Shan You Annual Report 2011/12


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Shan You Annual Report 2011/12

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  3. 3. Dear Stakeholders, Our Service Commitment On behalf of the Management Committee of Shan You We are committed to training and developing our staff Counselling Centre, I am pleased to present our 17th in order to serve our service users better. Our actions annual report for the financial period are based on our core values and the best possible ended 31 March 2012 (FY11/12). outcomes for our programmes. Our standard operating procedures (SOP) and overall service capabilities are reviewed Looking back, economic conditions in 2011 were periodically to improve our services. We will stay subdued and created considerable uncertainty and weak connected with the community to respond demand. However, demand for social services to the needs of our service users. remained high. We experienced a high level of inflation and although our total operating expenses increased by 4 Future Direction percent, which is below inflation rate in 2011, total manpower expenses saw a 15 percent increase. One trend that was highlighted in the general elections held in 2011 was the recognition of the growing We made progress with our plans to make mindfulness- inequalities in income and wealth, and growing based approaches as widely available as possible. You concerns with quality-of-life issues. These may recall our collaboration with Oxford Mindfulness challenges were subsequently addressed in Budget 2012 with Centre (OMC) in FY2010/11. 2011 saw increased increased spending to address social issues. We will tap activities in our mindfulness programmes such as mindfulness workshops for the public in April 2011, on these funds to introduce new initiatives to meet July 2011 and February 2012; and Mindfulness-Based community-based care services. Our vision for Shan You Cognitive Therapy (MCBT) retreat in May 2011. I look to become a “hub” for mindfulness is the centerpiece forward with enthusiasm to even greater progress next year. of our 5-year strategy. We will work closely with OMC to consolidate, deepen and extend the core mindfulness Clinical Service skills. Trainers from OMC will be invited to facilitate more professional training workshops and public talks. Through Clinical service remains as our core service. We engage and our programmes, we will introduce the benefits and promote support those with mental health issues as well as those the practice of mindfulness to the Singapore community. with interpersonal relationship issues through our counseling service. We promote and improve mental health awareness In Closing though public talks and seminars, and media resources. With the support of our clinical supervisors and advisors, In 2011, our fund-raising efforts did not yield the our team of qualified psychologists and counsellors has been corresponding results expected. Nevertheless, we able to deliver a consistent level of service to our clients. are deeply grateful for the generous support we did receive from NCSS and you, our stakeholder. You have Social Service: Community Outreach always believed in us and supported our clinical and social The Food Rations programme has been one of our ways programmes with your time, effort and funds. of engaging the community directly. Every