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  1. 1. Having a baby is one of the most important events ina person’s life. It can also be scary, especially for new moms and dads.
  2. 2. While babies are in thehospital, they are monitoredconstantly, but once they go home, that round-the-clockattention and accompanying sense of security is gone.
  3. 3. Is this all that technology cando for babies? Really?
  4. 4. Our mission: make babies and parents happier What if parents could have that same sense of security they had in the hospital back at their own homes?
  5. 5. How?
  6. 6. Babies aresurrounded by stuff. Every day they interact with these objects.
  7. 7. Smart Objects T he SYBBA network transforms everyday baby products into smart objects that monitor and interact with babies, providing essential information to parents, doctors, and researchers.SensorsOb jec ts inc orp ora te sensors tha tm onitor b a b y’ s vita l sig na ls o r otherp a ra m eters rela ted to the b a by. What if those objects were ‘smart’ - able toSend data to Internet capture data about theOb jec ts send the b a by’ s d a ta d irec tlyto the c loud . baby and take action as necessary?Every day baby objectsSYBBA d o esn’ t invent new ob jec ts,SYBBA tra nsform s every d a y b a byp rod uc ts into sma rt ob jec ts.
  8. 8. SYBBAs first smartobject will be asmart pajama thatalerts parents whensymptoms of suddeninfant deathsyndrome (SIDS)occur
  9. 9. Open EcosystemT he SYBBA ecosystem has three parts: smartobjects, user space (where the data of the baby isstored and processed) and the applications marketwhere parents can find lots of mobile apps for theirbabies.
  10. 10. Apps Market SYBBA provides parents with access to a marketplace of smart products for babies and an app market to help them take advantage of the information and convenience these products provide.Open APIAp p lic a tions d evelop ers c a n a c c essour op en API to c rea te new a p p s for Using their ownp a rents. devices parents areOpen innovation able to access lots ofAllow ing third p a rties to a c c ess apps for their babies.d a ta a nd d evelop ing a p p s for theSYBBA ec osystem inc rea ses thea m ount a nd q ua lity o f p rod uc ts tha tSYBBA offers to p a rents.
  11. 11. We are addressing a giant market
  12. 12. In the US, In 2011, 252 4 million b a b ies were b a b ies a re b orn b orn p er ea c h yea r m inute The a vera g e m id d le- c la ss Am eric a n fa m ilysp end s $12K on a new Tha t’ s a $48Bb a b y d uring its first yea r a nnua l ma rket, of life just in the U.S.
  13. 13. Our goal: become the "technology for babies" brand name
  14. 14. Helping parents to feel moresecure about the well-being of their