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  • Before we start our presentation, I’d like to say Good afternoon to our lecturer ms. Cassandra and my fellow classmates
    Today our group will present about the 3 businesses in which they are all seafood restaurants in malaysia
  • The 3 seafood restaurants that we interviewed are Bali Hai seafood restaurant, Bubba, Mnhattan
  • As stated in the notes
  • Other seafood includes salmon fish and lobster
  • Based on our analysis, Bali Hai would be the more commercially successful business. One of the reasons is that there are too many competitors in Klang Valley than Penang & because of this, their advertisements, while little, are effective & can cause a lot of customers in Klang Valley to have different choices in where to eat. Another reason is that Bubba Gump doesn’t give too many unique recipes for their products & takes a whole year on creating a new product while Bali Hai only takes 2 weeks. One of the reasons why Manhattan Fish Market isn’t as successful as Bali Hai is how Bali Hai has many other types of sea animals to cook, which shows that they have a bigger supplier compared to Manhattan Fish Market. While they have fewer types of sea animals, the restaurant make up for it in their cooking, however, Bali Hai also cooks their seafood in various ways, hence why Bali Hai is considered more commercially successful.
  • The seafood restaurant - english report

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    2. 2. We had Interviewed 3 businesses Bali Hai Seafood restaurant Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. The Manhattan Fish Mark
    3. 3. Background of The Businesses
    4. 4. The Bali Hai Seafood Restaurant Chinese style restaurant Interviewee : Mr.Steve Foong (Manager)
    5. 5. Penang, Gurney Drive strategically located in the famous tourist for local food in all markets, the Gurney D
    6. 6. Menu : It has various types of sea animals cooked in different types of ways. 'If It Swims We Have It‘ Signature Dishes : steamed grouper, sauteed scallop, Seafood fried rice
    7. 7. Bubba gump shrimp and co. Franchise, American style restaurant Interviewee : Mr.Pravin (Assistant Chef)
    8. 8. Klang valley, Bandar Sunway strategically located in Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall, Bandar Sunway. (Klang Valley)
    9. 9. Menu : mostly shrimp, cooked in different ways (fried, steamed, etc.) Signature Dishes : Fried Shrimp , Shrimper’s shrimp ,‘ I’m stuffed! ’ Shrimp
    10. 10. The Manhattan Fish Market Franchise, American style restaurant Interviewee : Mr.Anchloy Genki (Supervisor)
    11. 11. Klang valley, Bandar Sunway strategically located inside Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall, Bandar Sunway. (Klang Valley)
    12. 12. Menu : cooked in different ways such as grilled, fried, steamed, flamed and many more. Signature Dishes : Grilled Platter , Flaming Platter, Shrimp Aglio Olio,
    13. 13. Weakness & Recommendation – Bali Hai Seafood The restaurant is located just by the roadside, which makes it unhygienic due to the carbon monoxide from vehicles which can affect the customers eating the food. Reccomendation: Cover part of the restaurant up to maintain the cleanliness and the ambience of the restaurant.
    14. 14. Weakness & Recommendation There isn’t much parking lots based on what we saw when we were there. The reason is because it is by the roadside and there is moving traffic which makes customers have difficulty to park by the side. Recommendation: Provide parking spaces for the ‘Bali Hai Seafood Restaurant’ customers.
    15. 15. Weakness & Recommendation – Bubba gump Shrimp there are only 4 types of dishes for fish (salmon, fish, crab and shrimp). Recommendation: is for the company is to issue new products monthly or every 2 weeks, instead of the current annual time.
    16. 16. Weakness & Recommendation Bubba Gump’s Fish & chips are for RM25.90, whereas in Manhattan Fish Market, their Fish & chips range from RM12.50 to RM19. Aside from food, drinks are only too pricey ranging from RM12 to RM25. Recommendation: is to sell products almost equal to competitors where demand can be equal.
    17. 17. Weakness & Recommendation – The manhattan fish market Based on unbiased reviews, customers complained their bad services such as giving wrong reciepts, ill-mannered attitudes or not responding to calls. They also lack communication skills such as speaking softly or unable to speak English. For a restaurant whose strategy to compete is to prioritize service, they simply can’t do so if this keeps up.
    18. 18. Weakness & Recommendation The seats for families & groups were arranged properly, however the seats for a private 1-2 people seating were unorganized & compact, moreover the paths in between the tables were zigzag shaped, which makes it inconvenient for customers to move around.
    19. 19. Conclusion Based on our analysis, Bali Hai would be the more commercially successful business.
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    22. 22. Thank you for listening ;*