month we As in the past years, a section in our Annual provide this service to about 300 families. The majority of the Report has been set aside to express our gratitude recipients are low-income families and elderly to each and everyone for your unwavering support. who have little or no social support. On behalf of the Management Committee, I wish to Wellness Community, a community wellness centre, express my appreciation and thanks to our Clinical expanded its activities to engage the elderly and the young Advisors for your professional guidance; to our in the community through social activities, events and service users for having faith in us and giving us outings to strengthen intergenerational bonds. The objective is the opportunity to serve you; to our staff for your to promote active ageing and ensure our silver citizens remain dedication, exceptional teamwork and for helping us mentally and physically active as well as socially engaged. achieve our objectives; and to my fellow committee members, thank you for your support and encouragement. Our “Noble Ambassador” programme has completed the skills training phase and the ambassadors will be deployed Jenny Quek to meet the care needs of the elderly, President the lonely, the sick and the terminally ill.05
  4. 4. 各方善长仁翁: 问题成为重点!今年国家的财政报告中,政府也 承诺将拨更多的资金以改善上述社会问题 。“善本人仅代表“善友辅导中心”理事会向各界善心人 友”将尽力争取这些资金,以办更多的新项目来配士汇报第十七届(2011/2012 )财政年度之常年报 合社区的需求。希望五年内办成 “正念中心”。我告。 们将与“牛津正念中心”(OMC)紧密合作,加强 并深入地发展正念技巧。同时也将邀请“牛津正念回顾去年,面对种种不明朗的因素,经济增长疲 中心”(OMC)的培训员到本地为我们开办更多的弱;然而国人对社会福利的需求仍然高居不下。「 专业培训工作坊和公共讲座。希望通过活动,把“善友」的总开销比上一个财政年增加了四成。虽然 正念”的好处及练习法推广给我国的社群。这数据比国家的通货膨胀率来得低,但善友的人力开销却增加了一成五。 总结为推广「正念」活动,我们与“牛津正念中心” 去年,我们未能达到预定的筹款目标。虽然如此,(Oxford Mindfulness Centre, OMC) 合办「正念认知 我们仍衷心得感谢新加坡社会福利理事会 (National治疗工作坊」 (Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy Council of Social Service, NCSS)和您的慷慨支持!您Retreat),我们自己也办了三场的「正念工作坊」。 所付出的时间、精神和金钱就是对我们的信任与支希望下一个财政年有更多的相关项目,让更多人受 持!一如既往,特此向每一位的赞助者和义工表示惠。 无尽的感谢!临床心理服务 本人也代表理事会衷心的感谢我们的顾问团给与的 专业指导和付出;感谢受益人对我们的信任,让我专业心理辅导与咨询仍然是我们的核心。为心理健 们有机会为您服务;感谢员工们的努力和团队精康及人际关系有问题的个案提供专业心理辅导与 神,让“善友”可以达到目标。最後,感谢理事会咨询服务。开办讲座、座谈会;通过传播媒介为桥 的成员们给与的支持与鼓励!梁,向社会大众推广心理健康的重要性。 敬祝各位:身心康乐,一切如意!在临床心理监督和顾问的协助下,我们的心理学家和辅导员都达到了专业表现并为个案咨询者提供了 Jenny Quek适当的协助。 主席社会服务:社区推广活动“粮食分派服务”是我们与社区直接联系的方法之一。每月为300户家庭提供基本粮食;大部分受惠者是低收入家庭和缺乏社会支持的年长者。作为社区康乐中心,“康乐亭”为年长者与青少年筹办各类活动与服务;办节日庆祝会、郊游等,则为进一步加强三代互动。上列活动皆为推广活跃乐龄生活和确保银发族不与社会脱节,以便拥有健康的生理与心理。另外,“亲善大使”义工亦已完成培训,准备为有需求 的长者、病患和末期病患提供服务。我们的服务承诺为达到优质服务,我们非常重视员工的培训与发展。职员把我们的价值观贯彻于日常的活动中,以期服务保质。我们定期评估操作和整体服务,冀望尽善尽美。同时,与社区保持良好联系,让需求者及时受惠。未来展望2011年全国大选期间,社会贫富悬殊和生活质量 06
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  8. 8. We recognise and are very grateful to the following donors of their generous contributions during the period of April2011 to March 2012 without whom we will not be able to deliver our services and community outreach programmes.Thank You!Adam Wong Evergreen Buddhist Lau Siew LanAmala Chew Soo Chuah Culture Service Pte Ltd Laura NgAng Choon Pioh Foo Joon Pang Lee AnnieAng Kheng Choo Foy Os Octavia Angilit Lee Bee HongAng Meng Cheat, Melvin Ganthimathi D/O Viswanathan Lee Boon SiongAng Seong Leong Go Wok Tiam Lee Chee BengAng Siew See Goh Chui Lin Lee Cheun Hooi ChristinaAntara Koh Pte Ltd Goh Chun Keong Lee FoundationBen Chia Goh Chwee Hong Lee Gek LingCha Hue Peng Goh Gnak Pheng Lee Hwee MengChan Chay Gek Goh Kiat Ling Lee