Bodhi School, Gongshang Primary School and Greenridge Secondary School for its SFE programmes. Shan You took on the following role in the: a)Provision of consultations to school on family life education programmes and resource of speakers/ trainers. b)Provision of guidance to the school and coordinator in planning suitable programmes for target groups. c)Provision of guidance to the school on budget and make payment for coordinator fee, programmes and related items on behalf of the school. Enhanced STEP-UP Programme Enhanced STEP-Up (ESU) program is an initiative by Ministry of Social and Family Development (MSF) that targets the at-risk students. Shan You Counselling Centre is an approved service provider for both services under Enhanced STEP-UP; Service A and Service B since 2009. Service A is for students identi- fied by their school to be at risk of risk of dropping out and Service B is for students who have expressed intention to drop out of school or are already out of school. For the period from April 2012 to March 2013, we decided to streamline our intervention emphasis to support students under Service A only. Our counsellors carried out casework and individual counselling sessions, family sessions and group work to build and strengthen their socio-emotional resilience, and engage students to achieve positive outcomes. 20
  20. 20. Our Community Services Programme has been supporting local communities by delivering a variety of social services. Our emphasis is on low-income families and elderly and people from disadvantaged groups. Our goal is to enhance their physical, emotional, social and spiritual lives. Under this programme, we also promote, organise and support service opportunities and engagement activities for those who are interested to engage in community service. This programme is funded by Shan You Counselling Centre with support from our generous donors and sponsors, either individuals or corporate and delivered by dedicated volunteers both individualsandcorporatevolunteers.TheProgrammefocusesoncommunitieswhereservicesarelacking. Our Community Services Programme includes 1. Food Ration Distribution 2. Befriending 3. Social Service activities 4. Yuan Yuan Helpline 5. Volunteering 6. Wellness Community Through establishing strong partnership with other welfare organisations and government agencies like family service centres, community hospitals, nursing homes and Ministry of Social and Family Development (MSF) also help to enhance the effectiveness of our programmes and services. Table 6 below presents the activities of Community Service Programme from April 2012 to March 2013. Food Rations Distribution The Food Distribution service started in 1997 when the Management Committee unanimously voted to provide ‘complete client care’ service to those in need. The decision came as a result of a conclusion that often in the course of providing Counselling and Befriending services; the Centre meets individuals and families who are experiencing financial difficulties. Since then, we have had 17 years of experienceinprovidingfoodassistanceacrossSingapore.Wealsorelyonanetworkofreferralagenciesto recommend clients to the programme. The objective of this programme is to meet the basic food needs of the less fortunate in our community. This service is a collaborative effort with both the individual and corporate volunteers. The sponsored and donated food items are received and volunteers prepare, sort and pack food packages, and transport food packages to individuals and families throughout Singapore who are in need of food assistance. Social Service 21
  21. 21. Table 7(a) Food Rations Distribution Service Programme from Apr 2012 to Mar 2013 For the past financial year, we distributed 3,369 food packages of donated and purchased food items to 9,119 beneficiaries. That is on average 280 cases per month, in which the major- ity were low-income families and elderly who have little or no social support. During April 2012 – March 2013 period, we also reviewed 674 cases for the service of which 604 cases were approved. The table below presents the activities 22
  22. 22. Month Social Activity Description Location No. of Volunteers No. of Beneficiaries Apr – June 2012 Monthly Befriending Society for the Aged Sick 16 15 Jul – Sep 2012 Monthly Befriending Society for the Aged Sick 15 15 Oct – Dec 2012 Monthly Befriending Society for the Aged Sick 48 20 Jan – Mar 2013 Monthly Befriending Society for the Aged Sick 47 20 Table 7(b) Noble Ambassador Programme from Apr 2012 to Mar 2013 Befriending The befriending service was established to benefit primarily the elderly, the lonely, the sick, the terminally ill, the physically or intellectually challenged that have poor or no family and social support. Befriending volunteers visited the beneficiaries’ home individually on fortnightly basis to provide companionship and emotional support to