Social Media and the New Workplace


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Why is Social Media a necessity for the new workplace? How can knowledge be captured, preserved , shared and built upon with the help of social media in the new workplace?

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Social Media and the New Workplace

  1. 1. Social Media & The NewWorkplace Saurabh Pandey <Google, Airtel, Ibibo, Zdnet, AtomThought>
  2. 2. Major CEO Concerns CIOs should Address Gartner Symposium, Orlando, Oct, 2010
  3. 3. The NewWorkplace? N=1 & R=g (CK Prahlad) Leads to new challenges @ workplace! The New Age of Innovation, CK Prahlad
  4. 4. Challenges @ the newworkplaceHow can we reduce the time employees spentTo find the right people and informationthey need to do their jobs? CEO
  5. 5. Challenges @ the newworkplace How can I make sure that new team members kick-start from day 1? Team Leader
  6. 6. Challenges @ the newworkplace In times of restructuring and layoffs how do we connect our workforce and make them feel valued in such a way that their productivity is not hurt? HR-Manager
  7. 7. Challenges @ the newworkplace How do I get work done effectively in my globally disperse team? Project Manager
  8. 8. Bottomline: How can all of us can Collaborate, Communicate and Share better so as to create Efficient and Innovative products or services that meet or surpass the Expectations of our Stakeholders and Consumers? All of us
  9. 9. Realities @ Workplace 2.0
  10. 10. 1. Communication, Innovation & DistanceExponential drop in communication frequency between engineers as the distance between them increases.However the more they communicate the more they innovate-proven many times. Managing Flow of Technology, Thomas Allen, MIT
  11. 11. 2. Emergence of Weak Ties People who work together and stay together demonstrate Strong Ties- tend to think alike My Idea My Idea New This may decay diverse Idea thinking and innovation People belonging to different groups and have developed some sort of relationship demonstrate Weak Ties. Leading to diversity of ideas and thought processes
  12. 12. 3. Moving from Static to Social Collaboration Windows Generation Wiki GenerationThe young generation employees are moving to an open ecosystem-whether we like it or not!
  13. 13. 4.Democratization of Communication Intranet and eMail Newsletters are dead! All of you here know the pathetic employee traction the above 2 tools generate!
  14. 14. We Operate in Silos… One department in the same building is unaware about the other department! It’s even worse when teams are spread across the world! Image source:
  15. 15. If we get everyone talking & sharing… Imagine Airtel Mobile Banking team inspiring Airtel NRI team for NRI fund transfer?
  16. 16. …we can then get a great macro view… Imagine one division of Airtel getting 5 new ideas daily in their dashboards?
  17. 17. …and get our problems solved fasterEnhance collaboration, camaraderie and feel-good. Let people also sort out small stuff
  18. 18. Another Perspective of Workplace 2.0 Apart Workflow Portals, eMail Time Pain!! eMail, VC, PhoneTogether Together Space Apart Source: Acando Consulting
  19. 19. Enhance communication frequency > collaboration>ideation>innovation Blogs, Wikis and Social NetworksTeams across time and space Knowledge stored in mind, shared informally
  20. 20. Very clear need in enterprises to bring disparate teams togetherAnd focus on enhancing communication and collaboration
  21. 21. This is nowhappening @ Workplace 2.0? Using Web 2.0 tools into the enterprise to foster collaboration & sharing among partners, employees and buyers, in order to create delight for everyone.
  22. 22. The smart workplace @ IBM 17,000 internal blogs Crowd-Sourced Ideas- Identified 100,000 employees using blogs 10 incubation ideas, invested 53,000 employees on SocialBlue USD100M (Facebook like platform for Thought-leadership- these blogs employees) are read by clients and prospective 50,000 alumni on facebook and employees (also by competition) linked in Monetisation & Test Bed: Some of these social tools are being offered by IBM to clients as a part of larger solutions Global teams interact better-look- up the profiles of team-mates- this helps a con-call become richer Global Recognition- Ideas are shared on a global level and recognition is also on a global scale
  23. 23. Dell- Customer Involvement Users submitted 16000 ideas 432 implemented already 91000 comments Created Customers as brand ambassadorsStarted in 2007 to engage buyers & prospectswith the brand. Understand customer needs and trendsand fast go-to-market
  24. 24. The NewWorkplace @ Intel Integrating Global teams on a real-time social platform OOO teams can find information 24*7 and faster. New employees can start-off faster. Training by group experts online Motivates the most introvert to participate People may leave but knowledge is retained
  25. 25. Life after Google! Can win back alumni at a later stage Alumni in position to help Google Creates a perception of an employee friendly company to work with. Opportunity to get an unbiased feedback on work culture Opportunity to record and freeze the negative sentiment within the ecosystem Multi- way interaction through web 2.0 tools
  26. 26. Crowdsourced-Customer Service Tango users solve other users problems. Auto-creation of FAQs Idea Generation Early Bug identification Identification of Influencers and powerusers Who helped them do beta testing and translate2 million users in 125 countries. 1 Community Manager literatures
  27. 27. Leaving you with this thought… Workplace 1.0 Workplace 2.0 Knowledge People Knowledge People Knowledge is captured , stored and madeWhen people walk out, shareable as well as ready for adding upon.they walk out with the knowledge If people walk out-the knowledge still exists. This can be achieved only with collaboration Enabled with Social Applications
  28. 28. Thanks! You can catch me on twitter: @pandeysaurabh