Kai HaeinChan Jee Beng Goh Pooi Kian Lee Kim Tah FoundationChan Sheng Poh, Adrian Goh Sing Hui Lee King LingChang Ah Moi Goh Sing Hwei Lee Lay Har, PhyllisChang Chiz Hau Goh Wee Choon Lee Soo Min, EvelynChang Keng Wah Goh Yong Luang Lee Teng YongChemical And Machinery Pte Ltd Goh Yong Sheng Lee Teng YongCheng Beng Buddhist Society Gwee Bah Lee Lee Wee Koon, EddyCheng Hong Siang Tng Heo Hui Chin Lee Wei ChengChew Chen Xin Hia Nui Tian Leow Jian QuanChew Teck Soon Hia Yeow Hong Leow Kiat PengChew Xian Long, Jermaine Hiu Ay Tying Lewn Mei Kin, ChristineChew Yi Rong, Zenzel Ho Chai Ling Li KingChia Yeo Kheng Ho Kwai Keong Liaw Tiong ThatChin Joon Fook Ho Swee Meng Liew Hon VooiChin Lee Vine Hong Leong Foundation Liew Lee SingChin Yeen Vine Hoon Sim Hui Liew Wen HweeChng Hwee Hong Hui Chook Yee Liew Zhi Yan, MabelChoa Wee Keong Intercontinental Communications Lim Ah SwanChong Fui Feung Pte Ltd Lim Bee KienChong Hean Shun Kee lay Hiong, Janet Lim Cheah NgorChoo Choong Huat Kenrich Partners Pte Ltd Lim Chee KiangChoo Hong Eng Khoo GL Eileen Lim Chi BinChow Sew Yew Khoo Ket Mui Lim Fui NeeChow Yew Sun Kim Heng Automotive Pte Ltd Lim Gek SiangChua Peck Kee Koh Hiang Noi Lim Keng Tye, JohnChua Siew Siew Koh Hui Liak Lim Khoon CheowChung Shi Wei, Cindy Koh Mui Kiah Lim Kim ChooClaudia Karolina Hofmaier Koh Sin Ping, Adrian Lim Kok KiangDavid Kong Koh Wee Chau Lim Kok WeeDing Ming Huah Kow Hwee Mei Lim Mui HoonEe Poh Siong Kwai Cheng Huang Lim Nee NeeElarine Ang Kwan Im Thong Hood Cho Temple Lim Phaik HoonElfin Lim Boon Swee Kwok Lee Kuen Lim Poh HoonEng Siew Lai Hoon Lee Lim Poh How, DavidEni Wongso Lai Sock Har Lim Poh NoiEric Chua Lai Swee Leng Lim Sen HappyEvelyn Lee Soo Min Lau Shook Fong Lim Sen Yuen 10
  9. 9. Lim Soo Ing Phua Poie Hone Tan Swee Lim Lim Soon Kiat Poo Chooi Ping Tan Tiong Hwee Lin Tian Xin Poon Tai Weng Tan Wee Leong Ling Meng Siong Pua Hwee Leng Tan Yen Hui Lo Liang Puat Jit Buddhist Temple Tang Choy Fong Loh Lee Yin Janet Quah Keng Sean Tang Poh Ing Loh Yen Lee Quak Chye Soon (Deceased) Tang Soei Lan Low Joo Hong Quek Huey Ming Tay Ai Tin Low Kum Cheong Quek Pee Ngern Tay Chiew Har, Katherine Low Li Kiong Quek Pek Noi Tay Lee Hoon Low Wai Ming Quek Siew Boon, Shirley Tay Sai Hua Low Yen Yen Quek Siew Lay Tay Sen Ai Loyang Tua Pek Kong Samuel Tay Hai Seng Tay Tiak Poh Lui Hwee Boon Se Bee Lay Teng Chia Yang Mah Yoke Sim Sea Soo Kim Teng Kwai Fun, Janice Mangala Vihara (Buddhist Temple) Seah Lee Kiang Teo Boon Kwang Mary Edmonds Xue Ying See Soo Huay Teo Chor Leng Mdm Leng Seetoh Mei Cheng Teo Hui Kuan Mecredo Privated Limited Seow Cheng Geok Teo Lay Swee, Irene Mellford Pte Ltd Sherry Tay Seok Hong Tho Geok Kiow Metropolitan Corporate Sim Gay Khim Thong Jian Jen Services LLP Sim Geok Hoon, Nita Tng Choon Huat, James Michelle Mok Sau Seong Sim Hak Khiang Toh Bee Eng Mr & Mrs Lee Sim Soo Hoon, Eunice Toh Boon Geok, Lynne Mr Lim Singapore Buddhist Youth Mission Toh Chor Kheng, Jenny Muliadi tirtakurnia Singapore Press Holdings Utraco Pte Ltd Mun Cheong Yue Foundation Limited Valerie Chua Ng Ai Tee Cheryl Soh Keng Shun Wang Li Xia Ng Bee Geok Soh Keng Yew Wee Koh Sian Ng Bee Keow Soo Siew Zheng Wee Tye Chuen Ng Eng Khai Sumarlin Wenz Brows And Lip Boutique Pte Ltd Ng Gek Heoh Sung Sio Ma Wong Cheng Yong Ng Lay Eng Tai Pei Yuen Temple Wong Chin Nai Ng Lay Mui Tan Chee Ming, William Wong Choon Kew Ng Seow Kin Tan Chew