their clients with the goal of reducing social isolation. Since March 2011, we introduced the Noble Ambassador Programme which aims to equip volunteerswithbasichelpingskillstobefriendandstartconversationswiththeseniors.Oncompletionofthe training programme, Noble Ambassadors will render their service at Society for the Aged Sick on a monthly basic to befriend the residents. Support and supervision for befrienders have been implemented to ensure that volunteers are motivated and confident in their roles. This improves retention rate of the volunteers. Table 7(c) Monthly Hair Grooming Service from Apr 2012 to Mar 2013 Month Social Activity Description Location No. of Volunteers No. of Beneficiaries Apr – June 2012 Monthly Haircutting Society for the Aged Sick 69 120 Jul – Sep 2012 Monthly Haircutting Society for the Aged Sick 77 120 Oct – Dec 2012 Monthly Haircutting Society for the Aged Sick 70 120 Jan – Mar 2013 Monthly Haircutting Society for the Aged Sick 84 120 23
  23. 23. Yuan Yuan Helpline Yuan Yuan Helpline, formed in 2007 is a confidential and anonymous helpline run by trained volunteers. This service available to the Chinese-speaking community, gives advice to people in need of telephone counselling services on a wide range of issues such as bereavement, critical illness or other crisis. At the same time, there are also people who simply need a listening ear, when the going gets tough. The focus of Yuan Yuan Helpline is Mandarin telephone counselling and other services including information and appropriate referrals to community partners. For the period April 2012 to March 2013, 1099 calls were received with the assistance of 23 committed and experienced volunteers. This was an increase of 25 per cent over the previous period. Yuan Yuan Helpline operates daily from 1pm to 5pm excluding Sundays and Public Holidays. The helpline number is 67410078. Month Social Activity Description Location No. of Volunteers No. of Beneficiaries Apr – June 2012 Yuan Yuan Helpline Shan You Counselling Centre 48 209 Jul – Sep 2012 Yuan Yuan Helpline Shan You Counselling Centre 55 256 Oct – Dec 2012 Yuan Yuan Helpline Shan You Counselling Centre 50 290 Jan – Mar 2013 Yuan Yuan Helpline Shan You Counselling Centre 51 334 7(d) Yuan Yuan Helpliine Service from Apr 2012 - Mar 2013 24
  24. 24. Volunteering Our volunteers play important roles in our programmes that cover the food rations distribution service, case management, fund-raising events, Yuan Yuan Helpline, and many more. We could not accomplish the success we have without their effort. They display of enormous dedication and enthusiasm in their efforts. We constantly explore ways of working with volunteers and enhance their volunteering experience. We create opportunities suitable for a wide range of people with different interest and available time - regular, one-off and short-term projects. We develop volunteers with training plans to suite a wide range of volunteer needs and skills. We want volunteers to be equipped to handle difficult situations. These difficult situations are viewed as challenges and lessons learnt and we encouraged sharing. Thus, their experience become a positive one. We consult with volunteers. There is a sub-committee for volunteers headed by a volunteer. Volunteers are involved in the selection and evaluation of volunteering programmes. In this way, we hope to achieve as a volunteer-friendly organization. 25
  25. 25. 7(e) Below presents the activities for volunteer training and development for the period from April 2012 to March 2013 Volunteering Service Activity Description Trainer No. of Sessions Total Participants Yuan Yuan Helpline Buddhist Foundation Studies Ven Sik Mun 4 62 Skills Training Phase 1 – Basic Helping Skills Jane Wong 5 99 Noble Ambassador Skills Training Phase 2 – Self- Growth and Development Jane Wong 6 66 Supervision Jane Wong 8 93 Noble Ambassador Befriending Case Discussion Jane Wong 5 60 Total number of Participants served 28 380 Wellness Community Wellness Community provides a wide range of community services to the residents living in Eunos Crescent, Geylang Serai and Kembangan area. The centre started operations in September 2010 to service the socially and economically disadvantaged residents. As of 31 March 2013, there are over 400 registered members in Wellness Community, referred to us either by the word of mouth knowledge or self referral by the beneficiaries themselves or, by other grassroots organisations. Our goal is to deliver programmes to • assist with basic needs • strengthen the emotional wellness • support them in a caring environment • cultivate neighbourliness and community spirit The programmes offered are assistance with basic needs such as free meals service, and mental health care such as musical exercise and group exercises, and counselling services. We have created a safe, friendly and culturally diverse gathering place where elderly can start their journey to wellness from nutrition, fitness goals to receiving critical health information. 26