Hoe Wong Mee Yin Ng Siew Yun Tan Chiew Koon Wong Weng Fai Ng Wai Chun Tan Ching Song Wong Yoon Hsie Ng Yee Kong Tan Chung Pheng Wong YY Emily Nora Yong Sze Chee Tan Ean Kiam Foundation World Arts & Crafts Pte Ltd Ong Ai Lian Tan Guat Eng Xin Qi Hang Engineering Works Ong Aik Leng Tan Haikang Yap Gin Thiam Ong Boon Han Tan Hiang Tiang Yee Mei Lin Ong Lee Eng Tan Hock Chye Yeh Chien Ee Ong Leng Hong Tan Jwee Boo & Family Yeo Chiat Wei Ong Pee Eng Tan Kim Choo, Selina Yeo Guat Chiew Ong Seh Hong Tan Lay Hoon Yeo Hui Zhen Ong Siew Choo Tan Lian Eng Yeo Joon Tiang Ong Siew Hua Audrey Tan Peng Chan Yeo Kwang Seng Ong Sok Kee Tan Phuay Miang Yeo Yam How Pan Sin Fong Oliver Tan Poh Hoon Yew Boon Heng Pang Sze Ing Tan See Puay Yim Kok Hing Peck Wee Boon Tan Seet Koh Young Kuan Sing Peh Kok Heng Tan Sen Ai Yow Yin Chee Pey Huey Shan Tan Siew Inn Yueh Shuek Siah Phang Seau Pin Tan Soo Miang11
  10. 10. We recognise and are very grateful to the following volunteers for their devotion and immeasurable contribution of timeand effort during the period April 2011 to March 2012. Thank You!Abdul Wahid Chew Bee Hoon, Peggy Chua Ling Li, PaulineAng Boon Hock Chew Choon Eng Chua Ai Li, ElaineAng Choon Chi Heather Chua Meng ChaiAng Elarine Chia Cheng Ho, Freddy Chua Peh YeeAng Evelyn Chia Guek Neo, Corrine Chua Seok WahAng Eng Ban Chia Lilian Chua Siew Tin, GinnyAng Hong Lian, JamesAng Hui Gek, Diana Chia Mui Choon, Kelvin Chua Soon TiongAng Hui Sze, Serene Chia Pek Kiang Chua Yat Hong, LinaAng Joyce Chia Poi Mui Chua Yong HockAng Lay Eng Chia Winnie Chuah Qiu Jin, JessicaAng Lian, Brenda Chia Yoke Lin Chung CindyAng Na Suan, Esther Chiam Tracy Chung Fun SengAng Seng Leong Chiew Chin Yee Christine (Ciin Ciin ) Theu Ngaih VungAng Siew Ting Chin Lee Huang Di XiaoyuAng Toh Seng Chin Chuan Cheong Damien LeeAng Xin Yi, Michelle Chin Foong Mui, Susan Du ZhenglinBak Fook Wai, Patrick Chin Maya Ee Chin SengBoh Tuang LeeBong Soon Yuen Chin Yi Hui Eng PingniBoon Kok Heng Ching Jim Eng Shao WeiCha Jane Chng Geok Moi, May Eni Wong SoChan April Chng Hwee Hong Florence HoChai Soo Kian Chng Teck Lam Fong Ah ChanChan Chia Chi, Veronica Chng Lay Kuan, Karen Fong Yoke WahChan April Chng Suan Lian, June Foo Chin ChooChan Hoon Seah, Jess Chng Yeow Khim Foo JeffreyChan Hui San, Vanessa Choh Ah Fah, Cindy Foo Ngiat TheiChan Kim Kong Choo Chih Wei Foo Yee LingChan Kim Sian Chong Chew Ling, Alan Gan Che Soon, Joe JosephChan Ko MengChan Miew Chun, Jann Chong Oei Ping, Stacy Gan NinaChan Say Piu, Rhonny Chong Wei Chiang Gan Wen Qian, SheenaChan Xin Hui Choo Lin Ganthi ViswanathanChan Yong Jie Choo Siew Hong George LouiseChan Zhengfen, Pauline Choo Yuen Teng Ghista DhanjooChang Han Wen, John Choong Siok Fang, Iris Gian Khia LayChang Ling Seow Chow Choy Yeen, Pearline GIC SchoolChang Siew Wah (Sing Wah) Chow Hoon Meng Goh An KeeChee Kwan Siew, Alice Chow Hui Xuan Goh An PengChee Pheng Pheng Chow Jia Yi Goh Beng Chia, PatrickChee Veron Chow Shirley Goh Chok ChiaChen Yee SingChen Chun Fu Chow Tak Wen, Nicholas Goh Chui LinChen Jing Yi, Catherine Chow Wan Ting Goh EvelynChen Yoon Kamp, Cindy Chow Yew Sun Goh Gek LangCheng LiMing, Joanne Chu Chantel Goh Gnak Pheng StephenCheong You Chin Chu Mei Huei Goh GwendolinChew Ai Juan Chu Stephanie Goh Heow Hong, HazelChew Li Li Chua Boon Chien Goh Joo KeeChew Poh Beng Chua Boon Tee, Wendy Goh KarenChew Xian Long, Jermaine Chua Hwee Cheng Goh Kim BuayChew Yi Rong, Zenzel Chua Kim Long Goh Kui Hong 12