  26. 26. Funding for the various programmes is provided by Shan You Counselling Centre (SYCC) together with corporate and individual donors. Our Wellness Community is located at Blk 3 Eunos Crescent, #01-2591 Singapore 400003. The Centre is open at 9am to 6pm from Mondays to Fridays and 9am to 1pm on Saturdays. If you would like to know more information about this new centre, please contact Mdm Law Mee Yeng at 6745 9293 or email Wellness Community Service Users Served Report from April 2012 to March 2013 Programmes Total Free Meals 31,757 159 Exercise (Group) 6,350 263 Games (Group) 3,355 238 Event/Outing 3,947 77 Event/Talk 2,900 229   27
  27. 27. Fund-Raising Events in FY 2012/13 Vesak 2556 Grand Light Offering In conjunction with 2556th year of the Buddhist calendar, Shan You Counselling Centre made 255,600 light offering on donors’ behalf in Buddha Gaya, India, from 2 May to 8 May 2012. As light in Buddhism symbolizes wisdom that dispels darkness of ignorance, one will generate merits to gain wisdom. Virtuous deeds done during auspicious days, such as Vesak, will multiply one’s merits many times. Donors’ not only get to make light offerings to the Buddha, but also donate to Shan You Counselling Centre for charity, which is doubly meaningful and virtuous. Charity Golf Tournament and Dinner 2012 This year’s Charity Golf Tournament and Dinner 2012 was held at Laguna National Golf & Country Club on Friday, 29 June 2012. This was the 3rd charity golfing event for us – the first in 2004, to raise much needed funds to help defray the operating expenditure budget of $1.06 million in FY2012/13. Instead of the more rigorous and challenging newly renovated World Classic, golfers tested their skills and mental strength on the Masters course. Attractive prizes were up for grabs. A Chrysler Jeep was the top prize for the lucky winner of a Hole-in-one. Other challenges on the course were the longest drive and the best dressed golfer. The golf tournament was followed by a celebration dinner cum-mini-auction in honour of the golfers and supporters. A plaque presentation ceremony was also held to acknowledge our wonderful sponsors. 28
  28. 28. Shan You Family Day 2013 Shan You Family Day 2013 was the single biggest fundraising event organised by Shan You Counselling Centre (SYCC) on 30 March 2013. More than 7000 people came to Ngee Ann City Civic Plaza to enjoy a fun-fulled weekdend of food, art & craft, game activities and live entertainment. The event was graced by Dr. Yaccob Ibrahim, Minister for Communications and Information. Tokens of appreciation were presented by the SYCC’s chairman to the following sponsors: Hong Leong Foundation and A Dam Funky Talents Pte Ltd. Special thanks were also extended to Lee Foundation, NTUC Fairprice Foundation Ltd, Novena Foundation, Atos Wellness, Dou Yee Enterprise, GL Noble Denton, Dreams Inflatables & Logistics Pte. Ltd, Golden Village Picture Pte Ltd, Intercontinental Communications Pte Ltd, Ocean Health Pte Ltd, Samsung C & T Corporation, Zero Spot Laundry Service Pte Ltd , Tai Pei Yuen Temple, Vimalakirti Buddhist Centre, Mr Woon Tek Seng and Mdm Fong Yoke Lan. The event managed to raise more than $20,000 to cover the direct expenditure of operating Wellness Community and SYCC’s social programmes. Food Rations Collection 2013 In 2013, Shan You was selected again as the beneficiary of the nEbO’s W.I.S.H.: Share with your Heart Food Collection Drive. This event aims to: 1) raise basic food items for the deserving members of the community; and 2) raise awareness of our Food Rations Distribution programme. The nEbO’s W.I.S.H. 2013 held on 19th January 2013 raised over $30,000 worth of food items for Shan You Counselling Centre’ Food Rations Distribution programme. Organised for the second year, the food rations collection event continued to promote the values of caring among the youth by collecting small amounts of food donations from many individuals all over Singapore. Food collection booths were set up at 7 NTUC FairPrice Outlets and the event saw more than 200 youths volunteering that morning. 29
  29. 29. Adam Chong Adam Wong Adeline Ng Agnes Agnes Chan Ah Dee Akbar Khan Alan Chong Albert Tang Alex Goh Alex Yeo Kuan Men Amitabha Buddhist Centre - (Mr Fred) Andy Quek Ang Kian Chye Ang Lee Leng Grace Ang Meng Cheat Melvin Ang Soo Tin Antara Koh Pte Ltd Audrey Heng Poh Ju Audrey Ong Aw Seau Wee Belwit Singh & Annie Lee Ben Chia Bernard Lim Buddha Tooth Relic Temple (Singapore) Buddhist Monks Caren Tan Catherine Lim Celine Lim Chad Ong Chan Ah Eh Chan Fook Lim Chan Jee Beng Chan Keng Wah Chan Man Wai Chan Miew Chun Chan Shou Deng Chan Song Ping Chan Wai Leng Chan Yuen Kim Gratitude to our Donors and Volunteers The management and staff would like to express its gratitude and heartfelt appreciation to the following organisations and individuals for their donations, sponsorships and support to our programmes. Chang Ah Moi Chang Chiz Hau Chang Thow Sing Jimmy Chartis Insurance Chay Oh Meng Cecilia Chee Ser Kah Chelsea Cheong Chen Huiqi Cheng Beng Budhist Society Cheng Heng Siang Wilbert Cheng Yeou Jian Cheong Wai Mun Cheong Yin Ping Cheong You Chin Chhan Soo Wan Chia Ser Hung Jeff Chia Yeo Kheng Chin Joon Fook Chin Wai Leng Chin Yeen Vine Chng Hwee Hong Choa Wee Keong Chong Hean Shun Chong Nee Chin Chong Soo Yuen Chong Tai Loor Chong Yee Shen Choo Chih Wei Jennifer Chow Wee Leng Christian Care Society - (Mr Ravi) Chu Mei Hui Chua Bay Lee Chua Chor Kheng Chua Hwee Eng Chua Jun Ming Chua Khai Eng Chua Kim Choo Chua Kim Long Chua Kim Long Chua Kim Long Chua Li Peng Chua Peck Kee Chua Peng Tien Chuah Bee Bah Chwee Wai Wen Cindy Bai CLE (Philip Lee) Converse Singapore Pte Ltd Creative Technology Ltd Cynthia Chew Darius David Chan David Kong David Teo David Yap Dennis Lee Wai Seak Dennis Tan Dennis Tan & Friends Denny Chia Desmond Png Dharma Cakra Society Dhillon Tan Ding Ming Huah Dou Yee Enterprises (S) Pte Ltd Dy Exim Services Eason Eddy Lim Edwin Tan Kok Heng Eileen Quek Eleanor Cheong Ellen Yong Xin Yi Emily Tan Eng Siew Eni Wongso Evan Ong Evergreen Buddhist Culture Service Pte Ltd FB VangaG FB-MarkQ FB-Nura Felicia Fong Fong Yoke Lan Foo Joon Pang Foo Juan Joo Foo Yee Ling Food Bank_Micheal Teo Mynet Technologies LLP National University of Singapore - Buddhist Society nEbO nEnO (SISEU) Noble Denton Singapore Pte Ltd Novena Foundation Pte Ltd NTUC Fairprice Foundation Ltd Palelai Buddhist Temple Puat Jit Buddhist Temple Sagaramudra Buddhist Society Singapore Buddhist Youth Mission Staff of GL Singapore Tai Pei Yuen Temple Tech Decor Pte Ltd U Gateway Pte Ltd United Ship Brokers Pte Ltd Wat Anada Youth Weprint Pte Ltd Xin Qi Hang Engineering Works Zero Spot Laundry Service Pte Ltd Donors of Note: JK Inteprated Pte Ltd Keban Bahru CC Kong Meng San PKSM- 光明山-广声师父 Kwan Im Thong Hood Cho Temple Lee Foundation Lee Kim Tah Foundation Mangala Vihara (Buddhist Temple) Mecredo Privated Limited Meltford Pte Ltd 30
  30. 30. Francis Phoon Siew Koon Freddy Lim Fu Xinyi Gan Li-Ling Joanne Gaylin International Pte Ltd Go Wok Tiam Goh Chui Lin Goh Gnak Pheng Goh Koon Hao Goh Lee Eng Goh Leng Gnor Goh Pooi Kian Goh Sing Hwei Goh Wee Choon Gui Boon Sui Gwee Bah Lee Helen Wiryadinata Heng Chee How Henry Goh Hia Mui Tian Hia Yeow Hong Hiu Ay Tyng Ho Beng Soon Leonard Ho Kwai Keong Ho Lin Yung Ho Pui Cheng Ho Sook Hwa Ho Wai Han Ho Wai Ling Hoon Sim Hui Huang Yue Hua Hui & Huah Pte Ltd Hypertherm (S) Pte Ltd Imperium Solutions Pte Ltd Intercontinental Communications Pte Ltd Iris Leong Poi Fong Ivan Loh Jane Ho Janice Teng Jason Ang Jennifer Jennifer Choo Jenny Ho Jenny Lai Jessica Goh (Teck Ghee CCC) Jessie Jee Jessie Tan JK Inteprated PTE LTD Joanna Fam Joel Goh Joey Tan John Lee John Lim Cheng Song John Lim Cheng Song & Chan Soo Wan Judy Heng Julie Chua Kim Gek June June Lee June Lee & Friends Keban Bahru CC Kee Lay Hiong Janet Kelly Law Kelly Shi Kelly Shi Xiaoli Kelly Wong Khong Fong Fong, Sharon Khoo GL Eileen Khoo Li Ping Khoo Lixing Samantha Khoo Soo Leng Koh Bee Chuan Koh Bee Teng Koh Bee Teng Koh Chee Boon Koh Chee Boon Koh Peng Seng Koh Teck Meng Koh Wee Chau Koh Xiu Quan Eugene Kok Chee Yong Lawrence Kok Chu Pa Kong Meng San PKSM ( 光明山-广声师父) Kuah Kim Mooi Kuan Bee Lan Kuik Chim Mui Kwai Cheng Huang Kwan Im Thong Hood Cho Temple Kwek Ah Nia Kwok Lee Kuen Lai Hoon Lee Lai Kai Meng Lai Sock Har Lai Yeu Ming Lam Boiy Tim Lau Hark Kee Lau Kok Meng Lau Shook Fong Lau Siew Lan Laura Ng Law Sau Peng Lee Bee Hian Lee Bee Hong Lee Bee Kiem Lee Chee Kwan Lee Chern Yong Lee Cheun Hooi Christina Lee Choon Bee Lee Chung Seng Lee Foundation Lee Gengze Lee Hwee Meng Lee Kheng Chong Lee Kim Tah Foundation Lee King Ling Lee Lay Har Phyllis Lee Oi Har Lee See Heng Lee Seok Keow Lee Soo Min Evelyn Lee Swee Hgoh Lee Swee Nam Lee Teck Lee Tee Sin Lee Ting Ting Lee W.P. Lee Wee Koon Eddy Lee Wee Ying Lee Wei Cheng Lee Yun Fong Lee Zhiqiang Lee, Willy Leow Gek Hock Leow Jian Quan Leow Kiat Peng Leu Yong Wei Leung Chun Yoong Lewn Mei Kin Christine Li Siu Fong Sharon Li Xing Mei Li Xingmei Liaw Tiong That Liew Hon Vooi Liew Lee Sing Liew Wen Hwee Liew Zhi Yan Mabel Lilian Chia SM Lily Sing Lily Soh Lim Ah Leng Lim Ang Taang Lim Bee Kien Lim Celine Lim Chee Kiang Lim Cheng Ying Lim Chii Bin Lim Chor Wee Eugene Lim Eng Kok Lim Fui Nee Lim Gek Siang Lim Geok Loo Lim Han Chye Lim Han Sen Lim Hoon Geok Lim Huey Yuee Lim Hui Lim Jun Long Lim Keng Thye John Lim Khoon Cheow Lim Kim Choo Lim Kim Lian Lim Kok Kiang Lim Kok Wee Lim Nee Nee Lim Phaik Hoon Lim Poh Hoon Lim Poh How David Lim Poh Seng Lim Sen Yuen Lim Soon Kiat Lim Soon Tee Lim Sum Lim Wan Keow Lim Wee Kuang Lim Woon Hui Lim Yanzi Lim Yeng Ching, Diana 31