  11. 11. Goh Kwang Meng, Steven Kevin Tee Lee Joseph Goh Pei Ling, Cecilia Kho Pei Yan, Ashley Lee Joan Goh Pey Shyan Karyn Khoo Bee Choo, Janis Lee Kok Meng, David Goh Sai Huay, Lynn Khoo Chwee Tin Lee Kok Yan Goh Siew Hiok Khoo Sin Hin, Ricky Lee Lay Har Goh Pooi Kian Koh Ah Luan, Maria Lee Kai Sze Goh Sing Hui Koh Hwi Lin, Sharon Lee Kelvin Goh Sing Pheng, Angie Koh Huai Fang, Jessie Lee King Ling Goh Soon Hee Koh Guat Hua Lee Lee Khoon, Serene Goh Swee Wah Koh Poh Lin Lee May Ling, Karen Goh Wai Kit Koh Ling Ting Lee Moi Yin, Janet Goh Wee Beng Koh Shan Hui, Laura Lee Pei Ling, Marilyn Goh Wei Ling, Lynne Koh Sin Ping, Adrian Lee Philip Goh Wei Ying, Lydia Koh Sock Whee Lee Quee Yen, Agnes Goi Kim Choo, Irene Koh Sok Hoon, Doris Lee Raymond Gwee Noon Sim, Henry Koh Yeow Hwee Lee Rachel Gwee Li Choo Kok Lai Chun Lee Sharon Han Pei Wen Kok Weng Keong, Kevin Lee Seng Eder Heng Choon Kim Kong Poi Peng, Lilian Lee Sau Hwa Heng Meow Ling, Shane Koo Pau Tean Lee Siew Nah, Stephanie Heng Irene Ku Choo Yong, Manfred Lee Sin Fatt Heng Jessie Kuan Janice Lee Soo Hong, Sally Heng Teow Koon, Andy Kwan Kah Kit Lee Suan Wan, Robert Heng Kiang Khoon Kwan Kwok Mui Lee Susan Heng Puay Oon Kwee Soon Kiat, Benny Lee Sharon Herlina Tony Kwek Lee Choon Lee Sui Fung Ho Geok Eng Kwek Mary Lee Swee Ngoh Ho Bernard Lai Sock Har Lee Ting Ting Ho Donald Lai Swee Kam Anikka Lee Wan Yuen, Joanne Ho Huey Lih Lai Swee Leng Lee Wee Chuang Ho Li Ping, Joyce Lai Wei Hong, Ernest Lee Wei Cheng Ho Mei Yoke, Helen Lam Man Kit Lee Wen Wei Ho Soo Pong Lam Wai Mun, Wally Lee Will Ho Sook Hwa Lau Ah Nee Lee WIlliam Ho Yoke Chang, Sally Lau Bo Chu, Janet Lee Zhi Qiang Ho Yoong Chan Desmond Lau Aaron Leow Hwee Yen, Regina Hoe Shawn Lau Hoi Yee, Jaszmine Liew Chin Keow, Yvonne Hong Siew Ngor Lau Jui Fang Liew Choi Pheng Hoo Pak Wai, Francis Lau Ying Wen Lim Angie Hoo Siew Heng Lauw Ngo Eng Lim Ah Mui, Sharon Hooy Roland Law Chiu Hoon, Michelle Lim Bak Chuan, Desmond How Kam Chiew Lean Siew Hong Lim Bee Hock, Paul Hsieh Pang Fang Lee Ah Lek Lim Chau Lee Hsu Chwee Yuan Lee Bee Hong, Susan Lim Chii Bin Hu Jing Lee Bee Kee, Erica Lim Catherine Tan Keat Tin Hu Xia Lee Bee Kheng, June Lim Cheng Ngoh, Eileen Huang Shiu Yu Lee Benny Lim Choo Hong, Lorraine Huang Mei Jing Lee Boon Teck, Freddy Lim Chong Sin, Kelvin Huang Yong Yi, Jason Lee Cheng Soon Lim Chor Huah Huang Zhao Ming Lee Choon Gek Lim Chun Heng Hwang Geok Lan, Natalie Lee Chuan Khim, Kelvin Lim Cindy Jiang Wen Cong Lee Chung Seng Lim Esther James Ng Lee Eng Chuan Lim Flora Kam Pei Shya Lee Eng Heng Lim Gek Huang Kam Shuh Shya Lee Geng Yu Lim Geok Hong, Shirley13
  12. 12. Lim Gkik Cheng, Alice Low Theem Fi Ong Beng Hui, GlennLim Hsueh Lee Low Wen Qi, Nicole Ong YuxiaLim Hwee Leng, Jasmin Low Xiu Hui Ong Mui EngLim Jocelyn Low Yee Jin, Andy Ong ChengLim Kah Heah, Mary Loy Boon Yin, Annis Ong Cheng ChengLim Kaw Mui Lu Jiayan Ong Choon LianLim Keng Thye Lum Wai Mun Ong Joo Lay, JudyLim Khoon Cheow Lye Meng Kwen, Sally Ong Kok Heng, IvanLim Kim Eng Vivien Mah Ah Woon, Laurence Ong Lay TinLim Kit Siang Mah Serene Ong Lee LeeLim Lee Sang Mah How Gek, Belinda Ong Si Ting, CelesteLim Linda Mak Fang Hua Ong Siew LingLim May Poh, Mabel Myo Myint Han Ong SiyingLim Meng Kwang Na Hwee Min, Daron Ong Sok Kee, BettyLim Mui Hoon, Jenny Nah Tia Cho, Ivy Ong Wang Sing, AndyLim Oh Hong nEbO Club Ong Yed DeedLim Bee Hock, Paul Neo Beng Choo Oo An Ngit, KarenLim Pei Yee, Erin Neo Sea King Or GermaineLim Roger Neo Zijin, Angel Ow Yang Wai Chue, AgnesLim Say Tin Neoh Peter Pang Chin ChingLim Serene New Chin Chin, Karen Pang EliciaLim Shili Ng Aik Yong Pang Kok Wee, DavidLim Shin Wei Ng Peng Hor Patrick Aaron SengLim Siew Khim Ng Shiang Huey, Jannies Pioneer Junior CollegeLim WJ Bezner Ng Soon Kuan Phua Siang Hong, NellyLim Yi Ching Ng Bee Keow, Angie Png Hui Ying, ChristinaLim Yu Xuan, Joanne Ng Bee Phuay Poh Bee BeeLim Zi Wei Ng Charles Poh Yeang YeangLin Zhan Lian Ng Chiew Guek Poon Gek NooiLing Bee Hong, Mabel Ng Chee Keow Poon Poh WanLoh Ah Hiang, Michelle Ng Cythnia Pua Long Trading & CoLoh Audrey Ng Eng Mooi, Angie Quay Lay Peng, JenniferLoh Kay Lok, Darrin Ng Irene Quah Poh Kim, CeciliaLoh Lai Lin Ng Jason Quek Chin Chin, JanetLoh Lee Theng Ng Jenny Quek Geok KengLoh Lee Yin Ng Joe Quek Mei Bei JasmineLoh Patrick Ng John Quek Mei Ting JaimeLoh Wai Yuen Ng Joo Leng Quek Nguan Hoon PeggyLong Poh Seng Ng Kia Seah, Florence Quek Poh ChooLoo Swee Min Ng Lee Pin Quek Poh Choo, IvyLoo Thiam Chyn, Johnny Ng Liew Haun, Wendy Quek Siew Leng, WendyLok Chia Meei Ng May Quek Weng ChiewLow Geok Suan Ng Siew Seng, Stanley Richard KwaiLow Kah Eng Ng Sock Cheng Seluasundram.N SundramLow Karen Ng Tian Tsong Seo RickyLow Kim Eng Ng Xi Ying Seow Ah Kim, JaneLow Kwong Meng, Lance Ng Yong Hao, Rico Seow Choon Kok, ColinLow Kum Cheong Ng Yueh Lee Seow EstherLow Mew Ngan Ngeow Clare Seow Ah KimLow Moon Chee, Jack Nyang Poh Chin Seow Kim TiangLow Pak Kheong, Jason Oh Chin Bong, Jeffrey Seow Zi Jie, SamuelLow Ping Ping Ong Bo Lock Setoh Wai TuckLow Seok Tee, Andy Ong Ming Ying Shen Shiyun, PetrinaLow Siew Fong Ong Siew Choo Shaun GohLow Soo Noi Ong Audrew Siah Chong Loon 14
  13. 13. Sim Chee Boon Tan Kut Hong, Simon Tay Ivan Sim Geok Hoon, Nita Tan Lay Har Tay Kai Shin Sim Hong Guan Tan Lay Hua, Catherine Tay Kok Peng, Jason Sim Huei Luan Tan Lay Nah, Evelyn Tay Lay Eng Sim Poh San Tan Lee Yong, Lydia Tay Sin Hwa Sim Robert Tan Mei Qi, Joyce Tey Xi Yi Sim Siew Ching Tan Miao Chan, Rachel Tay Yi Xin Sim Soon Khin, Vivien Tan Puay Khai Temasek Polytechnic, School of Sing Kar Joo, Lily Tan Peng Guek, Cynthia Engineering, L.I.F.E Committee Sing Wee Cheng, Wendy Tan Poh Gek Teng Ziqian, Andric Siow Chang Chang Tan Poh Hoon Phern, Priscilla Teng Ah Hong Siow Gek Hong, Ivy Tan Lay Kuan Teng Bee Lian, Jacqueline Siti RoHana Tan Shi Hao Teng Chia Yan, Sharon Sng Peck Choo Tan Shi Jie Teng Lay Heng Sng Li Hwei Tan Shimin Teo Swee Kiat Sng Li Loo Tan Siak Huat Teo Wee Li, Vivienne Sng Swee Keat Tan Siew Choo Teo Ah Lek So Siong Teng Tan Sock Tiang, Jenny Teo Ai Lin, Irene Soh Amanda Tan Sok Kiang Teo Beng Ngo, Alvin Soh Kok Hui Tan Song Kai Teo Cher Hoon, Grace Soh Poh Peng, Charlie Tan Soon Kuan, Welson Teo Chai Ying Soh Jun Lin, Terrence Tan Suan Jong Teo Chor Leng Song Hua Lin, Grace Tan Swee Cheng, Judy Teo Hong Mui (Zheng Xue Jia) Soo Celeste Tan Swee Tian, Linus Teo Jia Wen Soo Chia Yeow Tan Teng Luck, Eric Teo Kek Lee, David Soong Ah Meng Tan Ting Fang Teo Lee Pin, Sharon Soong Kok Thong Tan Tiong Sing, Alan Teo Jian Hao, Leonard Sum Chow Yin, Annie Tan Trevor Teo Siew Lian Sumathi Kappusamy Katherine Tan Twee Kong, Simon Teo Siew May Sung Wong Chiang, Alex Tan Wan Chi, Emily Teo Wee Peng, Joseph Sumarlin Tan Wee