  31. 31. Lin Jinn Sin Lin Peixin Lin Tian Xin Lin Xingzhong Linda Chan Colleagues from Furama Hotels Linda Soh Ling Chor Hoon Loh Lee Theng Loh Yin Xia Sandy Loo Kuen Feng Loo Sin Guan Low GuiFang Low Joo Hong Low Kum Cheong Low Lay Hong Low Pay Meng Low Wai Ming Low Yen Yen Low Yoon Hin Loy Wee Sun Loy Wee Sun Lu Cheng Ee Lui Hwee Boon Lum Wai Mun & Family Mah Ah Woon Mah Yoke Sim Manfred Ku Mangala Vihara (Buddhist Temple) Mark Wong Mary Mary Edmonds Xue Ying Mecredo Privated Limited Mellford Pte Ltd Michelle Cheong Michelle Mok Sau Seong Michelle Tan Mike Wee Minna Moe Kyaw Se Mr & Mrs Daniel Lum Mr & Mrs Lian Mr & Mrs Wang (Ong Si Ling) Mr Chiu (故陈佐花女士) Mr Lim Mr Ng Puat Jit Mr Pang Mr Woo Boo Leong & Jessica Mrs Cyrene Ho & Family Mrs Hsu Mrs Sng Mrs Sng (Make Music P.L) Mrs Susan Chew Ms Foo Siew Niak Ms Yen Ms Yeo Mun Cheong Yue MyNet Technologies LLP Nancy Koay Nancy Phuan National Starch National University of Singapore - (Buddhist Society) nEbO nEbO (SISEU) Ng Bee Geok Ng Fei Cheng Ng Gek Heoh Ng Gim Bee Ng Kheng Heng Keith Ng Lay Eng Ng Lay Mui Ng Seow Kin Ng Siew Kiang Ng Siew Yun Ng Siok Hian Ng Theng Tian Ng Wai Chun Ng Wee Cheng Ng William Ng Yee Kong Noble Denton Singapore Pte Ltd Nora Yong Sze Chee Novena Foundation Pte Ltd NTUC Fairprice Foundation Ltd Oh Poh Kwee Janice Olivia Lim Ong Ai Lian Ong Joo Lay Ong Kah Lai Ong Keng Hua Sunny Ong Lee Eng Ong Pay Ing Ong Pee Eng Ong Pei Fern Ong Siew Choo Ong Siew Hua Audrey Ong Sok Kee Ong Sze Ying Oo Wei Kang Turibius Palelai Buddhist Temple Pan Sin Fong, Oliver Pang Sow King Pang Sze Ing Patrick Tay Pearlin Chua Peggy Quek Peh Kok Heng Pey Huey Shan Phng Siew Hoon Phoon Siew Koon Francis Phua Cheng Keow Phua Chun Lay Phua Poie Hone Phylia Chua Poh Beng Chye Alan Poh Chian Chian Poo Chooi Ping Poon Tai Weng Pua Hwee Leng Pua Lea Kien Puat Jit Buddhist Temple Quah Keng Sean Quek Hwee Huang, Jenny Quek Pek Noi Quek Siew Boon Shirley R Vasamtha ReDman-Mr Tay Ren Zhe Risstyle Sagaramudra Buddhist Society Sally Yap, Lim Teck Puo & Lim Xin Han Samuel Tay Hai Seng Sea Soo Kim Seah Lee Lai Seah Suat Hua See Soo Huay Seetoh Mei Cheng Seow Cheng Geok Sharon Ong from Chartis Insurance Shi Kai Chen Shirley Shuhui Siew Peng Sim Aimei(Belinda) Sim Hui Mean Sim Lai Teck Sim Siew Ching Sim Siew Joo Sim Siew Kheng Sin Joo Eng Sin Lin Li Singapore Buddhist Youth Mission Siong Hin How Sng Peck Choo Sng Tai Liat Soh Geok Bee Soh Keng Shun Soh Keng Yew Soh Lian Eu Soo Yuen Cheong Staff of GL Singapore Stella Lin Hee Shin Cheng Stepanie Toh Stephanie Tan Stephanie Toh Stephanie Khoo Stonrich Pte Ltd Su Xiu Zhen Suhartini Supianto Sun Yan Qin Sung Sio Ma Sunil Kaul Susan Chew Tai Pei Yuen Temple Tan Aik Jin Tan Chee Ming, William Tan Cheng Hwa Tan Chiew Kian Tan Chiew Koon Tan Ching Song Tan Choon Wann Tan Chor Soon Tan Chung Pheng Tan Geok Lan Tan Guat Eng 32
  32. 32. Tan Hiang Tiang Tan Hock Chye Tan Hoon Hong Tan Jinshun Lawrence Tan Kailing Tan Keng Leng Tan Kim Choo Selina Tan Kin Yiah Tan Kwang Hwee Tan Lay Chin & Hoe Jing Zhen Marcus Tan Lee Fong Tan Lian Eng Tan Mee Yun Tan Pee Tee Tan Peng Chan Tan Poh Gek Tan Poh Seng Tan Puay Han Tan Seet Koh Tan Seng Boon Tan Seng Kee (Xing Guang Maitreya Society) Tan Siew Hong Tan Siew Loon Tan Sing Gek Michelle Tan Swee Lim Tan Swee Tian Tan Sze Chao Tan Thung Keat Tan Tiong Hwee Tan Tse Seng Victor Tan Wee Leong Tan Yen Hui Tan Yew Seng Tang Jong Chye Tang Poh Ing Tang Poh Kwai Tang Soei Lan Tang Tin Chuan Tay Ai Tin Tay Boon Hau Tay Chai Leng Tay Chiew Har Katherine Tay Chih Kien Tay Ching Kien Tay Eng Kiat Jason Tay Hwee Ling Junie Tay Lee Hoon Tay Liam Kheng Tay Neo Mie Tay Sai Hua Tay Sen Ai Tay Sie Siz Tay Tiak Poh Tea Lay Hua Tech Decor Pte Ltd Teng Chia Yang Tent Sun Tenzin Quek Gim Soon Teo Boon Kwang Teo Buck Po Teo Chee Koon Teo Choon Seng Teo Chor Hoon Grace Teo Chor Leng Teo Gek Ai Teo Hsia Poh Teo Huan Ling Teo Hui Kuan Teo Lay Swee Irene Teo Luan Teo Siew Lee Christine Teo Wee Peng Teoh Phaik Khuan Teoh Po Ling Thong Jian Jen Thong May Gan Tiffany Khoo Tng Choon Huat James Toh Boon Geok Lynne Toh Chor Kheng Jenny Toh Seok Ling Toh Yen Cheng Tok Ching Kwe Tommy Chew Tony Halim U Gateway Pte Ltd United Ship Brokers Pte Ltd Valerie Chua Vampire_sg Verone Victor Tan Tze Seng Vivien Sim Wang GangYi Wang Hui Shi Wang Li Xia Wang Yu Zhan Wat Ananda Youth Wee Eng Hin Wendy Wendy & Freddy Wendy Law Wendy Toh Weprint Pte Ltd Wong Chin Fatt Wong Choon Kew Wong Jui Chin Wong Kok Kuan Wong Mee Yin Wong Soon Joo Wong Tzai Chian Wong Weng Fai Wong Yok Ley Wong Yoon Hsie Woo Pei Jie Woon Tek Seng Xiao Wei Yi Xin Qi Hang Engineering Works Yak Choon Seng Yan Why Kee Yap Chay Huang Yap Gin Thiam Yap Gui Yong Yap Hoon Leong Yap Kwong Wye Yap Kwong Wye Yap Sian Koon Yap Wai Lin Yeh Chien Ee Yeo Chiat Wei Yeo Guat Chiew Yeo Hui Zhen Yeo Jit Siong Yeo Kwang Seng Yeo Moi Kia Yeo Pei Shan Yeo Poh Choo Yew Boon Heng Yip Tip Tee Yoga Pranolo Yong Mee Mei Yow Yin Chee Yueh Shuek Siah Yvonne Chai Zehuei Tan Zero Spot Laundry Service Pte Ltd Zhou Ziyi 嘉心 大悲安老院 张丽丽 (lili Chaisawan) Woon Sin Ying 杨泉福(觉海) 源合利(私人)有限公司 陈俊杰(Brix) 陈林亚华 黎秋英 We apologise if we have mis-spelt or in advertently missed your name. Kindly inform us of our oversight. 33