Meng, Phil Tey Bee Hoon Kelly Symrise Asia Pacific Pte Ltd Tan Wee Teck, Kelvin Thng Sor Tin, Angie Tan Ah Hee, Raymond Tan Wei Jie Thong Margaret Tan Annieda Tan Wen Yan Thoo Moi Seng Tan Bee Ai, Polly Tan Wing Ming Thoo Lee Fong Tan Bee Luan, Irene Tan Xiang Ji, Cindy Tng Sge Kim, Doris Tan Bee Po Tan Xing Zhong, Benny Toh Chor Kheng, Jenny Tan Boon Kiat, Jordan Tan Yan Li, Lena Toh Pau Chu Tan Chee Yin Tan Yen Tien, Dawn Toh Xiu Hui Tan Chee Kian Tan Yeow Teck, Tony Tok Boon Lai Tan Cher Sin Tan Yew Chuan Tong Jia Hui Tan Chiew Kian Tan Yew Kwong, Eric Tong Khee Ming Tan Choon Yuen Tan Ying Ying Tong Xue Ting Tan Christine Tan Yu Boon, Dennis Too San Muan Tan Eng Choon Tan Yun Ling, Caryn Wang Chen Yong Tan Gee Meng, Patrick Tan Yunjia Wang Yuzhen Tan Gooi Eng Tang Hua Lin Wang Kek Teng Tan Hau Teck Tang Siow Lan, Christina Wang Kwei Fang Tan Hui Yang Tay Bee Ting, Doris Wee Christina Tan Irvin Tay Boon Kiat, Jenny Wee Eng Hin Tan Joyce Tay Chai See Wee Jun Wen Tan Kheng Hong Tay Chay Pheng Wee Lye Tee Tan Kian Teng, Glenson Tay Chiew Har Katherine Wee Mowg Nge Tan Kim Fong, Joanne Tay Hai Seng, Samuel Wee Siew Kheng Tan Kin Yiah, Jane Tay Hong Heng, Andy Wee Tye Chuen15
  14. 14. Wong Yoke Eu, Alison Yap Siyan Yong Sook FunWong Geok Kim Yau Geok May Yong Sow LinWong Han Nguim, Serene Yeap Si Min Yong Yoon ChinWong Hsueh Pin, Dorein Yee Lai Mei, Joanna Yow Yin Chee, MikeWong Jul Chin Yee Meow Lin Yu Li Qing, CendyWong Kwang Chye Yeo Ai Lian Irene Zheng Jin’an, JerryWong Leng Keat, Stanley Yeo Hwai Khng Zheng KaiyiWong Sharon Yeo Eng Song, Justin Zhuang Yun MeiWong Shi Xiang, Brian Yeo Pu YuanWong Shiau Jiuan, June Yeo Sai NgohWong Tzai Chian Yeo Swee Lan, EuniceWong Wai Sim Yeo Wen QingWong Wai Teng Yeong Goi Hoe, CynthiaWong Xun Yan Yeong Kheng HoeWong Yew Peng Yeow Kum HungWong Yi Min Yeow Wai Hun, JoanWoon Katherine Yew Pei SzeWu Zhi Wei Yeu Siew NgeeWuan Poh Fatt Yip Tip YeeYang Shun Wei Yong LynYap Pien Yong Shou PinYap Siew Lian Yong Siew Mei, CathyWe apologise if we have mis-spelt or in advertently missed your name. Kindly inform us of our oversight. 16
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  54. 54. 1. Shan You is governed by a volunteer Board Reserve Policyknown as Management Committee whose members To ensure long term financial sustainability and theare elected according to the governing document. provision of our core activities, the Board has adopted th e recommendations from the National Council of Social2. Shan You was established with very clear Services to retain reserves of not more than five years of itsvision and mission objectives. The last update of total operating expenditure. The Fundraising Sub-Committeethe vision and mission statements was in June will build up the reserves through events and partnerships.2008 by the Management Committee for 2008-10. 7. As a charitable organization, Shan You relies on3. The members of the Management Committee act donations from the public and conducts fund-raisingin the best interest of Shan You. There are clear activities regularly. These fund-raising activities arepolicies and procedures to declare, prevent and address transparent, ethical and meet public confidenceconflict of interest. All Staff and committee members are that donations are being used to further Shanrequired to declare potential conflicts of interest and You’s objectives as specified in