  33. 33. Adeline Phua Adrian Ang Andy Quek Ang Boon Hock Ang Choon Ang Elarine Ang Evelyn Ang Eng Ban Ang Hong Lian, James Ang Hui Gek, Diana Ang Hui Sze, Serene Ang Joyce Ang Lay Eng Ang Lian, Brenda Ang Na Suan, Esther Ang Seng Leong Ang Siew Ting Ang Toh Seng Ang Xin Yi, Michelle Audrey Ong Bak Fook Wai, Patrick Betsie Sim Benny Kwee Bobo Meow Boh Tuang Lee Bong Soon Yuen Boon Chow Ling Boon Kok Heng Carol Chung Chad Ong Chan April Chai Soo Kian Chan Chia Chi, Veronica Chan April Chan Hoon Seah, Jess Chan Hui San, Vanessa Chan Kim Kong Chan Kim Sian Chan Ko Meng Chan Miew Chun, Jann Chan Say Piu, Rhonny Chan Xin Hui Chan Yong Jie Chan Zhengfen, Pauline Chang Ling Seow Chang Siew Wah (Sing Wah) Charles Ng Charlie Soh Chee Kwan Siew, Alice Chee Pheng Pheng Chee Veron Chelsea Cheong Chen Yee Sing Chen Chun Fu Chen Jing Yi, Catherine Chen Yoon Kamp, Cindy Cheng LiMing, Joanne Chen Yee Sing Our Volunteers We recognise and are very grateful to the following volunteers for their devotion and immeasurable contribution of time and effort during the period April 2012 to March 2013. Thank You! Chen Chun Fu Chen Jing Yi, Catherine Chen Yoon Kamp, Cindy Cheng LiMing, Joanne Cheong You Chin Cheong Lai Fong, Michelle Chew Li Li Chew Poh Beng Chew Xian Long, Jermaine Chew Yi Rong, Zenzel Chew Ai Juan Chew Bee Hoon, Peggy Chew Choon Eng Chi Heather Chia Cheng Ho, Freddy Chia Guek Neo, Corrine Chia Lilian Chia Mui Choon, Kelvin Chia Pek Kiang Chia Poi Mui Chia Ser Hung Jeff Chia Winnie Chia Yoke Lin Chiam Tracy Chiew Chin Yee Christine Chin Lee Huang Chin Chuan Cheong Chin Foong Mui, Susan Chin Fook Yin Chin Maya Chin Yi Hui Chiong Ngan Fong Ching Jim Chng Geok Moi, May Chng Hwee Hong Chng Teck Lam Chng Lay Kuan, Karen Chng Suan Lian, June Chng Yeow Khim Choh Ah Fah, Cindy Choo Chih Wei Chong Chew Ling, Alan Chong Wei Chiang Chong Oei Ping, Stacy Chong Wei Chiang Choo Lin Choo Siew Hong Choo Yuen Teng Choong Siok Fang, Iris Chow Choy Yeen, Pearline Chow Hoon Meng Chow Hui Xuan Chow Jia Yi Chow Shirley Chow Tak Wen, Nicholas Chow Wan Ting Chow Yew Sun Chu Chantel Chu Mei Huei Chu Stephanie Chua Jiak Ching Chua Yu Xuan Chua Boon Chien Chua Boon Tee, Wendy Chua Hwee Cheng Chua Kim Long Chua Ling Li, Pauline Chua Ai Li, Elaine Chua Meng Chai Chua Peh Yee Chua Peck Kee Chua Seok Wah Chua Siew Tin, Ginny Chua Soon Tiong Chua Yat Hong, Lina Chua Yong Hock Chua Keng Chua Chuah Qiu Jin, Jessica Chung Cindy Chung Fun Seng Chye Mui Yen Ciin Ciin Di Xiaoyu David Pang David Wong Danny Koh Deborah Chung Du Zhenglin Eddy Lim Ee Chin Seng Eng Pingni Eng Ah Hoe Eng Shao Wei Eni Wong So Eric Lim Flora Lim Florence Ho Fong Ah Chan Fong Yee Fai Fong Yoke Wah Foo Chin Choo Foo Jeffrey Foo Ngiat Thei Foo Yee Ling Gan Che Soon, Joe Joseph Gan Nina Gan Wen Qian, Sheena Ganthi Viswanathan George Louise Ghista Dhanjoo Gian Khia Lay GIC School Goh An Kee Goh An Peng Goh Beng Chia, Patrick Goh Chok Chia 34
  34. 34. Michelle Mok Sau Seong Michelle Tan Mike Wee Minna Moe Kyaw Se Mr & Mrs Daniel Lum Mr & Mrs Lian Mr & Mrs Wang (Ong Si Ling) Mr Chiu (故陈佐花女士) Mr Lim Mr Ng Puat Jit Mr Pang Mr Woo Boo Leong & Jessica Mrs Cyrene Ho & Family Mrs Hsu Mrs Sng Mrs Sng (Make Music P.L) Mrs Susan Chew Ms Foo Siew Niak Ms Yen Ms Yeo Mun Cheong Yue MyNet Technologies LLP Nancy Koay Nancy Phuan National Starch National University of Singapore - Buddhist Society nEbO nEbO (SISEU) Ng Bee Geok Ng Fei Cheng Ng Gek Heoh Ng Gim Bee Ng Kheng Heng Keith Ng Lay Eng Ng Lay Mui Ng Seow Kin Ng Siew Kiang Ng Siew Yun Ng Siok Hian Ng Theng Tian Ng Wai Chun Ng Wee Cheng Ng William Ng Yee Kong Noble Denton Singapore Pte Ltd Nora Yong Sze Chee Novena Foundation Pte Ltd NTUC Fairprice Foundation Ltd Oh Poh Kwee Janice Olivia Lim Ong Ai Lian Ong Joo Lay Ong Kah Lai Ong Keng Hua Sunny Ong Lee Eng Ong Pay Ing Ong Pee Eng Ong Pei Fern Ong Siew Choo Ong Siew Hua Audrey Ong Sok Kee Jiang Wen Cong James Ng Jane Seow Jasmine Tan Jaszmine Lau Hoi Yee Jessie Heng Jennifer Choo Jenni Ho Kam Pei Shya Kam Shuh Shya Kelvin Koh Kim Teck Kevin Tee Kho Pei Yan, Ashley Khoo Bee Choo, Janis Khoo Chwee Tin Khoo Sin Hin, Ricky Khor Gui Wei Kng Kim Eng Koh Ah Luan, Maria Koh Chee Boon Koh Hwi Lin, Sharon Koh Huai Fang,Jessie Koh Guat Hua Koh Poh Lin Koh Ling Ting Koh Shan Hui, Laura Koh Sock Whee Koh Sok Hoon, Doris Koh Yeow Hwee Kok Lai Chun Kok Weng Keong, Kevin Kong Poi Peng, Lilian Koo Pau Tean Ku Choo Yong, Manfred Kuan Janice Kwan Kah Kit Kwan Kwok Mui Kwee Soon Kiat, Benny Kwek Lee Choon Kwek Mary Lai Sock Har Lai Swee Kam Anikka Lai Swee Leng Lai Wei Hong, Ernest Lam Man Kit Lam Wai Mun, Wally Lau Ah Nee Lau Bo Chu, Janet Lau Aaron Lau Hoi Yee, Jaszmine Lau Jui Fang Lau Kok Meng Lau Ying Wen Lauw Ngo Eng Law Chiu Hoon, Michelle Lawrence Koh Lawrence Lau Lean Siew Hong Lee Ah Lek Lee Bee Hong, Susan Lee Bee Kee, Erica Lee Bee Kheng, June Lee Benny Lee Boon Teck, Freddy Lee Cheng Soon Lee Choon Gek Lee Chuan Khim, Kelvin Lee Chung Seng Lee Eng Chuan Lee Eng Heng Lee Geng Yu Lee Jing Lee Joan Lee Kok Meng, David Lee Kok Yan Lee Lay Har Phyllis Lee Lee Khoon Serene Lee Kai Sze Lee Kelvin Lee King Ling Lee Lee Khoon, Serene Lee May Ling, Karen Lee Moi Yin, Janet Lee Pei Ling, Marilyn Lee Philip Lee Quee Yen, Agnes Lee Raymond Lee Rachel Lee Sharon Lee S Seng Eder Lee Sau Hwa Lee Siew Nah, Stephanie Lee Sin Fatt Lee Soo Hong, Sally Lee Suan Wan, Robert Lee Susan Lee Sui Fung Lee Swee Ngoh Lee Ting Ting Lee Wan Yuen, Joanne Lee Wee Chuang Lee Wei Cheng Lee Wen Wei Lee Will Lee William Lee Zhi Qiang Liew Chin Keow, Yvonne Liew Kwee Yuet Lim Ah Mui, Sharon Lim Bak Chuan, Desmond Lim Chau Lee Lim Catherine Tan Keat Tin Lim Cheng Ngoh, Eileen Lim Choo Hong, Lorraine Lim Chong Sin, Kelvin Lim Chor Huah Lim Chun Heng Lim Cindy Lim Flora Lim Gek Huang Lim Geok Hong, Shirley Lim Gkik Cheng, Alice Lim Hsueh Lee Lim Hwee Leng, Jasmin Lim Jocelyn Lim Kah Heah, Mary 35
  35. 35. Lim Kaw Mui Lim Keng Thye John Lim Khoon Cheow Lim Kim Eng Vivien Lim Kit Siang Lim Lee Sang Lim Linda Lim May Poh, Mabel Lim Meng Kwang Lim Mei Ruan Lim Mui Hoon, Jenny Lim Bee Hock, Paul Lim Pei Yee, Erin Lim Roger Lim Say Tin Lim Serene Lim Shili Lim Shin Wei Lim Siew Khim Lim Wee Beng Admond Lim WJ Bezner Lim Yi Ching Lim Toa Fong Lim Beng Keat, John Lim Pei Yee Erin Lim Yu Xuan, Joanne Lim Theng Chiew Lim Zi Wei Lin Ya Ling Lin Zhan Lian Lin Liao, Su-Chin Linda Zee Loh Ah Hiang, Michelle Loh Audrey Loh Kay Lok, Darrin Loh Lai Lin Loh Lee Theng Loh Lee Yin Loh Patrick Loh Soo Teng Loh Wai Yuen Long Poh Seng Loo Swee Min Loo Thiam Chyn, Johnny Louisa Ang Low Geok Suan Low Kah Eng Low Karen Low Kim Eng Low Kum Cheong Low Mew Ngan Low Moon Chee, Jack Low Pak Kheong, Jason Low Ping Ping Low Seok Tee, Andy Low Siew Fong Low Soo Noi Low Theem Fi Low Wen Qi ,Nicole Low Xiu Hui Low Yee Jin, Andy Low Kwong Meng, Lance Loy Boon Yin, Annis Lu Jiayan Lum Wai Mun Lye Meng Kwen, Sally Mah Ah Woon, Laurence Mah Serene Mah How Gek, Belinda Mak Fang Hua Mary Kwek Maureen Oh Melvin Ang Myo Myint Han Na Hwee Min, Daron Nah Tia Cho, Ivy nEbO Club Neo Beng Choo Neo Sea King Neo Zijin, Angel Neoh Peter New Chin Chin, Karen Ng Aik Yong Ng Peng Hor Ng Shiang Huey, Jannies Ng Soon Kuan Ng Bee Keow, Angie Ng Bee Phuay Ng Charles Ng Chiew Guek Ng Chee Keow Ng Chuey Peng Ng Cythnia Ng Eng Mooi, Angie Ng Irene Ng Jenny Ng Joe Ng John Ng Joo Leng Ng Kia Seah, Florence Ng Lee Pin Ng Liew Haun, Wendy Ng May Ng Siew Seng,Stanley Ng Sock Cheng Ng Tian Tsong Ng Xi Ying Ng Yong Hao, Rico Ng Yueh Lee Ngeow Clare Nyang Poh Chin Oh Chin Bong, Jeffrey Ong Ming Ying Ong Siew Choo Ong Audrew Ong Audrey Ong Beng Hui, Glenn Ong Yuxia Ong Mui Eng Ong Cheng Ong Cheng Cheng Ong Choon Lian Ong Geok Hong, Lynn Ong Joo Lay, Judy Ong Kok Heng, Ivan Ong Lay Tin Ong Lee Lee Ong Si Ting, Celeste Ong Siew Ling Ong Siying Ong Sok Kee, Betty Ong Wang Sing, Andy Ong Yed Deed Oo An Ngit Or Germaine Ow Yang Wai Chue, Agnes Pang Chin Ching Pang Elicia Peggy Chew Peggy Chang Peter Teo Phan Hsiao Yun Phoon Siew Koon Phua Poie Hone, Bright Phua Siang Hong, Nelly Png Hui Ying, Christina Poh Bee Bee Poh Beng Chye Alan Poh Yeang Yeang Poon Gek Nooi Poon Poh Wan Poon Tai Weng Pua Lea Kien Pua long Trading & Co Quah Poh Kim, Cecilia Quek Chin Chin, Janet Quek Geok Keng Quek Mei Bei Jasmine Quek Mei Ting Jaime Quek Nguan Hoon Peggy Quek Poh Choo, Ivy Quek Siew Leng, Wendy Quek Weng Chiew Richard Tham Richard Kwai Seluasundram.N Sundram Seo Ricky Seow Choon Kok, Colin Seow Esther Seow Ah Kim Seow Kim Tiang Seow Teck Wee Seow Zi Jie, Samuel Serene Wong Setoh Wai Tuck Shen Shiyun, Petrina Sharon Lim Shen Shiyun, Petrina Sharon Lim Shaun Goh Siah Chong Loon Sim Chee Boon Sim Geok Hoon, Nita Sim Hong Guan Sim Huei Luan Sim Poh San Sim Teck Choon Patrick Sim Siew Ching 36
  36. 36. Sim Soon Khin, Vivien Sin Lin Li Sing Kar Joo, Lily Sing Wee Cheng, Wendy Siow Chang Chang Siow Gek Hong, Ivy Siti RoHana Sng Peck Choo Sng Li Hwei Sng Li Loo Sng Swee Keat So Siong Teng Soh Amanda Soh Kok Hui Soh Poh Peng, Charlie Soh Jun Lin, Terrence Soh Lian En Song Hua Lin, Grace Soo Celeste Soo Chia Yeow Soong Ah Meng Soong Kok Thong Susanne Lee Sumathi Kappusamy Katherine Sung Wong Chiang, Alex Sumarlin Symrise Asia Pacific Pte Ltd Tan Ah Hee, Raymond Tan Annieda Tan Bee Ai, Polly Tan Bee Luan, Irene Tan Bee Po Tan Boon Kiat, Jordan Tan Cheng Kiat Tan Chee Yin Tan Chee Kian Tan Cher Sin Tan Chiew Kian Tan Choon Yuen Tan Christine Tan Eng Choon Tan Gee Meng, Patrick Tan Gooi Eng Tan Hau Teck Tan Hiang Thong Derek Tan Hock Hai Johnson Tan Hui Yang Tan Irvin Tan Jun Fong Tan Joyce Tan Kheng Hong Tan Kian Teng, Glenson Tan Kim