the vision andabstain from decisiion making when situations of conflict arise. mission statements in the fund-raising documents.4. Shan You conducts its programmes and Institutions of Public Character (IPC) Statusactivities to meet objectives as set by its vision and mission Shan You holds the IPC status (General Fund)statements. These programmes are carefully planned, from the National Council of Social Service and ismonitored and reviewed to ensure stated objectivies are met. valid until 30 September 2012. With the IPC status, all outright cash donations are tax deductible.5. Human Resource is an important asset. Shan Youhas in place, documented human resources polices and 8. Shan You maintains its integrity and transparency ofprocedures to manage and reward its employees and volunteers. serving for public trust and community good. Shan You provides both financial and non-financial information on a6. Shan You, being charitable organization with access to regular basis to the public about its mission, structure,donated funds, has established adequate internal controls programmes, activities, performance and finances throughincluding financial, operational and compliance controls letters to stakeholders, annual reports and Shan You ensure accountable and legitimate deployment of itsresources. Annual Remuneration Band 2012 2011 $80,001 and above Nil Nil $60,001 to $80,000 1 1 $40,001 to $60,000 2 1 $20,001 to $40,000 9 11 $20,000 and below 6 4 Total 18 17 56
  55. 55. Corporate DirectoryManagement Committee Key StaffPresident Quek Hwee Huang, Jenny Executive Director Tong Kin MuonVice President Yeh Chien Ee Cheah Sang HuatHonorary Secretary Quah Keng Sean, Doreen (resigned on 31 Dec’ 11)Honorary Treasurer Tang Wek Soo Jason PohAsst Hon.Secretary Peck Wee Boon, Patrick (resigned on 13 May’ 12)Asst.Hon. Treasurer Yeo Yam How Committee Members Lillian Lee Thian Kok Chong, William Clinical Service Chan Chow Wah Tng Choong Mong, William Clinical Supervisor Dr Wong Shyh Shin Dr Wong Mei YinSub-Committee Psychologist- Counsellor Ong Ee LinFund Raising Committee Counsellors Alicia Koh Tan Kah ChunChairperson Peck Wee Boon, Patrick James WongMembers Quek Hwee Huang, Jenny Jane Wong Chan Chow Wah Winnie WongHuman Resource Committee Social ServiceChairperson Yeh Chien Ee Programme Executive Elaine ChooMembers Quek Hwee Huang, Jenny Yeo Yam How Project & Event Programme Manager Sylvia YapService Committee Programme Executive Enya TanChairperson Quah Keng Sean, Doreen Micki SimMembers Lillian Lee Yang Weisong Tng Choong Mong, William (resigned on 15 Mar’ 12)Public Relations Committee Graphic Designer Sunny LeeChairperson Tang Wek SoonMembers Quek Hwee Huang, Jenny Corporate Services Thian Kok Chong, William Finance & Admin Manager Doris Tang Administrative Executive Julia OhBoard of Advisors Lim Soo HuaPrincipal Advisor Prof. Mark Williams Housekeeping Chan Lee HwaSpecialist Advisors Dr Jessica Grainger Dr Suzanne Habib Wellness Community Prof. G.T. Maurits Kwee Blk 3, Eunos Crescent #01-2591 Dr Lionel Lim Singapore 400003 Dr Kotra Krishna Mohan Dr Ng Koon Hock Centre Executive Tan Kah Chun Dr Ng Yee Kong Programme Executive Susan Choong Dr Ng Yuen Yen Law Mee Yeng Dr Ong Seh Hong Lilian Ng Dr Joel Porter Dr Philip Tsui Auditors Suhaimi Salleh & Associates, Certified Public Accountants 5 Jalan Masjid, #01-04 Kembangan Court Singapore 418924