Fong, Joanne Tan Kin Yiah, Jane Tan Kut Hong, Simon Tan Lay Har Tan Lay Hua, Catherine Tan Lay Nah, Evelyn Tan Lee Yong, Lydia Tan Mei Qi, Joyce Tan Miao Chan, Rachel Tan Puay Khai Tan Peng Guek, Cynthia Tan Poh Gek Tan Poh Hoon Phern, Priscilla Tan Lay Kuan Tan Shi Hao Tan Shi Jie Tan Shimin Tan Siak Huat Tan Siew Choo Tan Sock Tiang, Jenny Tan Sok Kiang Tan Song Kai Tan Soon Kuan, Welson Tan Suan Jong Tan Swee Cheng, Judy Tan Swee Tian, Linus Tan Teng Luck, Eric Tan Ting Fang Tan Tiong Sing, Alan Tan Trevor Tan Twee Kong, Simon Tan Wan Chi, Emily Tan Wee Meng, Phil Tan Wee Teck, Kelvin Tan Wei Jie Tan Wen Yan Tan Wing Ming Tan Xiang Ji, Cindy Tan Xing Zhong, Benny Tan Yan Li, Lena Tan Yen Tien, Dawn Tan Yeow Teck, Tony Tan Yew Chuan Tan Yew Kwong, Eric Tan Ying Ying Tan Yu Boon, Dennis Tan Yun Ling, Caryn Tan Guai Ying Tan Yunjia Tang Hua Lin Tang Poh Ing Tang Tin Chuann Tay Sang Choo Tang Siow Lan, Christina Tay Bee Ting, Doris Tay Boon Kiat, Jenny Tay Chai See Tay Chay Pheng Tay Chiew Har Katherine Tay Hai Seng, Samuel Tay Hong Heng, Andy Tay Ivan Tay Kai Shin Tay Kok Peng, Jason Tay Lay Eng Tay Sin Hwa Tay Xi Yi Tay Yi Xin Temasek Polytechnic, School of Engineering, L.I.F.E Committee Teng Ziqian, Andric Teng Ah Hong Teng Bee Lian, Jacqueline Teng Chia Yan, Sharon Teng Lay Heng Teo Swee Kiat Teo Wee Li, Vivienne Teo Ah Lek Teo Ai Lin, Irene Teo Beng Ngo, Alvin Teo Chai Ying Teo Cher Hoon, Grace Teo Chor Leng Teo Hong Mui (Zheng Xue Jia) Teo Jia Wen Teo Kek Lee, David Teo Lee Pin, Sharon Teo Jian Hao, Leonard Teo Siew Lian Teo Siew May Teo Wee Peng, Joseph Tey Bee Hoon Kelly Theng Kian Chung Nigel Thng Sor Tin, Angie Thong Margaret Thoo Moi Seng Thoo Lee Fong Tina Lee Tng Sge Kim, Doris Toh Chor Kheng, Jenny Toh Pau Chu Toh Xiu Hui Tok Boon Lai Tong Khee Ming Tong Xue Ting Too San Muan Veronica Tee Wang Chen Yong Wang Yuzhen Wang Kek Teng Wang Kwei Fang Wee Christina Wee Eng Hin Wee Jun Wen Wee Lye Tee Wee Mowg Nge Wee Siew Kheng Wee Tye Chuen Wendy Toh Wong Yoke Eu, Alison Wong Geok Kim Wong Han Nguim, Serene Wong Hsueh Pin, Dorein Wong Jui Chin Wong Kwang Chye Wong Leng Keat, Stanley Wong Sharon Wong Shi Xiang, Brian Wong Shiau Jiuan, June Wong Tzai Chian Wong Wai Sim Wong Wai Teng Wong Xun Yan Wong Yew Peng Wong Yi Min Woon Katherine 37
  37. 37. Wu Zhi Wei Wuan Poh Fatt Yang Shun Wei Yap Pien Yap Siew Lian Yap Siyan Yau Geok May Yeap Si Min Yee Lai Mei, Joanna Yee Meow Lin Yeo Ai Lian Irene Yeo Hwai Khng Yeo Eng Song, Justin Yeo Pu Yuan Yeo Sai Ngoh Yeo Swee Lan, Eunice Yeo Wen Qing Yeong Goi Hoe, Cynthia Yeong Kheng Hoe Yeow Kum Hung Yeow Wai Hun, Joan Yew Pei Sze Yeu Siew Ngee Yip Tip Yee Yong Lyn Yong Shou Pin Yong Siew Mei, Cathy Yong Sook Fun Yong Sow Lin Yong Yoon Chin Yow Yin Chee, Mike Yu LiQing, Cendy Zheng Jin’an, Jerry Zheng Kaiyi Zhuang Yun Mei We apologise if we have mis-spelt or in advertently missed your name. Kindly inform us of our oversight. 38
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  62. 62. Management Committee President Quek Hwee Huang, Jenny Vice President Yeh Chien Ee Honorary Secretary Yeo Yam How Honorary Treasurer Tng Choong Mong, William Assistant Honorary Secretary Lee Ai Kiang, Lillian Assistant Honorary Treasurer Peck Wee Boon, Patrick Public Relations Officer Mabel Lim Committee Members Thian Kok Chong, William Yeo Yueyi Yvette Sub-Committee Fund Raising Committee Chairperson Peck Wee Boon, Patrick Members Quek Hwee Huang, Jenny Thian Kok Chong, William Tong Kin Muon Human Resource Committee Chairperson Yeo Yam How Members Tng Choong Mong, William Lee Ai Kiang, Lillian Tong Kin Muon Service Committee Chairperson Tng Choong Mong, William Members Yeh Chien Ee Lillian Lee Peck Wee Boon, Patrick Tong Kin Muon Public Relations Committee Chairperson Mabel Lim Members Quek Hwee Huang, Jenny Tang Wek Soon Tong Kin Muon Board of Advisors Principal Advisor Prof. Mark Williams Specialist Advisor Dr Jessica Grainge Dr Suzanne Habib Prof. G.T. Maurits Kwee Dr Lionel Lim Dr. Kotra Krishna Mohan Dr Ng Koon Hock Dr Ng Yee Kong Dr Ng Yuen Yen Dr Ong Seh Hong Dr Joel Porter Dr. Philip Tsui Key Staff Executive Director Tong Kin Muon Clinical Service Clinical Supervisor Dr Wong Shyh Shin Dr Wong Mei Yin Senior Counsellor Jane Wong Chiew Mee Counsellor Winnie Wong Choon Kew Alicia Koh Ai Pei James Wong Wai Keat Chen Jiajun Psychologist/Counsellor Ong Ee Lin (Contract) Counsellor Charlene Teo (Contract) Project & Event Programme Executive Enya Tan Annabel Koh Graphic Designer Sunny Lee Social Work Associate Light Chua Finance & Administration Finance & Admin Manager Doris Tang Administrative Executive Lim Soo Hua Jenny Tan Social Service Wellness Community Blk 3, Eunos Crescent, #01-2591 Singapore 400003 Programme Executive Elaine Choo Programme Coordinator Susan Chong Law Mee Yeng Auditors Suhaimi Salleh & Associates, Certified Public Accountants 5 Jalan Masjid, #01-04 Kembangan Court Singapore 418924